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And who knows, if you read and respond to this before midnight, tonight, Philippine time, it could be yours, too.

My choice for Bloggers’ Choice Award in the Philippine Blog Awards, is the collective known as Filipino Voices.

The variety of voices, the breadth (and depth) of the commentary on the site, and the collective representing the most successful and enduring effort to bring the voices of ordinary citizens to the fore, deserves admiration -and recognition by their peers in the blogosphere.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. jcc: I can easily imagine where Solatan-the-tenant was a dog. A really bad tenant, in arrears for over 6 months. Now I as landlord won’t negotiate with a bad tenant — kick them out my mantra. But I can imagine that Inocentes and/or Camano actually tried to be helpful to Solatan (e.g. for Solatan to true up on the payments in order for Solatan to remain as tenant).

    Then things went berserk, and the dog-tenant bit the hand that tried to help. UNFORTUNATELY, there were appearances of impropriety. The dog-tenant drew blood. IBP-investigator made conclusion of improper actions by Inocentes-and-Camano.

    [Disclosure: don’t know any of the names or the personages in the Solatan-vs-Inocentes&Camano. One or all of them may be saints for all I know. ]

  2. jcc,

    ‘Supremo might get balistic again’

    Psychic ka tatang? Pikon ka talaga. Nilalagyan mo lang ng emoticon para hindi halata.

    Oo nga pala. Huwag mong sabihan na non-lawyer si UP n grad . Nakalimutan mo na non-lawyer ka rin.

    Kailan matatapos ang drama mo sa blog ni mlq3? Pakiusap lang pwede huwag mong buhayin na sa susunod na entry ni mlq3. OA na kasi.

  3. “in deference to a companyero and a fellow UP Law alumnus, i inhibit myself from making a comment’….Scalia

    Ooooopppps! Mababawasan yata ang paghanga ko ko kay Anthony.Kala ko walang sinasanto ang mabuting lawyers?

  4. supremo,

    kung hindi ka nakakalata, ikaw ang OA. Just make an intelligent comment, no personalities please ! !

    UP N grad,

    1986, PCGG sequestered the 100-unit apartments. Issued memo to tenants to direct their payments to PCGG. NO tenants paid PCGG.

    PCCG authorized our firm as lawyer for the landords to sue non-paying tenants. PCGG cannot sue tenants because the issue of ownership of the apartments was being litigated in Sandiganbayan. Gliceria was sued but has long vacated the premises. George and mother occupied the apartment. When served with eviction notice, mother-son tandem went to our office to offer to pay the unpaid rents (P60,000). Believing in good faith that non-payment was caused by the legal hiatus, the offer on installment was accepted.

    50% of attorneys pay in accordance with the executory decision was paid and P1,000 sheriffs’ cost.

    Mother-son promised to pay arrears.
    No payment was made. Execution was implemented. Mother-son begged that they were willing to pay. Issued 4 postdated checks, One was cashed second bounced. Final eviction was triggered with the second check bounced.

    UP N,

    Just read my blog. its all there.

  5. jcc,

    ‘Just make an intelligent comment’

    jcc’s intelligent comments:

    ‘Just read my blog. its all there.’

    ‘there was no extortion.. :).’

    ‘another non-lawyer arguing legal points’

    ‘wheewww. you read my motions.. what a lie!. i have my dashboard and I can monitor every page that is being accessed from my blog. noone has accessed my two motions for the last 2 days.’

    ‘if you were not able to get to UP but you get to Oxford that only means that its easier to get to Oxford than UP.’

  6. jcc,

    Paalala lang po tatang. Nakalimutan niyo na sinabi niyo ito.

    ‘i have my own blog to take care of my fighting.’

  7. jcc,

    ‘no personalities please ! !’

    sabi mo kay The Cat.

    ‘Is showbiz, another one of your forte, aside from being a financial whiz, accounting whiz and “ad hominem whiz?’

  8. jcc,

    number 1 corrupt ata ang justice system few years back but they have improved as corrupt… hahahah 🙂

  9. Jcc I offer my legal services to you:

    Let me write your motion:

    My client, Jcc, esq, has served his suspension of 1 year from the practice of law for technical extortion. Having no further legal obstacles, my client demands his reinstatement into the roll of lawyers. Period.

