The Long View: The perils of mock elections

The Long View

The perils of mock elections

By Manuel L. Quezon III

Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 22:15:00 12/02/2009

BOTH Belinda Oliveras-Cunanan and Bobit S. Avila are entranced by what Cunanan considers Gilbert Teodoro’s “surging” in a Facebook (FB) “survey” of presidential candidates, with Avila asserting that the FB results are superior to those of surveys done by Pulse Asia or Social Weather Stations. The only problem is that their excitement stems from a lack of comprehension of what is going on.

There is no FB survey. Avila in particular seems to believe it is FB itself that has taken it upon itself to start tracking opinion with regard to the candidates for the Philippine presidency. As an active FB user, I think this is a disservice to FB, to those who have created applications related to the 2010 campaign, to the candidates, and to the broader public.

What Cunanan and Avila referred to in their columns, and what was reported in various news stories, is an application, and if you go to the Election2010 page on FB, it very clearly says, “this application was not developed by Facebook.”

The Election2010 application isn’t a survey application. It is an ongoing effort, over multiple rounds, to periodically undertake mock elections. The Round 1 results were published on Sunday, Nov. 15: Aquino 48.48 percent; Escudero 24.24 percent; Teodoro 12.12 percent; Villar 12.12 percent; Estrada 3.03 percent. Round 2 started on Monday, Nov. 16 and lasted until Sunday, Nov. 22, 11:59 p.m. and its results were: Aquino 47.59 percent; Teodoro 25.13 percent; Villar 13.37 percent; Escudero 11.76 percent; Estrada 2.14 percent. Round 3 started on Monday, Nov. 23, 2009 and lasted until Sunday, Nov. 29, at 11:59 p.m. with the following results: Teodoro 58.69 percent; Aquino 31.90 percent; Villar 6.79 percent; Estrada 1.07 percent; Escudero 0.83 percent; Ebdane 0.71 percent. As of this writing, Round 4 was ongoing and Teodoro has 63.40 percent, Aquino 28.41 percent, Villar 6.82 percent, Estrada 1.36 percent.

The experiment has, at its core, only those who are aware of, and use, the application. You have to know about it, and install it, and authorize it, in order to use it. Also, the experiment does not report the actual votes, only percentages. Therefore those who want to make sense of the results have no means of finding out how many people participated in each round of voting.

The Election2010 page reports the following statistics: It has 1,605 active users, which means this is more or less the active voting population that participates in each round of the mock polls. It has 43 friends, and 395 fans. The active users represents the largest potential voting population for the application; but it could also mean 1,600 people are the total voters for what is now four rounds, not the total voters for each round. We have to extrapolate what the voting population might be, without being able to answer how many actually vote in any given round, and what’s more, since the application is open for sharing, whether the boosters of any particular candidate can inflate the results for their candidate by swarming the application during each round.

For a comparison of how online surveys can and ought to be reported, the Definitely Filipino Facebook page has 400,000 fans, making for a much larger potential voting population. On Dec. 2, a mock poll was put up using the application. The results as of 1:26 p.m. on Dec. 2 were: Aquino 54 percent (268 votes); Teodoro 19 percent (94 votes); Villar 14 percent (68 votes), Gordon 5 percent (23 votes), Villanueva 3 percent (17 votes), Estrada 3 percent (13 votes), Fernando 2 percent (12 votes), Madrigal one percent (1 vote) – a total of 496 votes out of a potential vote pool of 400,000. If you’re not on Facebook you can access the mock poll and its results here. This points to something Election2010 can do in terms of the ongoing development of the application: it can break down actual votes, so that people who participate and view the results, or who report on the results, can determine the actual number of voters per round, and the breakdown per candidate.

One thing is sure: Neither the 2010 FB application nor the ongoing voting in the Truly Filipino page has ever claimed to be surveys. Both are mock polls. They are not based on random sampling of the population, they are based on whoever runs across, or hears about, the mock polls and decides to join them. And both, by the very nature of Facebook, rely on limited populations – not even the total potential voting population, spread across multiple pages, of the various candidates.

