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  1. leytenean, with due respect, how can you presume to speak for the “people in the provinces”? you’re not even living there now, are you? i can understand how you feel about the whole thing but the solution is not that “simple, really”.

  2. Since Sulpicio will not shut down.

    Sila lang na exempt sa tongue lashing by congress kahapon pag turn na nila wala nang matotoungue lash.kasalanan ng pag asa ndcc ,coastguard pwera sila.

    kailangan daw may superbody na mag announce na no flight,no classes,no ship travel

    e supebody na nga ndcc

    members of the ndcc are the following:

    Secretary, DND Chairman
    Presidential Executive Secretary Member
    Secretary, DILG Member
    Secretary, DBM Member
    Secretary, DPWH Member
    Secretary, DOJ Member
    Secretary, DOTC Member
    Secretary, DOH Member
    Secretary, DSWD Member
    Secretary, DA Member
    Secretary, DepEd Member
    Secretary, DOF Member
    Secretary, DOLE Member
    Secretary, DTI Member
    Secretary, DENR Member
    Chief of Staff, AFP Member
    Secretary-General, PNRC Member
    Director, PIA Member
    Administrator, OCD Member & Executive Officer


    ano pang superbody hinahanap ng congress?

    they are joking us!

  3. Maiba tayo;

    what say you, sa one time big time oil price hike
    at one time big time na transport hike??????

    would 16 pesos fuel at ten pesos for transport , do?

    sabi ng consumer watch matagal pa matatapos oil price hike

    sabi ng transport groups kulang daw ang taas ng singil sa pasahe.

    maglakad na lang?

    matagal na naglalakad ang mga bata papunta skwela dahil puno lagi dyip(dito sa paranaque)
    sa province ilang kilometro na nilalakad nila

    yun nga lang dami takot na magulang sa kidnapper, holdapper kaya NO WAY daw .

    more covered walkways ala makati, more security visibility?

    mRT is already full capacity, what better ideas would there be?

    i am talking only bout where I live,the problem is world wide.

  4. it’s not emotional to say that my people will not die if Sulpicio will be put on hold , it’s actually rational. Anybody can ask the provinces. For economic sense, it can sustain. Sulpicio has been desperate and losing since 2005. Sulpicio invested a new MV princess of the Stars at $5.24 million in 2004 based on EXPECTATIONS of DEMAND, which did not materialize. Its decision making in terms of safety was no longer a priority. It’s not their bread and butter. It’s the poor.

    here’s why :
    “Passengers are just their gravy,” Basilio said. “They [shipping companies] really earn their dough from their cargo business.”
    These liners derive about 70 percent of their revenues from cargo and about 30 percent from passengers, Basilio explained.

    These include housemaids from the southern part of the country who are working in Metro Manila or students from the south studying in universities in Metro Manila.

    “Domestic sea passengers in the country are mostly the C and D crowd or low-income group of the society,” Basilio said.

    “Flying more affordable
    The changes in the inter-island transportation were not due to competition among passenger liners themselves. The threat came from substitutes.
    It started in 2005 when Cebu Pacific, a local airline which used to compete with legacy and full-service airline, Philippine Airlines, changed its business model and decided to follow a growing trend among the global aviation players—it converted into a low-cost, no-frills airline. ”

    “Depending on the season and timing of purchase, a round trip plane fare between Manila and Cebu could go as low as P3,000. In the past, round trip boat fares on the same route hovered between P4,000 to P8,000. But even at reduced rates of up to a little over P2,000, the small difference with the cost of flying have enticed some to convert. ”


  5. One beneficial thing the federal government has done for hungry nations, says Friesen, is “untie” its food aid. It used to be that 90 per cent of Canada’s food aid had to be spent buying goods in this country. However, food is cheaper when bought closer to the hunger zones because shipping is cheaper and local production is encouraged. The Liberals shifted the “tied” portion of food aid to 50 per cent and the Conservatives this past spring untied all food aid.
    That creates more efficiency, says Friesen

    Upn, the primary reason for “untying” is to give the recipient the choice to shop for cheaper prices at the nearest location or even Locally. It’s not being Naivete on part of Canada, it is already a Policy, an established Policy and it will be on consistent basis whether on emergency aid or regular food aid, until reversed by succeeding government which will be unlikely, because the Farmers are not against the Policy as they were consulted before it was implemented. The first choice if prices including freight are competitive, then it is always preferable to purchase from donor country.

