Earthquake weather

The Earthquake in Indonesia reminds me of something my father used to say when the weather was very hot, and unnaturally still: “earthquake weather.” Seems we’ve been having that kind of weather lately.

Some quick links:

Thailand’s The Nation editorializes on the economic dangers of a parliament unable to convene.

Hugo Chavez’s kiss of death, politically.

Slate on What the framers [of the US Constitution] would say about raids on congressional offices.

Hanging judge: former Chief Justice Davide in limbo over his U.N. appointment.

Futile flags is my column today, inspired by this Manila Times feature, on the makers of flags.

World press leaders debate how to join Internet revolution: read also Ethan Zuckerman on the dangers of breaking up the internet into “internets” -at a time when, according to Jakob Nielsen, the world has one billion internet users, and another billion in a decade.

A colleague inquired as to when the parliamentary system envisioned by the 1973 Constitution became a semi-parliamentary one. This time line is very helpful.

Blair’s Congressional gold medal: for some reason, he won’t pick it up.

Region 6 demographics, courtesy of Iloilo City Boy.

comelec AKO has a practical suggestion for promoting English proficiency.

Bunker Chronicles points to the First Family of Taiwan’s media woes.

Measly Meanderings on the perils of entrepreneurship.

In Online Journalism Review, a columnist-blogger discusses the balancing act required by two different kinds of writing.

Bloggers Punzi and La Vida Lawyer helped with Talk of the Town!

Mamutong points to an intriguing item on the Japanese and Mindanao.

Out of my mind on vigilantism.

baratillo@cubao on fact checking.

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8 thoughts on “Earthquake weather

  1. Re: Zuckerman’s ‘internets’ – if we compare the Internet to the power grid, the content providers would be involved in power generation while the bandwidth providers are into power distribution ala Meralco. In a deregulated environment, the optimal model is a clean separation between generation and distribution, which when applied to the Internet, means net neutrality. The problems come when business interests involved in distribution attempt to get entangled in matters involving content, which is good for those firms (i.e. telcos) but bad for other types of businesses and the community in general.

  2. speaking of net neutrality, the ‘name’ and ‘mail’ input boxes does not appear when i use IE 6.0 browser. (i had to submit the above comment using mozilla firefox.)

  3. Re: The article on Hugo Chavez.

    I refer you to two articles reprinted in

    One article “Globalization’s Watchdogs” places the article you linked in its proper context.

    The other article “The Politics of Oil” tells us why Chavez is being portrayed as the Ayatollah of Latin America.

  4. Im glad that we Pinoys do not use that detestable act of flag-burning as a form of protest. The flag is the symbol of the people and not of the government that protestors oppose. Flag burning isnt free speech. I think it is very close to an act of treason. When directed at another country, say for example in the burning of the American flag, it is an act of contempt for the American people, not an act of contempt for the American government.

    The Earthquake in Indonesia reminds me of something my father used to say when the weather was very hot, and unnaturally still: “earthquake weather.”

    This has some science behind it, although not in the context that the popular earthquake weather myth has it. Scientists are studying the effect of the melting of the glaciers due to global warming–tons and tons of ice–on the action of the earth’s crust. As the glaciers melt and the weight on the crust is not longer concentrated on a limited space, scientists think that this has a profound effect on seismic and volcanic activity. Check out the New Scientist podcast here: Earth’s Fiery Future

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