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What is wrong with the title of this story: Cardinal Rosales to get Red Hat in Vatican rites. Give up? The fact that until he receives the red hat, Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales isn’t a Cardinal yet. Since Cardinals are created, the moment of creation is when the Pope hands the red Cardinal’s hat to the person made a Cardinal at that moment.

Whispers in the Loggia is the premier blog for all things Vatican-related: the Pope’s gathering with existing Cardinals here and here, and the finery that Cardinals get to wear. A great blog on ecclesiastical costumes is Dappled Photos.

In today’s news, as reported in this blog the other day, it’s pretty much official: Charter change process gets going Saturday (Inquirer) Signature drive gets under way (Manila Standard-Today). The Inquirer story has provincial officials and a party-list representative saying government’s behind the move; the Standard-Today story suggests there is a civil society face to the effort. A sample of the Palace spin: ‘RP to earn as much as P10B under parliamentary system’: as a friend put it, “what a pandering puppy of positivism!” Bangketa Republique blogs about how the report’s ruining the weekend for some people.

The Inquirer editorial says we may be seeing an end to what the President called a “great debate.”

Cops slam CHR report: last night’s news had the Secretary of the Interior and Local Governments clad in combat fatigues (looking like he misplaced his glasses along the way) growling that civilians are unqualified to judge the military: he forgets he heads a civilian police force, and that he no longer works for Ferdinand Marcos. Like it or not, until he accomplishes the scrapping of the present Constitution, the Commission on Human Rights has a mandate to interfere -the only problem being it seems to interfere too little and too slowly.

Bangko Sentral cuts RP’s dollar surplus forecast.

Judge in Subic rape case pulls out; arraignment postponed

Palace balks at criticisms over order to regulate state ads. Of course. Many smaller papers, though, are kept alive mainly by government ads. Therefore, creating, in a sense, a government ad placement authority is a strategically clever move, and is quite politically useful. Such a move is not a blow to press freedom; but it is an enhancement of government’s financial clout with the media.

Garci a “jetsetter,” says Osmeña

Good news: Naia-3 ready for “roll-out test

Overseas, India’s Sonia Gandhi resigns from parliament out of what Filipinos would call delicadeza. Thaksin, rivals turn to spells, spirits to gain edge amid political turmoil. More seriously, Thailand assures embassies government’s still functioning: but when you have to make such assurances, well… Anyway, this think-piece, too: Royal intervention denies our history. Is royal intervention to the Thai crisis what military intervention would be in ours?

In the punditocracy, JB Baylon says the administration is feeling the noose tightening around its neck.

Dan Mariano tackles Jamby Madrigal’s electoral record -and questions concerning her mandate.

Emil Jurado doesn’t think ABS-CBN is serious about facing up to charges in court, and is convinced Charter Change will proceed, regardless of Constitutional obstacles.

In the blogosphere, Philippine Commentary takes a potshot at Juan Mercado and tackles last night’s interview of Bong Austero on Ricky Carandang’s show. I found the interview very engaging. Austero clarified what he felt were misunderstandings about his open letter, emphasizing that it was written in response to a particular set of events. His biggest condemnation is reserved for coup-plotting and extraconstitutional efforts. Efforts to either convince the President to step down or to remove her by impeachment are OK with him. He also clarified that by no stretch of the imagination can he be considered an apologist, supporter, or defender of the President, but that until a credible replacement can be found, and those opposed to the President publicly commit to sticking to purely Constitutional means, he will remain skeptical of efforts to oppose her. He also suggested that the President shouldn’t be the sole target, and that a broader opposition not just to her, but to her entire apparatus, would add credibility to those opposed to her (as would a concerted opposition to the usual suspects like the Marcoses and Estradas). Austero said his support for the President is conditional and temporary, or words to that effect. It will be interesting to see how the administration hostility towards its opponents, and critics, and even the way Austero himself was a bit miffed by his letter being used for government propaganda, will affect his stand; the clincher, to my mind, though, will be how Constitutional change is handled. Since my view (extremist even for many already opposed to the President) is that the President has no option to be president-for-life, I think events will bear out my point of view, and those giving the President the benefit of the doubt will eventually come around to realizing she has to be opposed.

