New York Times pokes President

In amendments news, Most Filipinos don’t want shift to parliamentary gov’t–poll. Here are the results:


More on the above from the PCIJ.

In South Cotobato, Move for people’s initiative in SoCot goes to Comelec.

Don’t wish for a Thaksin-style solution: Angara: RP in deep trouble if Arroyo resigns. Anyway, Palace: Filipinos feel situation here much brighter.

Too soon the race? Tight PM race seen; Joe de V no shoo-in.

In other news, Senators launch Gloria-quit drive. Bad move. It will come back to haunt them in case a second impeachment effort succeeds.

I’ll swap one case if you let us win the bigger case? Gov’t offers to junk CPR, says it is just a “catch word.” And Chief Justice wants CPR scrapped (read the report, too).

Tomorrow’s Black Friday protest is offer a flower for freedom. Black & White Movement says, “how baboy naman the PIG.”

In the punditocracy, my column for today is Overheard at Barangay Bansot.

The New York Times aims a double-barrel editorial blast at the President:

…President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has completely lost touch with the ideals that inspired that 1986 “people power” movement.

Mrs. Arroyo is no Ferdinand Marcos, at least not yet. But this onetime reformer is reviving bad memories of crony corruption, presidential vote-rigging and intimidation of critical journalists. Unless the Philippine Congress and courts find ways to rein in her increasingly authoritarian tendencies, democracy itself may be in danger.

Benito Lim discusses how any political impasse can only be solved if both sides are willing to give in a little -and how, at present, no side seems ready to do so.

Amando Doronila thinks the Thaksin solution won’t happen.

Fel Maragay thinks that a second impeachment attempt is doomed.

Tony Abaya fulminates against the railroading of amendments.

Billy Esposo thinks a purely military solution to insurgency is no solution at all.

The blogosphere has Gray Spectrum examining the implications of the House passage of the anti-terrorism bill.

Torn & Frayed with an interesting outsider’s view on what he calls the Christian hegemony in the Philippines.

Jove Francisco covered the President’s birthday, marred by some comments by the President’s elder half sister. Bong Austero decries the lack of civility in handling that the chief executive’s birthday. His entry reminds me of something my father’s sister told me once. She said as a child, she developed the habit of praying for her father so that he’d be guided to be a good president. She kept up the habit with all subsequent presidents, even Marcos, whom she opposed. Why pray for him, I asked? She replied, all the more you have to pray for someone, when you disagree with them.

Now What, Cat? explains that her policy when it comes to links, is to link only to positive links. Newsstand explains his policy when it comes to comments. baratillo books cinema @cubao looks at commenters and the names they use.

Newsstand also tries to determine what fixed terms for military officers might really mean.

The Mischievious Boys join Google Idol.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

30 thoughts on “New York Times pokes President

  1. Re: Angara on snap polls. Angara fears a snap polls might lead to a Lacson presidency where he (Angara) could be marginalized even more. I guess that’s the reason why he is saying RP is better with GMA on the saddle.

  2. “Kung magre-resign siya (Arroyo), we will be thrown into turmoil dahil sa walang alternatiba (If she resigns, we will be into turmoil because by then, there will be no more alternative),” Sen. Edgardo Angara told a DZMM interview.

    And Noli said, “Ouch!”

    In other news, Senators launch Gloria-quit drive. Bad move. It will come back to haunt them in case a second impeachment effort succeeds.

    We were just talking about this at lunch. It seems either these senators are just trying to call attention to themselves, or worse, have given up hope on the impeachment. Yes, it’ll bite them in the pwet if the impeachment succeeds when theyre supposed to be disinterested judges. With these five idi– I mean senators–being asked to recuse themselves as judges because of this, the impeachment is doomed.

  3. I read your Monday Inquirer column, and now I understand why you were so dead against electing senators by region.

  4. We’ve been poking Gloria in the eye and all over but she just doesn’t budge. Now it’s the New York Times doing the poking and telling her she’s destroying democracy in this country. Maybe this time she’ll budge a little. NYT wields quite a big finger for poking.

    Now if you’ll allow me some poking myself.

    The Comelec, the House of Representatives, the Courts, the Military have allowed themselves as institutions to be used, bribed and intimidated by Gloria. And so it is the very pillars of democracy who are driving the people more and more into lesser and lesser peaceful options in ousting Gloria. The results of the recent surveys show it. People now prefer people power and a coup instead of just a resignation. The people are giving up on the institutions.

    Among the government’s institutions, it is only the Senate that is still standing its ground doing battle with the mighty Gloria machine. One big argument in favor of having two houses in Congress. Opposition senators, however, have opted to give Gloria the easy and peaceful way out via the resignation approach. Will she be moved by this poking? Doubt it.

