The President’s breathing condition

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The President is down with the flu. She missed the Black Eyed Peas (but gave one of them a medal). Jove Francisco blogs about what covering a presidential illness is like.

Malaya reports that rebel soldiers have launched a website, Sundalo Tagapagtanggol ng Pilipino. Benjamin Pimentel interviews Erwin Ver, son of Gen. Fabian Ver: Twenty years after Marcos’ fall, his former guard talks about the regime and the crisis in the Philippine military ( he reiterates that Marcos assumed he was fleeing to Paoay, Ilocos Norte, and not Hawaii).

Supplemental budget submitted -but as a supplement to what?

The Speaker is optimistic about Constitutional amendments; Palace announces provincial funds to be released as a matter of course.

Lebanon-related items: A tiff is going on over whether or not there are adequate funds for evacuating Filipinos from Lebanon (see link to Ricky Carandang below: the Americans, for one, charged fees for their citizens to be evacuated). Sec. Andaya says its a communications snafu, and nothing more.

Ricky Carandang publishes an email from a Filipina-American recounting the atmosphere in Beirut prior to her managing to evacuate the city. 1 Too Many Peaches has been calling friends in Lebanon and details some of the experiences recounted to them (driving through a tunnel at 160 mph every morning to go work, etc.).

Philippine Commentary proclaims support for Israel. Counterterrorism Blog, to my mind, helps indicate some reasons why.

Condibeirut 350
(Cartoon from Harper’s)

The thinking of some American conservatives, such as The Strata-Sphere are a bit too Gotterdamerung for comfort. Belmont Club challenges some assumptions about what the news means. Compare his views with Chris Doidge’s blog, which tries to calculate how long it would take Israel to achieve military success, based on official Israeli figures. Whiskey Bar views the conflict in terms of the discomfort it’s causing what he calls the American puppet governments in the region.

A Slate Magazine article says Iran is winning. Harper’s has an article tackling scuttlebutt of a possible American military deployment in Lebanon. The article, in turn, points to an item in The Independent that analyzes potential outcomes.

Other things overseas: the Italian Watergate: because of an alleged CIA abduction. The Nation of Thailand is lukewarm to PM Thakisn’s call for reconciliation. Jailed Election Commissioners remain defiant.

In the punditocracy, the Inquirer editorial looks into the Bolante and Aragoncillo cases.

In the blogosphere, a nagueño in the blogosphere on Barangay planning and the integration thereof; which reminds me I need to review Manuel Valdehuesa Jr.’s book on the barangay system.

Manila Vanilla has a witty entry on “the hyper-realism of Dolphy.” On another cultural note, Carlos Celdran points out that the Marikina Shoe Expo has become a thriving artist’s colony.

My Liberal Times says in France, blogging has been integrated into the body politic. In the PCIJ blog, an entry on political battles and multimedia. barako cafe [points to a blog that points to another blog…. [thanks mamutong]) on how blogs are affecting the legal world.

Metroblogging Manila notes a curiously self-contradictory news article.

village idiot savant reminds us that PowerPoint is evil. [email protected] points to “mindmaps” to help kids with homework.

McVie Show Season 4 engages in an orgy of culinary punning.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

37 thoughts on “The President’s breathing condition

  1. First, it was diarrhea. Now the flu with infected throat. Boy, she really got hit at both ends. Ear infection is next.

    I tell you lying is exhausting. Cover-ups are more exhausting. Buying off Congressmen and witnesses is exhausting. Running a circus is definitely exhausting.

    Time to rest and lie in bed. Oops..that’s still lying.

  2. Phil,

    But really, if her condition is bad, bad enough to warrant hospitalization, why is it, according to a post over at Ellen’s blog, her husband is seen having a good time with someone, presumably a woman who answers by the name Elizabeth, in a golf course?

    Gloria has all the money in the world to buy her excellent medical attention and cure.

    And anyyway, I don’t think Gloria will die. I believe in the saying that bad weeds don’t die.

