Roll out the barrel

The party line is, Arroyo in triumphal mood. Therefore, Sona: Economy is the focus.

My column for today has a different view… it’s going to be a scene straight out of the Gulag Archipelago. Amando Doronila says the mood is the message (something Bong Austero discusses, too: the mood is indifference). And the Inquirer editorial reminds readers that the lack of legitimacy has kept the country in a rut.

Here’s the real inspiration for the SONA:

Oh, and someone wants me cleansed.

Oh. and watch this. Someone from Akbayan is a genius! (Found via Random Thoughts).

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

12 thoughts on “Roll out the barrel

  1. that craigslist entry was really funny. 😛 long live manolo and the rest of the Filipino people that are not afraid to say what they see, yun hindi nagbubulag-bulagan at nagpapauto

  2. “The people are tired of politics and the President is, too. The Sona will not be a political speech. It will be a highly rhetorical speech,” Presidential Spokesman Ignacio Bunye said.(Quoted in Manila Standard.)

    Rhetoric – artificial eloquence; language that is showy and elaborate but largely empty of clear ideas or sincere emotion

    Rhetorical – using or characterized by mere rhetoric, or artificial eloquence; showy and elborate in style

    A ventriloquist’s dummy should not speak unless he is sitting on the ventriloquist’s lap. For the past two days, lap dummies have been talking out of turn and making the most startling confessions about their true nature, (yesterday’s Singaw ad) and the emptiness of Gloria’s SONA even before she delivers it.

    For those who like reading transcripts of SONAS, I’m sure they notice that at the end of certain key phrases there is usually the word “applause” in parenthesis. The word is not inserted after the SONA is transcribed. It is written as a guide to the speaker. and the rehearsed audience. Applause lines, ika nga. This year’s SONA will be the first time that those applause cues will be replaced by peso amounts so that the applause will be graduated. I heard that “standing ovation” has been replaced by P25,000.00 Polite applause accompanied with beaming smiles – P2000.00 and a Nancy Reagan type of admiring glance is P4000.00
    Go to the Btasan early, register and get your copy of the cue sheet. You don’t want to clap at the wrong time.

  3. “Powerful you have become, the Dark Side I sense in you.”

    “The Dark Side clouds everything.Impossible to see the future is.”

    “Blind we are, if the creation of this clone army we could not see.”

    “The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun, this Clone War has.”

    “Stopped they must be; on this all depends. “

  4. Yes, MB, I’m surprised myself at the glaring literary blunders Malacanang people are committing. It’s got to be the pressure of work. A “legion” of battle fronts to fight. Too many lies to cover up. Gray matter turning into goo and poo.

  5. She may call it SONA, while the rest of the country could only wish:
    SANA…makapag-aral ang mga anak ko.
    SANA…mapakain ko ng masustansya ang pamilya ko. SANA…maipagamot ko ang ama kong may sakit.
    SANA…makahanp na ako nang trabaho.
    SANA…may masilungan kaming bubong.
    SANA…magkaroon ng hustisya.
    SANA…mapag-kasya ko ang kakarampot kong kinita.
    SANA…Puro na lang “sana”.
    SANA…mawala ka at ang mga alipores sa puwesto, para naman guminhawa na kaming lahat.

  6. Hello, Mlq3, MB, Phil, Schumey,

    So, we hear Gloria is about to deliver or is delivering the speech of her life while 10 senators decided not to attend to her person.

    I say, good on them. I don’t see why they should be forced to attend to someone so morally inadequate styling herself as president when all she will be delivering is a pack of lies laced with power manure.

    It’s time to end the charade. Gloria does not respect the Senate so why should those who feel seriously offended by her, torture themselves further by attending to her person in Congress today? Let’s leave JdV, the ultimate rat, and his pack of rats to cater to the rat queen.

    Schumey, sana magkakatotoo ang hiling ng marami sa ating bayan.

    MLQ3, just want to tell you I felt “Roll out the barrel” is as powerful as the 16,000 armed troopers guarding the person of Gloria if not more powerful. “Roll out the barrel” is on target and and therefore more lethal. Congratulations, Mlq3!

  7. The squatter from the palace by the stinky pasig is hoping that she can work better with incoming senate president Manny Villar.

    There was a certain ring of content exhilaration in her voice when she acknowledged Villar by congratulating him at the SONA for his assumption of the senate presidency..

    I pray to God that there was no deal made with the devil and that Villar hasn’t gone over to the Dark Side.

    I wonder about his stand on charter change which Gloria is pushing, since a unicameral legislature virtually spells its death.

    I really want to believe that Villar will still have an independent Senate dedicated to justice, truth, and service to the people.

  8. that is..”I wonder about his stand on charter change which Gloria is pushing, since a unicameral legislature virtually spells the death of the senate” is what I meant to say..

    and that with Villar, we will still have a noble senate that the people deserve.

  9. Phil’s “the SONA was a “howling” success. She fed the dogs.”
    Fed with first class dog food eh? T-bone steaks to boot.
    Give dogs a T-bone steak once and they will howl for more.
    Many of our legislators are corrupt to the bone.

  10. Arroyo said she would talk about what people want.Hey, what do the entire Filipino nation crave for? Do we need new ports, high-ways and roads and other infra upgrading rather than nutritious yet affordable foods and quality education?

  11. im not on d side of gma neither on any other politicians but come to thnk of it, why not see the bright side instead of trackng down only the preidents’s mistakes?,shes just a human and of course shes not capable of doing everything overnyt..even in previous administrations,critics are always present,remember during the time of pres.estrada,people wanted him to leave the office,,thousands and even millions supported it that they even executed the so called edsa 2 and supported gma in replacing the position but what after?because shes not able to give everybody’s demands they want her to leave the office,,and who will be the next?,,regardless of whoever the leader whould be,if we personally will not help ourselves in uplifting the way of life that we have now,nothing will happen..we”ll end up craving for more and give really negative critics to our leaders..lets look on the brighter side,,besides we are the one responsible of bringing the leaders to the positions that they are enjoying now..peace everyone

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