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Teddy Benigno writes, apropos of the May 1 Rebellion (Edsa Tres). “GMA, white as sheet, was nowhere to be found. The night before, I was her solo dinner guest in Malacanang. And we talked a lot. ‘I will crush them!’ she told me. I was informed she was helicoptered out of the Palace before the siege occurred. And came back only when the coast was clear.”

The late Louie Beltran was sued by Cory Aquino for libel for writing that during a coup attempt, she hid under her bed. What Benigno says is worse. I wonder about his source of information, because I could cite equally good sources to the contrary.

I didn’t think Cory was right to sue, simply because a president, immune from suit in while in office, shouldn’t use the courts against citizens. But if she were so inclined the President could cite Cory’s precedent and sue Teddy Benigno.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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