Coffee with Amee and Newsstand (in a preliminary)and Concerns of a Bystander react to Sassy Lawyer’s views on opinion writing.

Philippine Politics 04 points to an interesting view of what’s going on in Belarus: sounds eerily familiar.

Uniffors on rural unrest in China.

When the Excrement Hits the Ventilation on the frustrations of calling up government offices.

baratillo books cinema@cubao on memories of Joseph Estrada.

WWF blog on dwarf giraffes.

Peter Laviña is a councilor from Davao: hopefully just the latest in more such blogs.

Black Friday Protest today (won’t be there: work to do). caffeine sparks isn’t too keen on the logo, though. stepping on poop has fun suggesting a fine print version (though a parody, actually more attractive than the genuine article).

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

95 thoughts on “Signature rodeo underway

  1. #31 re: sleeping on evat

    Not only Senate but Congress passed the EVAT.
    Ate Glue did not have clean hands on that either like when you put Senate to blame for the EVAT.

    You need to recall that Ate Glue reduced the pork barrel funds from 200 million to 120 million pesos for each 24 senators and reduced 70 million to 40 million pesos for each 236 congressmen.

    Ate Glue used her power so the legislators can pass the EVAT law she wanted.

    “You pass the evat and I will restore your allocation”.

    It is one big happy family on the top but misery for ordinary Filipinos to pay the high prices. Thanks to Ate Glue’s mandate to serve the poor. Once again, she had shown her doctorate in economics.

  2. Our economy is looking good on paper right now because:

    1. OFW remitted more than they normally do because their family in the Philippines have no more jobs and the high cost of living.

    2. Some foreign investors are investing because they know we are back to the old lagayan scheme.

    3. The dollar is internationally weak… as in weak, the reason for the peso going up.(see also reason #1)

    Since gloria don’t have a long term plan I see the Philippines losers again after she’s out of the picture because we can’t compete with our neighbors at the rate we are going…

  3. Here is the latest economic progress portrayed by the government.

    “Malacañang has rejected a report by Pacific Strategies and Assessments branding the Philippines as a kidnapping hotspot in Asia”.

    The report by a leading risk consultancy group said the following:

    1.WEAK rule of law, rampant corruption, and ineffective law enforcement continue to make the Philippines Asia’s kidnapping hotspot.

    2. 50 percent increase in kidnapping over 2004, but the vast majority still go unreported.

    3. Actual kidnappings in the Philippines in 2005 was estimated to be three times the official figure.

    4. Philippine National Police (PNP) is both part of the problem and solution when it comes to kidnapping.

    Double job yata ang mga pulis. Day job nasa protest rally, then yung night job nandoon sa kidnapping.

  4. “GMA is in power because there is no legal way of removing her. The only way she’ll be out of there is by either being totally disabled or dead. The opposition should try a million times harder to prove and persuade the shit head in congress to support the next impeachment so we can have closure on this.”

    Francis, medyo contradicting ang paragraph mo na to. There is a law or process defined in the constitution. And that is through Impeachment. Im sure you know that when you mentioned about the need for the opposition to really work hard on the impeachment.

    Just like you, I am very much for the rule of law to prevail in our land. And I strongly believe that that is the ONLY way to move on.

    Yes, we have problem with GMA. But we also have a problem with the opposition. Wether the opposition admit it or not outnumbered talaga sila. Then outnumbered na nga sila di pa sila nag kakaisa. Wala talga silang lider eh. Yung leader that can unify them to achieve one real big step. Its almost a year now but they are not really achieveing anything much. As a matter of fact they have been turning off a lot of people who are undecided. ( Even yung mga bloggers na pro opposition, they are not really gaining anybody to their cause with their “discusion style”. Especially the name calling, eewww! turn -off na kaagad na parang pakiramdam ko kaagad ayokong mahawa sa negative aura nila!)