    It is still not too late though to give up on the Supreme Court. But the way they’re taking their time to resolve the urgent cases filed before them gradually dims the diminishing light of hope that they are the last bulwark of democracy. Thailand has its King as the last bulwark. The Supreme Court, the ultimate arbiter, is supposed to be our version of that “king”. Are they ready to play that revered role and save this country? Surely such esteemed, educated men and women of the High Court could not be cowed by one woman and a handful of cohorts. Time for the Supreme Court to poke a few government butts.

  5. Jon,

    astig talaga ang malacanang, noh? ginagawa na nga nilang tanga yung pilipino, pati ba namang NY Times gagawin nilang tanga?

    nakaka-BILIB talaga!

  6. Seems that the NY Times website is down. I’ve been trying to access it all day to no avail. Sheer volume of traffic from Filipinos, perhaps? (Or could the reason be something more sinister?)

    Haven’t those five senators publicly called for GMA’s resignation months ago? What’s the difference between then and now?

    Also, in case of snap elections (wishful thinking here), whom will the middle forces (B&W, etc) want to field? A lot of people are looking for specific names. Any suggestions on whom we can rally behind? I think we’ll have to do that sooner or later.

  7. Opposition is to blame for NY Times’ editorial according to Malacanang. What’s next? Thaksin’s fate was the opposition’s fault too?

  8. Jon,

    You mean there’s lots of loot at stake? Loot that Gloria and her cabal won’t be able to loot if Americans decide to blink or sneeze once and for all?

    But what you said is true: PAKAPAPALAN NA LANG…

    This has been Gloria’s motto since after her Dec 30 2003 PROMISE that she wouldn’t run for the presidency because she recognized that she was the single most divisive reason for the continuing mayhem in the Philippines.

    Then recently, she PROMISED she would stand down come 2010 when her “term” (which is not hers by right anyway) is over. Who will believe her?

    PURO KASINUNGALINGAN – this is her second rule in life.

    Does anyone know her third rule, 4th, 5th, 6th?

    Would be good to list them down…

  9. with GMA gone, the anti GMA will be devouring one another. the only thing that they have in common is the lust for power.


  10. NYT Editorial: The sad decline of Arroyo

    NYT: The Philippines Wages a Campaign of Intimidation Against Journalists

    Opposition is to blame for NY Times’ editorial according to Malacanang.

    yeah, kasalanan ng opposition ang media crackdown…

    btw, if the nytimes link is not accesible anymore, input the link in userland…

  11. Just watched Ricky Carandang’s interview of Senator Serge Osmena. It was clear as day. There has to be a Senate to check and balance the House of Representatives and the Executive Department. Watch the replays of the show. Great interview.

    And the plans of the Senators to go around the country to counter the Cha Cha is a wise move. They’re going to make this Cha Cha People’s Initiative of Gloria, JDV and Ronnie Puno a referendum on Gloria. The proposition the Senators will pose to the people will be “If you like Gloria’s performance, then vote for Cha Cha. If not, don’t vote for Cha Cha.” As simple as that.

  12. i see why many Pinoys are wearing I LOVE NY T -shirts…

    let’s see what bunye & co. will place at NYT in retaliation to the editorial “Dark Days for Arroyo,” este, “The Sad Decline of Philippine Democracy” pala…

  13. Art Panganiban.

    Art Panganiban, fellas.

    Isn’t it really now all about Art Panganiban and the supreme court?

    Purportedly the final arbiters of democracy and the last bastion of independence, objectivity, and statesmanship.

    But why haven’t we been putting the onus on the one guy and the institution that he heads that can stand up to the illegit palace occupant?

    Arturo Panganiban.

    In the absence of the late great Cardinal Sin, Art Panganiban is one unsullied voice that can still issue a clarion call. And by standing his ground, turn the tide of public opinion against this totalitarian regime aborning.

    Art Panganiban, -by all means.
    Earn your great place of honor in history and set this country aright.
    Do a King Bhumidol and hand down those decisions that the whole country has been waiting for.

    Peoples’ protests, mass actions, rallies of every stripe should be directed towards the supreme court. The clamor for justice should be shunted in this direction.

    What are we waiting for?

  14. Jeg,

    Si Senator Angara tumatanda ng paatras…He should commit his memory to his diary more than ever!

  15. NY Times mabuhay!!! Alam na alam ng NY Times ang pintig dito. Grabee talaga tong si gma, ano? Gusto niyang diktahan ang NY Times kung ano ang dapat isulat. Wow! ang kapal talaga! I just sent my “bravo” feedback to NY Times.

