While Burma burned, Neri turned tail

I’m off to Bacolod, so no blogging for the next few days, I must confess, good riddance to Metro Manila for now. Manila Bay Watch knows why I’m happy to get out of town. As the best headline of yesterday put it, Neri shields Arroyo from ZTE mess, gags self through ‘464’. Exactly.

Yesterday, the crackdown in Burma began. The Guardian published an eyewitness account by a young protester, ‘The middle class are now poor, the poor are destitute’. It also reports Burma bloggers keep one step ahead of junta. A Guardian reporter has been blogging updates, see Burma Protests.

And see the online paper by Burmese exiles, The Irrawaddy News, for updates on the goings-on in Burma.

Meanwhile, Cracks Showing in Burma’s Junta:

Sources say that foreign diplomats are heading for Rangoon, perhaps on a chartered flight, to seek a way out of the worst crisis the country’s ruling military junta has faced since seizing power in 1988 in a bloody crackdown on democracy protesters.There are signs that a diplomatic initiative to find a solution to the crisis in Burma is underway as splits may be developing in the ruling junta.

At least some of the ruling junta’s generals are reported to be “in shock” at the uprising of the nation’s revered clerics. With monks in play, the crisis is worse than the junta could have imagined and some military leaders are reportedly deeply worried that the situation may already be out of hand.

A source informed Asia Sentinel that some regional commanders have sent word to their superiors that they will not attack monks. They will reportedly guarantee the safety of the monks.

The wild card in the crisis is the role of Aung Sang Suu Kyi, the Nobel laureate and leader of the opposition National League for Democracy. The generals despise “the lady,” as she is known, sources say, and some alternative to her may need to be found.

Blogger Bangkok Pundit compares whats going on in Burma to the Philippines in 1986:

Not to go over the top with analogies with the People’s Power movement, but there were two key events at that time (1) the very public defections of 2 key Marcos supporters/advisers Enrile and Ramos which weakened the powers of the state over the citizenry, and (2) the US providing Marcos with an opportunity for a clean break.

On (1), we will have to wait and see whether there are any key defections and this would be a real tipping point. It might not be so public as it was in the Philippines and it might be done in private, but unless there are some defections I can’t see how the people can overcome the state’s monopoly of force. On (2) I support such moves as providing an incentive for a dictator to leave office can help ensure a clean break without much or any bloodshed – something which is being tried in Zimbabwe. Obviously, you need to make sure there is a new government which is democratically elected…

Personally, I hope to God columnist Carmen Pedrosa is rethinking her recent endorsement of those with a collaborationist (and relativist) attitude towards the Junta:

Like other more aware Burmese, he rejects western media’s attempts to simplify its problems. That simplification has misled many to think of Burma as an — isolated country ruled by a military dictatorship; and that the solution is to remove the ruling junta, recognize the election last May 1990 and install National League for Democracy leader, Aung San Suu Kyi in its place. The ASEAN foreign ministers are equally captive of this kind of thinking and makes for the impatience about the democratization of Burma to give the group a ‘better image.’

How many of those who sat around the ASEAN table, or the larger audience who read newspapers, know for example that Myanmar (Burma) is much more complex than they make of it. Ambassador Thaung Tun speaks for his government and many of his countrymen when he agrees to enshrine human rights in the charter albeit not through a shame and blame rights body. Like a true Asian, Thaung Tun, talks about ‘consultations’ rather than the more Western ‘confrontations’.

Yes, much more complex, indeed, in need of a more pragmatic way forward. Like truncheons and tear gas? Asian values indeed!

Here, at home, no bravery’s to be found. A lot of Dutch courage in official circles, perhaps. The Palace has managed to hold the line and can take a breather. The Philippine Star editorial yesterday was prescient:

Those hoping that Neri would have something more substantive to say Wednesday may be in for a disappointment. If the initial reports are accurate, Neri could provide a direct link between the questionable deal and President Arroyo herself. But Neri has given no indication that he is about to provide the noose for the President’s hanging. He was reportedly set to join the President last night in her trip to New York for the annual gathering of the United Nations General Assembly. But amid the furor generated by news reports identifying members of the presidential delegation, Neri was ordered to stay behind and face the Senate. The man is loyal to his boss, and it is bound to show in his testimony Wednesday.