A comparison to the active fan base of the candidates is useful at this point. In Facebook, most of the candidates have fan pages where their supporters congregate and share information and opinions among themselves. For the major candidates who have official fan pages (pages they have endorsed or accredited), here are the numbers: Aquino – 109,349; Villar – 38,261; Escudero (now dropped out of the race) – 13,098; Teodoro – 7,743; Estrada – 3,403. In addition, Aquino has accredited other FB pages, so you have the Noynoy for President Movement with 56,327 fans, Noynoy for President with 24,010, Yellow Ribbon for President Cory Aquino with 66,939 and Cebu Volunteers for Noynoy with 991 and Tsinoy for Noy with 394 – a total of 148,661 in the accredited FB pages.

Another way to measure commitment to the candidates is by means of Twitter, where people can follow people and candidates they like. A total of 20,461 follow Noynoy Aquino’s and 22,116 follow Mar Roxas’ Twitter accounts, respectively; 15,541 follow Escudero’s; 4,190 follow Teodoro’s; and 585 follow Villar’s. On the other hand, Villar is the master of Friendster, with 14,727 friends followed by Escudero with 1,155, Aquino with 218, and Teodoro with 140. Villar also dominates Multiply with 2,541 connections, while Aquino has 89 and Teodoro, 29.

Experiments like the Election2010 application are being seriously misrepresented. Hopefully due to ignorance and nothing else.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

47 thoughts on “The Long View: The perils of mock elections

  1. EQ Poll Results To-date

    Which is the best presidential tandem?

    Noynoy And Mar (LP) 234 79%
    Manny And Loren (NP) 21 7%
    Erap And Jojo (PMP) 20 7%
    Gibo And Edu (Lakas/Kampi) 13 4%
    Eddie and Jun (Bangon Pilipinas) 8 3%
    Dick And Bayani (Bagumbayan ) 0 0%

    Total votes to-date:296

  2. the surge for Gibo is understandable. more and more people are knowing him as election approaches. he is behaving well in public. but i dont think he will be able to catch up with Noynoy. the only thing going for him is national prominence so he can run as senatore in the next election.

    still im voting for Gibo. I love the combination of character and intelligence. Then there the executive and legislative experience

    but im not voting for edu for veep . im leaning towards bayani fernando

  3. im going for all new comers for senators. Riza Hontiveros tops my list, acosta, martin bautista, danton remoto ayok s amga nagbbalik senador na like drilon. basta puro new comer

  4. Ang tatag din ni Mrs Cunanan; sya lang ang naiiba ang opinion sa opinion page ng Inquirer.

    surveys/ mock polls: for me it’s potato potato; tomato tomato.

    one thing I know :they are both marketing tools.

  5. Papatulan pa ba ang mga survey na yan? Binibigyan lang ng importansya. May kasabihan na ang pumatol sa ulol . . . .

  6. ” I love the combination of character and intelligence. ”
    Character and intelligence. For WHAT ?

  7. i visited that site and became a fan just to post a comment:
    “GIBO!?!? toooooo close as gma’s ally… REMEMBER, he is endorsed by gma and gma’s party!!! people are forgetting about this, why??? because she step down as their party’s president?!? i can’t believe that gma and their party’s strategy is working on this page!!!”

    i cant believe what i was seeing. i wont be surprise run by their party and partymates are required to vote for Gibo.
    Maybe he answered well on Harapan by ANC, but a great speaker is different from being a great President.

    his “excess baggage” is just toooooo big to ignore.

  8. If Ms. Cunanan is looking for another venue where she can get mock election results favorable to her candidate, Gibo, I suggest she go to National Mental Hospital where Gibo stands a chance of leading.

    In that case it will be a kapal-mocks election. Nakakahiya….

  9. @ RAE

    I think a president SHOULD be a great speaker. How can you face your cabinet members, APEC, UN, other world leaders if you cannot speak clearly and confidently. How can you address big political people and world leaders if you talk like a giddy-nervous job applicant? You need to be firm and be a great speaker so that big people would listen to you and take you seriously. You can’t expect a successful leadership from someone who lack good communication skills.

