Coward’s courage?

Everyone and his uncle has a theory on why the Lim tape was released, and who did the releasing, but what irks me are those who issue dares to supporters of Lim to come out in the open, not because they believe support for Lim was right, but because they think it was wrong.

Why should they? To be ducks fish in a barrel, and in the line of fire of a government engaged in reliving the tactics of the martial law government and the Japanese Occupation?

The last thing a person owes a regime to which he is opposed is cooperating in his own destruction. That’s the regime’s job -bluntly put, self-defense allows it to destroy its enemies, but you can’t expect anyone to do it any favors (if it respected certain limits, it might have right on its side; but this is not a government that respects any limits). And for people to cackle at a supposed lack of courage on the part of those being dared to put the noose around their necks, only shows how easy it is to demand courage from way behind the front lines. After all, the President on down has the might of the armed forces, police, the investigative and prosecutorial arms of the civilian State, to secure them; the rest have nothing but their wits and wiles. Don’t ask favors from those to whom not a single favor are being granted by you (such as even the benefit of the doubt when it comes to convictions).

The news, even if half true, points to more agonizing over the consequences of their actions than has ever, at any time, been demonstrated by those claiming to have legitimacy. You can be sure there has never been an iota of concern for avoiding bloodshed, or preserving rights and freedoms, on the part of the administration. None. And now you demand the “courage of convictions” from the opponents of the regime?

At the end of the day, the South China Morning Post’s headline sums the whole thing up: Arroyo is fake leader, says general in videotape. And the question demands an answer: agree or disagree? Regardless of whether the tape is genuine or not. Meanwhile, perhaps the Palace is happy it is making Gen. Senga sweat. Or it is confident enough to try to smoke out residual rebels. And likes the chance it has to bare its fangs.

In other things… Max Soliven says Sec. Mike Defensor’s brainchild is the Madyaas Confederation, being launched tomorrow.

I’ve never understood opposition to raising tuition fees, because as the opposition is usually phrased, it’s opposing the wrong thing: a denial that things actually cost money. A quality education is expensive. What should be made available are means to extend loans or subsidies to cover the real costs of a quality education: and that involves many other reforms, such as allowing people to have jobs that enable them to give back what was given to them.

And what’s this about a Google PC?

In the punditocracy, My column for today, Complicity’s price, points to the real confrontation going on in our society. In 2004, the President decided (at best) Philippine democracy had to be saved from the people or (at worst) that she would stay in power by hook or by crook. Probably both. And many others felt the same way, and assisted the President. To my mind, if, in opposition to the President, others then try to go where the President and some of her supporters already were in 2004, how can they complain in 2006?

Manuel Buencamino on using religion versus religion.

Adel Tamano tries to explain why the President should welcome impeachment. Brian Yap speaks of a Malaysian malaise.

In the blogosphere, Pajamas Media is abuzz with the missile tests of North Korea.

Out of my mind weighs in with a different view on bishops and impeachment. He bewails the continued erosion of civility.

Bunker Chronicles has advice for the opposition.

Belmont Club on Jose Abad Santos. Also refer to this and this in the Philippines Free Press blog.

Achieving Happiness on words as weapons.

Iloilo City Boy on sex video scandals in his city.

Another Hundred Years hence has two fascinating entries, here and here, on maps, and planning such as the puzzling lack of interconnectivity of transport systems.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

63 thoughts on “Coward’s courage?

  1. On the Cycle of Coups: “Sauce for the Goose is sauce for the Gander.” The moral lesson: by coup you stood tall(small?), by coup you shall fall.

  2. A press conference was just held by the AFP and the PNP. They announced the capture of 7 Magdalo soldiers who had escaped months ago. General Esperon was all over himself trying to upstage AFP Chief Senga and PNP Chief Calderon. Best he wait till he gets appointed AFP Chief before acting in such a manner. In fact, he should not act in such a manner even if he gets to be appointed. Scampering all over makes one look like a squirrel.

  3. Ok lang ang ginawa ni Lim. Gloria is not the president. He wants to return us to the rule of law. If we approve of any action taken against him, based on his withdrawal of support for an illegitimate regime, then we are, in effect, granting a semblance of legitimacy to Gloria

  4. mb, point of clarification: Lim’s statement has two principal parts 1) GMA is illegitimate 2) he withdraws support from ‘president?'(did he address her?) GMA.
    ‘Withdrawal of support’ pressumes support was previously, knowingly, legally(?!), officially, as-a-matter-of-factly, as-a-matter-of-due-course sworn and given to the OFFICE of the commander in chief, not to the person of GMA. Lim is not withdrawing support from the ‘office’ of the commander-in-chief, neither withdrawing it from GMA because it is not to her that he has sworn support. Perhaps ‘withdrawal of support’ is a misnomer or an erronious declaration. Lim’s move should have been, 1)”An Affirmation of Loyalty to the Constitution!”. 2)Affirm, and clarifies that, his sworn support is to the office not the person of the C-Chief;3) Question the legitimacy of the GMA assumption to the office of the commander in chief in accordance to the constitution he has sworn to defend. (?)

  5. Tama ka Juan.
    He was withdrawung support from her kasi illegitmate nga yung babae. Maybe support and recognition of legitimacy was something Lim gave GMA before the Garci tapes issue. I believe he supported GMA after edsa dos . Some people were even saying he sold out kc he accepted a promotion after edsa dos. . But I think he left her after the Garci tapes came out.

    So okay lang ang ginawa ni Lim. He was declaring he did not recognize her legitimacy and that he was withdrawing his personal support for her.

  6. mb, thanks, I find the ‘withdrawal of support’ imprecise as to Lim’s intent and justification; ‘renewal of pledge to uphold and protect the constitution’ is a clearer context.

  7. Though I agree you Juan Makabayan with your statement that “renewal of pledge to uphold and protect the constitution” should be the proper justification for Gen. Lim’s intent and also much clearer. However, GLORIA was the acknowledged President and CIC of AFP prior the “Hello Garci Tapes,” even perhaps by Gen. Lim and mainstream opposition groups.

    As for me, I’ve never recognized GLORIA as my President; hence Gen. Lim did not violate the chain of command, the articles of war and the constitution. He was simply trying to rectify the historical injustice committed by GLORIA and her minions against the people who voted Fernando Poe, Jr. as President and of course to uphold the rule of law, protect the constitution and bring back morality in governance.

  8. thanks anna and pingkian,

    in pursuing the point, i’m hoping that the restiveness among our soldiers be chanelled along this line, perhaps that’s the way to go, taking the constitutional high-ground…

  9. Ana,
    I do not think I am intellectually dishonest when I said that the conspiracy between the Reds and the civil society and other power blocs would never succeed. And may I ask you which faction of the Reds are you talking about? The Netherlands or the hinterlands?

    I also do not believe you about the conspiracy between GMA and the Reds which succeeded in toppling Erap.(Do I sense an Erapian here?)Because if it is so, then Joma could have already made a great balikbayan and if it is the other faction, which faction of the faction?


  10. Do stop moewing senselessly Cat, will you? If you don’t believe that, then tough. Who cares? I don’t – you’re starting to be so tedious and boring in the extreme.

    So, do be quiet now, will you – I gotta watch the Wimbledon doubles now so, off you go…

    There’s a good cat…

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