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Max Soliven writes that, “it would be easy to blame his rivals, including the Administration, for anything violent happening to this popular contender, but the indications are that the New People’s Army (the Communist NPA) is the malign group fielding the hit-men – or the Amazons. Joma, Louie, KaRoger, can this be true? Who would be ‘blamed’ if anything as bizarre as that happened? Not Jolly Roger, or ‘Peace Talking’ Joma (waltzing with Government Peacenik Silvestre ‘Bebot’ Bello in the snows of Oslo), or, heavens to Betsy, the former cleric Father Louie “The Dutchman” Jalandoni. “

Manuel L. Quezon III.

3 thoughts on “Kill Poe?

  1. What else is new with the CPP-NPA? They bombed Plaza Miranda, but the people thought it was Marcos. IF and only IF FPJ will be assassinated (I hope not) the CPP-NPA will point the blame to the current administration. We have had enough of the shenannigans of this terrorists trying to legitimize their organization. They’re killing farmers and etc. that doesn’t pay revolutionary tax. They’re killers, extortionist and what have you.


  2. Yo Manuel!!! wassup? haven´t heard from you in a looong while. I´d like to send u some pictures, where do I send them to? BTW, all´s well here. Abraços,

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