  10. There is no doubt that Gibo is very intelligent. He just answers questions in the clearest and smartest way. Ang sarap pakinggan. My main concern is his close association with GMA. I agree with rae, how can people forget? Gibo is supported by GMA and he promises to continue her policies and programs. GMA? The most hated and most corrupt president in recent Philippine history? It is a very scary thought as I am sure if Gibo wins, GMA will continue with her corrupt ways and will not be held accountable for it. Gibo owes GMA, he said so himself last night in Harapan @ ANC. How then can we expect him to solve the very deep problem of corruption in government?

  11. It was 18% pro-GMA from the last SWS survey, so I am not surprised that Gibo is pulling upwards from 2% very rapidly.

  12. But of course if who replaces GMA is determined by Twitter or FaceBook, NoyNoy is a slam-dunk and media-advertisements especially the rallies (ocho-ocho, benign0 kibitzes) are worth less.

  13. ON THE OTHER HAND, NoyNoy better retreat from RH because October Pulse Asia Survey showed the CBCP can give him trouble.

    Around 11 percent said they would “surely vote for” the aspirant endorsed by their church while 41 percent said they would “probably vote for” the one backed by their religious group or, a total of 52 percent.

    But what will he do without Kris?

    Next to the church in terms of endorsing power is actress/television host Kris Aquino, with 8 percent of Filipinos “sure” to follow her choice and 37 percent saying they would “probably” vote for the one she will endorse, or a total of 45 percent.

    Go read for yourself if I am just twisting the numbers to help get Erap-para-sa-mahirap back into Malacanang.

  14. intelligence….yes


    Wasn’t he one of the congressmen who, rightly or wrongly, tried to have Davide impeached?

    Supported De Venecia’s efforts to change the constitution?

    And last but certainly not the least, VOTED DOWN impeachment complaints against GMA?

    What can I say….he was mentored well by his Tito Danding…lol

    Gibo’s academic record is impressive….but legislative and executive?

    What bills he authored is now a law? I’d like to find out.

    Imagine the flack he would get if he was still the Defense Sec when the Maguindanao massacre happened. I wonder why Norberto Gonzales is relatively silent about this matter. After all, some soldiers were also allegedly involved. If not, they certainly were at fault in some aspect.

    As for being the NDCC chairman…

  15. This article just elaborated why I distrust online polls that is open to the public.

    Andaling mag-hakot and Filipinos loves to do that on online polls – kahit ndi naman normally nag-vo-vote. We often win on online polls, which is not surprising.

    In the same way, Gibo’s supporters could have easily swarmed the polls to artificially inflate his number.

  16. we should be extra careful about people who have extraordinary intelligence, great orators but questionable characters. the world experienced the most destructive war because of this kind of person.we had FM for almost twenty years. though GMA is not a great orator, she still convinced millions of Filipinos and spread terror among the press people.who will be the next orator for RP?

  17. I wonder how any of these people can even consider Gibo as a potential leader when he’s lived in GMA’s shadow (quite willingly and loyally) all these years. If that’s how he deals with ‘utang na loob’, we can be sure to see GMA as prime minister and Gibo as the puppet president. If he was so damn Harvard smart, why couldn’t he figure out how to detach himself from the tainted golden goose? Oh yeah, I forgot, you need a heart to figure that one out.

    That’s a nice big stash of weapons there found in Ampatuan country Mr. ex-National Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro. Weren’t those weapons under the care of your Ministry? Makes you wonder why you ran to Mindanao so fast, was it to start the process of HIDING THE EVIDENCE?

  18. The importance of covering all bases in the communication war. The GMA/GIBO tandem are right up there when it comes to utilizing all the media tools to push their manok.

    While Noynoy/Mar have the entire bunch of ABS-CBN. It is a bull market for everyone concerned.

    Will the new media combined with the old play a big difference?

    This could be the game changer.

  19. J_AG, you are spot dead-on about the communication war. And that’s’ why Manolo’s piece is so important. He totally nails the deconstruction of certain aspects of the new media (and his ultimate sentence was deftly played.)

  20. With Arroyo’s run at her district, Gibo is just another Dmitry Medvedev for Vladimir Putin.

    The Russians are masters of chess games. Arroyo found her political moves based upon a Russian template.

    Gibo is just a distraction, in short a pawn. If elected, the better for Gloria but not necessary in her political hold of power.