See Marichu Lambino for a lawyer’s take on what the President has basically had to stipulate. Philippines Without Borders pens an op-ed piece thinks Neri’s part of the whole mess. As Parallel Universe thinks, the plot thickens. Slap Happy seems to think so, too. Postcard Headlines found some humor in the whole thing.

Patsada Karajaw says Neri copped out. I agree. Stella Arnaldo calls him a wimp, who has done institutional damage:

By running away from the truth, Neri has singlehandedly destroyed the credibility of NEDA, a government agency tasked to assess all major government projects and monitor the implementation and use of overseas development assistance. He even allowed his Presidentita to take over its oversight functions. (A text message from a former DG: “Deliberate ‘yan: Destroy NEDA’s oversight function so the plunder agenda would meet no resistance.”) I can imagine the frustration of all the hardworking good people over there.

But Uniffors, who pens an eyewitness account of being at the Senate yesterday, says Neri was a rat:

The little shit hid behind executive privilege all day, refusing to reveal any more than that he reported the bribe offer to Gloria.

I must admit I was too distracted, enjoying too immensely, the skewering of Abalos I did not catch on to Neri immediately.

It was Ping Lacson who finally exposed Neri.

Lacson realized that Neri was not going to budge from his executive privelege position so he offered Neri a way out. If he couldn’t talk because of executive privilege then maybe Bondoc could do it for him, considering that he was a source of many of Bondoc’s information.

So Lacson asked Jarius Bondoc how many times he talked to Neri and if he was willing to reveal what they talked about.

Jarius replied, ‘yes but I have to ask Neri’s permission first.’

Lacson then asked Neri if he would permit Jarius to reveal the contents of their conversations.

Neri replied, ‘I will not grant permission.’

That’s it, I told myself. Neri was sent to rat on Abalos. He didn’t go to the Senate to tell the truth. He went there to throw Abalos to the wolves…

The worst character in any criminal enterprise is the gang member who rats, the one who acts as the pawn to protect the capo de tuti capo by sacrificing another loyal consigliori.

I thought Neri was an eagle. He is a bat. A rat with wings.

If that was too much, console yourself with this puff piece.

This comment in Ricky Carandang’s blog was also shrewd and on the button, I think:

I believe Romy Neri has two things in his mind. He wants to fight corruption and the best way to show it is to expose Abalos. On the other hand he does not want chaos by exposing GMA, he knows that it will trigger street protest, bring down the economy, create a crisis, usher in the uncertainties of a De Castro presidency. Maybe looking at some of the opposition senators he might tell himself “dito ko ba sa mga ito ipagkakatiwala ang katotohanan, they can’t handle the truth”.And maybe if the senators eliciting the truth were Ninoy Aquino, Lorenzo Tanada, Jose “pepe” Diokno, and Jovy Salonga kaninang umaga pa natin alam ang katotohanan.

But nonetheless Romy Neri is not the judge of who deserves the truth. Poor guy, he’s playing God.

So there. Theoretically, there was much to admire in Neri on Regulatory Capture. But he’s been captured and he can’t even say he’s a prisoner of conscience.

You know, a few days ago, Atenean friends forwarded me this picture:

Animo La Salle
The Spelling-challenged.

And fair being fair, I think the LaSallians ought to email all their Ateneo friends this picture:
The Integrity-challenged.

Cuz yu ken alwayz larn haw tuh spayl but if yu dunt knoe rayt frum wrowng bah noe, iz two layt.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

348 thoughts on “While Burma burned, Neri turned tail

  1. The Integrity Challenged. Lol. That really cracked me up. Good one.

    Other ‘bright’ moments from that hearing – Chiz asking Neri where they based their recommendation to go for ZTE, Neri replies “We checked the INTERNET …” (Wikipedia?) … Madrigal quoting from Carandang’s BLOG … Abalos: I did not sire a daughter. Pimentel: so you sired a son (below the belt)… who was it that said, ‘sayang’ that he wasn’t bribed? … and of course, it wouldn’t be a show without Miriam …

