MediaNation 17: From FM to BBM

Was asked to give a presentation on the rise of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and the Marcos Restoration Project in general, at MediaNation 17.

My talk went as follows:

Slides 1-3: Introduction

Slides 4-9: Marcos made it because those who’d vowed to stop him, died.

Slides 10-28: A Tale of Two Letters

Slides 29-35: From Princeling to Thousand-yard Stare

Slides 36-44: For Ferdinand Senior, His Life Story came in threes

Slides 45-47: Three thoughts from Ferdinand Senior

Slides 48-53: For Ferdinand Junior, His Life Story comes in threes

Slides 54-62: What True Believers believe, and the building blocks of those beliefs

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

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