Too much information?

The buzz started last night with a Manila Bulletin article on the President checking into the Asian Hospital in Alabang for some cosmetic procedures. Take a look at a screencap of the article as it appeared from last night to about 1 pm today; and see Jessica Zafra’s opinion that it’s a hoax. However, the story hasn’t been taken down, though slightly modified, and can still be seen on the Manila Bulletin website: see GMA medical checkup OK. In the Inquirer, officialdom expressed shock, shock, at the news of breast implants, etc. for the President:

“What? Silicon implants? That’s the first time I heard about that,” Secretary Gabriel Claudio said in a phone interview.

“No way; I just heard that from you. I thought you were joking.”

Claudio said that he had “absolutely no information” about Ms Arroyo’s breast implant replacement, adding he was not even aware that she had an implant in the first place.

In his column today, Jarius Bondoc elaborates further:

The President has been suffering dysfunctional bleeding, likely due to polyps or myoma in the uterus. She had first walked into the hospital one dawn in 2008 for D&C (dilation and curettage) and left at dusk. News then was that she had an executive check. She’s had three follow-ups this year, the last in June. Menopause is inducing abnormal tissue growth and hormonal imbalance, a source said.

Wednesday dawn Arroyo checked in again – for less serious causes. She needed mammoplastic repair of leaking breast implants done in the ’80s. Occasion too to have doctors take out an inguinal cyst (in the groin), and laser off extra hair growth in that area and the armpits. Though a bit groggy, Arroyo was set to check out yesterday afternoon.

Too much information? The Marocharim Experiment seems to think so.

Article VII, Section 12 of the Constitution directs that

In case of serious illness of the President, the public shall be informed of the state of his health. The members of the Cabinet in charge of national security and foreign relations and the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, shall not be denied access to the President during such illness.

Previous to this, there was much speculation on the condition of the President’s liver, and the causes of her fluctuating weight; one UP student even claimed photographic evidence that President had cosmetic surgery on her nose.

The presidency is the sort of job that can wreck the health of even the most phenomenally-endowed with stamina; and it is entirely due to the manner in which politics was affected by the deteriorating health of President Marcos, that we have the constitutional provision on public information on the chief executive’s health.

The real question then is what constitutes “serious,” in terms of a president’s health.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

17 thoughts on “Too much information?

  1. how i remember marcos during his last days in the Palace.

    kwento nga ni Ka Freddie, may mga natapuan pang diapers ni apo na nakakalat sa palasyo, apparently eh hindi na nagawang itapon sa pagmamadali nilang umalis.

  2. No, not too much information. It’s critical info we’re getting here. You want to start to chip away at her government, you have to start with the aura of invulnerability. These pieces of false information is manifest contempt, or contempt sublimated into wishful reporting. if that makes sense.

  3. I think “serious illness” would pertain to an illness that would unquestionably and severely affect her ability to perform her duties and functions as a president.
    After all, the public has the right to know if the president is still capable of leading the nation, only cases where the illness affects performance (like Marcos’ lupus), thats when the public has the right to know.
    However, sicknesses like flu, a broken leg, or feminine matters such as this should probably not need much detailed accounts. the president is human after all, and as humans, are subject to sickness from time to time. Thats what I think at least.

  4. As most politicians will tell you, being in the news for the wrong reasons is better than not being in the news at all.

  5. From the looks of it, she had her gynecologic examination (due to the dysfunctional bleeding and the rest). This probably included breast x-ray. The leak may have been caused by rupture of the breast implant during the x-ray procedure (mammography) as the breast is compressed. It helps really to disclose to the radiographer that implants are present in ones breasts.

    Well, we’ll never know if the leak happened before or during the breast x-ray. One thing that’s cause of concern is that imaging of the breast to detect breast cancer may be limited depending on the size, shape, and location of the implants as the implants obstruct the view. Another thing is that if leak (from the implant) is present in some areas in the breast, this will confuse doctors whether the x-ray image will signify cancer or not. Then biopsy of the abnormal findings might really be in order.

    Lastly (as I gather from this googling result), there’s a case report of a ruptured breast prosthesis mimicking a primary lung tumor.

  6. I don’t know if the mole is real or not but it’s actually a “beauty mark” according to this list.

    She wouldn’t be the mole of Asia for nothing, you know.

    With all the boring stuff on the net lately, I invite you to this slightly fun game. Enjoy!

  7. LOL! The MILF wannabe done fixed up her titays, but didn’t get rid of that moley, moley! Austin Powers would be horrified!

  8. In a related topic, who is/was the hottest person linked to a president ever to grace the Malacanang? Would it be Imelda (in her youth of course)?

  9. Is it GMA’s version of “appeal to emotion”? With all the talk about HR1109 etc and the speculations about her 2010 plans once more painting her in the bad light, projecting a sick and tired image might ease off some pressure?

  10. If she wanted to appeal to our collective emotions, she sure chose the wrong medical condition.

    Contracting TB, the poor man’s disease, would have been more popular. Getting rotting silicone extracted is just too bourgeois.

  11. If Luli is Gloria’s daughter then Gloria really has an implant. The details on the armpit and groin is really an over share.

  12. The Papacy is another job that can ruin one’s health. The Pope is no President but a Monarch. But even the Vatican had to give in and disclose the state of papal health.

  13. oh geez, why dont you guys just leave her alone. what does her boobs got to do in responsibly running the affairs of the nation. criticisms on her is down to the gutter where any piece of info about her affairs are spinned to malign her. are you guys that desperate? hindi TMI kundi

  14. oh by the way… why do people dont want her to run in her district in pampanga…why so much outrage? if she is the most despised person, why are they so afraid of her? a mere representative with no pork barrel to dispense will not be able muster support to become prime minister. what gives? i dont really understand the logic behind it.

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