Yvonne Chua and Luz Rimban’s Radio error did Marines in: Reinforcements can’t contact troops on the ground, makes for horrifying reading.

You may want to take a look at the PowerPoint presentation of Cielito Habito, NEDA Director-General during the Ramos administration, on the state of the economy. The data he discusses comes from official figures:
PDI Talk.ppt

Food for thought.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

153 thoughts on “Horrifying

  1. DJB said:

    “One of Ciel Habito’s deepest insights last week on the Explainer was the nature of our underemployed and unemployed workforce as being below high school education. Because of this, he thinks that TOURISM is a great solution, because that is one industry that can create many jobs quickly that can be filled by our lowly educated unemployed.

    The end of our insurgencies (without giving away most of the good tourist spots in Mindanao or agreeing to Joma Totalitarianism in the North) would immediately make the Philippines the Tourism Capital of Asia for all those continent weary Indians and Chinese.

    But nooooh! We are determined to have peace talks for the next century and beyond. who cares about the unemployed christians, muslims and lumads. but there’s plenty of jobs in the liberation armies of today and tomorrow. It’s just that they have to SAW OFF their salaries, sometimes.”

    Agree ako dyan.

    We need to be serious about raising the standard of education in our society as well as find ways to make them accessible to the poor masses. However, educating people takes time and they do need to find ways to feed themselves while the skills aren’t there yet. So, we should provide some immediate source of income or employment with which they can survive.

    Unfortunately, businesses in our country are still few & prefer to hire competitive individuals & not charity cases. We need more businesses, but how could we attract investors or create new businesses under rebellious masses and leftists who scare away [foreign] propects? Kung interested investor nga ako, magdadalawang isip ako mag-invest dyan sa Pilipinas. Wala atang ginawa kundi mag-rally ng mag-rally.

  2. To BrianB:

    “No one wants to move to China.”

    Then why are there hundreds of thousands of foreign students and workers living there?

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