The Explainer: The US electoral college explained


Posted at Nov 07 2016 12:07 PM | Updated as of Nov 07 2016 01:51 PM

America is closely watching the campaign trail ahead of its crucial vote for the next President of the United States. However, unlike in the Philippines, it takes more than Americans trooping to the polls to win the presidency.

“What happens is the public goes to the polling station, votes for a candidate, and at the same time, whoever candidate wins, it’s usually a winner take all system in the state,” Historian Manolo Quezon explains on Morning@ANC.

“That results in an instruction to the electors from each party, so, for example, if you are in one state and the Democracts win, then the electors for the Democratic Party are then the ones that get together to vote for the president. In a sense, they get instructions from the voters,” he added.

Mornings@ANC, November 7, 2016

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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