BISDAK: The Duterte Studies Industry 2 (Di Orig si Mayor) (Excerpt)

BISDAK: Patricio N. Abinales

The Duterte Studies Industry 2 (Di Orig si Mayor)

HONOLULU (MindaNews / 13 December) — A quick look back at Philippine history suggests that this was not the case. Consider the following description of one of our most persuasive politicos, Manuel Quezon. In its June 6, 2020 issue, Esquire’s e-edition described Quezon as having a “potty mouth” because many of his conversations begin – or end – with the word puñeta. But Don Manuel was more than that. The historian Carlos Quirino wrote of an episode where Quezon’s use of foul language went beyond puñeta, and this is worth quoting. Quirino recalls:

“When Quezon was campaigning against the H-H-C Act in Tanawan, Batangas (a country dominated by Jose P. Laurel, of the OsRox faction), he was greeted coolly. Quezon spotted a cross-eyed man and said, ‘Hey, putang ina mong duling…What are you doing here?’ Quezon placed his arm around the shoulder of the cross-eyed man who smiled broadly in return. This touch of friendliness thawed out the crowd, good-natured laughter rose, then cheers followed by applause. Needless to add, the political meeting was a success. ‘Who was that cross-eyed man whom you greeted, Mr. President?’ asked one of his henchmen after the meeting. ‘I’ll be damned if I know his name,’ replied Quezon. ‘This is the first time I’ve ever seen him in my life!’”

Manuel Quezon – a town prosecutor who began his political career as a protegé of an American Constabulary officer – became the President of the Philippine Commonwealth, the transition regime before granting Philippine independence.

Neither was Quezon alone in this; anyone growing up in the provinces of the Philippines watching campaign speeches is familiar with such tirades, especially when spoken in the language or dialect of the area…

Patricio Abinales
Author: Patricio Abinales

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