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The inevitable started at 2am and as of this writing, is still going on. See my liveblogging of the House plenary session. Read RG Cruz’s entries, here and here, and here on the goings-on, and an epilogue. Final score, 173 to 32. Reps. Datumanong, Villafuerte and Lagman did a yoeman’s job defending their president. Boos and hisses for those like Reps. Paras, Martinez, Jaworski, etc. who switched sides to save their hides.

The Manila Hotel (and other hotels) are reportedly filling up with governors and other local officials, preparatory to the “people’s initiative” being filed with the Comelec on Friday. One Voice is having a press conference this morning to discuss the issues the filing will raise.

Methodists write to Bush re: killings in the Philippines.
Fruit festival postponed due to fruit shortage.

President announces pilot program from government ID Testing begins January.

In the punditocracy, my column for today is Pinautusang Manok.

John Mangun dissects the circumstances surrounding the Guimaras oil spill.

Michael Tan dispassionately discusses gay rights.

Juan Mercado on the Redemptorists.

The Nation of Thailand asks if Thaksin is unstable or just cunning.

Christopher Hitchens takes a pot shot at Gunter Grass.

In the blogosphere, Red’s Herring calls the dismissal of impeachment an extrajudicial killing.

Reactions to impeachment vote from ederic@cyberspace,from euphoria, from point, sir! and scyphs, as well as joe torres (who read on Shakespeare).

Continuing commentary on Justice Cruz: there’s Read this and die who thinks the Inquirer’s editorial is damage control. Radioactive Adobo thinks a tremendous opportunity has been wasted by the gay community and it has harmed itself. Laksa-laksang Lagusan thinks debates are essentially headed to kissing and making up anyway. Pinoy News, Pinoy Views thinks live at let live.

Newsstand to guest on Che-Che Lazaro’s show tonight, on the blogging vs. journalism question. Sassy Lawyer will be there, too.

Bryanton Post on the Inquirer publisher’s apology on the headline to the paper’s story on Jim Paredes’s emigration.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

40 thoughts on “Fully booked

  1. I think the pilot ID system was given the go signal when the cedulas ran out in nueva ecija (was it?) more income for the government and a bigger excuse for Palparan to hoard people like sheep only to shoot a few of them later on at his whim.

  2. the only reason for people to be afraid of the ID system or Palparan is if you have something to hide.
    Palparan is just doing his job.

  3. or having people go home naked or wearing only their underwear is also part of the military’s job. gandang job description ah 😛

  4. jhay: i suggest you read Inquirer’s editorial yesterday.

    manolo: pwede sigurong maging topic mo sa “the explainer” ang role ng military. it’s interesting to know if urging people to take law into their own hands (extrajudicial killing) is part of palparan;s job. ire-research ko rin yan. :p

  5. krik2: i suggest you read Inquirer’s editorial yesterday.

    manolo: pwede sigurong maging topic mo sa “the explainer” ang role ng military. it’s interesting to know if urging people to take law into their own hands (extrajudicial killing) is part of palparan;s job. ire-research ko rin yan. :p

  6. Mali nga kaya or sinadya? =)

    1- Magpunta sa http://www.google.com
    2- I-type ang salitang “sinungaling”
    3- Pindutin ang “Sinuswerte Ako” o “I’m Feeling Lucky”
    4- I-send mo to sa iba habang di pa ginagalaw ng Google


  8. 1/3 nga eh. may ibig sabihin sa demokrasya kung 1/3 lang ang boto- talo. alam natin lahat di kanais-nais na matalo ka sa isang botohan. ang kasaysayan ng pilipinas ay punong-puno ng trahedya dahil sa talong pikon. huwag mo na dagdagan pa.

    besides, akala mo lang! maspipiliin ko na lang isang lagman, zialcita, nograles at locsin sa mga grandstanders at doble-karang katulad nina escudero (na gustong tanggalin ang algebra, geometry at physics sa ating educational curriculum), cayetano (remember bw stocks, alan peter!!!!), suplico (na bibili ng 2 rolex sa japan pero nahuli kasi lagpas na sya sa credit limit sa hsbc), teddy casino (llda?), hontiveros (super-elitist snob in masa clothing), villanueva (zoe-tv?!), imee marcos (please)….

    in other words, dont call the kettle black, potheads.

