Der Putschistenführer

Can there be a more apt description of Gringo Honasan than putschistenführer? I think not. The big news since early this morning has been Honasan’s capture, apparently after a chase and a scuffle.

Bunker Chronicles believes Honasan should have faced the charges against him and not hidden. Loi’s Site doesn’t like his political propaganda. Newsstand always thought it was a matter of time, but wonders why the AFP always captures its own, but can’t apprehend Muslim rebels.

When Torn and Frayed said, recently, Honasan’s election as Senator after mounting coups was the perfect key to understanding post-Marcos Philippines, I had to agree. Our politics has been working on the Peter Principle. A commentary in Thailand’s The Nation makes for illuminating reading, too.

Newsbreak dissects the putschist factions and has scuttlebutt on the next Supreme Court appointment.

Bad cop: Palace spokesman says human rights issues are part of propaganda by opponents of the government. Good cop: Executive Secretary says they will talk to investors to address their human rights concerns. Mother of All Cops: President says she cares about killings. Call out the cops: President’s husband will continue filing cases against critics. Cops and robbers: Atong Ang asked, deal or no deal?

State of the Nation: pool champ gets medal, check, and praise, then gets robbed.

Baghdad needs cops: academics kidnapped en masse.

In the punditocracy, my Arab News column for this week is Philippines Continues Asian Tradition of Being a One-Party State.

The Inquirer editorial suggests why foreign investors are applying pressure on the President with regards to human rights: stockholders.

Bong Austero on understandable and incomprehensible reasons for running for public office.

Manuel Buencamino has a wish list for American Democrats.

Greg Macabenta on the gallows humor of overseas Filipinos. An interesting column on the history of the UST main building by Bambi Harper.

Philip Carter ponders if warfare has undergone a revolutionary change or not.

Bloggers’ observations on the Manila mayoralty race: Philippine Politics 04 sees Atienza billboards sprouting; An OFW in Hong Kong ponders Lim vs. Lacson. Purple Phoenix presents some scuttlebutt.

Jove Francisco on journalists’ advocacy of decriminalizing libel.

mongster’s nest discusses what’s set to happen in Cebu City for the Asean Summit. Peryodistang Pinay reports from the field, saying the news on the change in venue has been inaccurately reported.

blackshama on the Latin Mass (since I’m not religious, my attitude towards such things is purely aesthetic: and the more incense and ritual there is, the happier I am).

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. Edwin… sad what happened to you. Who really knows what stupidity lies in the brains of men? Trying to get you deported makes no sense — the INS does not give you points much less money for makng such reports. And qualifying the paperwork of employees is HR’s problem.

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