Jul 08

Drilon: LP really for Resignation

Franklin Drilon, Senate President, heads a press conference at the Club Filipino, clarifying the Liberal Party Stand. They are for resignation. But, if she does not resign, she must be impeached.

Earlier, Rep. Tanada on ANC said the voting went as follows:

Resignation 20
Impeachment 11
Leave of Absence 1
Status Quo 1

Defensor, Andaya, and some others have asked to go on a leave of absence to support the President. Incidentally, was the Senate President wearing an extremely ill-fitting toupee???


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  1. sunder

    mlg. i was just going to comment on the ill fitting and very visible toupee of mister drilon, talk about people facing reality

  2. mlq3

    sunder, we all need comic relief tee hee hee

  3. jove

    that’s frank’s real hair, different side hati and iba na rin kulay.

    he told reporters weeks ago: he decided to have a new do, because nakakapagpabata.

  4. jappie

    thanks for the updates! mas mabilis pa kaysa inq7 website.hehe 🙂

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