  6. I understand leytenian,
    sinabi ko na din yan

    still there are the so called missionary routes where no airline would dare dip their fingers into.

    i know that the ships revenue are cargo,remove that it would also result in shutting down businesses .

    like liam tinio said sulpicio is the only cargo vessel from davao to manila.

    now as to dangerous cargo
    sulipicio and nenaco gets it from MICP if it was imported abroad and Aboitiz from south harbor.

    In dangerous cargo it is a cat and mouse game betwwen broker forwarder and DASSAD (dont know the spelling)a company believed to be owned by Ernie Maceda involved in dangerous cargo.
    back in the days when the ifms where in databaseIII or foxpro
    it is easy to delete a bill of lading form the inward foreign manifest
    what they do is they delete the dangerous cargo form the manifest
    when dassad is claiming it,then encode it back when the importer does not want to pay dassad then encode it back then the importer no longer has to pay the fees that dassad requires them.

    I don’t know the style and cat and mouse games they do when asycuda and unctad upgraded the system to ACOS for electronic IFMS.

    but believe me,there is always a way, once the iFM is only passed to the port operator and the national statistics office.

    as to the domestic cargo,if they do it to international port operations,kaya din yan sa domestic.

  7. erratum:
    asycuda/ACOS is the programme launced by unctad for compilation of world trade data.


    airfreight is also where the nofrills airlines gets their revenue

    it is all about the cargo not the passengers.

  8. Going by supremo’s idea
    kung cargo; C130 na lang ng airforce ang gamitin.
    .mapapasakay mo ba pasahero sa cargo plane,malay natin.pero mahal aviation fuel.

    military fuel consumption.
    dati nakatikim kami ng unlimited gas for a few years,not actually unlimited but it was more than enough; ewan ko ngayon; pero nung late eighties and early nineties sagana sa gasoline allocation ang mga opisyal ng militar;;kung ganyan pa din ang practice ngayon ewan ko na. libre din kuryente at tubig.

  9. The sight of that capsized vessel surrounded by bancas weeks after the incident tells it all.

    First world by 2020. Government by power point, summits, forums and photo ops meets reality when the chips are down and you gotta come out with resources.

    Laws governing safety standards are all on the books but the reality of implementation depends on resources which everyone knows do not exist.

    The U.S. and Europe had shifted to promoting and subsidizing the shift from food for fuels some years back. That when oil was still at $25 a barrel. No one noticed until now. Competition for the oil reserves of the M.E. and Central Asia is ongoing. A throwback to the times of the 19th century.

    The Philippines predominantly is an economy living at the razors edge. No time to look at long term solutions.

    Both the BSP and the Finance boys in this country only look at day to day cash flows. The surplus or reserves are put there entirely by debts and foreign obligations. Somehow the country has still not gotten used to being on its own. Dependency still reigns.

    There are two major appropriation laws in the country. General Appropriations Act and the Automatic Appropriations Law. Soon we will have a supplemental appropriations law to add to the first.

    Capital outlay for this year is about less than 10% of the total appropriations acts.

    Inflation is actually causing a surge in government revenue. All this while food and energy prices are dampening consumption.

    Our actual budget deficit counting the AAL is about 3-4% of total GDP.
    All this talk about a balanced budget did not take into account the AAL.

    It simply part of the spin. You will not find this in any newspaper.

  10. vic: the cronies of Philippine politicians for many decades now have always been great at “buying cheap” and “finding lowest bidders” and spending public money to buy food for the country’s poor, so Canada is right 🙂 . And my expectation is that Myanmar generals and Mugabe cronies would love to receive Canadian “untied” food-for-aid checks which gives … the recipient the choice 😛 to shop for cheaper prices at the nearest location or even Locally. Isn’t the service provided by cronies to know where to shop for cheaper? vic, you are right. It was uncalled for me to be cynical. It was in Russia, right, where the words “… moderate the greed” became a common expression? 3rd-world political leaders and crony-buyers/merchandisers are transparent and ethical when handling government-funds — not a chance of estafa or malfeasance 😐 by leaders of 3rd world countries handling euros or Dollars to buy food for the citizens whose interest and welfare they have been sworn to protect.

