The 2009 State of the Nation Address in three brief sentences

1. Don’t count me out.

2. Cha-Cha is a go.

3. we will mobilize vs.certain presidential candidates.

And also, after oh, say half a century of being out of common usage, the word “pussyfoot” is now back in circulation.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

44 thoughts on “The 2009 State of the Nation Address in three brief sentences

  1. Kinda makes sense.

    1. Don’t count me out. I’m still president; don’t ignore me.

    2. Cha-Cha is a go. Economic progress requires changes in the constitution. We’ll push.

    3. we will mobilize vs.certain presidential candidates. A number of presidentiables are boneheads. We’ll work — country can’t risk any of them getting plurality.

  2. Pussyfoot, my ass! It’s the opposition that’s deaf, dumb and blind. They couldn’t hear a stampeding herd of elephant even if their lives depended on it. The Melo Commission Report is as thunderous a warning as anybody could get. Yet, nobody raised hell when Gloria named her reliable whitewasher COMELEC Chairman.

  3. You forgot one other thing

    4. Pagpag can be turned into a savory dish. (Read UP n grad’s comment)

  4. 2 things that I noticed so far.

    1) She was vague on the debt numbers. She used percentage instead of real numbers. The total debt must have risen.
    2) She talked about a lot about helping OFWs. Does she know that it takes 6 weeks to renew a Philippine passport from overseas?

  5. It is not surprising that GMA used the almost total functional illiteracy in the use of economic accounting of the vast majority of the people she was addressing. Like the crooked card dealer that she truly is.

    First she says that her record stands as the President with longest streak of sustained “real” (constant after deducting inflation) GDP growth in the country. The she switches off the the nominal (current) per capital income in dollars.

    The government agencies themselves have confirmed that poverty has increased during her watch. Even the main headline inflation rate is skewed in favor of a small representative portion of the economy while the vast majority have seen their real incomes deteriorate faster. Simply take the prices of food and energy from 2001 till today and that comprises from 60-90% of incomes. The higher incomes groups would be less affected by the increases in food and energy.

    She put forth a delusional picture of what the economy is and many people fell for it.

    The numbers are all there beneath the very effective cosmetic surgery employed by this very clever government.

  6. On term extension: It’s her desire, though unspoken before the SONA. Huli sa bibig! Need she say more? Two anarchic scenarios a Gloria extension will try to ride on: a ConAss rammed on our throats and/or failed elections. The later should include the probability of a questioned result, as in Iran. It could be her way out, or her end. Take you pick.

  7. Measuring economic performance strictly in monetary aggregates is qualitative in the truest sense. Currency after all is only a derivative of value.

    The quantitative benchmark is integral societal development. Did her government add or subtract from that?

    The total foreign obligations that are to be drawn from the domestic economy is at an all time high primarily supported by OFW earnings.

    It is a sad and tragic fact that one cannot have a first world government supported by a third world economy subsidized by foreign savings.

    The economic model then survives on a narrow, shallow and hollow track. The government stats support this as family incomes have dropped during her watch. Poverty has grown.

  8. Talking To The Little Woman In The Mirror?

    “Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones. Those who should be in jail should not threaten it.We can read their frustrations. They had the chance to serve this good country and they blew it by serving themselves.”Mrs.Arroyo

  9. i give credit to whoever helped conceptualize the speech-well written and provided “some humor” and “entertainment” to us all.

    the essence of which, is another story.

  10. both TLL and the President belong to the generation that could’ve picked up “pussyfoot” as an expression from their parents, in whose generation the word was still current.

  11. Preposterous SONA only she could deliver with such aplomb. Such air of arrogance while delivering a litany of untruths, spins and under-achievements. She has perfected the art to the nth degree.

    And she has the gall to tout the increasing number of OFW deployment as an “achievement”. And deftly dodging the real reason for this increasing exodus during her term.

    At the end of her speech, did I note a rather long wait for the expected applause to come?

  12. You wanna bring down unemployment, hunger and poverty levels? Simple. Just change the definition of each. Like this administration does.