  9. ^ Risa Baraquel Hontiveros is not an elitist-snob. Kilalanin mo muna yung tao bago ka magcomment.

    The ZOE-TV case against the Villanuevas is a political case na mahina talaga ang legal basis. Pansinin niyo na hindi nagpaprosper ang kaso at lumalabas lang siya tuwing natethreaten ng mga Villanueva ang mga Arroyo. GMA 7 performed due diligence bago nila binili yung franchise ng ZOE-TV (which is a standard practice) at lumabas sa kanilang due diligence na walang problema sa ZOE-TV under the Villanueva management. kaya nga natuloy yung pagbili ng franchise e.

    mlq3, I was wondering why Teddy Locsin III did not support this year’s impeachment complaint. any thoughts?


    Negative votes:
    1. Henedina Abad
    2. Nereus Acosta
    3. Benjamin Agarao
    4. Mario Aguja
    5. Juan Edgardo Angara
    6. Darlene Antonino-Custodio
    7. Agapito Aquino
    8. Benigno Aquino III
    9. Teddy Casiño
    10. Alan Peter Cayetano
    11. Justin Marc Chipeco
    12. Francis Escudero
    13. Roilo Golez
    14. Teofisto Guingona III
    15. Mujiv Hataman
    16. Ana Theresia Hontiveros-Baraquel
    17. Ruy Elias Lopez
    18. Renato Magtubo
    19. Manuel Mamba
    20. Imee Marcos
    21. Rafael Mariano
    22. Liza Maza
    23. Florencio Noel
    24. Saturnino Ocampo
    25. Rodolfo Plaza
    26. Gilbert Remulla
    27. Etta Rosales
    28. Rolex Suplico
    29. Lorenzo Tañada III
    30. Joel Villanueva
    31. Joel Virador
    32. Ronaldo Zamora

  11. Brigada Luli is ITCHING to vote for the LIKES of GARCILLANO who is contemplating on RUNNING for POSITION … A DOSE of HIS OWN MEDICINE would be a SWEET REVENGE. NUMBERS GAME – MONEY RULES !!!

  12. Others I can tolerate but Imee Marcos… a true representative of the Filipinos? Give me that bag, quick, I’m vomitting…

  13. paeng, the anti-impeachment really had the pro-impeachment over a barrel on the point of form and substance before evidence.

    i recall teddyboy suggested that if evidence would be looked at (as a political concession), the evidence could be looked at in executive session. my understanding is, minority refused. my guess is, teddyboy viewed that as an act of bad faith and decided the pro impeachment didn’t deserve any breaks. but that’s just a guess.

    i only caught the tail end of teddyboy’s speech, where he said, the issue will have to be decided at the polls in 2007.

  14. mlq3,

    ganun ba? wala lang. di ko kasi maintindihan bakit ang laki ng binibigay nilang weight sa evidence e wala pa naman tayo sa trial stage. ang understanding ko kasi ay yung question of substance, ang dinidetermine lang dun ay kung impeachable yung offenses na chinacharge o hindi. at pagkatapos nun saka pa lang bubuksan ang ebidensya.

    naalala ko nung Erap trial. there was no show of evidence during the hearings in Congress. ang pinanghahawakan lang nila ay yung naka-attach na testimonya ni Chavit at mga picture ng properties diumano ni Erap.

    wala pang Jose Velarde account at signature nun. wala pang Clarissa Ocampo. all of that came out during the trial proper.

    nalungkot ako nung sagutin ni Villafuerte kagabi kung anong kaibahan nung Erap impeachment at yung impeachment ngayon. sabi niya, meron silang 1/3 signatures, ngayon, wala. yun lang ang kaibahan. kung ganun pala, kung mangyari na magkaroon tayo ng presidente na from the minority party, puwedeng iimpeach ng majority party kung trip nila kahit na walang impeachable offense dahil ang importante lang naman daw ay yung numbers.

  15. Gloria Arroyo is as bad as, if not worse than, Ferdinand Marcos. Luli Arroyo is no different from Imee Marcos. Both are constrained by filial loyalty.

    C’mom, Luli, deep in your heart you know your mother cheated in the elections and lied about it and continues to lie about it. You’re only playing deaf and blind because, well, she’s your mother.

