ICT and Democracy

Am in Sweden now, attending Big Brother and Empowered Sisters. The role of new communication technologies in democratic processes, a conference organized by the Collegium for Development Studies, Uppsala University.

This will be my PowerPoint presentation: uppsalafinalmlq3.ppt

Manuel L. Quezon III.

18 thoughts on “ICT and Democracy

  1. That’s a surprise…enjoy the cold weather. BTW, i tried to access the powerpoint but i think the link is broken.

  2. it comes at a price though, personal tax (overall) hovers above 45% in Sweden. still, I wouldn’t mind paying for that amount as long as everything works, healthcare is universal, and old age is worry free.

    Philippine tax is only 25% ish but it’s always so painful paying it knowing it went to the salaries of Garcillano, siRaulo Gonzalez and Chiz Escudero…and you even have to take private health insurance!

  3. Breaking News! (off topic)

    The Court of Appeals has affirmed the murder convictions of five men charged with the killing of Marcos henchman Rolando Abadilla in an ambush 12 years ago, holding their identification by a lone witness (Alejo) was enough to uphold the guilty verdict.

    “Even standing alone, Alejo’s positive and unequivocal declaration is sufficient to support a conviction for murder against appellants. Indeed, the testimony of a single witness, when positive and credible, is sufficient to support a conviction even for murder,” the court said.

    Is mere testimonial evidence corroborated by another testimonial evidence enough to convict high public officials of graft and corruption or attempted bribery?

    Or do we have one standard of justice for one class and another standard for another class?

  4. It pointed out that there was no law that says that the testimony of a single witness must be corroborated in order for it to be given full faith and credit. Court of Appeals on Abadilla Case.

    kung balikan natin ang “aquital” ni congressman Villarosa, dahil daw hindi corraborated yong manga testimonies nang manga eye witnesses>..nalasing ata ako o yong manga huwis??

  5. Sweden – a country of less than 8 million whose economic output UTTERLY dwarfs a nation of 90 million (guess what country is I am referring to. 😀 ).

    To illustrate my point, check out my latest video masterpiece:

    The Philippines after Ninoy Aquino: What has changed?


    Ninoy Aquino made the “ultimate sacrifice”. Was it worth it? What has changed? What are we doing differently? If we are still up to the same things, how do we expect different results?

    Indeed, ICT is changing our democratic processes – by informing people better so that they need no longer rely on the moronic pontifications of politicians and hollow-headed traditional journalists.

  6. No matter how much the quantiuty of information is available at the speed of light and at the speed of thought people still live on different planetary systems.

    The problem is not merely literacy, functional literacy, professional functional literacy but the differing languages which are the result of historical customs and traditions.

    So if you learn a language by rote learning and fail to understand the quirks of context in communcation then you remain to be stuck in your own individual planet unable to go where no man has gone before.

    So we speak in the perspectives of Romullans, Klingons Vulcans and Earthlings. So what is the use of translators without giving us the understanding of context and meaning????

  7. j_aq,

    math and science are universal. Even the arts are to a large degree universal. The dog-eating Koreans has beaten America in automobile and electronics.

  8. As I recall Spock was the only interplanetary hybrid of being a Vulcan and an Earthling. The Vulcans being a more evolved Romullan.

    Meanwhile amongst the Earthling crew members on board the starship Enterpise there were many humans from different parts of planet Earth. Zulu the only Asian representative (a member of the chopstick race)

    However the Pinoys are closer to Earths lost islands where people still use clothing from trees and not so much animals. Closer to the time of the discovery of fire and when men learnt to make tools from stones. Foundries still similar to those during past eons. Upland farmers still chopping and burning trees to make charcoal for cooking and clearing land for planting.

  9. @BrianB

    Mahal alak sa Sweden and you can’t buy it in a grocery or basta-basta, you need to get it from a state shop…. Hindi lahat puro advantages 😀


    ppt link still doesn’t work, want to read your presentation

  10. hvrds, i think the Romullans won’t take kindly to that characterization. BTW, the character Khan Noonien Singh played by Ricardo Montalban (in TOS and Wrath of Khan) was also partly Asian (‘Latino-Indian’ according to wikipedia).

  11. “Mahal alak sa Sweden and you can’t buy it in a grocery or basta-basta, you need to get it from a state shop…. Hindi lahat puro advantages”

    nash,same in our province, but in Quebec alcohol is available in corner stores..it is one big source of revenue for the provincial government, but the price is not too expensive at all, otherwise it will encourage smuggling from accross the border or from other provinces where it is less regulated. it is quite good in controlling underage drinking and alcohol abuse as store employees are trained to spot underage purchaser and can refuse sales to people with history of alcohol abuse..

  12. @vic

    what teenagers do is take a ‘booze ferry’ – a ship that takes you to international waters away from the strict swedish law…when you get there, the ship opens the bar with cheap beer!

    i’m not too keen on restricting underage drinking as long as it’s wine and they are supervised…spanish bars still allow children (as long as they are with their families)…when i was young, my grandma passed around the rice wine…

    in the conservative usa my friend nearly got thrown out of a restaurant after offering his under 21 daughter a glass of wine…he had to scream “But we are French!”

  13. @nash,

    my own nephew who moved to Norhtern California two years ago and was already a teenager and used to barhops in Manila was mad because he can’t drink with us in the restaurant, not even in Vegas, until this year..it’s ok here though: it’s 18 for alcohol and 19 for nicotine. for marijuana, any age.. just inhale it but don’t traffic it..hehe

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