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The horror of the Virginia Tech shootings (see Keith’s Journal; he points to Wired Gecko who in turn links to some accounts by students from the school; Sue’s Place says some students were posting online even as the events were going on). See CNN’s coverage and the latest summary in the papers. Besides the general horror of the story, a colleague told me Filipino newsrooms were following the story because the Yahoo group for Filipinos at VT listed 86 members.

The papers report 1 in 5 Filipinos live on US$ 1 a day. That’s 15 million Filipinos. 43 million live on US$ 2 a day. Here’s a possibly direct correlation between poverty and politics: Social Weather Stations says that when asked, 4 out of 5 people say they decide whom to vote for, on their own. This leaves 1 in 5 basically saying they’re told whom to vote for -and 1 in 5 live on a dollar a day. Electorally, the 19 percent that says it accepts orders on whom to vote for, is a huge percentage.

In campaign news: OFW’s in Italy miffed over missing ballots; President points out the voting system for Filipinos overseas is a pain in the ass.

Manny Pacquiao’s first political rally will be on Thursday in General Santos City. In Inquirer Current, my post is on the party-list and debates involving nominees (former Senator Salonga is threatening to go to court to force parties to reveal their nominees) as well as the latest survey findings on the party-list system; the Left is poised to do moderately well, more a question of party discipline, I’d suggest, rather than genuine public appeal;

Today, the Black and White List of the Black and White Movement was launched (Leah Navarro tells me Danton Remoto spoke at the launch and was quite engaging and that “Abang spoke so well”). Based on the group’s advocacy, and as a result of consultations with friends and allies on the ground, 100 districts have been mapped, and candidates to avoid (the “black” list) or who are worthy of support {the “white list”) have been presented. The main criteria are three: the track record of the candidate with regards to impeachment and charter change; support or opposition to the president; how they’re expected to vote on similar issues in the future. Please check it out, among other things, it helps provide details on many local races. You can also download summaries of the Black and White list, as well as party-list parties listed according to the same criteria.

A Nagueño in the Blogosphere says the old politics is making a comeback in Naga; and takes a look at the benefits of political competition. The Cebu Daily News delves into the local political competitions in that province.

In the punditocracy, Billy Esposo presents a chart on the trust ratings of various leaders, and explains the figures. He points out something I’ve been saying for some time: the President’s base of support has been consistently at the 25% level, or 1 in 4 voters. The Inquirer editorial says the President is a major issue in the coming elections, and points out why.

Alex Magno describes how the Government Service Insurance System extended its actuarial life from 2030 to 2100.

In the blogosphere, Placeholder reacts to to my views and those of John Nery re: the market and politics. Philippine Commentary on Tyrannasaurus Rex drumsticks.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

22 thoughts on “The Black and White List

  1. There is another numerical quasi-coincidence you did not mention MLQ3: the 19% (plus or minus 3%) who report experiencing hunger! Could it be that the “commanded votes” are largely from this same percentage of the population. An analysis I posted last year on the PERIODICITIES in the self-reported hunger statistics shows major peaks in ELECTION years.

    Could we be seeing the quid-pro-quo that underpins the command vote phenomenon? BTW, I am glad you noted how large 19% is for the command vote, even though the MSM has emphasized the 4/5 who are “independent” voters. This means that Tonypet Albano could be right since even half or a quarter of this percentage would be enough to throw any trend in the Senate race you care to infer largely vulnerable to the final survey and the only one that truly counts.

    A thing I’ve never been able to disambiguate from the SWS and Pulse voter preference polls is what the “undecided” values really are in such a multivariate poll, including the percentage that refuse to participate or can’t name more than seven or eight on election day when they don’t have the whole list to choose from other than what is handed to them by the local commanders.


  2. BLACKSBURG, Va., April 17 — Virginia Tech president Charles W. Steger said today that the gunman who rampaged through the campus on Monday leaving 32 dead was a student who lived in one of the school’s dormitories.

    The name of the assailant has not been publicly released, but Steger, in an interview on CNN, said he was an Asian male who was “a resident in one of our dormitories.”

    Further into the Washington Post story, the shooter is identified as of Korean descent from Fairfax County, Virginia (a suburb-county to downtown Washington DC).

  3. Manolo, thanks again for the links (today’s and yesterday’s)!

    On the ‘command vote’, the SWS explicitly stated that ‘…command voting is greater in rural locales (22 percent) than in urban locales (15 percent). “It does not differ across socio-economic classes, however,”

    This means that the 19% who live on less than 1 dollar a day are not necessarily the ones who comprise the command vote. Also, at that income level, i don’t think they are just pretending to be hungry as others try to insinuate.

  4. Who cares about this so-called Black & White’s lists. Everybody knows what they stand for and who they stand against. Another infantile attempt to get into the front page for this kulang sa pansin “movement”. What a farce!

  5. Manolo,

    Akala ko ba black and white. Why is the TUTA senatorial slate not blacklisted? Why the passive “we are not endorsing any of them” stance?

    Please remind your friends about the old Allied Powers motto : Hitler first, Stalin later

  6. Besides the general horror of the story, a colleague told me Filipino newsrooms were following the story because the Yahoo group for Filipinos at VT listed 86 members.

    check the authors of link i posted above.

  7. Bencard,

    Indeed everyone knows Black and White Movement. But I still believe that they are free to campaign for any candidates and push for their agenda. Then leave it to the voters to decide. What I dont really like and is worried about is that when any groups causes is defeated they will automatically point to Mrs Arroyo cheatings. And then drag the whole nation again. They are just like policians who just cannot accept defeat.

    However if these groups won and truly has the support of the people. Then by all means I will accept them and even support their impeachment bid.

  8. Yes, rego. Supporting impeachment bid is one thing. Making it stick as legally meritorious is another thing. What are they trying to accomplish? Make white black or vice versa by electing simpletons who would blindly follow their club’s unholy objective (GMA’s ouster), regardless of evidence or lack of it? I say candidates who make B&W’s “white list” are certified robots, programmed to do their bidding. Who would want to be in there?

  9. buencamino, it’s a figure of speech as in “unholy alliance” denoting collective bad faith. At any rate, you are not too naive to know what I mean.

  10. buencamino, “holy” is the opposite of “unholy” which is a synonym of “evil”. If you can’t get that, so be it.

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