The Long View Context: China, Russia, Washington (and the Marcoses too)

My column yesterday, “Strategic silence,” continues last week’s story. See also my column, from last week, Ukrainian surprise, and last week’s newsletter, Duterte’s Ukraine Trap.

Useful readings:

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Update, March 14, 2022: Possible Outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War and China’s Choice by “Hu Wei is the vice-chairman of the Public Policy Research Center of the Counselor’s Office of the State Council, the chairman of Shanghai Public Policy Research Association, the chairman of the Academic Committee of the Chahar Institute, a professor, and a doctoral supervisor.

I. Background

Relations With the Great Powers: Russia, Japan, China by Raymond L. Garthoff (1997)

Russia’s Image of China and Russian-Chinese Relations By Alexander Lukin (2001)

Sino-Russian Relations in a Changing World Order by Paul J. Bolt (2014)

Cooperation and Competition: Russia and China in Central Asia, the Russian Far East, and the Arctic by Paul Stronski & Nicole Ng (2018)*

Strategic Culture and Russia’s “Pivot to the East:” Russia, China, and “Greater Eurasia” by David Lewis (2019)*

II. Washington and Beijing

Has Russia Wrecked American ‘G-2’ Plans? (Jan. 29)

The world’s top two authoritarians have teamed up. The US should be on alert (Feb. 6)

Fifty years on, ‘Nixon in China’ loses its sparkle in Beijing and Washington (Feb. 21)*

The False Choice Between China and Russia (Feb. 21)

How the US brought China and Russia together (feb. 24)

A Rival of America’s Making? The Debate Over Washington’s China Strategy (March/April 2022)*

III. Beijing and Moscow

See: Joint Statement of the Russian Federation and the People’s Republic of China on the International Relations Entering a New Era and the Global Sustainable Development, February 4, 2022*

Russia and China’s plans for a new world order (Jan. 23)

New World Order Or Hidden Power Struggle? Experts Assess The Future Of Chinese-Russian Relations (Feb. 4)

Chinese views on the evolving dynamics of US-China-Russia ties (feb. 16)

China’s economy faces ‘minimal’ fallout from sanctions on Russia, despite close ties (Feb. 23)

China could be Russia’s key to surviving tech sanctions (Feb. 25)

China’s Support for Russian Aggression Toward Ukraine Confirms the West’s Worst Fears (Feb. 28)

China’s Propaganda Machine Gears Up for Putin — and Blames America for the Invasion (Mar. 2)

Analysis: China’s CIPS cannot rescue Russian banks from SWIFT ban (Mar. 3)

China’s Strategic Assessment of Russia: More Complicated Than You Think (Mar. 4)*

China says Moscow relations solid, accuses U.S. of building ‘Pacific NATO’ (Mar. 7)

Xi Jinping faces a tricky calculation (Mar. 8)

Russian banks mull China UnionPay; big accounting firms exit (Mar. 8)

Russia considers Chinese payment system, as Beijing calls Moscow its ‘most important strategic partner’ (Mar. 8)

IV. The Marcoses, Russia, and China

Russian disinformation system influences PH social media (2019)

Bongbong, family attend China embassy’s photo wall ribbon-cutting event (2021)

The Manchurian candidate: why China’s interest in the Philippine election is under scrutiny as Duterte prepares to leave office (2021)

2022/16 “The Philippines’ China Policy and the 2022 Elections: Time for a Rethink” by Charmaine Misalucha-Willoughby

Philippines’ Marcos to Pursue Bilateral Deal With Beijing Over South China Sea (Jan. 28)

Philippine frontrunner Marcos favors China over US (feb. 1)

Pro-Marcos, Duterte accounts weigh in on Ukraine invasion, praise Putin and Duterte (Mar. 4)


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