  21. still im voting for Gibo. I love the combination of character and intelligence. Then there the executive and legislative experience

    On Gibo and character, I agree with rego. He definitely is a professional, he was tasked to do a job, report to a superior, and he did. He is precise, concise, and direct to the point. No useless blabber. If he suddenly went against the president for any reason at all, what kind of person will he be? an opportunist? balimbing? ingrate? rebel? I think we’ve glorified rebellion for too long that we’ve forgotten its a bad word already.
    There are good people serving the current administration who chose to stick to doing their sworn duty inspite of personal opinion. Insubordination is never a mark of character, we’ve seen how it was used time and time again for the the “greater good” or “for the country” and look where its led us?
    We need a leader with character and intelligence, not perenial insubordinates…rebellion is not the panacea to our ills…if we haven’t learned anything from what we are seeing now in the political hocus pocus, then we have an electorate that refuses to think and learn from past mistakes…
    Davide? He started the ball rolling on manipulating the constituion to justify an otherwise illegal act, now we see the offspring, an administration that uses legality to perpetuate itself…
    …Gibo could have sold out Gloria and posed as a redeemed former sinner and offered himself as a reborn alternative. He could have done what Gloria did to Erap. Not all who denounce the current administration are angels. After what I’ve seen, no one has the right to use INTEGRITY anymore, its all a bunch for wheeling and dealing, dancing with demons, selling souls to the devil, etc. showcase…

  22. While Noynoy/Mar have the entire bunch of ABS-CBN. It is a bull market for everyone concerned.

    Such inappropriate use of stock exchange jargon just to sound impressive can only stem from someone coming from an idiocracy.
    A pretender of the worst kind, a hidden mendicant.

  23. Ramrod, with all due respect (some of what you say have merit), but are you implying that a principled Gibo can’t stand his ground in the face of flagrant corruption because he doesn’t want to be called an ingrate? A balimbing? A *gasp* rebel? That to remain a professional he had to sit idly by (well actually look like in full support) while his boss (who herself is subordinate to the people she serves) bends laws, abuses power, and makes deals that put the country at risk?

    I wasn’t there when he was sworn in, but I’m going to make the assumption that those oaths of office involved serving THE FILIPINO PEOPLE and not the president’s best interests.

    What do you think?

  24. Ramrod, baligtarin naman natin-the reason for our country’s ills stem from the fact that we have people in government who, despite having knowledge of anomalous and corrupt transactions within the organization remain silent and “loyal” to its leader. True, not all those who rebuke this current administration are clean but i would rather have them than the blind followers of this insolent and corrupt government any day. If Gibo had integrity, he should condemn the countless crimes Gloria has committed to the Filipino people, regardless of what people may call him (balimbing, ingrate etc.). In this case, screw utang na loob. It’s the job of every single government official to put country’s interest first before anyone else. Not the other way around.

  25. Mr. Quezon, I don’t really see the purpose why WE question such small polls, considering NO ONE really questions WHO owns PULSE-ASIA or the same way who calls the shots for SWS.

    The same way you criticize the application in FB for just those who happen to drop by, wouldn’t it be more MANIPULATING to NOT KNOW who the SAMPLES are in the nationwide surveys? Yes for sure, larger poll bodies like SWS or Pulse Asia can release surveys and come up with numbers, but do we really have REPRESENTATIONAL sampling in those surveys?

    The reaction by you Sir only is a signal that the CONSCIOUSNESS of a Gibo presidency is gaining steam, and some people, by the desperate attempt to discredit a small fire, over analyzes something that doesn’t make sense (of course, applications need consent in FB- like anyone voting for an election, even if it is public, needs to have personal consent from the one voting). Its like saying that since IT IS NOT READILY MADE AVAILABLE, it is not credible.

    On election day, there is no POPULATION SAMPLING which can happen, because everyone, by THEIR CONSENT, is able to take the streets and vote, something you can actually associate with their consent of installing an application to enable them to vote. There is no approving body just to enter an application, therefore ANYONE can access an application such as that.

    So Mr Quezon, with all due respect, I do think we should not DISMISS these small polls, because whether we like it or not, this is STILL representative, even if you have install the application (which is really no biggie), of a segment of the population, the same way OTHERS don’t really PROTEST the POLLS of PULSE-ASIA and SWS. This discrediting propaganda is a CLEAR SIGNAL of Political Immaturity and not INCREASED AWARENESS.

