8-4 but machinery poised to kick in

The latest Pulse Asia survey (I only pay attention to SWS or Pulse Asia surveys) is quite interesting. Pimentel, Magsaysay and Osmeña, I believe, show the power of name recall. Arroyo and Angara show the strength that comes from being veteran legislators. Honasan demonstrates the macho vote, I think.

Right now it would be 6 GO, 4 TU, 2 Ind. for a real score of 8 opposition, 4 administration.

The top 12:

1st Loren Legarda GO 56.8%
2-3rd Panfilo Lacson GO 41.1%
2-6th Francis “Pangilinan. Ind. 39.4%
3-9th Francis Escudero GO 35.5%
3-10th Ralph G. Recto TU 35.2%
3-10th Manuel Villar Jr. B. GO 35.0%
4-10th Joker P. Arroyo TU 34.5%
4-10th Benigno Aquino III GO 34.2%
4-10th Edgardo J. Angara TU 32.1%
5-11th Alan Peter S. Cayetano GO 30.9%
10-12th Gregorio B. Honasan Ind. 27.3%
11-17th Vicente Sotto III TU 25.4%

Those in the running:

12-18th Aquilino Pimentel III GO 23.1%
12-18th Vicente P. Magsaysay TU 22.4%
12-18th Sonia M. Roco GO 22.4%
12-18th John Henry Osmeña GO 21.9%
12-18th Michael Defensor TU 21.3%
13-18th Juan Miguel Zubiri TU 19.2%

The CAt early on predicted 6-6 and her hunch is shown by Magsaysay, Defensor and Zubiri who could edge out Escudero, Cayetano and Honasan whose fluid numbers are startling. Startling, because the range occupied by Escudero (3rd to 9th), Aquino (4th to 10th), and most of all, Cayetano (5th to 11th!) make them extremely vulnerable to outright manipulation of the voting results or being swamped by machine votes. But it’s not clear that depriving them of big chunks of votes could eliminate them altogether (assuming, for example, by hook or by crook Cayetano’s elimination from the senate is a Palace priority).

Other news: Tony Cuenco forgets how what was desirable when he was anti-Marcos is now, apparently, deserving of a diplomatic protest now that he’s pro-Arroyo. Cesar Montano gets what he wants. The President lashes out at the opposition (nothing wrong, mind you, with presidential tit for tat); the ongoing drama of what kind of passports we should have (and whether there will be a passport drought come June).

My Arab News column for this week is A President Fanatical About Honesty. the Inquirer editorial looks at the Comelec fire and points to possible shenanigans concerning the party list elections. Lito Banayo propounds his own theories.

Manuel Buencamino suggests why the Americans are interested in the human rights situation and realizes it’s genuinely awful. Amando Doronila points out why the Chief Justice thinks things are bad, too.

An interesting commentary by Tulsathit Taptim on the dangers of an unelected prime minister, and the need to focus on the spirit, and not just the letter, of the law. Simon Tisdall on how Robert Mugabe is clinging to power;

In the blogosphere, stories from the middle earth pressroom, as well as Coffee with Amee reflect on the elections, candidates, and what it all means or doesn’t mean. The blogger now known as Iniibig ko ang Pilipinas! returns to the scene.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

49 thoughts on “8-4 but machinery poised to kick in

  1. The most vulnerable has to be Allan Peter Cayetano. Gagawin lahat ni FG na mawala sa winning column si Allan Peter.

    By the way, Iglesia ni Cristo has announced some of the candidates that they would be supporting.

  2. Cuenco does not seem be aware that the hearings being conducted by the US Congress are part of its oversight functions on foreign aid and foreign policy.

    Congress passed a law, many years ago, mandating the State Department to submit a human rights report every year. The report is used to help congress evaluate foreign aid funding.

    Cuenco, through his ignorance, will have the DFA interfere in the internal affairs of the US.

    Who are we to tell the US how they should go about evaluating their foreign aid program and their foreign policy?

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………..

