The Long View Context: Unopposed Candidates

My Wednesday column was, ‘Areglado na ang kilay!’ which is, in turn, something I’d earlier brought up last year in An epidemic of clans (on a related note, see an earlier column that references India, a very interesting parallel: The 500-year interval). The phrase itself comes from an article on political slang Nick Joaquin wrote in 1963.

My column references some facts and articles: 

1. 845 local candidates sure winners on May 9 and Thousands of tight races, hundreds of no contests

2. Whether Red or Pink wins, families rule the regions

1.  More than half of Filipinos 15 years and over have ever migrated (Results from the 2018 National Migration Survey)

See also: MAP: Distribution of 65.7M voters in the May 2022 polls; Most vote-rich provinces, cities for the 2022 Philippine elections.

Just as a matter of trying to identify patterns, I made this list. It includes our list of provinces, their incumbent governors, their party affiliqtion, which candidate they’ve endorsed, and whether the candidates are running unopposed:

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Sources for the above include: Heads of Vote-Rich Provinces, Cities Who Endorsed Presidential Bets; Leni Gubernatorial Endorsements Tracker; e-Boto Governor Endorsements (As of April 24); 2022 Philippine gubernatorial elections.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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