A series of coincidences

Fire hits the Commission on Elections. The Comelec is poised to proclaim the president’s pet party, Kampi, as the dominant minority party, shutting out the opposition and denying it access to what should be the opposition’s copy of election returns. People caught in the National Printing Office copying ballot numbers. Virgilio Garcillano appointed administration point man for Mindanao elections. And Manny Pacquiao will run after all.

The Inquirer editorial, as well as Amando Doronila condemn the government’s manhunt of Rep. Satur Ocampo. My view in my column for today, Price of conviction (see the statement of PATH also).

Philippine Commentary does not sympathize with Ocampo; and since a new offensive is officially in the works, much buzz will probably be generated by upcoming hearings in the US House of Representatives on the deteriorating human rights situation.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

19 thoughts on “A series of coincidences

  1. Boxing is too much different from politics. Pacquiao just lost one fan. I will never watch his boxing bout anymore, period.

    If his reason for running is to help his kababayans, why don’t he establish a nonprofit organization as a vehicle to deliver charitable work. He can copy the “Gawad Kalinga ” model of charity work.

  2. jingoy and loi estrada are in the senate. Why not Pacquiao in Congress? erap was elected president and FPJ almost won the presidency. I say Pacquiao is as good, or as bad, as any. At least his wealth is hard-earned, not plundered.

  3. I also believe that Manny made a very good decision. He wants to be a congressman, he is illigible, he is famous. Then Go for it! As matter of fact if he is qualified for senate I would love him to run as senator.

    I have an uncle who is a World Boxing Champ in the late 60’s. (No not Elorde). No one remember him now. He wanted run for office lately but but he chances is just very slim. Even Bong Coo who is a world champ herself did not win last election. Becuase its just too late for her.

    Phil politics is so biased for the moneyed class and showbiz people. The only change for someone to from the poor be elected is when he became famous and popular.

    I can see how people from a poor district like Manny’s district would line up to ask for “balato”. And it would be very hard for Manny to turn them down. So why use your personal money to help you kabayans when you can run for office, win, it and use government funds to help the alleviate the flight of your poor kabayans?

    Once Manny is no longer a world champion, it woudl be too late for him to win an election. So if he has plans to enter politics. Now is the perfect time!

  4. I wonder who’s the politician “controlling” the Pacman… Although it’s true that Pacman does not seem to know a thing about politics and governing, I think there’s a chance that he’s sincerity may prove those people wrong. If basketball players and movie actors can enter politics (though none proved to be an effective one so far), then people should give Manny a chance. I will always be a boxing fan of the Pacman no matter what. Go Pacman!

  5. While the swinging door of observation is open, I hope everyone will see how the repetition of a lie is engaged in by the Media upon instigation of certain people. As far as I can tell, Satur Ocampo has not been invited by the US Senate to testify at hearings on the political killings. But PDI, ABSCBN and even the CHR have repeated the claim without any proof or indication of its truth. I think it’s a shameless violation of their code of ethics.

  6. Rego and Bencard,

    You wouldn’t be talking that way if Pacquiao was running with the opposition. And you would be raising a howl about celebrity candidates if he were running against Iggy, Mikey or Dato so cut the crap.

  7. DJB,

    You know about the surveys rating Bayan Muna third.

    Obviously your propaganda is not working. Obviously murdering them is not working either.

    The only thing that will work is for the government or the other political parties to actually deliver goods and services better than Bayan Muna.

    Hey, to use your neocon language, “let the free market of ideas rule”.

    You advocate the lifting of trade barriers everywhere but you jump with glee when a law is passed that will protect your personal world view.

    Condemn the killers from both sides.

    You have been a reborn democrat too long to still be exhibiting the characteristic trait of a new convert, that is, you condemn and repudiate everything associated with those dark days when you thought Joma was Jesus Returned.

    By now you should be confident enough to look at Bayan Muna and distinguish the good from the bad things they are doing. Likewise, you should be able to look at the AFP and exercise the same discernment.

    You can’t go on living from one bible to another and accepting their gospels as absolute truth. What are lawyers and bible-thumpers without their books anyway?

    Trust your senses. They are better compasses than ideological road maps. Your senses will safeguard you from the absurd.

  8. I agree with rego and bencard on pacquiao. He has the right to run. MB, you can also run, if you wish. I will support you. I’ll send money!

    How about this guy Cesar Montano, huh? He has the right to run too. I have to say though that if ever there was a fake guy talking about a reason for running for gov’t office, this is he.

    Looky here and listen to the interview(U-tube): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIT2gCqXgfY

    Another liar and has no qualms about being stupid while doing it.

  9. I agree with MB. Satur Ocampo is another canary in the mineshaft. Those of us who believe in democracy have to support him, if only out of enlightened self-interest.

  10. The following was something I wrote back in February in another forum in respnsoe to a peer’s statement.

    “Those in an administration party are in the best position to deliver a platform based campaign.

    By selecting candidates who are capable of the position they are running for, an administration party is still in a good position to “convince” “supporters” to “donate” for their campaign.

    Ex-Pres. Estrada was already running for the Presidency against would be President Ramos and Danding Cojuangco but had to slide down to the Vice Presidential race because of campaign fund matters. Cojuangco had to carry him along even with his immense popularity. Without Danding’s money; Estrada wouldn’t have made it to election day. He was just as lucky that certain people bankrolled his run in 1998 for the Presidency.

    Same thing with FPJ. In the middle of his run; money matters started to surface.

    Be it in a parliamentary form or presidential; a campaign involves money. And the poor can only give what they have and not give what they don’t have.

    Yet even with the position the administration party is enjoying; (aside from Pacquiao who can fund his own) “nakikipagunahan pa ang administrasyon sa mga kandidatong walang abilidad”!”

  11. Manuel

    Manny can run in the under the opposition and Im sure I will say the same. The problem with enemy centered people like you is that all arguments in this country all boils down to being pro and anti Gloria. And you even believe that all people has the same values and mindset like you. Pathetic!

  12. “At least his wealth is hard-earned, not plundered.” – Bencard

    Pacquiao’s wins inside the ring are also unquestionably legit, maybe uncouthly graceful sometimes, but never GARCI-ful.

  13. the “reenactment” of Marcos’ “repressive methods” today “impresses upon Filipinos how anachronistic is the regime that masquerades as a democracy.” – Doronila

    well, well. instead of digging up old cases, why not investigate and file fresh complaints against retired General Palparan for various allegations of extra-judicial killings. that would be one effective way of deflecting the charge that democracy is being masqueraded under the present regime.

  14. While the swinging door of observation is open, I hope everyone will see how the repetition of a lie is engaged in by the Media upon instigation of certain people. As far as I can tell, Satur Ocampo has not been invited by the US Senate to testify at hearings on the political killings. But PDI, ABSCBN and even the CHR have repeated the claim without any proof or indication of its truth. I think it’s a shameless violation of their code of ethics.

    The statement came from Satur Ocampo, who said that he intend to participate in the US hearings.

    One Filipino official invited to participate in the US Senate inquiry is House deputy minority leader and Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo, who has made himself scarce due to the issuance of a warrant for his arrest by a Leyte judge.

    In a statement released by his staff, Ocampo said he would participate in Wednesday’s hearing in whatever way he can.

    His staff said they are arranging how such participation could be made possible through hi-tech means of communication that are presently available to anyone wanting to use them.

    That link was from ABS-CBN, but the original article came from our favorite pro-Arroyo paper, the PHILSTAR.

  15. I believed Manny Pacquaio would better serve his constituents not as a politician. There are so many ways where he can use his influence to bring home the bacon to Gen. Santos.

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