    Just like the Ca T, I also put my bet 6-6 or 7-5. But it seems to me now that we are even going to Moks prediction of 8-4. Reason, you just cannot count Cesar Montano out. Thats actually 8-3-1 if you count Pangilinan as independent.

    Im beginning to feel very good, very hopeful and even prouder of the Pinoys about these numbers. As ive said from the very start, I personally believe that this election is not about Gloria or Erap. Its all about the Filipino people themselves. Their maturity and their ability to discern over the issues that were thrown at them by the political power players inteh past years.

    I love to see Cayetano’s rating going down. And Im sure he and Koko Pimentel will never make it. Dito palang masaya na at very hopeful na ako. These two is my main “nemesis” in this election. To me, they are the worst of the worst in this senate election because of the political dynasty. These two believes that “kayang kaya nilang lokohin ang mga tao ng harap harapan”. This two believes that they can just violate the constitution just like that. And their excuse is the lamest of them all, no enabling law, anti Gloria sentiments, pubic service.

    The other thing that I really really wish for in this election, (sorry DJB) is for Joker Arroyo to top this senate election. He just deserve it. He has accomplish much much much more than Loren, Kiko, Lacson, Villar and Recto . From being an activist during his college days in UP, to the parliamentary of the streets, to Martial Law, To Edsa 1 to Cory Cabinet, to Erap Impeachment to EDSA DOS, As fiscalizer of Gloria…. No one among the candidates can equal that. He is the real NUMBER ONE.

    And for that, I will vote for ONLY ONE in this coming Election and that is JOKER ARROYO.

    ( of course if COMELEC approves the candidacy DANTON REMOTO , it would be two then)

    The fact that I am seeing that the majority of the Filipinos are not biting their “no enabling law” excuse is a very very good sign for me. Im actually very worried on the possible impact if these two win especially in the local level. I even use the term “political monster” during my argument wih Shaman and Francis in earlier thread becuase I feel the consequences of this will be very unimaginable. Gov and vice governor, mayor and vice mayor are close relative , (worse case scenarion husband and wife , worst if they have one or two of tehir childrend in the provincial, cityor municipal board)

  4. The Wednesday group is all there. You think if an impeachment reaches the Senate, theyll vote as one to give one of their own the presidency?

  5. Any word on Mr. Remoto, rego? How is he taking his being lumped with the other nuisance candidates?

  6. It’s only natural that the admin does everything to stop Cayetano and the party-lists from getting seats.

    Anyways we have every right to tell the Americans how they should evaluate their foreign aid because we are the ones who suffer…I mean benefit from it. Besides, if you would spend something on someone, wouldn’t it be wise to get that someone’s feedback just to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth?

    After all, we know how ‘generous’ Uncle Sam can be, especially to her neo-colony.

  7. “Cayetano (5th to 11th!)…”
    I think many thinking voters now realized that promoting dynasties in the Senate is morally wrong. Wala raw tayong law sa anti-dynasty,that’s why they are running- the nerve of these politicians, para na rin nilang sinabi, I can commit this crime since there is now law against it. I will never vote for Cayetano and Pimentel.

  8. Rego, Xavier, i think you’re reading the survey wrong. Cayetano’s 5th-11th ranking is statistical range as is, for example, the 12th-18th of Pimentel, Defensor and the others. It does not reflect a slide in rankings so you can save your analyses for if and when such deterioration actually happens.

  9. cvj,thanks and please correct me, the latest SWS survey put Cayetano 2nd now pulse asia placed him as you say 5th to 11th. nevertheless I am against dynasties which Cayetano and Pimentel are putting themselves in.

  10. I took note of the methodology used in the conduct of the survey i.e. asking the respondents to write the names of the senators. As MLQ3 has said, the power of recall.

    Our memory is limited only to as many as 5,that is we write down the names of our preferred senators, stop and try to remember other names. Sometimes we forget one or two candidates we want to include in the list.

    That’s where the sample ballot comes in as an important tool on the day of election.

    It was also mentioned that some women refuse to divulge their preference.

