Beacon Academy: Iba’t Ibang Mukha ng Kalayaan

This is my second presentation to the Beacon family.  I appreciate their kind words and enthusiasm. You can watch the whole thing, below, followed by the deck I used.

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Additional links and readings: Do visit Twelve readings for High schoolers

This presentation incorporates materials from these online resources, among others:

  1. Origins of the Symbols of our National Flag

2. Flags And Banners Of The Colonial Era In The Philippines

3. History of the Philippine Flag

4. Philippine National Anthem Comparison

Feel free to visit these online repositories: for documents, audio and books,
Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office and
Presidential Museum and Library, Malacañan Palace; for images, Presidential Museum and Library PH (2010-2016)

The following articles/items and the downloadable books they’re from are as follows:

  1. Maps: Historical Atlas Of The Republic; wonderful historical maps in World History Encyclopedia Maps; Blumentritt’s Ethnographic map of the Philippines, 1890; AuthoGraph World Map; information on Gerardus Mercator; Dispersal of Austronesian People Across the Pacific; see also the visualization of Magellan’s journey in The Magellan Expedition and Elcano’s Circumnavigation: 500 Years
  2. On our flag, on coats-of-arms and seals; on the evolution of the revolution and the Visayas in the First Republic: Heroism, Heritage And Nationhood
  3. Other illustrations: dioramas are from the Ayala Museum; other images include on them, their sources.
  4. Other books: Official Calendar Of The Republic; Philippine Electoral Almanac Revised And Expanded; Malacañan Palace: A Quick Guide

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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