  2. leah navarro is a “has been” professional pop singer in the vernacular whose political claim to fame is being a rabid anti-gma (she will be another jamby in the senate). carandang? he is an o.k. newsreader who does the bidding of his employer (abs-cbn) and who has developed a unique american-like way of speaking. constant tv exposure is not enough. he has to show some gravitas. manolo? oh well, if only he can be more open-minded and less tolerant of double standard in judging people. also, he should tone down anti-government cynicism. like trillianes, how can he serve a government he is not enamored with? its like drinking from a river after muddying it

  3. Ninoy Aquino is not a national hero but a hero of the Oligarchs….come on people….There is no credibility in proclaming Ninoy as a hero when the one who proclains it officially is a a Dictator Cory Aquino similar to that of Marcos….check your facts and details intellectuals(Cory ruled as a pseudo revolutionary/dictator who just like Marcos cancelled the existense of both houses and place OIC in every municipality not to mention that she does not have the mandate of the Filipino people….who gave her the mandate were Enrile, Ramos, Honasan and some desgruntled military at that time….on top of this the Catholic institution help her out as well…..plus perhaps a million people in the streets……goodness me……the Philippines’ population is not only a million….now think and be objective…..Marcos is still the hero of the poor by heart at least as Diana the Princess of Wales (of the U.K.)is the Queen of Hearts….weather we accept it or not…be he a dictator as a fact

    Besides….Ninoy Aquino as a national hero is like saying that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the lot of the communist are heroes too….

    Filipinos really deserve to get the kind of government they put in power, especially in it’s present chaotic state….sponsored of course by the oligarhcs, the Catholic institution and the some corrupt military officials….the only moment one can be proud of being a Filipino is when a President is elected and mandated by the people in a clean and fair election….

    Filipinos deserve the kind of chaotic senate it has today, the kind of corrupt congress, the disturbed and no credibility supreme court, the politicised military, and especially pretenders in Malacanang….you deserved it for all your actions or inaction and for your blind faith in your religion ….wake up people…you use to have your own culture and religion 400 years ago….what happened?

    And then there was Neri and Abalos and the government dares to condemn Burma/Myanmar….shameless

  4. bencard, thanks. i would’ve been worried if you started endorsing them.

    Also, i thought someone with your experience would have been able to distinguish between the institutions of government and the individuals or parties in power. Wasn’t that taught in school?

  5. What we have here are institutions based on personalities, instead of institutions based on solid rock foundation of a functioning hierarchy of Governance, from Executive, to Legislators and Judicial..Personalities come and go, but a Government and institutions stay. Once you have the institutions built around the adherence and in conformity with the Constitution of the land and laws meant to give one and all the opportunity Equal to his fellow citizens and recognize the principle of the rule of Law for each, then you may have Gloria, Estrada or anyone in Malacanang and it will withstand the devils of lesser human..

  6. Re: “Besides….Ninoy Aquino as a national hero is like saying that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the lot of the communist are heroes too….”

    That’s really going overboard, Francis. You cannot equate Aguino to Hitler, Stalin, Mao, not in the least. Don’t know how you could even begin to think like that of the person (I assure you I am not a Ninoy fan but let’s be JUST.)

  7. Leah – a has been? Since when did she use her singing career as a jump off point to critique government? What’s wrong with criticizing a government that is really bedevilled with graft and corruption in the highest places? Of all the singers you’ve heard or seen, how many of them have taken the least popular road of openly cricitizing this administration? If she wanted fame, fortune and the comfort of armchair politics, she could have stayed away or worse, played fiddle with the devil. Your analysis of her motive is laden with false positives.

    Ricky? an okay reporter? Are you kidding me? He has done a lot to expose the inanities of this government and of Comelec. His questions are pointed, forcing his guests, whether in govt or in private, to be careful because he doesnt suffer fools gladly. The way I see, you are much more concerned with form over substance, commenting on his American accent. What if that is his natural manner of speech? Will you even begrudge him that?

    And Manolo? double standard on what exactly – judging peoople? Pray tell, after going through your logic in commenting on Ricky and Leah, I’d like to see some meat on your comment on Manolo before I go further.

  8. Manila Bay Watch,

    It is a fact that even the former dictator Ferdinand Marcos acknpwledge in his diary….be it delusional or not….Marcos being in power at that time certainly knows about intellegence….

