#ProyektoPilipino Ep. 20: Malaya ka ba? Freedom to study, think, and express 

“Hypocrite ka kapag sinabi mong may freedom of speech ka pero hindi mo ginalang ang freedom of speech ng ibang tao.”

We now live in a time when we have the freedom to study, think, and express ourselves. But what do these freedoms entail? And what do they cost? In reality, the freedom to study does not come cheap; the state must also make sure there is an opportunity to study. The freedom to think must be burdened by research and understanding. The freedom to express must never trample on another’s freedom to express. Explore the meaning and weight of our many freedoms with Fr. Tito Caluag and his trio of distinguished thinkers—Manolo Quezon, Carlo Santiago, and Leloy Claudio.

“Freedom is responsibility… What is the use of freedom if the slaves of today are the tyrants of tomorrow?”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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