    It could have an effect on the statistical chances of Zubiri and Defensor when translated to votes.

    I agree with rego, don’t count Montano out.He’s a victim of intrigues from both sides. Disinformation points to the fact that the opposition is afraid of this guy.

    He will make a “good politician.” He knows how to get what
    he wants.

  11. I also would want to see Tito Sotto and Gringo Honasan to join the company of Coseteng, Oreta and John Osmena. That’s where they truly belongs.That way Tatad and Jaworski will not be too lonely in their “forced retirement”. Magpaturo na lang silang mag gansilyo kay Ernie Maceda…. Has beens. The country will do much better without them.

  12. Cayetano’s rating going down. And Im sure he and Koko Pimentel will never make it.

    I would prefer Dr. Martin Bautista and Remoto instead of these two political scions who are just privileged to have the names for good recall.

    The almost-zero-legislation record of Cayetano in Congress disappoints me.Hearing the platform of Pimentel tells me that this guy is just lucky to have a father who’s there to provide him education and employment.

    Remoto on the other hand knows what he’s talking about.

    Compared to the Escuderos, Cayetanos and Pimentels whose only work experiences are those from the offices of their politician-fathers, Bautista has worked with the marginalized sectors of the societies both abroad and in the Philippines.

    But in politics, good intention is not enough to win.

  13. Xavier, i checked the SWS website and here are the survey results that i found on Alan Peter Cayetano (survey dates, percentage and rank):

    Sep 24 to Oct 2, 2006 34% 4-5
    Nov 24 to Nov 28, 2006 28% 6-7
    Feb 24 to Feb 27, 2007 43% 4-5

    I can’t find the survey where you say he has a No.2 ranking, but you’re right that the 5-11 is indeed a deterioration (from 4-5). Perhaps, as you say, it may be because of the dynasty issue, but at least 5 percentage point loss may also be attributed to spoilt ballots as explained in the Pulse Asia newsletter:

    Additionally, some “spoiled ballots” were counted involving senatorial candidates with namesakes who are also running for the Philippines Senate, namely, Tarlac Representative Aquino (2%) and Taguig-Pateros Representative Cayetano (5%).

    If apportioned between the two Cayetanos, then that would have put Alan Peter in the 4-10 range.

    BTW, i respect your stand against dynasties.

  14. Cat says : But in politics, good intention is not enough to win.

    To add :
    (1) Good intention in the beginning is not guarantee of good intention in the end.
    (2) Good intention is not enough to result in good accomplishments.

  15. Montano seems to be taking the “underdog” role that effectively captures movie audiences and voters…

    Re passports, went through Denver International Airport last year and was told as I checked in that the US will be stricter with non-machine readable passports so I had to get my passport upgraded. Hope they get this done and soon to avoid less hassle for all Philippine travelers to the US and OFW’s everywhere.

  16. O yes Ca T,

    I read about Dr Baustista. I will definitelyinclude him in my very very short list…

  17. And “good intention” is in the eye of the beholder, as evidenced by cvj’s distaste for (in contrast to Bencard’s affection for) GMA’s intentions.

  18. I can’t believe that Vicente Magsaysay is up there. Is it because we’re only three days away from celebrating the guy’s 50th death anniversary?

    I agree with Cesar Montano. I have a hunch that a lot of people still don’t know that he’s running hence the poor showing.

    Osmena just made his scheduled drop. Why does it always happen?! hahaha. Is this some sort of a tradition for him already – strong start and sputtering finish?

    Cayetano going down?! WOOHOO!! Hurray for substance!

  19. wahahaha. Chavit Singson got totally pwned by Maria Ressa on ANC. Her question literally flew over his head. lol.

    The question was fairly simple. It was on how he has fought corruption in the past and how he has been able to change the culture of corruption. It took three versions and translations for him to understand Maria’s point. lolololol.

    sorry can’t help myself. haha

  20. Jhay,

    The US congressional investigation referred to is an internal matter, in that the US Congress is exercising its oversight function over how the White House spends taxpayers’ money. We cannot accuse them of interfering in our internal affairs even if, in the exercise of their oversight function, we may benefit or suffer certain consequences.