  3. GLORIA is SICK … one thing is for sure …
    She is suffering from AMNESIA !!! or she just really don’t REMEMBER anything she says …

  4. Hahhah! Phil,

    You should visit Ellen’s blog. Apparently, there was a couple seen in Lugano matching exactly the same peculiar descriptions of Mike Pidal and Elizabeth something who were seen (and recently spotted too) play loveydovey games of golf.

    So, if you are interested diTOH sa love story na iTOH, i suggest you look up Ellen’s blogs… heheh!

  5. MLQ III:

    Thanks for another link to another positive critique on the book of our erstwhile neighbor and close friend, Manny Valdehuesa. He is our leading authority on the structure and inherent effectiveness of the barangay in our part of Northern Mindanao, Cagayan de Oro.

    Granting that this commendation is coming from a partial source who still hasn’t read the book, still I declare that based on the feedbacks of those who have, his book ought to be recommended reading for those desirous of getting this country back on track, by getting into the root of the problems and starting meaningful reform from there. That’s where the book begins its discussion.

    I have resolved to read the book on my next visit to the old homeland.

  6. It’s karma I’m telling you. Since no force on human force (yet) can remove her from power, maybe the supernatural is taking its crack at it.First, it was diarrhea now it’s the flu in a span of a month. Consider her old age and the lying, cheating and stealing she’s doing she’s bound to end up in the hospital more often.

  7. Here’s one more headache for the lady. Her on-again off-again ally, Mr. Ramos, it seems is about to do another flip-flop. If one reads Billy Esposo’s latest column on the Inquirer, Mr. Ramos is already laying out plans (again) as to who should be the next leader of this country. And doing it in oh so very peek-a-boo way. With allies like that, you’re gonna get migraines. This time don’t blame the opposition.

  8. mlq3, cvj, etal

    re sundalo:withdrawal of support, may I re-post a previous comment:

    I find the ‘withdrawal of support’ imprecise as to Lim’s intent and justification; ‘Renewal of Pledge to Uphold and Defend the Constitution’ is a clearer context.

    In pursuing this point, i’m hoping that the restiveness among our soldiers be chanelled along this line, the constitutional high-ground, by a ‘renewal of pledge to uphold and defend the constitution’ .

    1)”A Renewal of Pledge and an Affirmation of Loyalty to the Constitution!”.

    2) Affirms, and clarifies that, his sworn support is to the office not the person of the Commander-in-Chief;

    3) Questions the legitimacy of the GMA’s assumption to the office of the commander in chief: Is it in accordance with the constitution that the soldiers have sworn to defend?

    4) Questions GMA’s right to remain in office and;

    5) Invokes his moral right as a citizen and as a soldier to the sanctity and honor of his pledge, that the Constitution that he has sworn to uphold and defend with his life and his honor, not be violated and desecrated, in any way by, any official, civilian or military, including and especially, by the president and commander-in-chief of the Republic.

  9. I just hope the Ramos choice is not who I suspect it is, Bayani Fernando. I would prefer GMA.

  10. Billy Esposo and Fidel Ramos are among the EDSAII conspirators, both are self-possessed with an Unmitigated Messianic complex, blinded megalomaniacs at it again, laying palm leaves on the path for a triumphant entry of yet another one of their messiahs. These theives of hope should be hanged like the Judases that they are.

  11. Leah, is Bayani Fernando a Lakas-CMD party member? According to Mr. Esposo, that somebody is from that party. Mr. Esposo seemed to agree with him. He (Esposo) would reveal the name in his next column daw. Abangan.

    If it is not Bayani Fernando, then who could it be? Most likely that person they’re talking about is a Senator. Who are the Lakas senators. If Ramos’ chosen one is not from the Senate, who? Abangan.

  12. Thought it would of interest to read the Editorial (30 July 2006) in the Daily Tribune regarding GMAs health, where Ms. Cacho-Olivares says:

    “…she’s fine and she is raring to go back to work, but the doctors have ordered a strict change of lifestyle, workstyle and foodstyle, such as working from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. for public engagements and no longer keeping late nights. No more fatty and oily foods, no spicy foods — follow a strict regimented diet to keep healthy and hale.