    I will give Ninoy the benefit of the doubt for now but that does not change the fact that Marcos mentioned it in his diary….that is an evidence already….isn’t in the NPA at least by black propaganda known as Ninoy People’s Army?

    I will for now reserve my complete judgement untill I have in the future read the memoirs of Joma Sison and his comrades too….again as I have said when the CIA opens it’s archive on what they know of Ninoys dealings with the communist….Ninoy is a hero alright at least for the oligarchs but for the Filipino nation? ….I doubt it and I am a Filipino and I certainly object to that….it has been proclaimed by the dictator Cory Aquino so how can one object to a dictator?

    It is not intended to hurt your feelings but to open your mind to the actual fact of what we call our hero…..I certainly and with conviction think that it is JUST….

  9. “leah navarro is a “has been” professional pop singer in the vernacular whose political claim to fame is being a rabid anti-gma (she will be another jamby in the senate). carandang? he is an o.k. newsreader who does the bidding of his employer (abs-cbn) and who has developed a unique american-like way of speaking. constant tv exposure is not enough. he has to show some gravitas. manolo? oh well, if only he can be more open-minded and less tolerant of double standard in judging people. also, he should tone down anti-government cynicism. like trillianes, how can he serve a government he is not enamored with? its like drinking from a river after muddying itBencard”

    Bencards:my BS switch just went off….

  10. “Besides….Ninoy Aquino as a national hero is like saying that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and the lot of the communist are heroes too….Francis”

    Francis:my BS switch went off….

  11. before Ninoy was incarcerated, he was like some of our senators now.

    as I’ve said before, there must be something about going on a hunger strike that makes people experience an epiphany..

    Perhaps if Erap was not detained in Tanay, but on conditions much like what Ninoy went through, we may see a changed man today. Or not.

    How abt Trillanes? He’s still in jail and his being a senator is hardly being felt. pity.

  12. We need NEW FACES,New Leaders in the Senate..men and women of integrity,high intelligence probity, accountability, discipline, and honesty. Most importantly TRUE PATRIOTS.

    ENOUGH of clowns,mentally imbalanced characters,old fogeys,charlatans!The Philippines deserves better LEADERS in the Senate.

  13. “Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago blew hot and cold during back-to-back budget hearings she presided over Friday morning.”

    The lucid intervals are getting shorter and shorter!somebody is really cracking up!

  14. francis,

    mlq3:”the Marcos diaries. These were hand-written diaries written with an eye for posterity by Marcos, usually on Palace stationery.”

    means Marcos had Filipinos like you in mind while writing his version of history in his diary. From the grave he exults himself and demonizes his enemies in the hearts and minds of Filipinos then yet to be born.

    I won’t be surprised if GMA is keeping her version of the president’s diary having your grandchildren in mind. Who, btw, will be paying the debts GMA has a record of bloating up worse than any previous presidents.

  15. my analysis of Senator Miriam S. is that she could be good in courtroom trial as defense or prosecutor, especially with only a Trial Judge to hear the case, but could never be in a Jury Trial, more of her Arrogance and Egos and her “know all, but nothing attitudes”. But as lawmaker, looking after the welfare of the Nation, she is a Zip, she only looks at herself and her self-inflated ego. That’s our Miriam and how she won that post is beyond any one’s guess..

  16. TDC,

    I can’t help you with your BS switch went off really….in all honesty I don’t even know what you mean by that and am not going to pretend that i know…although I must say it is taunting….

    Well, what is a common denominator between Ninoy and Stalin, and Mao?

    The fact that they are a known communist or at least one who believes that communism can be the answer for the better good of all….delusional to think that they can solve the problems of the world( as it is also perhaps delusional to think that only your opinion matters)

    If one reads between the lines of what one says and not interpret it in a clouded perspective because perhaps of what you learned in life or in school or indoctrination then one would see where am coming from….I did not equate Ninoy to those communist leaders in a sense that they have killed millions….there is more to the story of Mao, Stalin,Hitler and the rest of them than just the death of millions…..and that is where the word political survival or success comes into the picture

    now tell me….

    if I equate Jesus Christ to Stalin, Mao, Hitler and the rest of them would you understand what I meant? Jesus Christ being the figure head of Christians all over the world would also be responsible for the death of not only millions but billions in the name of propagating Christianity…death of culture of so many countless country……in the name of non-adherence to the use of condoms which resulted to the death of millions….the inquisition…etc….etc…isn’t Jesus Christ the greatest murderer in the history of mankind?