    If they decide to cut aid, that’s their call because it is their money.

    If they decide to put conditionalities on aid, in effect use aid to interfere or influence how we do things, that’s their call too.

    Besides, they can’t force conditionalities on us if we don’t take their aid money or ask them for trade concessions and investment guarantees.

    As to feedback from recipients of US largesse, the US does that as a matter of practice.

    In this particular case, they invited private witnesses to their hearings. Actually these witnesses asked to be invited.

    Note that the US Congress is not issuing subpoenas to our government officials. That would be interference.

    On our part, our government officials should not appear as witnesses because we are a sovereign country and we don’t answer to anyone.

    However, our government can and does, and it does not surender any of its sovereignty, when it briefs or provides information to officials of other countries on matters affecting bilateral relations.

    In other words, it may “testify” in other fora. It may meet with all the committee members and give the government’s side anytime, anyplace except at the committee hearings.

    Lobbying, the word used for “testifying” in other fora, does not constitute a surrender of sovereignty. On the contrary, it is an exercise of sovereignty.

    But appearing as a witness in a congressional oversight hearing, as a representative of the government, is a surrender of sovereignty because we are, in effect, submitting ourselves to US congressional oversight.

  21. Good intention is not enough to result in good accomplishments.

    You’re right. Once he’s there, he will find out that there will be compromises in order to have his authored bills passed into laws.

    There will be riders (legislators who just wanted their names in the bill without doing anything) lobbyists and billslashgrabbersslashplagiarists.

  22. MLQ,

    Just noticed your blurb on the book of the week.

    “George Jacques Danton gave a simple explanation why his generation of young professionals embarked on the French Revolution. Quoted in “The Terror: The Shadow of the Guillotine: France 1792–1794″ (Graeme Fife):The old regime made a crucial error…. The old regime drove us to it by giving us a good education without opening opportunities for our talents.”

    Gloria must have read Danton’s book too because she’s not repeating the mistake of the old French regime.

    She’s making sure no one gets a good education.

  23. Richard H. Burns (no idea who he is, probably from Maryland or Virginia) says:
    There is only one way to handle a communist insurgency, and that way is how Wyatt Earp handled the Clanton Gang in Arizona Territory back in the 1800s. Just like the Clantons, communists don’t care about the laws of a civil society. They, the terrorists simply murder, destroy and lay waste to anything that gets in their way. And if they are muslim, they are even more terrible, committing unspeakable acts against anyone they don’t like.

    The good side cannot let the laws of civilized society keep it from dealing effectively with the bad side, the bad side usually taking advantage of the constraints of the laws of civilized society.

  24. Upn Student, Burn’s philosophy can be used against any group you don’t like. For example, substitute communist insurgency with neocon conspiracy and it becomes more agreeable to my ears. Of course, if we start using his template against each other, then human life will more quickly revert to being nasty, brutish and short.

    Burns’ stated principle that you quote…

    The good side cannot let the laws of civilized society keep it from dealing effectively with the bad side, the bad side usually taking advantage of the constraints of the laws of civilized society.

    …goes against Thomas Jefferson’s principle…

    If there be any among us who would wish to dissolve this Union or to change its republican form, let them stand undisturbed as monuments of the safety with which error of opinion may be tolerated where reason is left free to combat it.


  25. I have read the 10-point economic plan of GO, but seem not economic. It will be a subsidized government. No income generation. No incentive to business except low tax. It will just continue what the present government is doing–BPO, OFW, electronic and agricultural exports, geothermal energy, wind farms, solar, biodiesel… What is new? What about inflation targeting, deficit and debt reduction, increasing reserve?

  26. That Burns guy made the error of using the Arizona situation when it is not on all fours with the insurgency problem. For one, Earp did not have all the resources of the State at his disposal. The government, in the Philippines, at least, convincingly enjoys superiority over the insurgents. It has no reason not to fight the good fight.