    Excuse me, I’m no doctor, but a change of lifestyle and foodstyle after a bout of simple influenza is what doctors generally prescribe? Never heard of such prescription from doctors after catching the simple flu or a bad cold. Bed rest yes, for a brief period. Change of diet, yes, but only while recuperating.

    What that doctors’ prescription sounds to me has nothing to do with the flu. Hmmm. Could it be the liver? Ah, but that’s one spin that won’t be touched.”

    Read full text: commen…060730com2.html

  13. Long live the new anti-Arroyo movement that beat Black and White and the Gloria Step Down Movement: the Loose Bowel Movement (LBM) that sent the tsunano to hospital before.


    17 August 1993. PCIJ reported that the House Speaker, Jose de Venecia, left a trail of unpaid debts amounting to P5 billion, when he was head of the Landoil conglomerate in the 1980s. One week later, the Senate began an investigation of Landoil Resources Corporation.


  15. Juan Makabayan, to give credence to the above stand, Lim and the others have to provide more details on the military’s participation on any cheating that was done during the elections. It should be clear that it is not their role to take over the job of the civilian leadership but rather, to do some internal housekeeping to rid the military of its undesirable elements in the chain of command which, of course, happens to include the current ‘Commander in Chief’.

    On the principle of withdrawal of support, in DJB’s blog, he has an entry from a couple of months back tackling this issue. (In the comments, there are also dissenting views from Anna and MB.)

  16. Re: the above link to Belmont Club

    In his weblog, James Wolcott addresses the hawks’ endorsement of Belmont Club’s speculations:

    He writes: “It’s easy to be contrarian and unconventional when you’re spinning a scenario out of your cranium unmoored by actual data and journalism.

    I believe Wolcott gives the referenced Belmont Club post the treatment it deserves.

  17. Arroyo should be sent to the PGH the next time she becomes sick. Baka bigalng gumanda ang PGH kapag nangyari yon.

  18. there are six Lakas senators, but Revilla and Lapid are brain dead so they can be excluded; Flavier is too old and Magsaysay is sick.
    Pia is female, so that leaves only Gordon. he has some good qualities, surely better than GMA or Lacson, or Bayani. But he is already 60. with a Senate to keep him in check he would be ok. without a senate I would worry.

  19. Re: Hezbollah vs. Israel. May I suggest you consider the coverage of the talents from Everything is spin because the war is important. Please don’t allow too much spin to the left. Israel has a right to defend themselves, don’t you think so?

  20. cvj,

    thanks, the ‘sundalo’ website highlights ‘withdrawal of support’ as some sort of a battlecry. The dilemma remains but the season might have passed.

  21. gma is again released from the hospital. her physical condition time and again has been put to the test. what about her moral and legal capacities. when can the “authorities” be able to assess and determine if she can be “released” as well to continue serving as “president” or might as well determine that she can no longer function as such.

  22. MLQ,

    Not a Senator? Not a Congressman? But a Lakas administration government official? If this guy comes form the LGU ranks, I believe there are still quite a few decent, honest and strong-willed individuals there.

    In fact, the nation is tired of the usual suspects from both Houses. Is it Bayani Fernando? Is he a Lakas?

    Well, let’s see. This is getting interesting.

  23. From MSNBC ‘Israeli missiles hit several buildings in a southern Lebanon village as people slept Sunday, killing at least 56, most of them children‘. – It appears that Israel is exercising its right to defend itself against children. I wonder how the ‘townhall’ talents would spin this one.

  24. MLQ3,
    The anointed one “…has a strong God-fearing and God-loving background, displayed superb public administration skills, extremely likeable, NOT A CROOK which is rare for a Lakas-CMD man. The suspense ends on Monday.”

  25. MLQ3, Chabeli,

    There are only two people that comes to mind at the moment. Both are Lakas. Both are local government officials with superb administration skills. They’re Sonny Belmonte and Bayani Fernando. But your other descriptions fits Sonny Belmonte more accurately.