    Oh ayan, we did a motion in two lines. The SC is NOT infallible but do you think they are interested to hear about your lifestory na irrelevant? They are important and real cases to handle too you know.

    We also saved some trees. Kaya you should feel good about it.


    “another non-lawyer arguing legal points”

    coming from a lawyer is further proof that lawyers make laws in jargon and flowery words to protect their scum of a profession. kaya nga may “simple english” campaign in most countries so that lawyers will be forced to use direct language para maintindihan ng lahat. pero siempre, ayaw ng mga dinosaur lawyers dahil bebenta mga signature nila.

    if you need a lawyer to understand the law, it’s badly written.

  10. and jcc, we are all guilty of ad hominem. I raise my hand and admit it. (It’s quite fun!)

    but when you say someone cannot argue a point of law dahil hindi sila lawyer, ano yon?

    or if you ask for credentials before you process information, ano yon?


    Ad hominem, fun, fun, fun, pikon talo.


  11. @master yoda

    I am not and english bloke . I am an igorot who one day came down from the boondocks.

    I am all for “elitism” (as long as it does not refer to material wealth). We should all strive to the be ‘elite’ in whatever field of endeavour we choose.


    tara hiking muna tayo sa rockies. medyo sirang plaka na si tatang. hanggang ngayon kasi kapit kapit pa niya transcript of records niya eh ilang dekada nakalipas. si hajii alejandro pa yata ‘kilabot ng kolehiyala’ noon.

  12. @leytenian

    “….yes we do. to create good ones”

    So you want more lawyers in the hope that of the x number of applicants, a potential 0.001x will turn out to be good??? And you think the practice of law will be better because many mediocre ones are in competition??? Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, the sheer number of mediocre lawyers in circulation contributes to the corruption you cite??? I think you have stumbled into a novel theory of efficiency there….

  13. NASH

    or if you ask for credentials before you process information, ano yon? Irony – — NASH

    Again you cannot process the argument. I ask for your credential just to find out if you did not graduate from the same school you consider diplma mills for lawyers – Apparently you did not, because you are an Oxford grad, that’s the reason why you bashed some schools who accepted law students as “diploma mills”.

    But if you take a good look at it, your Oxford degree means nothing to me, and quite frankly you are better off with a UP degree. You write with sarcasm, you insult people, you show your disgust to Miriam Santiago who is also your co-alumnus, you bashed Philippine schools you did not come from. Should I envy your Oxford credential, no sir! ! !

    As i said, i do not trade insult with insult and if I ever did, I apologized. If you read Cat’s “ad hominem” imputed to me, you will consider my response mild and not provocative.

    If you read your own and Supremo’s diatribes, you will again find out that my response is not vitriolic as yours.

    Again if you want to argue legal poiints, good luck, but you cannot blame me for saying that as a matter of simple humility, non-lawyers must not be made to argue legal points.

    Ad hominem

  14. nash,

    if you look at the list of lawyers in attorneys’ rolls from the SC website, you can still find my name there.

    so as my attorney, you cannot ask the SC to restore my name to the roll of attorney because in the first place it has not been stricken off.

    need i say more that non-lawyers should not be allowed to argue legal point?

  15. jcc

    ok. so you can practice law pa pala. pasensiya ka na, confusing kasi ipnaglalaban mo. kung ano ano kasi, alam mo naman, nakakalito.

    mea maxima culpa.

    so para ano pa yang mga love letters natin kay justice puno? corrupt ang sc dahil nahuli kang namamangka sa dalawang ilog??

    is that a legal point? that’s more like an ethics point….hmmm i hope you cooked a lot of nice meals with that super kalan you ‘borrowed’.

    and why should ‘association with miriam that prevent me from bashing her? i do not have a tribal mentality. . i can also criticise my own school, which in fact i do.

    i’m not shoving my degree at you, it’s you who is doing that to yourself. duh, hello, wake up, i stated it as a matter of fact and not to cause you envy.

    i know, i did something wrong there. i accept that. when chris rock makes blacks/nigger jokes it’s very funny, when a redneck makes black/nigger jokes it’s still funny but he will probably end up in jail/ostracized for inciting racism..

    i made a up joke and i am not from up. so there.

    and why are you so pikon? are you still part of the up cheer squad? last i checked, you graduated when my father did not yet consummate his lust on my mother. moove on, that’s decades ago, you are no longer poor, stop making a big sentimenal fuss.

    do not begrudge me for not liking lawyers, in the whole history of the human race, lawyers have never had a positive popularity rating for many valid reasons. i have lots of lawyer friends and I love them but I know when the rapture comes, they will all burn in hell along with the fornicators and supporters of the rh bill.