  27. Loren Legarda’s performance in this election is truly remarkable. If this was the Tour de France, she’s already halfway to the finish line whilst the peloton is still getting its jockstraps on. Topnotcher in 1998, she went on to become the Senate’s Majority Leader and vice-presidential running mate of FPJ in 2004. She was criticized for going over to the Opposition by the Edsa Dos apologists. Her numbers are solidifying as the campaign progresses so she looks set to repeat that feat in May and will become an automatic contender for President in 2010 as a result. I only hope that she and Ping Lacson (who polled 3rd for President in 1998) will start to nucleate a core of leadership within the Opposition by helping GO candidates that are struggling in the crucial 8-18 ranking to counter the machinery and cheating that the blaze at Comelec alerts us to. She ought to begin talking about BIG issues and quit looking over her shoulder at the fading competition for No. 1 spot.

    I think this election is a “generational shift election” in which the oldies like Joker Arroyo and Ed Angara will be fighting for the last few places at the bottom as they follow John Osmena off the stage of history. They could be displaced by Sonia Roco, Mike Defensor and Migs Zubiri.

    [Disclosure: I worked briefly as Loren’s Senate Chief of Staff in 1998].

  28. GMA’s net satisfaction rating (NSR) is within the plus or minus six percent margin of error (or statistical uncertainty) of being neutral. In other words, it is just as likely to be negative as to be positive given the 1200 respondent random sample size. It is laughable ignorance for PDI to claim that “it is still negative.” The pollsters invented the NSR computed statistic because of the usually double digit UNDECIDEDs in such a survey question (18% in this quarter.)

  29. I really have to make a stand on this election…it’s really an issue of black or white… no middle ground…I never liked GMA – she is an illegal occupant of Malacanang…for me by voting one or two TU candidates would mean trusting my vote to GMA…I would never do that… she’s illegally occupying Malacanang for more than 6 years and this election should give her a sign that we will never tolerate her lying that she is the president of this country…I would vote for GO because my conscience tells me that this is the only way an ordinary citizen like me can say to GMA that I am opposing her and her claim as president of our country…

  30. Jeg :
    Any word on Mr. Remoto, rego? How is he taking his being lumped with the other nuisance candidates?

    everybody indanton camp is stil awaiting teh decision of COMELEC not only for Danton’s senate run but also for teh reconsiderations of Ang Ladlad participation inteh party list.

    I believe Plan C is to run for congressman in QC District. ( Plan is A is to run for party list, Plan B is for senator )

    Here the latest posting from Danton in Ang Lalad Yahoo Group.

    From: “danton_ph”
    Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 09:12:42 -0000
    Subject: > Political campaign last Saturday and Sunday

    Dear Friends,

    We went around Kamias Street last Saturday, giving brochures and visiting parlors and dress shops. The people know Ang Ladlad and our plight, has vowed to help campaign for us. The response is very warm and encouraging.

    The reporters and camera crew of Channel 7 and Channel News Asia Singapore joined us in our campaign sortie. Unlike other candidates, hindi po tayo pinagsasarhan ng pinto ng mga tao. They even promise to photocopy our brochures and distribute them in the rest of the

    Last Sunday, I visited some friends in Project 4. Although the barangay captains are with the administration party, many of the people seem to be disgusted with the administration, and will support
    an Opposition candidate. I just told the barangay officials I talked to, “Sana naman po, kinakausap ninyo ang mga tao sa barangay ninyo. Dahil sa tingin ko po, magugulat kayo sa resulta ng eleksyon na ito.” 🙂

    They just gave me nervous smiles. Mawawala na naman nga ang kanilang monthly maintenance chuvaness pag natalo ang manok nila.


    And my mother, who taught Music in Quirino Elementary School for 21 years, have photocopied lots of our brochures and went to her school, her co-teachers, her retired co-teachers, her hairdresser and modista, and her friends in the palengke to distribute the materials.
    She taught more than two generations of people in District 3, and they remember her. Next, my father will photocopy the materials and give them to his friends in Camp Aguinaldo, the military camp where he used to work. Wala akong masabi.