    One big problem of the Opposition about pushing for the impeachment is that there is really no credible leader. I dont understand why they just let Chiz Escudero and Cayetano to lead this move. They should have put the likes of Teddy Boy Locsin to lead this move. I dont really think Chiz and Peter has that “it” to convince the other congressman to support their cause.

    Another thing, the opposition should have concentrated more if not ONLY on the Impeachment. Yun lang sana ang message nila sa mga tao. They should even just ask people to gather around them to support them in impeaching the President. All their rally should be focused on asking the other congressmen to support the impeachment. Malakas kasi ang kutob ko na eto naman ang gusto ng karamihan na maimpeach si GMA. At nang makita talaga kung ano yung mga paratang sa kanya at mai defend din naman ni GMA ang sarili niya.

    Sad to say, there is something wrong with the GMA but the opposition is not doing any better too. So why waste my time for the opposition cause. Id rather focus on my own personal problems.

  5. #52 “Our economy is looking good on paper right now because:

    1. OFW remitted more than they normally do because their family in the Philippines have no more jobs and the high cost of living.

    2. Some foreign investors are investing because they know we are back to the old lagayan scheme.”

    I’m curious to find out the bases for these statements.

  6. Observer, as an OFW, i can provide anecdotal support for #1 from personal experience. As for #3, the dollar’s relative weakness against other currencies is based on the current economic reality and you can find many news sources about this.

    Rego, i don’t see any contradiction in the paragraph you point out. The legal or constitutional process is proving next to impossible because the political class finds it in their interest to support GMA and conspire against what is right. How else can you explain the mismatch between the Pulse Asia survey findings and the numbers in Congress.

    As for the pro-opposition being a ‘turn off’ to many, that’s a valid observation but it is always the case that you cannot please everyone. Even in 1983, there was a backlash against those who were making a big deal about Ninoy’s assassination. I remember when Chino Roces, Joe Burgos and Kit Tatad visited our high school shortly after. The popular assessment then (also shared by me) was that Roces came off as ‘shrill’, Joe Burgos sounded like an angry fool, and Tatad (who was at that time also with the opposition) appeared the most ‘reasonable’. But in the long term, these are just passing considerations.

    If you think that opposing GMA is a waste of time over and above personal considerations, then that’s your personal decision. What i find curious is that you see the need to waste your time criticizing those who have chosen to waste their time.

  7. #54 re: Rego
    “Sad to say, there is something wrong with the GMA but the opposition is not doing any better too. So why waste my time for the opposition cause. Id rather focus on my own personal problems.”

    Ate Glue is in the driver seat of the executive government and not the opposition. You knew something is wrong with Ate Glue. You have to begin to look at Ate Glue who freely dispenses your EVAT taxes the way she wanted it (largely political payback). And to understand that, is not an opposition cause. Certainly it is not wasting your time on opposition like Estrada who is on court trial.

  8. Duhh! we recorded the highest remittance ever in the history of the Philippines. We also have the highest unemployment last quarter… Most of my neigbors have their families abroad, In my family I am the only one staying here in the Philippines because I love it here (nandito pa kasi syota ko eh).

    I am a software developer and most investors I met now are from other countries (some are Filipinos) investing here in real estate so they can sell it to Filipinos overseas.

    Our economy is kinda good in a bad kind of way. And our government as usual is evil no let me correct it more evil than usual. But our local government here in Sta. Maria, Bulacan is definitely progressing because monarchy (since birth isang family lang kasi laging mayor eh) here was over last election.. finally

  9. After making this country the 2nd most corrupt, second where most journalists are being murdered, the drug paradise and terrorist training center in the world as well as kidnapping capital of Asia,

    Gloria is on track to making this country the GAMBLING CAPITAL of Asia by legalizing jueteng thru STL and creating a culture of gambling in the process. Where other countries only officially allow gambling in specific areas, Gloria has opened the entire country to gambling initiatives… in a Catholic country at that. Catholic Church, Cardinal Rosales and all churches – Wake up and be true to your mission (Announce the good news and Denounce the bad news). Winnie Monsod and all pretenders of Christianity – Wake up and tell your president to stop as this is too much or would you rather defend her blindly sans morals. Look at the moral degradation of your country and stop bootlicking Gloria for selfish interests. She is destroying not only the body politic but even the SOUL of the nation!