    Thank you, and WE’D rather see you host the Explainer.

  26. Oh well, since we’re on the topic of polls, ABS-CBN reported that, in yesterday’s Harapan forum at UST, Gibo Teodoro was adjudged the best among the Presidential candidates by the young crowd present. Dick Gordon came in second. Noynoy was a distant third.

    To Gibo’s credit, he has carried himself very well despite the heavy baggage of GMA. Gibo is now making a name for himself and has impressed the public in general. Even if he doesn’t win, Gibo will be someone to reckon with in the future. Matalino sya at may dating. And he is still young. Sorry, Chiz Escudero, your shot at the Presidency may have to wait even further down the road.

  27. “Carl on Fri, 4th Dec 2009 4:32 pm
    To Gibo’s credit, he has carried himself very well despite the heavy baggage of GMA…Even if he doesn’t win, Gibo will be someone to reckon with in the future. Matalino sya at may dating.”

    His eloquence surprised me. He’s the most oratorical of the lot, upending even Chiz’s (well Chiz’s oratory sounds affected anyway), but so what? Eloquence doesn’t translate into votes. True, his answers sound concise and coherent (spoken in the Filipino language makes them even more lucid), but this is hardly an electoral campaign asset. My theory is, sounding intelligent will twist in knots the ordinary Filipino’s green matter. What works for the regular Juan de la Cruz are catchy one liners like “sa kangkunga sila pupulutin”.

    The only people who will be impressed with Gibo will be the ex-fanboys of Chiz who will make a beeline for the new oratorical master.

  28. And how ’bout that fucking Gordon? He annoys me most of all the presidentiables, with his “pedestrian intelligentsia” knowledge (Filipinos should stop feeling inferior to foreigners, Lapu-Lapu deserves a place side by side Jose Rizal, an ninth ray in the flag for Mindanao, and on and on the bullshit goes).

    What annoys me the most is the conviction he has with his ideas, like we should all be convinced and awakened, when it’s obvious to anyone who’s had a year of college education that they’re total utter bullshit (no Gordon Filipinos don’t feel inferior to foreigners if you hadn’t notice 30 years of being OFWs in the middle east and else where exposed us to lazy overpaid mid-managerial Americans and Europeans who rely on us Filipinos to do the grunt of the supervisory work while the whities get all the credit and the big salary so if anything we feel more competent and superior but still underpaid like that naked Muslim Visayan savage Lapu-Lapu who only murdered the most recognized and most accomplished navigator in all history but whose monument has no place in the heart of Manila in the worshiping place of the most accomplished Filipino whose idea brought forth a republic out of disparate Austronesian tribes including the Moros who are still mocking us for being conquered by the Spanish so they’re probably pissed off that we volunteered for them to be immortalized through a ninth ray that they too were colonized by the Spanish no they were not they would rather prefer having no part of the Philippines).

  29. When I see Richard Gordon I swear I’m gonna pull those flabby face cheeks of his while I bury my steel cap boots between those drooping lispy lips of his that give him that overgrown special needs kid look. Aaarrgh fuck Richard fucking Gordon annoys me to no fucking end.

  30. Gibo may be intelligent but that’s it. He absolutely has no chance of winning. First, its because only 2% of the voters will support him. Second, he carries with him a hell of burden —the curse og being GMA’s man ( negative 47 acceptability rating ). The biggest boost to his candidacy is not the expulsion of the Ampatuans from his party but if he really has guts, should work for the expulsion of GMA as well. Other than that, he is just wasting his money and time.

    If Gibo is really intelligent and he knows what he is doing, he better start licking the ass of Noynoy and hope he gets appointed as a public servant, not of DND where his inefficiency was revealed, but maybe as an anchorman of Radyo Ng Bayan where his baritone voice and speaking skills may be useful.

  31. Some questions on GIBO.

    Where was he, when as Kabataang Barangay national chairman, the terror machinery of the Martial Law regime, was systematically trampling the rights of the youth?

    Where was he, when as board member of Tarlac, Nino Aquino was denied honors and respect and his body was brought to Tarlac for viewing?

    Where was he during all the times taht this government is looting this country?