    Something great is happening here, something great…

    Take care,


  31. cvj… bogchimash… what triggered the Burns comment is an article in the Washington Post — author : Glenda Gloria/Newsbreak, title: The Filipino Military is Butchering the Left. WordPress did not accept my prior blotpost that had the http-www address (mutilated here
    so you can read it).
    ht tp:// newsweek. washingtonpost.com/postglobal/

  32. cvj..bogchimash.. what triggered the Burns comment is an article in the Washington Post titled “The Filipino Military is killing the Left). One of the article’s comment suggested that Capitalist China is an enemy of the Filino Left. The article commented “… Filipino farmers need not be lectured on the nuances of globalization to understand what it means to be where they are. For several years now public markets have been flooded with cheaper rice, garlic, and fruits from abroad than could be produced domestically. A bag of apples from China costs much less than many local fruits.”

  33. People here appear to be livid in their rants against political dynasties that they could puke if Allan Peter Cayetano climbs up one notch in the surveys and leap from their seats if he slides down. There’s one word to describe you guys: hypocrite.

    You mean dynasty is so huge an abomination that you can all turn a blind eye to the excesses of this rotten GMA administation?

    This regime has got to end and if it takes a Cayetano dynasty — cousins, nephews, niece and all to impeach and oust an illegitimate president then yeah, I will take it. Gloria Arroyo must GO!

    Hindi na nahiya ang gobyerno na ito, kinailangan pang mag-imbestiga ang US Senate. Pakapalan talaga. (btw, nice article there Mr. MB, you got your cojones where they should be)

    I hope they also squeeze JocJoc’s balls until he squeals and spill all the goddamn beans.

  34. tagabukid says “..I hope they also squeeze JocJoc’s balls until he squeals and spill all the goddamn beans.”

    So what would you recommend for your group to instutionalize once it gets to Malacanang? Pulling out the fingernails with a pair of pliers? Toe-smashing with a hammer? Or round-the-clock nonstop playing of Boom–tarat-tarat?

  35. tagabukid,

    May US Senate investigation na naman? Sino na namang chu-chu ang nagsumbong sa mga kabalastugan ng gobyernong ito? Talaga naman tong mga pinoy, mga gloriang labandera–they just love to wash their dirty linens in public.

  36. did you all hear the US ambassador’s explanation of the hearing?? buti daw at pinapansin tayo! anak ng pating….

  37. mita,

    really? you mean the u.s. is clueless about gma that it needs chu-chu? or doesn’t this government attract its own scrutiny?

  38. mita… I guess you don’t know how the US runs its own affairs. Each consular office (and the “main office”/Department of State, 1 block away from the Washington Monument) have desks generating yearly human rights analysis and reports (plus the usual military and economic / business reports) for practically all the countries to include allies (like Australia), important countries (like China, India, Russia) and many others (like Pakistan, Borneo, Saudi Arabia).

    As inidoro suggests, the US State Department has a reasonably thick folder on the Philippines (especially with AbuSayaf/JI operating in our territory plus the NPA/CPP already on the US list of terrorists and that FilAm spy recently caught who had sent top-secret reports to Erap and Lacson).

  39. dear friends,

    somebody asked how am i taking being lumped with the nuisance. the comelec en banc hearing was like being in an insane asylum, with borra and abalos as interlocutors ad nauseam. not much brightness there, and not much depth.

    but am taking this all in stride. am a catholic, who believe these guys will fry in hell. and am a student of asian literature as well, who believe that karma will make sure these guys will go through a never-ending cycle of putrefaction, before they will just slowly, mercifully, implode.

    have a good day.

    danton remoto

  40. tagabukid,

    Its like this. your side has declared abhorence for all the dirty tricks done by Gloria for her survival. And Im sure that includes his two sons running for congress ( on the political dynasty). Then how come the opposition is resorting the same dirty trick? Ano yun? It’s a “mortal sin” if Gloria do it but when the opposition do it, OK na? Doesn’t that make them both nakakasuka?