  16. nash,

    lincoln and jefferson are lawyers and are well-venerated. the “rotten apples” in the profession should not be taken as an argument for despising lawyers, which you claim this representation is one.

    but i cannot quite comprehend why would everybody would want to go to a school whose best by-product finds it fun and exciting insulting people.

    i am proud of my school because we do not have as a curriculum “ad hominem” 101. and I am profuse in my apology if I have insulted anyone in this site.

  17. to jcc: California Bar website says

    * July 2008 California Bar Examination Results will be mailed to applicants on Friday, November 21, 2008. Results will be available online to applicants only on Friday, November 21, 6 p.m. Results will be available online to the public on Sunday, November 23, 6 a.m.

    Good luck to you!!! I hope that the letter from IntegBarPhilippines to the California Bar suffices and the “moral character” California requirement gets resolved in your favor.

    nash: and may they burn in hell the pedophiles. Also the aggressors in non-consensual sex.

  18. jcc

    jefferson is the same man who said “free the slaves” yet kept slaves of his own?

    what a very apt analogy for ‘namamangka sa dalawang ilog’. you know your history well. i give you that.

  19. @UP n

    I’m writing a new tv pilot, it’s a workplace drama about a very brilliant lawyer who represents both the prosecution and the defense in some yet unnamed Islands country.

    I’m developing the character at the moment. He has very honest intentions but cannot process certain bits of information.

    I wonder if you know of any experts I can hire as consultants or better yet a middle aged actor who has the gravitas of hugh laurie. It will be ten times full of sarcasm and insults and witty banter and it’s a very physical role because the character has to run across the court as he lawyers for both parties.


    that’s it. I need to disengage myself from this and go back to my cave for a bit.

  20. to nash: I still wish that jcc can state the equivalent of “put a condom on” — one or two words-of-wisdom to current and future lawyers so that they do not get caught into a future Solatan-vs-Inocentes case. Again, it is obvious to me that the plaintiff was not some high-handed politician or millionaire or influence-peddler.

    But – – – – “disengage” makes sense.

  21. nash,

    “Did it ever occur to you that maybe, just maybe, the sheer number of mediocre lawyers in circulation contributes to the corruption you cite??? I think you have stumbled into a novel theory of efficiency there….”

    supply and demand is not a novel theory. when there’s oversupply of lawyers in our country, services charge will be cheap and quality of service is what the consumers will eventually pay. that’s what efficiency of market in the service sector is all about. same thing with products.

    in our current system , people cannot get a good lawyer. we don’t have a government subsidies service that will allow individual to hire a lawyer at a low price. No one represents our people. Most of the corrupt lawyers, represent the corporation and to hide the government’s fault. 🙂

    there’s a big gap between practice and needs. How many lawyers in a given population ( philippines 85 million people) should compete for quality and price of service?

    The Singapore government is attempting to address the shortage with moves like setting up a new law school within the Singapore Management University, increasing the intake for the National University of Singapore (NUS) law faculty and allowing foreign firms and lawyers to practice in the country. Courses include business and corporate law, intellectual property law, financial law and regulation and a variety of others including a course in ethics and social responsibility. The first students were accepted last August.

    “The law is being routinely and blatantly abused for political purposes,” Singapore, he says, “has turned into a lawless country, a country run according to the pleasure of Lee Kuan Yew; not according to law. A legal system where if you knew the identities of the litigants, you can predict the outcome of the trial with absolute accuracy. That is if Lee Kuan Yew or his family were parties to an action, the outcome of the litigation is known even before you step into court! Lee wins. Hapless opponent loses.”

  22. Pilipinoparin :

    “Ooooopppps! Mababawasan yata ang paghanga ko ko kay Anthony.Kala ko walang sinasanto ang mabuting lawyers?”

    in due time i might comment 🙂

  23. Iyan ang tunay na Scalia, right is right, freedom is freedom. Walang kamag-anak, ka-frat, co alums, ka-tribo, kabalen o ka-Manong. I am hoping many lawyers and politicians would be like you.

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