Saludo as provocateur


Yesterday, a supporter of One Voice received a text message broadcasted by Sec. Ric Saludo that stated:

“Cardinal Vidal denies signing One Voice manifesto as claimed by Monsod in Inquirer June 30, p. A19. Let’s denounce One Voice deception and sacrilege.”

A second SMS from the same Palace official stated that “Per interview with Bobby Nalzaro, GMA Super Radio, in Cebu today 2pm, Cardinal Vidal Spokesperson Msgr. Dacay denied that the Cardinal signed or supported the One Voice manifesto. Dacay told Bobby that the Cardinal got the manifesto in May but didnt sign. RPN9 has also reported that Vidal didn’t sign.

In today’s column of Carmen N. Pedrosa (member, Consultative Commission) in Philippine Star, she wrote:

“Breaking News: Monsignor Dacay, speaking on behalf of Cardinal Vidal during an interview with Bobby Nazario, GMA Super Radio, Cebu City yesterday afternoon said the cardinal did not sign or support the manifesto of the One Voice movement.”

Before this issue is blown up out of proportion, driven by efforts to undermine the credibility of One Voice, Christian Monsod issued the following statement:

I personally met with His Eminence Cardinal Vidal on June 26 at a residence in Wack-Wack subdivision regarding One Voice, during which time the Cardinal gave his express permission for us to announce that he had joined One Voice.

I understand that Cardinal Vidal will make a statement on our conversation when he comes back on July 14.

The permission on June 26 confirmed an earlier text I received on June 21 from Fr. Melo Diola, of Barug Pilipino in Cebu, that the Cardinal told him he signed the statement of One Voice.

As to the matter of an unsigned form that is in the possession of Msgr. Dacay, I think that is a matter between him and the Cardinal. Perhaps Msgr. Dacay was not privy to the conversation between the Cardinal and Fr. Diola or to my meeting with the Cardinal.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

35 thoughts on “Saludo as provocateur

  1. Oh! Oh! Did Pope Benedict say something about the church meddling in the Business of the Govt? Or just a coincidence? Between the Two sides, I’ll take Christian Monsod’s. A simple yes, if ever given is as good as any signature, though easily denied, but hard to disprove. Granted, the Pope made it known that He doesn’t want His flocks to actively Participate in the Overthrow (by impeachment) of His recent State Visitor, who did her best to have the death Penalty signed into law and offered as the Gift to His Holiness, then Cardinal Vidal is caught between the Rock and the Brimstone. But why wait until July l4?

  2. Saludo ako sa pang-iintriga mo. Dapat sa’yo Sec. ng Chismis. Umpisa na ang labanan, credibility vs. credibility. Psy-war ng administration para sirain ang ugnayan ng mga kalaban nila. May bago pa ba? Diyan lang magaling ang mga tuta ni pandak, ang maghasik ng kasinungalingan.

  3. The Credibility Showdown

    GMA & Saludo & Co. vs the Bishops; Forked Tongues vs One Voice

    Has Malacanang operators formed a secret movement to counter One Voice? Is it called the ‘Forked Tongues Movement’? lead by Bunyi, Defensor, Ermita, Claudio, Saludo lined up against the Bishops, Christian & Solita Monsod, MLQ3,..?

    Forked Tongue secret convenor,
    Sec. Rick Saludo last night that: “Cardinal Vidal denies signing One Voice manifesto as claimed by Monsod in Inquirer June 30, p. A19. Lets denounce One Voice deception and sacrilege.”

    Lets denounce Forked Tongues’ lies and deception.

  4. Manolo,

    The stage has been set: LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE! It seems that the administration is spooked by your movement. And they know very well that SIGAW could lose its VOICE in a shouting match. GMA’s “spin-doctors” have to step in to try and drown your VOICE in intrigue instead. You might as well prick their TONGUES with a FORK.

  5. credibility vs credibility. yan nga problema – walang credible. kampi si ate glo sa one voice, kunwari lang hindi. Bakit kanyo? dahil naayos na eleksyon. Hinhintayin na lang cooperation. Si no bulag o malabo mata diyan!

  6. One Voice has now all the support, moral, intellectual and physical so I reckon it cannot fail.

    Just like France’s Les Bleus team (that played to perfection, superb tactics, great stamina and cohesion – they beat Brazil 1-0 to make it to the semi-finals World Cup 2006), One Voice can make it too if they have the same team spirit!

    Allez One Voice, Allez!

  7. So Anna,
    Ronaldo’s record number of goals was reduced to nothing.
    Viva la France!

    All things are going well,looks like I have to agree with Ricky Carandang and Dean Bocobo that chacha is dead.Let us see what will happen to the impeachment(though, they have different reasons for saying so).For those who cannot differentiate One voice from the voice of one,time to see the difference.
    All amplifiers of sigaw has now been busted!

  8. Looks like mali ang naingitan ko ng parenthesis.Dapat after chacha is dead
    At konting correction ..
    DJB,says because of the stand of the bishops chacha is in danger but Ricky is actually very confident that chacha is dead.