    .now tell me…..if you understand what I mean….I have only equate him to them for the fact that they are all supporters of the ideology and or sympathetic to these…one cannot really comment on things unless one knows the fact and perspective for use of a wordings….it’s like when i say “Hello Garci” and you would know what i meant by that….and it means a whole lot of events and perspective…

  17. Peter,

    What a nice interpretation….you obviously know Marcos better than Imelda and the Lord God himself….

    I wish I know little then it will be easy to believe people like you really

  18. “isn’t Jesus Christ the greatest murderer in the history of mankind?Francis”

    BS shit went off!Go away Lucifer!

  19. francis,

    Marcos was lying to his diary on the dates, Sept 21 is actually sept 23, other more impt things, your a bright guy just try to keep your balance.

    miriam bashers,

    the lady is sick, very sick. she needs help. i’ll write my senators about this, perhaps sen pres manny to discreetly ‘help’ miriam, she needs to take a leave periodically, as senator she can do a lot of damage to a lot of people, perhaps we can count one of her own as a casualty of her sickness, as co-dependents of a mentally challenged senator maybe we’re not taking it too well…

  20. TDC,

    Guess what if I am satan then I could have easily take your soul and burn it with me in hell…how you like that.?…

    I didn’t realised that you are so close minded….you need to read a lot of research and historical books that dispells the myth of the scripture….if you want I can refer you to a lot of books and in fact If I feel generous then maybe send you some….books that are research thouroughly by well respected authors…

    by the way a scripture means a book or writing usually of a sacred nature….depends again on perspective….if I write to say that Jose Rizal is God like some of the believers of Rizalism as a religion then it is a scripture….

    No wonder you deserve the kind of government you have back in Philippines…

  21. Peter,

    Thanks a lot…I am not as I have said completely judging that era untill I read the memoirs of Joma Sison, Cory Aquino, Imelda Marcos, the CIA archive, Juan Ponce Enrile, Fidel Ramos, and the rest of them….but do you really think any or all of them won’t be writings their memoirs for posterity in a light advantageous to them?

    It’s like me admitting that I have at some point in my student life cheated in an examinatiion….to pass the BS Switch off…kind of stuff….

    However, their will be materials and reports that perhaps the CIA archive will show of the real score….

    Keep our minds open……and yes TDC….would you be extremely upset if I say that Jesus Christ was a man and not a GOD?

  22. TDC,


    My apologies for upsetting you with my arguments….we are all entitled to one really….at least i could say that mine is objective and well informed and well researched opinion. Am not sure though of yours as you can quote a scripture in referrence to me being satan.I would have expected you to be man enough to say it yourself….I won’t mind at all……and………
    For your information, that is what exactly happened to the Catholic inquisition, people like you who are so indoctrinated and cannot accept the fact or truth when it finally set itself free. Hence, the death of so many intellectuals and the burning of so many books of knowledge because of a fear that you feel…

    I am so sorry to disappoint you but I am not Satan……I am an Artist

  23. “President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo took pride in the Philippines “as the most democratic country in the region” as she reiterated a strong call for the release of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and the democratization of Myanmar.

    Speaking at the 62nd United Nations General Assembly Friday, Arroyo said the Philippines has “no tolerance for human rights violations at home or abroad.”


  24. TDC,

    Are you saying PEACE be with you tonight or to me?
    More of peace is good anyway so I’ll accept your very christian generousity saying PEACE to Satan/Lucifer like me….

    Am so honoured indeedy..

