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Palace torpedoes legitimacy discussion yet again
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on August 3, 2006 56 Comments 2 min read
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There was reportedly a meeting over the weekend to get various groups to attempt a consensus. Supposedly, there would be a round two, since the pro- and anti-administration sides got stuck on the question of legitimacy.

But the Palace has decided to squelch all talk of legitimacy in such talks. An opinion piece in The Nation of Thailand points to the perils of making too big a deal about informal talks, anyway (stranger and stranger how the Philippines and Thailand are on parallel political tracks).

The true, the good, and the beautiful speak up: Arroyo friends want impeach raps junked.

Fidel Ramos’s friends put forward a survey on bicameralism.

IMF survey team says economic growth prospects “flattish.”

(picture from Charivari is a right.)

Ornamental plant named after President (the report in Malaya is more informative for plant lovers). Jove Francisco recounts the presentation of the plant, which became unintentionally amusing.

But something from Jove requires addition emphasis:

You see they said that we are evacuating all our nationals out of Lebanon at a time when the airfares have become cheaper, that it is easier and cheaper to look for sea transportation now, that the other evacuation expenses are now relatively lower than before… all because the nationals of other countries have already been fully evacuated (kumbaga wala nang kalaban, since their governments deemed it wise not to wait for further battle escalation and any other change in alert levels).

In the punditocracy, my column is Gov’t power, not people power (this is the conclusion of last Monday’s column, Institutionalized people power).

In Harper’sThe American Raj Requires Instability.

Tony Abaya on whether World War III is beginning, or began even prior to 9-11.

In the blogosphere, Coffee with Amee feels despondent over news on the indignities suffered by Filipinos in Beirut. Politics Central on the plight of Christian Lebanese (on whom Filipinos are dependent for safety).

Parallel Universes contrasts health information available on Bush with that available on the President.

Ang Bagong Maharlika has the late (and now, lately, back) President Marcos making grumpy comments on his kin.

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  1. there have been only three presidents who ran their children for office during their incumbencies: marcos, estrada, and arroyo. gerry roxas and jun magsaysay ran for office long after their fathers were dead. my objection (and i criticized mikey at the time in a column when he first ran) to mikey running was that it contravened a decent enough tradition, and was a disservice to his mother.

    but the difference in opinion as to whether to oppose is fundamental. my attitude is best expressed through the ff.:

    In actual fact those who do not care for politics and sit on the fence do indeed side for a political party: The ruling party.
    [Max Frisch]

    Those against politics are in favor of the politics inflicted upon them.
    [Bertolt Brecht]

  2. (BTW, I thought cats don’t need parachutes?)
    They don’t because no matter how you throw them or how high they fall, they still land on the ground, standing.

    but not in water nor in dense forest. so why take the risk when there is a parachute? safer and surer.

  3. Mlq3
    let us start with Quirino

    1. He got a daughter Vicky but she served as the First Lady, the rest of his children except for 2 were massacred by the Japanese together with his wife. Who’s going to run?
    2. Magsaysay- Jun Magsaysay was not even a voter at the age of 19 when Ramon M. died in Mt. Pinatubo.
    3. Garcia-he just assumed the presidency because Magsaysay died, he lost in his attempt to be elected as President.
    4. Macapagal’s children even with the first wife were too young to run for office but he had his brother-in-Rogelio dela Rosa
    5. Marcos – i did not know that his children were already holding elective positions.-his wife had already a political dynasty on her father’s side, the Romualdezes.
    6. Cory- wasn’t Tarlac’s governorhsip passed on from one Cojuangco to another?

    MlQ3 wrote:

    ” In actual fact those who do not care for politics and sit on the fence do indeed side for a political party: The ruling party.”

    Ca t writes:
    In actual fact those who do not care for politics and sit on the fence want to have the lower box seats in the boxing arena to see the fight close enough to see who’s winning. “meow

  4. those who do not care for politics and sit on the fence want to have the lower box seats in the boxing arena to see the fight close enough to see who’s winning” – The Ca T

    …and to the extent that’s true for many other Filipinos, that would account for us getting the kind of politics and politicians we have today.

  5. cvj,
    The mere fact that I want this forum free from ad hominens and allow the intellectual intercourse with less subjctivity proves that I may be a fence sitter but I boo and hoot and whistle for both sides.

    Cats are not loyal to their masters, only to their territories. Take it away from the environment that it get used to and it is going to walk a thousand miles just to return to its home.

    Try losing a cat and you will realize that it is better than the Googlemap in finding directions.
    So i am not loyal to any party, only to my country.