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You can read the President’s state of the nation address here: Speeches – PGMA’s SONA 2004. Her delivery was the best among her sona speeches.

In ‘Invisible hostages’ – Jul. 27, 2004, Juan Mercado kindly quotes me.

In The political system must recast or face extinction – Jul. 26, 2004, Billy Esposo makes some urgent points.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. Mr. Quezon, Am writing not to make a comment on your colunm but seek information on how can I apply for dual citizenship. I am an american citizen and due for retirement soon andn I intend to spend the rest of my remaing years of my life in the country of my birth and to be of help to my relatives.
    Few moths back I made the same request to your Editor but I didnot get any response. Maybe he is too busy to even open his mail or my request does not meet his standard. I hope this time I will be given due attention.
    This coming October, I will be coming home to look for a place to build a small house and hopefully can start the construction next year.

    Thank you.

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