    Try to see also this way. There are 24 seats in the senate compared to 200+ in the house of representative. Now want to put two peopel that are closely related in the senate. Plus another two. 2/24 + 2/24 = 4/24 ( 0.17%) Compared to 3/200 , these 4 people in the senate can easlly connive to pass legislation. Now doesn’t that make political dynasty in the senate very risky?

    This thread was about the senate survey so naturally,
    Cayetano and Pimetel were singled out in my comments. But doesn’t make me OK with Mikey and Dato running for congressman. I can also puke when I learn MLQ3 entry in this blog that Dato and Mikey are both running for congress. But I was dismayed to read nothing MLQ3 when Cayetano and Pimentel ran for senator.

    I just cannot believe you people ranting about GLORIA’s ATTEMPTS to violate the consitution. But was so silent when the opposition VIOLATED thE consitution. Thank goodness I did not join your “crusade”. I rather stick to my own personal “crusade”.

  41. Most blogoholics are treating this election issues the way they chat on friendster with their shallow views! well they are entitled to their own opinion! Legislation is a serious matter! No room for cool dudes here! I’m for seasoned legislators who have full knowledge of our constitution like Senator Joker Arroyo, Kiko, Villar ,Recto or even Angara! I don’t buy these cheap shallow comments some bloggoholics are throwing at them! This is no barkadahan blogging ek ek! yahoo group chatting , showbiz issues where they even criticized the personal preferences of these statesmen!

  42. rego, i believe the arroyo bloc in the house is poised to be 5, not 3. and a dynastic bloc is more dangerous in the house and less so in the senate. perhaps i’m less anxious than you about it because we have had family blocs in the senate since 1971 when john o. joined his uncle serging o. in the senate.

    dynasties are unhealthy in local government and the house, but the things that make them unhealthy -turning political office into a form of property, using family resources to intimidate the electorate, etc.- for local office do not apply, to my mind, in the senate.

    the reality is the herd mentality applies in the house but rarely applies in the senate, it’s simply the nature of the job that each senator ends up thinking and voting independently. i’m willing to cut the opposition a little more slack because personally i consider it more important to elect allan peter although i’d be very happy if his sister resigned, because she’s been a useless senator. as for koko, i agree with you his reasons for running are not convincing and he has other positions besides that tempt me not to vote an opposition ticket.

    it’s all a question of weighing your political values, and all i can say is that you have very good reasons for not voting for the two. but what i see is that if it hadn’t been for allan peter etc, we’d be one party, unicameral, parliamentary dictatorship by now and their first priority would have been to eliminate term limits and remove the antidynasty provision. personally, i’d stop all this antidynasty nonsense and simply enforce term limits and close off the loopholes on who runs after a candidate reaches the term limits. and my reason is: our society’s approach to nearly everything is dynastic, so the solution is not to ban families, it’s to ban any individual staying too long in one place.

  43. Manolo, manolo,,,,

    The Osmena’s that you were referring to were known to be fighting with each other eversince they came back to power after EdSa 1. So its is not the nature of the senate job that makes them independent from each other its their nature as a family. And take note too that Osmenas in the Senate is an Uncle-nephew. The brother- sister, father-son relationship is stronger. Please check the voting history of Loi and Jinggoy….and while you are on it also check the facts about John and Serge. Becuase I believ it serge who joine John not the other way around.

    Thank you for loosening up on the “pimentels” even if you are not doing it in the concept of political dynasty and violation of constitutional principles.

    But no thanks to your justification on Cayetano. No matter how you put it, his candidacy is violation of a constitutional principle. I believe sticking to a principle is more effective than weighing values.

    Ther is just no way that you use ” the end doesn’t justify the means” on Gloria but spare the opposition.

    You dislike the rationalizing by the people in the center. Please go and check what you are doing on the Cayetono candidacy.

  44. (rego to mlq3)”But no thanks to your justification on Cayetano. No matter how you put it, his candidacy is violation of a constitutional principle. I believe sticking to a principle is more effective than weighing values.”

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