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  1. As emilie said…

    “dont read the remaining dan brown novel you are just wasting your time. The only one worth reading is da vinci code.”

    As I said I read the prequel but since I read the Davinci code first.It turned out to be anticlamatic and parang after reading the code parang nothing was surprising na.

    And to MLQ nasanay nga kami to read your blog before or after breakfast.

    Get well!

  2. MLQ3,

    Belinda Olivares-Cunanan’s column today is about the 9 million hits for Sigaw that she enunciated in her April column.

    To my surprise, she lifted the comment I posted in your blog pertaining to her claim. She writes, “Since then there has been a lot of passionate debate in cyberspace. The non-believers dismiss Lambino’s claim as “so obviously made-up” or outright propaganda; someone even suspects that Luli Arroyo’s “Internet brigades are working full time, round the clock, to make the hits. If Gloria could produce a million-vote edge by instructing one official on the phone, wouldn’t it be easier to produce 8 million Internet hits by hundreds of clicking fingers paid to do that?” he queried.”

    Well, poor Belinda! She’s wrong again…

  3. Ms. Cunanan has chosen Mr. Lambino’s “truth” to heart. But as the saying goes, when you try to cover a lie with another lie, the lies will never cease.

  4. What is 9 million hits on sigaw ng bayan site when our latest population is above the 70 million mark.
    Perhaps there is no need of a luli brigade looking at the totality of the population.
    I’m more convinced that indeed more & more people would like change.
    Not wanting to make any first step for change is either wittingly or unwittingly supporting all those “characters” whoes “ambitions” will be thretened.
    It’s strange that in a confused & chaoitic enviorment those w/ selfish intensions have a better chance of surviving.
    Thanks to all those making more noise then the others that leaves no space for dialogue & understanding.
    There are those who accuse Sigaw of doing an elligal act.
    How can a need to changing a rutten system be so elligal.
    It’s like saying we want to continue swiming or drowning in a non stop power struggle where only the people are the ultimate losers.
    There are those who say “not now to change”, as if the greater majority is told to wait until certain people finaly understand why change is needed.
    The rest of the world is leaveing us behind.
    Now it’s the “other half” in the Philippines who wants the others to wait for them too.

  5. 9M Hits is impossible in the given time period. Even the popular sites like this one and the PCIJ don’t get that much. It was obviously a spin. But just like in Mathematics where you can’t put a spin on a number, it’s the same in the internet where “hits” are measurable. Again how they explained it (see link provided by hillblogger) in a roundabout way. It shows that how they do things is not straightforward.

    Mr Lambino spoke of a “static hit counter”, and gave a reason for it which I don’t understand because to me it didn’t make any sense. If you look at the site now, the number of total site visits is 664,209. How is it related to the 9M?

  6. An infant nation or a retarded nation?

    After almost 500 yrs of Christianity, 300 yrs of Catholicism under the Spanish Friars, 50 years of Democracy under the American governor generals, 20 yrs of New Society under The ‘Apo’ Marcos, 20 yrs of ‘People Powered’ governments under Cory,FVR,Erap(masa-powered)and GMA we have become a retarded nation — culturallly,politically,economically,socially and morally under-developed.


    Retardates in the Lower House are inviting the retardates in the Upper House of Congress to connive with the Retardate in Malacanang and her retardate operators and politicians to get on and accelerate the Cha-cha express to move our nation out of retardation.

    Why not a Snap Election and a Con-con?

    Retardate politicians are elected by retardate voters anyway, why not just trust retardate politicians?

    Which is the better step to move on and move up from retardation?

    The Cha-cha express, being driven by retardates, will aggravate our retardation not only to becoming an infantile nation, worse, a pre-maturely senile nation.

    A 2007 Snap Election cum Chacha-or-Nochacha referendum (cum Comelec reform) is a more mature and resposible way to go for us to grow up from being a messy infantile,retarded nation.

  7. I agree with everything MLQ3 said in Infant Nation. Education starts at home and complemented at school. Banning the showing of a controversial film like Da Vinci code may be more disturbing than constructive.

    I’ve told my teen-age children that they may watch the film if they wish but must not forget that it’s a work of fiction. They were quick to reply “We know, Mum!”

    My daughter who has read the book said she doesn’t feel like watching it anyway… Perhaps, because my children are not BANNED from watching the fil that they don’t feel the NEED to go out of their way to watch it because it’s FORBIDDEN.

  8. Those who read the book would be curious to see how faithful the movie is to the book.
    Those who have not read the book would be curious to see what all the fuzz is about.
    Certainly, lots will watch cuz Tom Hanks attracks.
    Many will watch the movie cuz movie watching is a favorite pinoy pass time.
    But watching it will bebetter then not cause it can also rock ones mind to think further.
    Finaly, church people who talk more on matters of their compitence rather then talk politics.
    At the end of the day, it’s just another movie

  9. anything that challenge the position of the “church”, be its teaching, its perceived morality and its rightfullness, must be either be banned or work of fiction. That is how the Catholic religion was brought to the country by the Colinizer, and the present day leaders are reverting to the habits of old. It’s no surprise that so many splinters faith are popping everywhere and the Christian faith that once was dominated by the Catholic Faith is now fragmented. Da Vinci Code is a Fiction, but isn’t most religions were once fictions until they were taken as the gospel truth after being spread by Crusaders, Invaders and Colinizers and Later day Missionaries?

  10. Vic,
    Dan Brown himself label his book as fiction, it posed no challenge to the gospel truth of the bible. A respected Jewish archaelogist Nelson Glueck said that no archaeological discovery has ever contradicted a biblical reference.

    Reverting to old habits? The Vatican calls for boycott of the film not ban. The move is to deny the money that will come from Catholics who would watch it as an entertainment, certainly not as moral lesson from a fiction.

    Jewish and Christian religion is not fiction. There are various manuscripts found as evidence. Recent scientific evidence is adding to the evidence supporting the reliability of biblical chronology from the scriptures.
    You have to tackle with mounting evidences both literary and scientific before you can say that religion is fiction.

  11. As a worshipper of the pre-hispanic faith I teach my children that the white men replaced the religion of our forefathers with lies, deceit, murder, plunder, and this pack of lies called Christianity. I prepare for the retaking of the hearts and minds of our fellow Malays and Negritos. We are currently building our organization and will strike against the false religions of Islam and Catholicism when we achieve a critical mass. Islam and Christianity was foisted through violence, and will be removed through violence. There will be lots of deaths among you who won’t convert to the old religion. So join our fold now our die a painful death later.

  12. Binagloban – people are generally tired of war. It is increasingly unpopular. I doubt you will have critical mass. By the way can you share with us what old religion are you talking about? Tks.

  13. Churches will be bombed, mosques will be bombed, priests will be nailed upside down on burning crosses, imams will be skinned alive and salt and pigs blood rubbed on their flesh, there will be no more going to church on sundays, no more praying five times a day towards the west!

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