    Sa sugal ang PANALO ay ang nag papasugal lang. Ang nagsusugal, 99.99% talo. So dito, si Gloria lang ang panalo at ang kanyang alipores. The reason Gloria used to oust Estrada is the very reason she is now using to finance her stay in power. To all Gloria supporters– OK lang sa inyo ito sigurado. Because MORALS to you does not matter. Am I right? If not pls tell me how gambling is justified in the moral sense and how can you tolerate your president’s wrong values. Because gambling is morally wrong per se. It destroys one’s morals. It does not develop honesty, work ethic, prudence, good virtues. Instead, it encourages bahala na attitude without any planning, laziness, crimes and decadence. Gloria is making gambling machines out of ordinary Filipinos.

    Your shameless cheating President is running this country to the dogs! And coinciding with this is her other shameless barangay assembly day initiative to exploit the people’s naivety and ignorance to flush down the drain the 1987 Constitution and force her Constitution without democratic debate.

    Gloria and supporters! Your time will come when you will be sorry and SUFFER for all of these because all democratic and moral forces will quadruple their efforts to put an end to your immoral regime and values.

  10. #58 “we recorded the highest remittance ever in the history of the Philippines. We also have the highest unemployment last quarter”

    Without meaning to belabor the point but could the rise in remittances from OFWs be due to other factors, e.g. higher deployment, deployment of higher-paid skilled and professional Filipino workers, and greater access of OFWs to remittance channels of the Philippines?


    The unemployment rates as of October 2005 (10.3%) and January 2006 (10.7%) [using the old definition of unemployment] do not appear to be the highest.


    But if your point is that the Philippine government needs to do more to achieve economic development, then I agree.

  11. Re #58 & #59, regarding OFW remittances, both could be correct as these observations do not necessarily contradict each other. What is clear to me is that none of these are to GMA’s credit so when it comes to the rising exchange rate, her supporters do not have bragging rights.

  12. cvj yopu blame everything on her and her entire government which includes the Congress and senate.

    But are unwilling to give any credit to them..

    All the Governmental departments have something to do with this influx of money.

    The Anti-money Laundering law, Not the watered down one at the start but the second revision. This enabled the World Authorities to look at the philippines as a place where money could be transfered.

    They then looked at the actual implementation of this law and credit here goes to the bank employees, not even involved in the government but by applying the laws.

    After a cooling off period they then removed us from the Money laundering list, this enabled banks to allow for direct fund transfers from other countries.

    If you remember back 4 – 6 years ago if you sent money here it was a hard thing to do, Now it is much easier.

    Next the government has encouraged investments from other countries. With out actual investments in job creation enterprises the country will not get any better off.

    The government has show a level of control over the budget and the capital spending which shows that the government is actually governing not cowtowing to every single group.

    The EVAT law was seen as a major hurdle for this country, If the Public were against it then we would have seen thousands if not millions on the streets before it like in france over the new labour law. But no the people showed that is was required even during the political storm.

    Thus the entire government and country has shown that it is a mature and developing country which knows really what it must do to succeed.

    Maybe GMA does not deserve credit but don’t destroy all the others peoples hard work, and gains by removing the president, If the country can move forward with out GMA getting in the way like Estrada did then lets get the country to move forward..

    I remember the one thing that disgusted me the most was Estrada started to remove English from the schooling system. This action hurts our future generations.

    I don’t know if you all notice how bad the english skills are from the Metro Manila schools. But the Provincial students are so much better..