    So the cabinet secrectary is saying something outside the affairs of the cabinet.Dehins ako Saludo sa iyo!

  9. I agree, Schumey. They’re scared of One Voice. What more if 80 million voices joined up?

  10. MLQ

    The attack on your credibitlity by Salud is a good sign. It means Malacanan found out that the public finds you credible.

    The hysterical reaction of Abueva, Lambino, Pedrosa and others focus mainly on the “elitist” composition of One Voice. It shows they are concerned about the quality of the elites you have attracted. The cha-cha group does not have your kind of elites backing them that’s why they are stressing the importance of numbers, imaginary or otherwise. Malacanan is aware that the power of the elite can neuralize whatever imaginary numbers they have that’s why they are shitting all over themselves.

    Keep it up and keep the focus on anti-chacha. That is the real battle and that is the real referendum, not the 2007 elections where we will be cheated for sure.

  11. As long as the malignant spirits by the Pasig are being thwarted in every turn, there is more chance that their plans will go awry. They cannot be left alone to do whatever they please. Am glad there are groups and individuals (opposition and civil society) who continue to do battle with this Evil Empire. This is no time to be pessimistic. Enjoy the battle. It’s like chess. Marcos was brilliant. Yet he lost the game.

  12. Yes Phil, even the tongresmen are scare of the repercussions of how they’ll handle the impeachment. Even Pichay is very careful with his statements. One Voice may have unwittingly or wittingly pushed a button that activated the administration to go into panic mode. Toying with the impeachment this time around could lead to One Voice’s indirect referendum. Now the tongressmen is in a bind for any wrong move they make could lead to their and their family’s political demise. We should thank One Voice for putting the pretender’s cohorts in a tighter bind.

  13. Yes Phil Cruz, Marcos may have lost few battles, but not the total war. Look who are enjoying the spoils of his exploits? The very reason why nobody learned from that so-called “downfall’ of the Great Dictator..And every succeeding one just getting bolder.

  14. Anna, France’s Les Bleus team really played a great game, vive le France !!

  15. As in chess, the combination of moves achieves a strategic or tactical advantage that ultimately leads to a win. Now that the Bishops are positioned threatening the opposing Queen’s position, Malacanang is on a counter offensive against the Bishops (offense, they say, is the best defense; Malacanang patented counter-moves: pre-emptive strikes, CPR,P1017etc),

    the Silent Military can make a strong move via mass resignation,

    the Silent Majority must now be decided to get involved by mass rallies or small but widespread packets of rallies that are CPR-proof, or by simple symbolic protests like white ‘impeach-GMA’ ribbons on cars, or prepare and go on a general strike;

    the Students (specially of Catholic schools, taking the Bishop’s lead) can make a lot of impact by flash protest rallies in their campuses.
    As the French Blue team shows, better teamwork makes the difference between winning and losing.

  16. Hi Karl, Schumey, Juan Makabayan, and others,

    Thanks for the plaudits. I do hope the French team’s esprit de corps won’t waiver. At the end of the day, at the level of all those national world class levels, Portugal, Germany and Italy included, a strong esprit de corps could make the difference…

    In the same manner, I believe the people of the Philippines can make a difference with a strong, unbreakable esprit de corps to defeat Gloria, her minions and her berdugo Palparan!

    I therefore wish reiterate a similar rallying – as if we’re in in a World Cup match – cry for One Voice, “Allez, One Voice, Allez!” “Allez, One Voice, Allez!” (Go, One Voice, Go!)

  17. Ana,

    And we can add – “Alis, Gloria, Alis” ( Get the F**k out, Gloria, Get the F**k out!)

  18. JMakabayan,

    Yoda would say, “A strategic mind, you have.”

    And I’d say, “Pesky ants spoil a Queen’s picnic.”

  19. Manuel,

    I like that “Alis, Alis”.


    You’re “Begone” is quite hilarious too.

    Maybe Manolo will come out with a cheerleading contest next time. Hahaha

  20. Phil, July 8 last year the Queer teetered; now, is the Queer tottering that a well-timed well-aimed nudge can do the trick?

    Schumey, I wish for a rock band, a JuanVoice Rock Band on a campus tour, I can hear “We will, we will rock Glue !!!”

  21. In chess, it is imperative that the queen is kept alive but it seems there’s not much Malacanang players can do in the face of checkmate, I reckon they cannot do anything but sacrifice the queen in the scheme of things.

  22. As an avid amateur chess players would tell you, the end game is in tatters for Malacanang.

    I would sacrifice my bishops and even one of my knights to checkmate…

  23. I once challenged Benjie Defensor, then PAF ACS A-5 to a chess game. I knew he was one of the best players in PAF. I told him that if I won that singular match, he would back down. I sacrficed my queen but he was checkmated. He backed down.

  24. anna de brainy et de brave vs Glo de braggadocio et manloloko
    1st round KO si Glo !! Vive le France !!

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