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  1. Your quotation of Gandhi of the seven things that will destroy us (re passing away of Mr. Barcelon) clearly remind us also of the the many areas that our Philippine leaders must address.

    I hope we have not reached that stage when the cancer in our society is already terminal.

    At first your column was an object of curiosity to me because of the name. I usually do not expect much from siblings of great men, but I am beginning to be convinced of my error with some of your thoughts.

    A pebble thrown on a pond creates ripple all over.


  2. Thanks for your article on Barcelon. We need to celebrate our heroes as often as we get the chance. Our young people are looking for real life heroes. People who inspire and to emulate.

    Kailangan malaman ng taong-bayan na ang Pilipino — tayo — ay mabuting tao. We can be great again if we remind each other to individually strive to be a better person, and collectively to help each other become an honorable people, despite the loud but few desparate and morally bankrupt leaders who make us believe otherwise.

  3. We do not lack a good number of ‘heroes’, ‘leaders’, ‘exemplars’ of outstanding character. What we lack is an effective method for imbuing in ourselves, in our children and in others such virtuous attitudes and a (good,working) value system.

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