  13. To all democratic, independent, honest and anti-Gloria bloggers,

    With EO 511 (Creating a centralized Communications Group under Malacanang and chief propagandist Bunye), let’s brace for a more vicious hordes of pro-Gloria media and blog lapdogs let loose. They are out want to win the media war with more paid propagandists without qualm and moral regard to waste people’s money in the process (Let’s audit this media initiative later once Gloria is out and hold every paid lapdog accountable). They realized that the full time Gloria propagandists they have at present are not enough to silence the truth-seeking anti-Gloria writers sprouting spontaneously all over.

    Let’s man the fort! Truth is mightier than all false poropagandists money can buy (Sadly, it’s not Pidal’s stolen money but the people’s money).

  14. It’s good to debate on the good and bad things that the current administration is doing. If it’s doing good, fine. If it’s not, then say it too.

    But let’s not forget the main reason my anti-Gloria forces want her out. The main reason is legitimacy, not performance. I have said it before (and many others have said it too), Gloria Arroyo has the best qualifications ever of a Philippine president. She could have been or she might be the best president there is, but is she the legitimate one?

    For those who believe that she doesn’t deserve to be president, whatever good she does doesn’t matter and whatever “palpak” she does will be magnified. It’s logical, isn’t it?

    To support my point, look at Erap. He was a popularly elected president, but he was illegally toppled (not that I really care for him, I care for the rule of law). Why? Because many believed that he doesn’t deserve to be president because of his “ways”. In Gloria’s case, it’s not her “ways” that is in question but her questionable/tarnished election victory.

  15. Having a central core marketing group,is what all major companies do so as to make sure one they get value for money in all ventures, and two to align all the messages to point in the same direction.

    Take Microsoft for example.
    They have a central group that outlines the main campaigns for the year, or period.
    If you want television or large presentations done then getting the best people with experience in organizing this is the best option.
    By aligning events to coincide or miss each other to once again keep budgets down and exposure up.

    If Microsoft is doing a world tour instead of buying duplicates of the same material they move the main materials around the US and the World.

    Learning from big business is a good idea, To lower costs and get the messages required to the people at the right time.

    Don’t duplicate and waste our taxes, Intergrate and save money and time.

  16. Sleeping keep on asking to open up bank accounts ?
    Can you comment why IGGY ARROYO took 10 days to
    claim his JOSE PIDAL ? 10 days to practice signing.
    OPEN YOUR EYES FIRST, because your sleeping regarding
    the MOST important issues. You see the scam from
    the OPPOSITION and doesn’t see the EVIL of your

  17. I have RELEASED funds for the CHA-CHA
    to LOCAL GOVERNMENT up to Barangay Level
    through DILG Ronnie Puno. – GMA



  18. Copying from private (successful) corporations is a nice idea. It’s not as simple as that though. CEOs are responsible for their actions, they are vetted by the board of directors. They have mandate.

    The principle of centralizing the government’s media transactions is a good corporate move. But since it is our government(very powerful), and they’re using our money, there should be checks and balances to deter abuse. But I doubt if there is even a law or guideline that the palace has violated in doing it. So it is within its power to do it.

    If there is a call to action, it should be a call to be vigilant.

    Let’s not forget too, that in a corporation, if the stockholders want to get rid of their CEO, they can vote him out too for whatever reason they want to use.

  19. To Dwarf_In_the_Palace..

    If you think that they have something to show then you should be supporting the full disclosure of all bank accounts.

    It is no good to expose one then another, what we need is to expose them all, Administration or opposition.

    Notice how Lacson only comes out now about the Muslim account. This is why we need FULL TRANSPARENCY. Not just on the couple we don’t like.

    Also if the President opens her accounts will the next president do the same, this is why we need a LAW to force and be enforced.

    This is why some of the things we all do not like about the present constitution is causing such a problem, because one group expect GMA to resign and there is no other option in the constitution other than impeachment. Where as if the people who wrote the constitution added a clause like the Snap Election, or vote of no confidence to force snap election. Then we would be better off today.

    We cannot just look at today but the future.. Ten years ahead, and look at the past to learn where we went wrong.