    You are being a really good christian now….where your ancestors Christians 400 years ago? before the arrival of the Spanish colonisers? I doubt it….am sure they were living a peaceful life tough untill it all change with the death of our good ancestors

  25. tdc, cc cvj, etal

    your senatoriable line-up lacks a more or less equitable distribution of representation among luzon,visyas and mindanao. Have we had a pres from mindanao? how can we if we don’t develop national leaders, senators, from minadanao and we need more than had been from visyas, most came from luzon. Who’s your presidentiable from visayas? mindanao? check for your senatoriables from visayas and mindanao

    you know what, this is where a key political reform is based, there is a natural check and balance that should be put to good use, given the abuse of presidential powers, almost authoriarian if not dictatorial by one president,

    problem is we’ve condidered as a disadvanatage and a problem what could have benefitted us all these years of our life as a nation, we have three island groups, a winning ‘trangle system’ is the best model of NATIONAL leadership, better, much much better than federalism that vis and minda politicians want

    well, tdc, we can have revolutionary effect from simple changes in system. i’m sure you can design the ‘triangle system’ that we need.

  26. Messenger:

    A SWOT analysis of Mar Roxas(from Capiz):


    -”De Buena Familia”;part of the influential/very wealthy Araneta/Roxas poltical clan.
    -Favorite of Philippine Wall Street(”Ayala Ave”)
    -Rated K support.
    -Senatorial Topnotcher
    -”Mr.Palengke “projected image
    -authorship of the Cheaper Medicine bill

    -”Spineless”in crisis(quickly disappears and leaves for abroad when he needs to make a stand).
    -No political organization(what’s the Drilon wing of the Liberal party right now?)


    Among the the current 2010 presidentiables”,Mar Roxas appears to be most decent.He can be trusted.No taint of scandal/corruption at all.

    Mar Roxas can become the most trusted political leader as soon as he finds his TRUE NORTH. Mar,Speak from the heart,not from the brain all the time.Feel the pain and real agony of the suffering Filipino masses)

    THREATS:The Lacsons and Gordons of this world project an image of “CAN DO/WILL DO’ leaders who the masses might desperately cling to.

    We also have the political chameleons waiting in the wings.They can become oppositionists or administration depending where the political winds blow?W
    Where will Mar Roxas be in this wide spectrum of political animals?

  27. Francis,

    Cory established a revolutionary government. She could left it at that. But she didn’t. Remember the 1987 constitution? Did what concentrate power or did it diffuse it? Now how many dictators in the world can you name who actually gave up powers they already had?

    Second, Cory could have arguably run for re-election. She didn’t. She didn’t even bother to argue about it. When 1992 came around she stepped down.

    It’s fine to have opinions. But it would help if you had your facts straight.

    You said you were an artist. Well, don’t use artistic license on facts.

  28. tdc,

    see, that’s why you’ve got to come up with alternetive national leaders from visayas, and even mindanao.

    each filipino citizen will have to support and encourage somehow the development of national leaders from luzon, visayas and mindanao, as equittably as possible.

    who are your senatoriables from visayas? staring with your top choice? atleast one third of the senate.

  29. Messenger

    Only 12 will be elected in 2010.

    I would like Frank Drilon(Iloilo) and Serge Osmena (Cebu) to go back to the Senate.

    Adel Tamano is from Mindanao.Master of Laws(Harvard).GO spokesman in May elections.Pamantasan ng Maynila University president.

    Leah Navarro is from the Visayas.

  30. tdc,

    Adel is quite young. Pimentel is remiss in developing leaders from Mindanao, I hold him accountable for that.

    Leah is better as first lady from cebu. if she partners with somebody like Serge, Serge will top as the national leader from Vis. Drilon had been my choice for quite sometime. I have no problem with either for the Vis spot.

    Luzon: your choices?

  31. Dear TDC,

    Ew. NO to MAR Roxas because this means Korina Sanchez will be first lady!!!!!!!! Utang ng loob!!!!!

    Unless Mar Roxas dumps Korina I will use all the resources in my power to stop a Mar Roxas Presidency!

  32. Dear TDC,

    Ew. NO to MAR Roxas because this means Korina Sanchez will be first lady!!!!!!!! Utang ng loob!!!!!

    Unless Mar Roxas dumps Korina I will use all the resources in my power to stop a Mar Roxas Presidency!