    Same with Imee. She, too, knows in her heart that Ferdinand and Imelda screwed the Filipino people. But she’s playing deaf and blind because, well, they’re her parents.

    But, remember, Luli, in the end, Justice will exact retribution. Ferdinand got it. Gloria will get it, too. It will only just be a matter of time.

  16. Paeng, we again saw how our representatives can bastardize the law (or intent of the law)! These people really don’t deserve to be called “Gentlemen”, or their seats in congress. Unfortunately for us, their conduct during the deliberations won’t be a factor in the majority of congressional districts. So, we may see them again in next year’s impeachment proceedings! And the succeeding ones!

  17. Mali nga kaya or sinadya? =)

    1- Magpunta sa http://www.google.com
    2- I-type ang salitang “sinungaling”
    3- Pindutin ang “Sinuswerte Ako” o “I’m Feeling Lucky”
    4- I-send mo to sa iba habang di pa ginagalaw ng Google …

  18. “Christopher Hitchens takes a pot shot at Gunter Grass.”

    Christopher Hitchens, the former communist turned neo-con, calls the kettle black.

    Although, to his credit, Hitchens did author an excellent book called “The Trial of Henry Kissinger” where he proved that Kissinger is one of the greatest war criminals of all time.

    But that was before he turned into Gunter Grass in reverse.

  19. Mlq,

    Teddy Boy’s reason for voting with the majority. “How conveen-nient” as Church Lady character in the old Saturday Night Live would say.

  20. Teddy Boy will always only look out for Teddy Boy. His explanation of his vote was a scolding of both sides, and in the end, what he meant was that if they had all just listened to him, the impeachment would be on in the Senate.

    What of the absent Congressmen? How convenient, indeed.

    For all the flaws, real or imagined, of the present Impeachment Complaint, what is clear is that its sponsors are not lacking in sincerity and conviction and the Majority was not about to allow it to prosper. They took the plunge, and we dove right in, well aware of the consequences.

    As a Complainant, and certainly not naive, I am sure our Reps meant well. Nini Quezon Avancena wouldn’t have stayed up for over 24 hours to see the vote through if she doubted the aims of Chiz, Alan et al.

  21. hello,
    the pictures of the properties are already evidences. The testimony of Singson is already among the exhibits.

    Cayetano admitted that he can not prove his allegation.

    Even in ordinary cases, the accusation to one person has to be substantiated before it can be elevated to the court. The burden of proof is on the accuser.

    Unfortunately, the pro-impeachment did not do their assignment.

  22. Cat, it’s a good laugh. We Filipino’s need to laugh at ourselves especially that the joke is on us!

    Sinungaling = Arroyo (and Bunye) according to google, but who put her there? Or who allowed her to be there? It is the Filipino people!

  23. Jon,

    “Sinungaling = Arroyo (and Bunye) according to google, but who put her there? Or who allowed her to be there? It is the Filipino people!”

    Konting correction lang. It was the certificates of canvass, not the Filipino people , who put her there.


  24. Sure, it was the Filipino people who put her there. It was still the Filipino, who by there own cheating way, put her there. Is Garci not a Filipino? Maybe not the will of the Filipino nation but still, no matter how you look at it.

  25. But sometimes it takes one to represent the whole. Look at gloria now, single handedly, she dominates the political landscape of the country and not much the Filipino can do about it. And she too is a Filipino.

  26. The official announcement (from RG Cruz’ epilogue) of the House’s P-R Group reads in part:

    Under Section 4, Rule III of the Rules of Procedure in Impeachment Proceedings of the House of Representatives of the Thirteenth Congress, Datumanong said the requirement of substance “is met if there is a recital of facts constituting the offense charged and determinative of the jurisdiction of the Committee.”
    Roman, who earlier quoted some of Datumanong’s procedural references, said that “without a proper recitation of facts, how can the accused, the President, defend herself?”

    x x x

    “What is required are averments of ultimate facts which ensnare the respondent to the commission of the offense charged, not by mere inference, which is a conclusion, but by statements of actual acts of inculpatory participation,” Lagman said.

    What I have learned from the best Remedial Law experts in the country is that the theory behind the “ultimate facts” requirement in civil action provides that the complaint shall contain a short and plain statement of the claim showing that the complainant is entitled to relief sought for. Likewise, the defendant in his answer shall state in short and plain language the defenses to the plaintiff’s complaint.