    We need it for today and the future…

  20. sleeping, don’t put words in my mouth – i haven’t blamed ”everything” on her and her entire government. Tying the anti-money laundering law to increased remittances is quite a stretch. I and millions of others send money back home because our loved ones need it not because of some piece of legislation. And you’re right to point out that it’s a good law which incidentally meant that it had to pass through the House, the Senate and signed by the President so whatever ‘credit’ is shared by these parties. It was not a presidential decree . Every government has to encourage investments, it’s their duty. She will undoubtedly encourage more if she resolves the issue of her legitimacy by peacefully stepping down. Fiscal control and discipline is rightly the Executive’s responsibility, if only they use the money for the right purposes. Don’t tie the people’s hard work with an illegitimate President whose predominant interest is to stay in power by covering up the truth.

  21. FULL TRANSPARENCY should start with the TOP, after
    all NO ONE IS ABOVE the LAW.
    But you see sleeping, this GMA does EVERYTHING to
    COVER-UP, do you see TRANSPARENCY with her Department
    of INJUSTICE SirRaULO Gonzales ? Quick to investigate
    when the accused is a FOE but is slow when it comes
    to GARCI, BOLANTE etc. Halata kasi na ang mga COMMENT
    mo ay tungkol sa scams ng opposition when we ALSO have to
    DEAL with the SCAMS of the present ADMINISTRATION who
    uses a lot of COVER-UP and destroying INSTITUTIONS like
    the DFA etc. What is WRONG then, should also be WRONG
    Now, what is ALLOWED then, should be ALLOWED Now.
    What makes GMA different from ERAP, aside from being

  22. When someone tries to hide the TRUTH
    she will give ANSWERS NOT-RELATED to the QUESTIONS.

    Question :

    Hello-Garci Scandal, Fertilizer Scam, Jose Pidal,
    Marcos-Fund ?

    Answer :

    EO 464, CPR, PP 1017 and CHARTER CHANGE

  23. No news today for the Black Friday movement or protest or gathering or whatever. I guess no arrest no news. With arrest with free front page news coverage. I wonder which the group would prefer, a Friday with arrest or Friday without one.

  24. re #49. Please. The inmates were heavily armed. They were shooting at the troops. They were escaping while toting high-caliber long firearms. There is a process for this, indeed. If 23 highly-notorious jailed men, terrorists all, instigate a jail break, kill their jail guards, hold the rest of their fellow inmates hostage, and barge out of the jail shooting fiercely at everything in sight, and the troops could not even set foot inside the building without being rained upon by bullets.

    as i see it, the troops are willing to take the consequences of their actions, the commanders ready to bear the brunt of their decisions. but somehow, i get the feeling that the families of the victims of the superferry 14 bombing (for which kumander kosovo — killed in the bicutan siege — was responsible for) are holding the troops fondly in their hearts.

    this is a weird, crazy world. due process? let’s see.

  25. Dear maryanne moll,

    All I am saying is, the investigation showed there were signs of excesive use of force.

    Hell I am for killing them terrorist.

    The police should be the one showing example of restraints and value of a human life.

  26. excessive force was used by troops because the terrorists had excessive firepower in their hands.

    did the investigation show how many firearms and ammunition they had, and what caliber firearms? some were firearms of such high caliber that the troops hadn’t even seen these in person yet before the siege. the terrorists were shooting at the troops excessively, and the slugs kept hitting the metal rails, which caused the slugs to fragmentize into tiny hard-hitting shards. after tear gas was released, the terrorists kept shooting blindly. that was how much ammo they had, that was how desperate and unrestrained they were.

    what value in life is there if a policeman cannot keep this in control? there are things in this world that we seem capable of questioning, but when it comes to the value of human life, a terrorist is only as good as his trigger finger. i’m just not the person to make compromises with evil.

  27. Maryanne moll

    “excessive force was used by troops because the terrorists had excessive firepower in their hands.”