  11. What happens to a country when the present government made mincemeat of institutional foundations (whatever there was of it) and has to go back to rely on the same that they so callously destroyed.

    Trust, credibility and respect are the most important currency of governance.

    The economic policies so scrupulously followed (along the dictates of the IMF credit card conditions) has beggared the very institutions of government that the same multi-laterals now want strengthened.

    They mandated the destruction of state support for domestic agriculture and industry. Now they say they were mistaken…..

    Who pays for the mistakes? Now in this time of crisis when the institutions will matter where will the people run to. Just look at the families of the Sulpicio lines sinking and the victims of the last typhoon.

    The country is still hobbled by debts already paid.

    Stop the insanity before the crazies take over.

    One of the main supporters of the present regime is Alex Magno. From his writings he purports to be a dogmatic anti-statist free market fundamentalist. Yet his bread is buttered by two state institutions. The DBP of all institutions is one of them.

    Subsidized loans for the privileged few backed up by foreign funds which come from foreign vendors of capital goods. All guaranteed by the state. That is the DBP.

    So much for his fundamentalism when his economic self interest is at stake.

    A prime example of a person using his skills as a writer to game the system. How come a person like him can get away with this sordid type of pandering to the powers that be and get away with it.

    Man are we all so dumb?

  12. myanmar/uss reagan.

    The food and water that were distributed by the crew of Ronald reagan was for myanmar, they it rejected and we needed it so we accepted it.

    swerte lang talaga kahit papano na hey were at HK have they been somewhere else di tayo nakakuha ng rice and water nayun.

  13. vic: Forget my “naive” side-comment. It is Canada’s money; theirs to decide if it gets disbursed and Canada to decide if their citizens will be glad to see the results of 80% vs 90% vs 100%-“untied”.

    The other lesson (maybe for KG… definitely not for cvj nor the Ca t nor deQuiros) “Untied” food-aid charity program creates a business opportunity that can be matched to a Diogenes supply-chain logistics business model.

  14. as to no time for long term solutions.

    we are on crisis mode fellas

    true when evat for oil was slapped it was 25 to 35 dollars
    sabi ng ni roxas nakabawi na daw sila kay it is time to give back.
    If he was not a candidate, I wish could believe him.
    During his time as trade secretary he was for high tarrifs as protection daw.
    he was for level playing field daw kaya he was vocal during the wto summits.

    now this supersize tide,how can he propose such a saving technique when only the rich can save by doing so.unless kasya pa sa budget ng middle class.

    on my question on a one time big time hike nakita ko lang sa news yan. pina taas ko lang ng konti dahil pag nagbigay sila ng below ten pesos increase pagkalipas lang ng ilang linggo installment increments na naman.

    our inflation rate was june,knowing the usual delay it was probably may’s.
    wait for next month release of economic indicators.

  15. as to no time for long term solutions. – hvrds
    we are on crisis mode fellas – kg

    We didn’t prepare well enough for these rainy days.

    How long ago was the last crisis? Eleven years since the Asian financial “tsunami.”

    We are always in a crisis situation anyway. Sanay na tayo, ika nga.

  16. “We are always in a crisis situation anyway. Sanay na tayo, ika nga”

    it’s easy for me to say that the provinces can sustain without sulpicio. the qouted above statement also support my statement. true… sanay na ang mga tao. the crisis has never left our people.
    stop sulpicio and pay first the victims…

  17. we cannot compare Canada’s food policy to ours…
    importation has hurt our farmers regardless if it’s cheap or not. The consequence of our import policy did not consider the result of
    unemployment of our farmers. Was there subisidies given when their production no longer marketable in terms of price? Our economy is not flexible enough like Canada. Canada don’t have the debts that we have.

  18. “So much for his fundamentalism when his economic self interest is at stake.

    A prime example of a person using his skills as a writer to game the system. How come a person like him can get away with this sordid type of pandering to the powers that be and get away with it.

    Man are we all so dumb?”-hvrd

    How indeed so many others of Gloria’s minnions and a handful of supporters, can get away with it…easy as pie.

    Most of us here in Manolo’s blog including the 80% of the population is trying so hard not to be so dumb, but the remaining 20% are so overpowering. So what to do?

