Talking to Trillanes (fixed!)

Because the courts have finally relented and permitted the publication of interviews, I can post a discussion I had with Antonio Trillanes. In it, we discuss his views on why he decided to run for the Senate, his views on what senatorial work entails, his opinions on counterinsurgency, the peace process, reforms in the armed forces, and so forth. I’ve only edited out portions that, according to the guidelines of his lawyers, might be considered in the nature of sub judice commentary.

I tried uploading the mp3 to my server but it kept failing. Thanks to a Twitter message from baratillo@cubao, who pointed me in the direction of ourmedia, I’ve finally been able to upload the file.

Have a listen to the interview uploaded to ourmedia or the same interview uploaded to the Internet Archive.

Since mine is an amateur recording, you may wish to compare it to the professional podcast (in four parts, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4)put together by

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

13 thoughts on “Talking to Trillanes (fixed!)

  1. janie, therein lies the importance of getting the candidates to talk. you can then decide whether it inspires you to vote for them or not. and starts a necessary discussion on the things you agree with, or disagree on.

  2. right sir. i actually watch when schedule permits that show in ANC where senatoriables were featured, at least people get to know them even more.

    it’s my first time to vote, and quoting GMA 7’s line, “sa iisang boto”.

    another reason why i frequent this blog, because i learn a lot.

  3. janie, congratulations that you can now vote for the first time. I wish that you will vote taking into account your future in the Philippines. Please vote wisely and guard your votes during the counting. I myself have watched several interviews with senatorial candidates lately. I admired younger candidates that showed concern for the future of the Filipino people like, Dr. Bautista of Kapatiran, He sacrificed a life in the USA to run for the Senate. I like his agenda especially the debt burden and the health care issues.

    Antonio Trillanes made good points regarding the insurgency problems which is way back since the 1970’s. Try to imagine what kind of life did the families of slain soldiers have. I wish you can find a good report on how many have died since then from General down to the lowest rank. How about on the civilian sector?

    I wish you can convince your relatives and friends to vote for the right candidates.

  4. camry, Bautista’s lament about the debt problem grabs attention but I think he offers no effective solution. He was merely restating the obvious that what we pay in interests alone on the excesses of our past leaders is more than what we spend on health care. Anybody could say that but it would not, without more, get my vote.

    Anyone who has shown a proclivity to violate his oath, e.g. preserve and defend the State, its Constitution, its laws and its duly-constituted authorities and instrumentalities, and to overthrow them by force, could never, but never, be deserving of my precious vote.

    I think the attempt to obtain the benefit of the system one has sought to destroy is the height of hypocrisy, even contemptuous arrogance.

  5. Bencard,

    I believed Dr. Bautista’s awareness on the debt burden is supported by a solution. At least a senatorial candidate is talking loud about this issue.

    I am not a supporter of unconstitutional way of overthrowing a system, however, our generation have seen it during the past 2 decades. I wish the gains of these 2 changes will be protected so that we do not see more attempts to destroy it.

  6. So far, I have not seen or read any debate between the parties running for senate or contending candidates in House of Representatives in any of the papers of blogsite.

    A properly moderated debates among political parties leaders (if such is the case) or even campaign leaders of contending parties are the best way to communicate to the voters the programs, the plan of actions, and even the promises of each parties and individual candidates and they can also explain how they can implement these programs and promises and let the voters decides who are blowing the winds and who are sincere.

  7. vic,

    I think debates between candidates would be very, very unusual in RP’s politics. What you see in the news are counter charges or possible violations of the election code by each contending parties. This is aggravated by killings of supporters between the parties.

    A good example are the charges and countercharges between speaker De Venecia and Mayor Lim in the 4th district of Pangasinan on vote buying.

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