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  27. i saw this entry in the blog of

    Comment by Ronald Herrera on November 6, 2008 10:44 am
    I accidentally bumped on this article which was written by a group of Bisayans who called themselves “Circle of Founding Fathers”. This article by Yahoo as the besty answer to the question “who is your preferred next president of the Philippines”.

    To wit:

    “Whenever somebody ask who is the NEXT president of the Philippines, the top of the brand answer is always BAYANI FERNANDO…why?

    Just like the rest of them, I also prefer BAYANI FERNANDO as the next president because…….

    1. While Money Villar is working hard for money…insertions,behest loans, influence peddling, Bayani Fernando is in the field directing MMDA staff in fixing the drainage and water system of the squatters of Recto in front of Isetannn. Well, Bayani Fernando together with the Three Tenors, also raised money once in a while ….by singing and the beneficiaries are often the Churches and charitable institutions. Bayani Fernando agreed to join the Celebrity Duets and dont wonder if he donate half of his prize to the Caritas. Bayani Fernando has a soft heart for the Church because he was a Church worker (sacristan, yes, just like Basilio and Crispin), when he was a small boy.

    2. While Noli de Castro is leaving his first wife to marry a Muslim, Bayani Fernando was in EDSA Revolution with his construction equipments blocking the pro – Marcos tanks from open firing on the armless people in EDSA.

    3. While Mar Roxas is stalking Korina Sanchez ..appearing like a jologs teenager crazilly smittened with the oozing sex appeal of Korina, BAYANI FERNANDO is appearing presidentiable by sending people to typhoon stricken Panay.

    4. While Ping Lacson is being haunted by the public in the Kuratong and Dacer cases…. BAYANI FERNANDO will look at you straight in the eye and say in a charming Marikina accent na”wala pa syang pinapapatay sa buong buhay nya maski sino”.

    5. While Loren Legarda is marrying a married man now accused of murder, BAYANI FERNANDO has been a loyal husband to Marikina Mayor Marides Carlos Fernando (daughter of the old rich industrialist Meneleo Carlos) and a doting father to his only child Tala Fernando.

    6. “MAREA FROM Heaven” was dominating the political grapevine when GMA 7 featured the MAREA Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Ejercito and Arroyo in a primetime. FROM is Fernando, Roxas, probably Osmena again and probably Magsaysay again. Then HEAVEN, which is still too mystrious to predict. Then GMA 7 invited Bayani Fernando to join the Celebrity Duets and FVR has revealed a “slip of the tongue” in an speaking engagement that the next president is a bayani (hero) and a pink panther which of course he clarified the next day…the usual psywar charm of the dear FVR.

    7. Then there was a talk that Noli de Castro accepted a “downpayment’ for him to run for reelection as VP, and not as President.

    8.. Then the “C5 at Taga” scandal which effectively cut down Money Villar to a money making businessman masquerading as a public servant.

    9. Then people are printing BAYANI FERNANDO stickers and paste them in their cars….and reports have it that this BAYANI FERNANDO stickers and poster are sprouting all over the country.

    What is really MAREA FROM HEAVEN? It is the mysterious spirit that put an ordinary housewife, a lowly paid professional soldier and a college drop out into the Philippine presidency…(But hey, the Atheist group of UP Diliman is promoting the MAREA DeVil Team..whatever that is….)

    Well, all said, the direction is pointing to BAYANI FERNANDO becoming the next president….the script is FROM HEAVEN…..”

    Comment by tropicalrain143 on November 12, 2008 5:52 am
    What really scares me is that BF’s tack just might work. *shudder* Even though BF may not have that many supporters, vis-a-vis Villar or Noli who have vast amounts of money and machinery at their disposal, BF’s supporters are loyal and avid. A group of them have even taken time to make up this “marea from heaven” bullcrap and posted it all over the internet. It’s all over the place. It’s either that, or one of BF’s enemies has the crass craftiness of circulating disgusting propaganda in BF’s name.

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