  19. We did not have do the thai rak thai. thais helping thais;thais donating jewlery and gold to the treasury.nasaan ang bayanihan na tinuturo na meron tayo nung grade school tayo?

    if they fell from the top floor,tayo sa first floor lang, siguro nga dahil sanay na tayo.

    leytenian kahit first world me utang

    in external debt:

    canada: 758,600,000,000

    internal debt

    canada 21st highest at 64% of gdp in its public debt

    rp 23rd highest at 63% of gdp in its public debt

    so stop the we have so muchdebt mantra

    i know you are concerened but that is not the way how to show it.

  20. “We did not have do the thai rak thai. thais helping thais;thais donating jewlery and gold to the treasury.nasaan ang bayanihan na tinuturo na meron tayo nung grade school tayo?”-KG

    Sarap sanang mag-ambag ng jewelry kung meron tayo at gipit ang ating gov’t. treasury, kaya lang baka naman ibulsa ng treasurer ang pendant, hindi kaya?

    Bayanihan tayo, pero hwag lang pera at alahas.

    Malala rin ang corruption sa Thaiand, di ba, KG? Bakit kaya mas may tiwala sila sa kanilang treasurer kaysa sa mga Pinoy?

  21. A lot of loans for the purchase of inter-island vessels (reconditioned) were coursed through the DBP.

    The probability is high that Sulpicio has vessels bought through the DBP.

    That is part of the modernization of the shipping industry, kuno.

  22. kahit naman pano siguro me mayaman na pinoy ano.me sinabiba ako na gipit ang magbigay?

    nung 1930s lamang at lyamado tayo. sinara ng us sa ibang bansa ang bansa nila pero ang mga sugar barons natin me suki at sureball na customer ang tate.

    nasaan ang trickledown bakit ang ang hacendeo lang amg yumaman at ang asindero hindi.

    bakit nagtiwala ang mga thai sa treasury nila sigurto dahil mahal nila bansa nila.
    kaya nga sinasabi ni benigs na trust ang solusyon dahil wala tayo non.
    meron lang tayo trust family planning program.

    the koreans are more corrupt but they love their country, tayo we certainly are afraid to show it.

    kelan tayo sumigaw sa laban ni paquiao na mabuahy ang pinoy, minsan lang yata pero madalas pagtapos ng viva la rasa ,viva mehico

    tayo: manny,manny!

  23. UPn, to further assure the recepient’s populace that our country’s food aid although untied, won’t just disappear, it is channelled usually through CIDA or other NGOs that will look after the transparent disbursements of AID. That’s what these countless NGOs jobs are and some of them are very good at them with the watchful eyes of Consular Officers. Most of these NGO depends on Government Largess for the their operations and budget and they need to impress the Government of their works.

  24. KG,
    canada: 758,600,000,000

    Comparing apples to banana? Consider unemployment rate, investments, cash outflow and inflow , credibility, governance, implementation, system process, rule of law, crimes, poverty, inflation ,corruption., financial stability, healthcare, education, facilities, infrastructures, equity , land area , acces to capital, natural resources with infrastructure and many more…america can sell hawaii easily to pay its debt. canada leverage their oil reserve to get financing … Philippines is already at the point where we don’t have nothing left.
    What’s positive is we can learn from these two countries.


    hvrds:”A lot of loans for the purchase of inter-island vessels (reconditioned) were coursed through the DBP.”

    OIC… DBP is one of the list for guaranteed loans. I think most of our banks. Sulpicio then can easily be taken over. It’s not their money.

  25. KG,

    how do you show that our debts do not contribute GREATLY to our ills. our debt is our third WAR. It’s not minor that we can ignore. Let’s face it and accept it and make a solution base from it. If we don’t understand how this debt afffected us then this country is in DENIAL.

  26. You tell me it’s apples and oranges

    you keep on saying that we have debts and they don’t;just scroll up for canada


    have I said that the debts do not contribute to our illnesses?

    sure we suck on debts ;like the nuclear powerplant loan;that loan to develop shipping ;etc. plus the automatic appropriation and other semi automatics.

    so what do you want to do,not pay them, who is in denial?

    we also borrow to pay maturing loans?

    have you not learned from the cat ,o selective learning ka?

  27. lol. you are right it’s my theme song. you have a point but our situation is third world. you are comparing first world to third world. it’s not fair. the management skills of the first world is first class. if they have corruption it’s also first class. common KG…

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