State of the Nation on The Explainer tonight

Tonight on The Explainer, my show will be about the State of the Nation address. Guests will be Jonathan Malaya, co-editor of a definitive book on presidential speeches, and Inquirer Senior Editor Jon Neri, who also has the Newsstand blog. Do join us from 6 to 7 pm on ANC.

Some Filipinos have sought refuge in Catholic churches in Beirut.

Fred G. Rosario recounts what it was like to evacuate Filipinos from the Middle East in 1991.

In The Daily Nightly, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams blogs about broadcasting live from the Middle East.

Andrew Sullivan suggests what may be emerging is a kind of Mideast civil war between Sunni and Shi’ites. Uri Avnery says Israel wants to install a puppet government. The famous Stratfor think tank suggests Israel is poised to mount a full scale invasion.

Washington Note well, notes how the US plan to evacuate its nationals from Lebanon by cruise ship may have unintended (or intended?) consequences. Shmuel Rosner examines whether democracy for Arab nations remains a viable proposition.

See: travels through Hezbollahland.

In China: problems with exporting Mandarin.

Senators say impeachment’s doomed; Palace tries to apply mouth-to-mouth to keep “people’s initiative” alive a few more months. The Department of Justice starts hauling in people it accuses of supporting a military withdrawal of support but hedges on going further in accusing members of the clergy of involvement.

Malaya newspaper asks: is US using Bolante to blackmail the President?

What world leaders discuss over a piece of bread. Smile, you’re on candid microphone!

Eruptions and tsunamis meanwhile put a grim mood on things.
In the punditocracy, Conrado de Quiros says bearing down on supporters of the foiled military withdrawal of support can only reveal how illegitimate the government is.

Juan Mercado focuses on the bishops’ condemnation of political killings by government and the NPA.

Tony Abaya bids farewell to his wife.

In the blogosphere, inthe PCIJ blog, in response to some government-friendly ads, the comments wax poetical (and polemical).

Through Liberal Chronicles, you can view the table of contents of The Liberal Chronicles, and get yourself a free copy of the book.


I was quite happy to have been asked to contribute a chapter to the book, and was quite saddened that the book became a casualty of the Liberal Party split (I have good friends on both sides of the divide). Mercifully, the book seems available, so do get a copy (regardless of what your party affiliations, if any, might be).

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

12 thoughts on “State of the Nation on The Explainer tonight

  1. So, tepok na impeachment complaint. One Voice, kailangan pa ba ninyong maghintay ng 2007 elections? Sige na, huwag na kayong magkunwaring mahiya. Cooperate na kayo kay gma – ngayon na!

    One Voice, all together now: Happy days are here again…

  2. When Shias and Sunnis rumble the Jews get it in the neck. Now Uncle Sam will make sure the Jews wipe out the crazies in Syria, Iran and Iraq. Guess who watches with glee as everyone in the Middle East kills each other. Now would be the time to make investments in real estate in Lebanon. (For risk takers) a good bet. The hedge funds that bought postions forward for oil in the next few years at $50+ are looking good to cash out very soon. Man this thing called finance capitalism really rocks!!!!

    The Muslim Brotherhood the father of Hamas was created by the U.S. and Israel to counter the secular authoritarian rule of Egypt’s Nasser. Thier leader is in Syria. Egypt would like him dead. So with the King of Jordan. Hezbollah in Lebanon caters to the Shia population in Lebanon. Osama Bin Laden a Sunni has declared open war on the Shia’s in Iraq and in Lebanon. Iran has always supported Hezbollah in Lebanon as a defensive layer vs. Israel. Iranians are not Arabs. Hezbollah and Al Qaeda obviously do not like each other. Al qaeda also do not like the iranians who are mainly Shia’s. Do you think Hezbollah will unite the Arab and Iranians in a final war vs. Israel. The crazies in the U.S. would hope so. That would enable Rumsfeld and Cheney to spread democracy all over the Middle East and off course the small matter of oil. Whoever said that the war on terror is about Muslim fundamentalism taking hold of the Middle East should have their heads examined. It is about black gold and the power it bestows and of yeah, those guys in the east who need it badly, the Chinese and Indians. Otherwise the white men continue to rule. The Sunnis in Saudi Arabia are watching intently as Uncle Sam weaves its net tighter and tighter.
    “Iraq’s new government has another able leader in Speaker Mashhadani. … He rejects the use of violence for political ends. And by agreeing to serve in a prominent role in this new unity government, he’s demonstrating leadership and courage.” President Bush, May 22, 2006

    “Some people say ‘we saw you beheading, kidnappings and killing. In the end we even started kidnapping women who are our honor.’ These acts are not the work of Iraqis. I am sure that he who does this is a Jew and the son of a Jew.” Mahmoud Mashhadani, speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, July 13, 2006

    “It is simple to join emotionally in George Bush’s culture war against the axis of evil,” editorialized Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper, “but it must be remembered that, at the end of the day, it is the citizens of Israel and not the Americans who have to continue living in the Middle East. Therefore, we have to think of ways that will make it possible for us to coexist, even with those we do not enjoy being with.”

  3. mlq3, interesting topic. i read somewhere that this year’s SONA will be heavy on economic matters and mega-regions. karl, do you have a blog of your own that i can visit? thanks.

  4. ‘NYAMAN* NA?!

    Kahapon ay babaeng palengke
    At inis na isang estudyante.
    Ngayon nama’y si Claire de la Fuente.
    Bukas kaya’y sino namang leche?

    *contracted Kapampangan for delicious
    leche – a dessert

  5. manolo,

    despite the slide glitches, your show tonight was much, much better! caroline was excellent and you came off as more relaxed and confident (baka it’s the suit! hehehe). your guests gave clear, instructive points. good job, mlq3!

  6. hvrds, interesting explanation on who’s who in the middle east. good of you to point out that iranians are not arabs. it’s not clear who’s using who though. the oil companies do benefit from higher prices, but this also accelarates the development of alternative energy sources and changes consumer behavior. the neocons have their wars, but they better cross their fingers that the American public does not wake up, or they may be hunted down by dogs. the evangelicals are ecstatic with anticipation but i’m not entirely sure they will be raptured. in the meantime, the US military today is at its weakest having done three years mercenary work for Israel (and Iran). There is a lot of truth to Mahathir’s statement that “…the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.” i’m hoping that the saner elements of Israeli and American society are able to take control before its too late.

  7. Hi Manolo!

    Guesting on your show was an excellent experience. Thanks for the invite though I only got to know about it when I read your column hehehe Your format is very informative. Unfortunately, there was limited time for the discussion. Hope you could do something about it 🙂

    Im also pleasantly surprised to see our book, Liberal Chronicles, featured prominently here. The book will soon be available in NBS and Powerbooks through Anvil. For a preview, do visit

    Congratulations once again and keep rocking!

  8. Ms. Toots,
    I do have a blog ,Its been a few weeks since my last blog…anyways,just click on my name.If that does not
    Thanks,for asking.

    Re: the show
    Great,show the explainee this time had experience in interviewing kaya she knows when to time her questions.

    Bitin, pero di naman pwede isacrifice yung research and lectures, kundi di na bagay yung explainer title pag bianwasan yun.

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