  13. The woman is manhid already. She is incapable of feeling embarrassment or remorse. Anyway, we already know that 70% of the population have decided they don’t want her around next year.

    So the point of opposition attack now should be her pillars in Congress, Executive branch, etc. Those who implement her bidding. Those who have skeletons in their closets. They are more vulnerable.

    The problem is the opposition is getting beaten to the draw. Gloria’s strategists are slowly and gradually implementing their grand design of demolishing the opposition one by one and the opposition don’t seem to realize it.

    They’re wasting time demolishing Gloria. She’s already long been demolished.

  14. “Labor export (OFWs) is not really a good thing society wise…”


    Couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately, no administration has improved on this. This economic strategy was initiated by Ferdinand Marcos and Blas Ople and, like drug addicts, we have become increasingly dependent on this.

    By the way, the foul-mouthed one was doing his ridiculous, phoney best by lending his aristocratic presence to leftist groups rallying outside.

  15. J_ag,

    Not to worry. No explanation is necessary. We see her for what she is. Clothed in lies, no matter how intricately interwoven and interlaced she remain naked from the top of her head to the tip of her toes. Ugh. No wonder, many of us could not bear the sight.

  16. Gloria Arroyo would have been long gone if the Opposition were not inept. Now she’s mocking them and they deserve it. But that doesn’t make her less evil or less guilty.

  17. Three hundred some days and GMA leaves Malacanang.

    Question number 1 — who replaces her?

    Question number 2 — what’s next for Pinas economy and will only GOOD get introduced into the next Pinas constitution?

  18. US Ambassador Christie Kenney said she had heard President Arroyo deliver her SONAs in the past, but singled out the one delivered yesterday as “particularly significant.”

    Is that significantly good or significantly bad?

    Ooh… these diplomats.

  19. “The woman is manhid already. She is incapable of feeling embarrassment or remorse.”

    It gets worse. She lies about the elections, the state of the economy, the state of the nation, but won’t spare us the gruesome details of her groin bumps, rotting breast implants, and unwanted hair in her pits and vajayjay.

  20. Phil Cruz on, “US Ambassador Christie Kenney said she had heard President Arroyo deliver her SONAs in the past, but singled out the one delivered yesterday as “particularly significant.”

    Yes, that is significant as far as American interest is concerned.

    The American issue is election. In Arroyo’s SONA, there will be election next year. And that is enough for the Americans.

  21. “Men at some time are masters of their fates: The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves, that we are underlings” – William Shakespeare: Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene II .

  22. “They’re wasting time demolishing Gloria. She’s already long been demolished.”-Phil Cruz

    She and her husband Mike, they demolished themselves, heheh.

  23. Hello to all. One thing that I can thank Macacapal-Arroyo for is prompting the experts to surface with hard economic data, that I can now use to get a clear picture of the nation’s situation for my own little reform advocacy (

    One more thing, if you think Arroyo is going away next year, compare President Aquino’s 1991 Address with the toddler’s:

    From Cory:

    “Yes, I could have done all those things that win wide acclaim, exiting as grandly as any president could wish. But while my power as president ends in 1992, my responsibility as a Filipino for the well-being of my country goes beyond it to my grave. A great part of that responsibility is to do the best I can today, according to my best lights, while I have the power to do it…

    “On June 30, 1992, the traditional ceremony of political succession will unfold at the Luneta. The last time it was done that way was in 1965. I shall be there with you to proudly witness the event. This is the glory of democracy, that its most solemn moment should be the peaceful transfer of power.Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat at paalam.”

    And what’s her name’s:

    “At the end of this speech I shall step down from this stage, but not from the Presidency. My term does not end until next year. Until then, I will fight for the ordinary Filipino. The nation comes first. There is much to do as head of state—to the very last day…

    “I never expressed the desire to extend myself beyond my term. Many of those who accuse me of it tried to cling like nails to their posts.”

  24. SONA of a bitch! Cow pies all over the place! 8 years of BS, that’s why malacanang is producing all kinds of weird stuff. And why the hell she waits for applause? Pathetic.