  33. elac, cvj, its in the eyes of the beholder. i had to identify navarro as a singer who had her days because that’s about the only thing she is known for besides being an ant-gma street marcher. i haven’t heard her say, or see her write, anything politically sensible. elected, she would be a big help in the dumbing down of the “august” body.

    as to carandang, don’t even dare convince me that he is his own man at abs-cbn. he reads from “produced” reports written by who knows who. do you really think he would last a day as an “interviewer” for abs-cbn if he deviated from his employer’s biased political agenda? other than working for the tv network, i know he blogs but i am not impressed.

    you want specifics about my opinion of manolo? try reviewing his responses about my recent comments regarding
    pardoning estrada. it seems manolo has no problem letting the convict go scot- free as long as he returns his loot. he is on record advocating estrada’s run for a senate seat while in detention a la trillianes. he is vociferous about alleged corruption of pgma and fg but almost indifferent about estrada’s proven plunder (would not categorically state his take on the issue of pardon until i asked him).
    btw, he is also on record about his willingness to change existing political order by extra-constitutional means, either by the left or the right, or a combination of both.
    he has expressed dissatisfaction with the rule of law and have misgivings about its necessity in society. in any event, i just don’t think he would be ideologically fit for the senate, or any instrumentality of the state. but then, i could be wrong.

  34. Give the La Sallians a break. They are entitled to a few mistakes!

    We Maroons are entitled to a few mistakes too. Look what happened this year. 14:0!

  35. blackshama:

    your schools’ biggest mistake sir, is hiring Joe Lipa as coach of the Maroons. i mean, why’d you pick up a reject of the Ateneo Basketball program? discount rates? the best centennial gift UP can give itself is a new basketball coach. hehehehe


    lots of provocative opinions. i for one am open to what you’re trying to say, but your analogies push to an abrasive degree. for better or for worse, many Filipinos see their faith as major cornerstone of their character.


    i don’t agree with putting Mar Roxas de buena familia background as an asset. that would be perpetuating this country’s poisonous oligarchic tendencies. these buena familias are only beneficial to their own crowd.


    ew. Korina. hahaha!

  36. Bencard,

    Re: “he is vociferous about alleged corruption of pgma and fg but almost indifferent about estrada’s proven plunder (would not categorically state his take on the issue of pardon until i asked him).”

    I suggest you read Manolo’s earlier blog topics on the subject of Estrada that he wrote before we had the pleasure of your company.

    With regard to Leah, perhaps, you should access her blog too and have an idea of what she writes including her statements on various issues that have been circulating in cyberspace.

    I do understand that it’s not easy to have a clear view of what these personalities espouse if you don’t have proper materials on which to base your judgement. It really is a question of digging, doing research on them before rendering a final verdict. It’s easy to do and really helpful.

    I too don’t know much about Escudero, Cayetano, et al – so what I did was to ask around, read more about them, etc., etc. so I could form an opinion as to whether I should vote for them or not.

  37. i don’t know, mbw, but as you can see, i was referring to mlq3’s reaction (or lack of it) after estrada’s court conviction. i was comparing it with his almost daily allusions to the first couple’s alleged “corruption” as worst than that of marcos’. in the preceding thread, he went so far as to state in print that estrada should not be treated similarly as a “kutsero” who is convicted of a crime.

    now i know leah (aka helga) has her own blog. most of the commenters here have their own blogs. i know you, cvj, abe margallo, marichu lambino, manuel buencamino, among others, have excellent blogs (i don’t know if you guys can sing, though) and you are not exactly fans of pgma. what makes leah a “good” senate material? her more intense hatred for the president?

  38. tdc, your switch went off because of overproduction of your own bs. get yourself a more effective controlling device.

  39. The present ruling military junta in Burma is illegitimate. It came to power in a coup d’etat in 1988 and imposed martial law. It overthrew an equally illegitimate government that seized power in a coup d’etat in 1962.

    The National League for Democracy of Aung San Suu Kyi won overwhelmingly in the 1990 parliamentary elections, but the military junta invalidated the results and held Aung San Suu Kyi under house arrest. This action was no better than Gloria’s cheating in the 2004 presidential elections.

    The spirit of democratic liberty transcends national boundaries. I stand in solidarity with the Burmese people in their present struggle to throw away the yoke of oppression by a military junta that never had the mantle of legitimacy.

    Long Live the Brave Monks and People of Burma!

  40. clarification: my yawning was not about the struggle of the burmese people but about shaman’s tired, largely ignored, and passe’ claim of pgma’s “illegitimacy”. one should know when to quit.

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