  16. So there is another Karl in the house…

    Comment number 11

    Ok lang I don’t have a monopoly to that name..

    Karl Garcia

  17. To avoid confusion with Karl Betita
    From now on I will be putting my whole name na.

    But I like his take on comment 11 though.

  18. Re #17: “But why haven’t we been putting the onus on the one guy and the institution that he heads that can stand up to the illegit palace occupant?”

    The reason is that the onus cannot be on just the Chief Justice because he, acting alone, does not decide for the court. The Supreme Court decides on the basis of a majority of either the whole court or a division of the court. In other words, the Chief Justice has only one vote.

  19. All right then.
    En banc, based on a plurality, whatever..
    The onus is on the supreme court.

    The point remains that the supreme court has yet to hand down decisions on the constitutionality of Proc1017 and presidential directive EO464 that prohibits cabinet secretaries from attending senate or congressional hearings without prior approval from the gluemax herself.

    Ano ba?
    Wala na bang command responsibility dito sa bansang ito?

    Oo nga, iisa lang ang boto ng kada hues sa korte suprema.
    Pero sa panahong laganap ang katiwalian at pag-aalipusta sa katotohanan, “para que” ka pa iniluluklok ng tadhana kung hindi ka rin pala handang pumalaot ?

    Napaka inutil nyo palang mga hues kung hindi nyo pala kayang desisyonan ng marangal itong mga proklamasyong kumikitil sa paglaganap ng katotohanan.

    For God’s sake, when the hell are you justices going to find your balls?
    Are you all so vacuous and morally depraved as to resort to this lame finger pointing and hiding behind each others skirts?

    Art Panganiban!
    Your oath of allegiance is to God and country!
    Abide the truth! LEAD!
    SC, let your collective voices be heard.

    Commisisoner Borra has turned and has started to stand in the light, God bless him..
    There are many more of him if you all would but stand and fight!

    Balls of fire, man.
    Get ye those balls of fire!

  20. There is nothing they can do. Kinapon na ni gluemax bago pinakawalan sa SC. Ano pang hahahanapin natin, wala na ngang balls, di lalo na iyong sabi mong BALLS OF FIRE! Liwanag na lang ng alitaptap ang nakikita nila.

  21. Kung naroon pa sana si Justice Isaganai Cruz, baka may magsalita pang may matibay na gulugod at may tunay na balls. Eh ngayon, maski ipagtulakan na ni I. Cruz at maraming decent na Filipino, maski isa sa SC walang gumalaw, parang may busal.

  22. Yes, the likes of Isagani Cruz are sorely missed.

    Ngayong umaga lamang, nagbitiw na ng pahayag itong bagong niluklok na SC justice; Presbitero Velasco na maaaring baliktarin daw ng SC ang unang pahayag nito ukol sa kakulangan ng “enabling law” sa pagpapatupad ng isang people’s initiative..

    We all know where this is headed; towards a reversal of the ruling that states the need for an enabling law for a so-called people’s initiative.

    So do we just shut up then?

    People change their minds depending on exigencies or the dictates of their conscience. Witness the turn around of Commissioner Borra and Solita Monsod. –Wonderful and praise worthy examples of how people may yet be enlightened.

    Feeble and ineffectual as this rabble rousing may all seem, we have to keep making noise and hoping that a sufficient number of people, locally and internationally, will come around in crucial ways and in timely fashion to tip the balance against gluemax.

    That is our hope. Let’s not lose those precious fireflies.
    Have you any other ideas?

  23. A parallel with the new SC justice’s action/pronouncement was what Garci and Barcelona did when they were appointed. They gave their own take on FPJ’s citizenship.

    During the election, Garci’s value to Gloria’s presidential bid was magnified. It can be concluded then that Garci was appointed to the Comelec for a purpose.

    Now, Velasco might serve Gloria too in the same way but in a different institution.

  24. MLQ, the NEW YORK TIMES is one of the two leading newspapers that the White House and the US Congress reads! Together with the Washington Post, President Dubya Bush read the editorial about PGMA. It was not lambasting PGMA at all. It was just telling the truth, and it’s really the truth. It just show that the NEW YORK TIMES together with the international community knows what’s really happening to our beloved country.

    By the way, to all those who want to sign the GLORIA RESIGN Online Petition, you can visit and sign their. It’s an online GLORIA RESIGN Petition and I am targeting 25,000 people to sign it so that PGMA would know that a lot of people want to kick her out of the Palace!

  25. Manolo,
    Regarding The Black and White Movement, I hope they confine their antics within Metro Manila.
    We have a word for their behavior in Cebuano: “kahilas…”
    Some folks that I respect here in our place have a very low opinion of these people.

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