  32. Where was GIBO during those times?

    Oh well,

    GIBO, WALANG KIBO ! ( Sa kahayupan ni marcos )
    GIBO, WALANG KIBO ! ( Sa kahayupan ni Gloria )
    GIBO, WALANG KIBO ! ( walang tinutulang kasamaan kahit kailan )

    GIBO, BIGO ! ( Sa kahandaan vs. Ondoy )
    GIBO, BIGO ! ( Na pigilan si Ampatuan )
    GIBO, BIGO ! ( Isisuka ng mga mamamayan )

  33. SoP, you seemed too angry or should I say mad at Gordon! I guess you’re well-educated but your words are not! I would like to let it pass, but I couldn’t tolerate your uncouth behaviour in expressing your foul-mouthing thrash of words to condemn the good senator! I’m not the type who is fond of debate or argument, but for God’s sake please be civil enough to give some respect to the guy! I really respect him for what he has done for the disadvantaged Filipinos who had been victims of calamities. And to tell you, He’s the most Filipino to me than the other presidentiables who are only good at promises, but no deeds to back up their words. That’s why we are left behind. We never learn. We let our emotions blind our thoughts to the real facts. Look at what Gordon has done to Olongapo and Subic-SBMA, the Department of Tourism, Philippine National Red Cross, and now at the Senate? He’s an achiever my friend. You can vote who you want! But you have no right to put down someone for whatever agenda or ulterior motive you have for doing so! Peace. But you can’t fool us. If there is someone who is the most qualified among the Presidentiables, IT IS GORDON! Check the facts! Don’t be swayed by demagogues who talk high-falutin, but when you dissect it to its substance–you’ll find out it has no sense and originality at all! Just be natural and they can save themselves from acting like a trapo! Gordon-Bayani Tandem! You can expect a very clean, disciplined, and progressive Philippines! Bawal ang Tamad, Tanga, at Mambobola!

  34. You can asks all the fastfood chains sa Olongapo. Grabe kung maningil ng “goodwill” yang si flush Gordon.Ganun din sa SBMA. Kaya nga ang tawag sa kanya ay hindi Chairman kundi share-man. Pati Red Cross, binugahan niya ng intriga at ginawa niyang political vehicle. Garapal na mandurugas yang si Share-man aka Flush Gordon.

  35. If we are going to bad mouth all presidentiables, we might as well not join the elections. This is a clear manifestation of political immaturity. For us to DESERVE a CLEAN government, our attempt to find that leader should also follow a CLEAN campaigning and a CLEAN process too.

    If we will pull out all stops to character assassinate at our candidates expense, how can WE pull off the so-called CHANGE that we are asking for? Are we really a people deserving CHANGE considering our hasty and dirty attempt to find that transformational leader.

    This does not only go to all Gibo, Gordon bashers, but to all people claiming to deserve change in this country. You will only be ENTITLED to CHANGE if you prove your worthiness to be deserving of that change.

  36. Aaron Benedict is right! Character assassination should have no place here! To Hustisya! I like your name. Please live it up through actions! I was born in Olongapo, grew up in Manila, transferred to Cebu, and now working in Singapore. I had first-hand experience of his leadership when he was Mayor then and SBMA Chairman after. I don’t know where you got your info. Are you from Olongapo? I hope you were not brainwashed by the rival clan of the Gordon’s. I hadn’t heard such things when I was still there. And if such things exist, why not try to file a case through the Ombudsman to get hustisya! As far as Gordon’s leadership is concern, he’s done his job so well as Mayor and Chairman. I can attest to that because I saw what he has done to Olongapo while I was still there! Peace!

  37. Sorry but I have personal and direct knowledge of how corrupt Gordon was. I worked with the fastfood company who is currently leasing a 40 sq. meter overlap area in Olongapo which Gordon claims he owns. We lease a portion of about 260 Sq. Meters from another owner and the 40 sq. meter overlap space from Gordon. Despite the disparity in area, we pay almost the same amount to Gordon. Bad thing about it is that, we found out that Gordon does not actually own that space but is either owned by the government or another private individual.

    We can talk peace while telling the truth naman di ba?