    In actual practice and from my years of experience as a trial lawyer in the Philippines, however, courts often depart from the strict observance of the ultimate facts requirement in a pleading and complaints are not killed (dismissed) on that ground specially where the statement of more than the ultimate facts in the complaint are intended to establish in advance what the complainant proposes to prove at the trial so that the defendant will be prepared to meet those allegation of facts.

    I have cited two specific allegations in the impeachment complaint:

    1) That President Arroyo “appointed Virgilio Garcillano as COMELEC Commissioner and interfered with and manipulated the official election duties of the latter to orchestrate and implement electoral fraud” and that “During the 2004 election period, [Arroyo] engaged in unlawful correspondence with Commissioner Garcillano . . . wherein she directed/countenanced/abetted the commission” of various “electoral frauds”;

    2) That President Arroyo “has allowed, abetted and countenanced the assassination and summary executions of 690 political dissenters and 42 media practitioners, the involuntary disappearance of some 176 persons, the torture of 320 persons in the hands of government authorities.”

    I dare say that only a practicing Philippine lawyer not worth his title could claim that the above recital of facts violates the ultimate facts requirement in a pleading.

    Can President Arroyo properly prepare to defend herself if the impeachment complaint instead only stated:

    1) That President Arroyo “cheated during the 2004 presidential elections”; and

    2) That President Arroyo “allowed extra-judicial killings”?

  27. vic, manuelbuencamino,

    It’s not “a Filipino” or “the Filipino” who did that “sinungaling=Bunye/Arroyo” thing, but it may help that many {inoy sites and blogs are critical of Sec. Bunye and Ate Glue. Blame it, instead, on Google’s inventors:

    “Google bomb or Googlewash is Internet slang for a certain kind of attempt to influence the ranking (called PageRank) of a given page in results returned by the Google search engine, often with humorous or political intentions. Due to the way that Google’s algorithm works, a page will be ranked higher if the sites that link to that page use consistent anchor text. A Google bomb is created if a large number of sites link to the page in this manner.”

    Take note, however, that the same websites appear when you search for “sinungaling” on Yahoo! and MSN (which may have similar algorithms as Google’s).

  28. ederic,
    do you still read inquirer? rumor mongering, concocting paper, mouthpiece of bishops cruz and tobias. paper that corrects bold, hot headlines the next day. give yourself a break.

    the voting shows that followers of the impeachment block is obviously getting lesser and lesser, and the noisier alan and chiz get the more people are turned off, the more they see dinky the more they remember the dinkitization of a friend.

  29. congrats sa kababayan ko c escudero hindi tulad ng rep.. kuno nmin na c lagman.. ang galing na abugago n gloria… from the list of the pro imp.. who are not only representing the views of the people but esp the youth,, who r sick n tired of the games the oldies played n congress…,, where moneys money speaks louder than thier conscience f they have one????? now s the church shld stood for the people not keep mum ’bout this… Bishops be brave do not allow devils to prosper.. filipino people r behind these 32 brave rep.. let 2007 elec… let the polls judge d act of 173 monsters ,,alies of th pres,,, who orchestrated the cheating , liars , corrupt maybe they r the responsible n leaksge n nursing exam….. f the pres, per se okey to cheat , that only signifies filipino people r encourage to cheat bcoz its easy to get away wid it just ti say,,,,, i am sori!!! poor juan dela cruz….. i am sori…

  30. i am more sorry to some of you who resort to name calling and such to prove a pointless argument.

    specially to the poster above who alluded and directly connected the impeachment to the nursing board exam?! my god, what kind of logic and reasoning do you people have?!

    i am sad with our country’s politics, but yet sadder by the dumbing down of the people.

  31. mikey, on the contrary, mc made a very astute observation. the culture of cheating starts at the top and permeates our entire society. if we are to reverse the trend, we have to make an example out of Gloria Arroyo.

  32. Do we call it democracy in action when the commitee on justice acted as the anti impeachment lawyers for GMA. They pretended to vote where in fact the whole house acted blindly to defeat the impeachment by acting as the defense lawyers and judges at the same time. Talking about numbers, that’s all they can say….fahq!!!!!!!!
    Let’s just change the name of the commitee to the Commitee on Defense.

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