Liquidation attribution

Fidel V. Ramos throws in the towel: the man’s licked, and knows it.

Amado Macasaet of Malaya writes that American pressure’s headed off attempts to push plans for martial law.

The Inquirer and the Business Mirror both editorialize on the President’s statistical fudging: expect greater scrutiny of official facts and figures from now on. Slate has an apropos article: When Presidents Fib: Little lies matter, too. All presidents fudge, but even fudging should have its limits.

Great head for an opinion piece on Thaksin: New clouds gather as lame duck insists it can fly:

If Thaksin’s ability to fix the economic woes confronting the Kingdom in his “only I know best” style has suddenly become obsolete, his political credibility has been thrown even more in doubt. He has become a political liability to the country, the very symbol of divisiveness. A politically weakened leader obviously can’t produce economic miracles, however hard he may try to portray the illusion that the nation is badly in need of a guy with a magic wand.

Well, we’re headed for an Enchanted Kingdom over here, so… Expect Thaksin to start saying, “let’s move on!”

Overabundant contempt is my column for today.

Contending views on the ongoing liquidation of radicals and journalists: Billy Esposo pins the blame firmly on the military. Tony Abaya pins the blame, firmly, too, on ex-Communists. Connie Veneracion says there’s simply too little information to know for certain, but takes a dim view of the military. Meanwhile, the President promotes a new bunch of generals. The Manila Times in its editorial says focusing on political killings ignores an equally troubling reality: summary killings in Cebu.

Manuel Buencamino says the government follows a 12 step program in responding to allegations (later proven true) it abducts political opponents.

Speaking of Communists killing their own, Ma Jian alleges cannibalism was a feature of the Cultural Revolution. Speaking of modern-day China, this article describes Chinas emerging (and aggressive) cyber culture.

Speaking of the ethnic Chinese, The Bunker Chronicles warns of perceptions of indifference to society’s ills on the part of Filipino Chinese.

Peryodistang Pinay muses on how journalism’s changed, and how experts in certain fields being trained to write news may be the way to go, instead of trying to teach journalists how to tackle subjects like economics.

Gail Ilagan suggests too much is being crammed into little brains, and that children are being denied the socialization that’s necessary in early childhood education.

atty-at-work on regaining Philippine citizenship.

Carlos Celdran’s outrage over the demolition of a Manila theater makes the news.

Gigi goes gaga writes charmingly on watching porn.

Vain Boys Don’t Kill Themselves visits the Mall of Asia (it has iMax!).

NBC sells news specials on iTunes: shouldn’t ABS-CBN and GMA7 and Channel 5 do the same?

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “Liquidation attribution

  1. Hi Manolo – This must be the first time I’ve ever seen the words “charming(ly)” and “porn” in the same sentence. I bet the last time I will ever, too. 🙂 Batjay, as always, nailed it when he wrote in my comment box that watching porn without the actual sex scenes is like watching the “Sound of Music” without the songs. I’m going to file that one in my brain for later use.

  2. MLQ3,

    Hi, belated maligayang bati,

    Re: Mr.Macasaet’s ‘Martial Law?’ post,

    Do you anticipate anything big happening during the months of June and July? Will GMA make a calculated move to breakthrough the impasse via the Cha-cha? Martial Law to force a joint assemby/conass on the Senate? Wala namang papalag eh. The US is in a tight fix, GMA can bribe with the Mutual Engagement Board, a Base in case of war on Iran. I’m sure GMA will get US support if it serves US interest enough. For GMA and Bush the months ahead are very critical.

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