Gas attack

An attack of gas hospitalized the President’s husband (first hand account and updates are in RG Cruz’s blog, though there is talk the President’s husband is back in the hospital tonight the latest update is Atty. Arroyo is undergoing surgery for an “aortic aneurysm”) and in turn, kept her from the Bataan Day commemoration. The Japanese ambassador issued the usual ritual apology.

Ramon Farolan has a nice column on the fall of Bataan. The Philippines Free Press blog has some oldie but goodie readings: False rumors and false hopes, on the rumors that gripped the populace in the early months of the war; the poignant I saw the Death March; and World War II in the Philippines, which puts it all in perspective.

Philippine Commentary discusses guesting on last week’s Explainer.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

8 thoughts on “Gas attack

  1. Your site isn’t loading right on either Firefox or Explorer on my computer. Is it me or has something gone haywire in your code?

  2. status is the same here..i guess your blog took a holiday too: Fall of Quezonph.

  3. I got my Overseas Absentee voting ballot during the weekend. I voted for the 12 GO senatorial candidates. Jacta alea est!

  4. It’s High Time that the Japanese Government offers an Unconditional Apology for the conduct of War and all the Atrocities committed against the occupied countries, including the matters of “comfort women” and to symbolically compensate monetarily the survivors and families. Instead of a Ritual Annual Apology, a Closure on this Issue should have been appropriate long ago. The issue of “comfort women” won’t go away, the Japanese current PM may deny it, spin it but they should remember that the Aggressor were They and the Victims Are WE.

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