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Team Bansot
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on February 12, 2007 151 Comments 1 min read
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The administration, including a photo finish for the last slot that was dangling, announces their list. The opposition announced their slate yesterday. The lists are (in alphabetic order):


Edgardo Angara
Joker Arroyo
Michael Defensor
Jamalul Kiram III
Vicente Magsaysay
Tessie Aquino Oreta
Carlos Jericho Petilla
Prospero Pichay
Rafael Recto, Jr.
Vicente Sotto III
Juan Miguel Zubiri
Luis Singson


Benigno Aquino III
Allan Peter Cayetano
Anna Dominique Coseteng
Francis Escudero
Panfilo Lacson
Loren Legarda
John Osmeña
Francis Pangilinan
Aquilino Pimentel III
Sonia Roco
Antonio Trillanes IV
Manuel Villar, Jr.

My column for today is Team Bansot (who ever though life would imitate my column?). I know one thing, ahead of the elections. I am not going to vote for a single administration candidate. I will vote a straight opposition ticket. I only have one vote, but by golly, I intend to protest with it. I consider Osmeña the worst in the opposition lineup but even he is a fragrant flower when compared to say, Singson or Magsaysay.

Running the gamut of reactions, from piccio hailing the administration, to Manila Boy itemizing the weakness of the list, to Uniffors saying it’s plain useless; kamasupra just thinks the administration went slum book crazy Daily Musings handicaps the administration and the oppposition slates.. goddesstrish notices the “other” senate slates -including singer Victor Wood. unsleepable‘s mind is pretty much made up.

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  1. JM,

    Well you probably read the reply at Ellen Tordesillas blog but I’ll copy-post it here anyway.

    As to your statement that joker arroyo initiated a 3-year investigation on lacson even though the DOJ under Nani perez and the NBI under reynaldo wycoco were doing it’s own investigations similar to his; sometime in August 2003, the results of those investigations were to recommend to the DOJ to “pursue” their investigation and recommend to the Office of the Ombudsman that it “conduct” its own probe and file the appropriate charges if evidence warrants it.

    With regards to the IMPSA case; Joker stated that:
    “• It is a waste of time and taxpayers money as Congress is bound not to finish the probe because of the coming elections
    • The Office of the Ombudsman has the jurisdiction of the case
    • The findings might be in conflict with that of the Ombudsman”

    Based on the article linked; the Ombudsman has already issued it’s recommendations. Ergo, it’s even leaps and bounds already on such an investigation.

    By your statement, it took years for the Senate to finish their probe. But let’s say that the Senate miraculously finished their own probe on the matter within the available months; their findings will also be sent to the Ombudsman(which is mandated to serve as the lead agency in the total war on graft and corruption) that has already issued their own recommendations.