  25. As the nation’s top cheerleader I really couldn’t blame the prez for distorting the numbers to paint a favorable view of the economy. She, or any president, has to be always optimistic.

    The last time a president gave an overly pessimistic assessment of the economy during a SONA, the Phisix tanked. It was Erap and his “the government is bankrupt” SONA.

  26. Norman: ano ba naman, talagang susunod si GMA sa Konstitusyon at iba na ang presidente pagdating nang Hulyo2010. Siguro, mag reretire si GMA sa Spain.

    And sa akin, Bayani Fernando is the next president that will be makakatulong sa kaunlaran ng bayan. Inhinyero pa at hindi namumulitiko sa pag-paayos ng sidewalk vendors.

  27. Food-for-thought, even if you believe that GMA was obfuscating and dreaming when she cited the statistics that she cited.

    If the issues represented by the statistics are important to you — unemployment, jobs-created, GDP / GNP / gini
    — war-versus-MOA/ad or something in the middle for Mindanao
    — roads/highways/Roll-on/Roll-off, train service, airports
    — call-centers/BPO’s versus job-shops/industrialization
    — putting a tax on Pinoys income generated overseas (to include OFW wages as well as GMA/Ping Lacson gains from real estate)
    — electricity-accessibility and electricity-rates
    — safe drinking water, water-rates
    — providing a naval base in Mindanao to USA or China

    An action becomes to look at the next Malacanang-resident along these metrics. What do they promise? How do they promise to do what they promise?

  28. It was a tumultuous 8 years, and it will be good to get over that hump.

    While GMA may have embellished her accomplishments, there is no doubt that it was much, much better than during Erap’s time. The Philippine peso has been stable, the stock market has been thriving (without the brazen manipulation that Erap and cronies engaged in, a la BW), the property market is flourishing and the OFW’s continue to remit loads and loads of hard currency back home.

    Of course, if Erap continues to threaten to come back, that would only backfire on everyone because it only gives GMA reason to stick around.


    Let us start with facts from Philippine Bureau of Treasury. It is public record and the statistics are accessible. The national government debt doubled from 2.1 (in 2000) to 4.2 (in 2008) trillion pesos. It is a scary picture when you imagine yourself running a household and paying monthly your mortgage loan.

    According to Reuters and Forbes, the government debt will reach 4.7 trillion pesos in 2010 from the 2009 programmed 4.489 trillion pesos level.

    What is not told and conspicuously missing from the SONA is that the President relied heavily on both domestic and foreign borrowings to finance its increasing budget deficit. Deficit is when the government is spending more than what it can collect from taxes. The deficit is expected to widen to a record 250 billion pesos this year (2009).In addition to government spending, the government has to get additional loans to pay increasing maturing loans (burning fresh money right away) per Department of Finance.

  30. “I did not become President to be popular.” 2008 SONA.

    Yeah? What is it then? To be despised and condemned? If it’s any consolation, I think you’re doing rather well. Too well, in fact.

  31. Kinda makes sense.

    1. Don’t count me out. I’m still president; don’t ignore me.

    2. Cha-Cha is a go. Economic progress requires changes in the constitution. We’ll push.

    3. we will mobilize vs.certain presidential candidates. A number of presidentiables are boneheads. We’ll work — country can’t risk any of them getting plurality.

    Now this one I like! In the absence of any official reports re Philippine situation, I am forced to use SONA figures. Now what can the opposition do about this? She has something to show but they don’t, other than so much noise and display of disunity and hidden agendas…
    Hopefully the people will see through all this and decide wisely…

  32. President Arroyo should be consistent of what she is saying. Huwag niyang papabayaan ang bansa. Kitang-kita sa SONA ni PGMA na hindi siya sigurado sa mga sinasabi niya. It is better that she should come down the position on 2010. Huwag na siyang tumakbo pa bilang presidente ng Pilipinas.

  33. really, pussyfoot’s colloquial? haha! wat the heck. she’s not consulted her dictionary back? haha!

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