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LAST Sunday the Philippine National Red Cross had its 60th anniversary ceremonies. Today, I’ll be in La Union, talking to members of the Red Cross Youth about how they can harness media to help them in their advocacy. So for today, here’s some show and tell.
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As has gotten to be the fashion, the invocation preceded the national anthem.

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Proud moment for me, watching my mother give the welcoming remarks.

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It turns out Fidel V. Ramos holds a record of sorts for being a champion blood donor.

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Survivors of some disasters came forward and told their stories.But let me tell you about just one of the many nice people I met at that anniversary.

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I met the young fellow you see here in the gray shirt. His name is Justin. He’s 12 years old. He was with his mother, Cynthia, and they’d come all the way from Balanga City, Bataan to take part in the ceremony.

Now we’re used to seeing kids dragged to events by their parents, and I suppose Justin was pretty bored, or at least got dizzy from meeting so many adults. But you see, he wasn’t there just there because he had to tag along with his mom. He was there, because he’s one of millions of young people who this early on in life, are an important part of the Red Cross.

Shy young Justin is a Red Cross Youth Volunteer.

He’s been a volunteer four years running now, or since he was 8 years old.

And you know what? Chances are, he will still be a volunteer when he stops being considered a member of the youth, and is considered an adult. The Red Cross is like that. Service and volunteerism becomes a way of life. The shy young man you see here is one of many millions of young men and women, from Aparri to Jolo, who give their time, effort, energy, sometimes even their meager allowances, to help others.

Justin -his full name is Justin Balan-Guevara- was with his his mother, Cynthia Balan-Guevara, the volunteers and staff in Balanga and in the entire Bataan Chapter of the PNRC, from Dr. Rosario Acuña its Chairman, Ms. Junielyn Viesca its CA. Justin is a second-generation Red Crosser; there and third and fourth generation Red Crossers, today. Justin and his mom have to represent all the many other and volunteers and staff in all the chapters and sub-chapters of the PNRC.

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2 thoughts on “Young volunteers

  1. sir M. this is janie, i just graduated from st paul qc. we had an interview with you last march about media and politics if u still remember.

    just so sad that the red cross isn’t given enough media exposure as it should.

  2. Shy young Justin is a Red Cross Youth Volunteer. He’s been a volunteer four years running now, or since he was 8 years old.

    When I was 8, I was playing with spiders.

    Congratulations to Justin’s parents for raising a fine boy.

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