  38. For Hustisya:

    Its so easy for you to make up lies. I wont tell you anymore what a person like that is called. If all you have said is true then as carpediemgeorge said -file a case. Do not make up lies. Come on -attacking the way Gordon looks?! It just goes to show how desperate you and your cohorts are.

  39. @annie garcia, do i have to file a case just to prove that Gordon is corrupt? We all know that Marcos is corrupt but has anyone of us HERE ever filed a case against Marcos?

    But I can point to you what restaurant it was. It is a fastfood chain that sells fried chicken, and they are paying “rent” to Gordon for a piece of land he does not own. The branch is in Olongapo City.

    So go and ask that restaurant who sells fried chicken. I am not lying, I am telling the truth.

    One more issue we gotta look at is SBMA during Gordon’s time. What made Gordon kapit tuko to his position as SBMA chairman at the time when Erap was already asking him to pack his things up? Isn’t it true that riot police and soldiers had to hurt some of Gordon’s loyal men just to effect his eviction? And during the time when his men were being bombarded with water canons and being pulled by their hair out of SBMA, Gordon the flash was in a cozy bar drinking with some of his shadowy friends? How true is this?

    And the reason why he was kapit tuko to his position as SBMA chairman is because he receives certain percentage from investors and contractors? Kaya nga tawag sa kanya ay SHARE-MAN instead of chairman? How true is it?

    How true also that Gordon runs not to win but to get something from other candidates, asking for something just for him to withdraw. Noon si Erap ang nakuhaan niya ng 200 Million. Now it is Vilar whom he is targeting. how true is this?

    Hindi natin dapat iboto si Gordon. Ang dapat sa kanya, i-flush para maging FLUSHED GORDON siya.

  40. Now I know whose side are you! Please watch ProbeTV files’ interview with Senator Gordon–he answered all those accusations. You can replay it as long as you want! To those people who are also interested, who read this, please do so. Napakadali mong magpaniwala ng tao! Sana totoo ang pinagsasabi mo at hindi ka isang bayaran lang! Tanungin mo kung sino maraming business sa SBMA at Subic at yung naiinvolve sa anomalya tulad ng car smuggling at shabu! You can never put a good man down! Because you can see clearly through your naked eyes his actions! Just stick to what you see and you won’t be misled SoP! I rest my case with you, but this coming elections I want only the best–Gordon and Bayani!

  41. Eh bakit sa Olongapo, hinawakan ng mga gordon —ama, ina, siya, asawa, kapatid at asawa pa yata ng kapatid —–pero ang Olongapo nanatiling mahirap, ang mga Gordon yumaman ?

    Isipin mo kung ganun mangyari sa Pilipinas.

    And one think I can not forget, as Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee investigating the ZTE deal, Gordon exonerated the masterminds ( GMA and FG ), while implication those who exposed the anomaly ( Jun Lozada and Joey ).

    Gawa ba ng matinong tao yun.

    Pati Philippine National Red Cross, inagaw niya kay Tinga. Nagkaroon pa ng case sa korte. The first time na nagkaroon ng pulitika sa PNRC. Dabi ni Tinga, gagawin daw ni Gordon na political vehicle ang PNRC to further his political ambition.

    Tama ba yun ?

  42. Forget about party affiliations and just focus on the credentials and platform of government. For me, Gibo is the best man to lead our country. The reason why the Philippines is still in peril because there are a lot of people who enjoys subjective and destructive criticism. Criticism is ok but before one can criticize a system or a person, one must be prepared to offer better options to improve the situation rather than just being negative and being part of the problem. I believe Gibo can stop mudslinging by being an example himself as he had shown in his actions during his campaign. He is the most professional among all candidates. He has a clear vision and platform of government and a very hardworking person and does not need media to expose his good works. He was a great congressman who passed numerous important and useful bills unlike others who did nothing but ZERO legislation and sat pretty in congress for 9 years. Unfortunately he is Gibo’s cousin. Gibo is the best choice for me. Lastly, Gibo is a God-fearing person and all his good traits follow. I think out of the box, therefore, I am for Gibo.

  43. You may want to read up more on Noynoy’s Legislative Record. What amazes me is you can hail your candidate in one breath for not mudslinging while throwing two fistfuls on your own. Isn’t this very different from what you admire of your candidate and what he expects of you?

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