    Someone smuggled excessive firepower to the terrorists?
    Weren’t they in a high security prison?
    How easy is it to walk into a prison with an M-16 and ammunition clips let alone pass it to prisoners?
    How easy is it to conceal the weapons from guards while the arsenal was being built up?
    And guards allowed the weapons because they didn’t think it was going to be used against them?
    I can see shabu being smuggled into a prison but high-powered firearms?

    The cops claimed they were being shot at. Did you see any video footage of that or are you taking the word of the cops?

    It was rub-out. Those weapons were planted. Period.

  28. dear manuel buencamino,

    i don’t know what the bjmp says about the matter of smuggled firearms. i’m not talking about that.

    what i’m talking about is march 15, when the terrorists have actually broken loose already, and something had to be done, and the saf has been called to do it. i saw photos and some video clips. they were being shot at, no doubt about that. i even went to the site itself, if only just to see the bullet marks and the dried blood, and to trace the approach of the different saf teams.

    besides, due process is giving the saf the chance to defend themselves in court after the case has been filed. nothing of that sort was ever given them.

    so you say the weapons were planted. by whom? and are we now embarking again on a grand conspiracy theory?

    the problem with this country is that everybody knows everything that goes on all the time. “everybody knows” that the president cheated. “everybody knows” that the economy is plummeting because of her. “everybody knows” the root of the “problem” is this and that and this and that.

    if we’re so smart, why ain’t we, well, rich?

    if you “know” that the bicutan siege was a rubout and the weapons were planted, why don’t you testify in court and provide evidence so as to end the matter altogether?

  29. “What i find curious is that you see the need to waste your time criticizing those who have chosen to waste their time.”

    You definitely got me on this one, cvj! Ha ha ha ha..
    Personally I criticize people to make them do a better job. Its like challenging them. I dont have problem going with the opposition for as long as I am convinced that what they are doing would 100% result to a better Philippines.

    I dont really have problem with critizicing the government,and exposing all their evils ( even if Im personally very much aware of them) I find it very healthy for a nation if its people is very vigilant.

    What i dont like is the wanton throwing of issues to Mrs Arroyo without coursing all the issues to proper venue for resolution and closure. Oh yes, Mrs Arroyo is doing all the ways to prevent it too. But the opposition should really really work hard to make sure that all these issues are resolve in the courts.

    So far there two issues against GMA that were handled so well. Unfortunately it were handled mainly by poeple who are not rabid opposition and even they are known as administration senators. The two issues are the Venable contract and the Fertilizer funds. Venable contract was handled by Joker Arroyo and it resulted to being rescinded. While the Fertilizer fund was handled by Jun Magsaysay and resulted to filing of charges to teh preson who ae directly involved in the scam.

    Election cheating, was definitely handled horribly by the rabid opposition. After 8 months of overfeeding the people with so many “infos” what do we have now? An endless bickerings! Has anybody really come up with a concrete solution to prevent cheating? I dont see anything at all. I believe that compueterization of our election system will help much to prevent cheating. But is there anybody doing something towards that direction? I heard Pimentel saying something like ” no compuetrization unless Gloria is out of Malacanang”. I hated it so much! Why does everything has to be tied up with Gloria ouster? Why not work with Gloria ouster and work for fixing the election system at the same time? That way if the ouster move failed, we still have the election system fixed. Now, 2007 election is just around the corner and it sems that it is highly likely that we will not have a computerized election by that time. Its a loss-loss. You loss the ouster move and you dont have a decent election system….

    Lately I can see that Lacson has filed a criminal case against Garciliano about the fake passport issue. I like it. The same should have been done with all other issues. Tigilan na ang mga innuedos at kung anu ano pang bickerings. Any issues just go to the court and what ever the court findings so be it.

    I like what justice secretary said during the uproar on SoE, that if you think its the declaration is illegal then challenge it at SC. Wag na masyadong gmawa ng kaguluhan. Kung mag protesta man to express hwo you feel about. Then by all mean rally but please do it in a way that nobody life is impeded with such action. Can we not just hold rally in a proper venue like Rizal park that traffic will not be affected. Can we not hold rally peacfully and orderly?I dont think so. Everybody believe that this very much possible kung talagang gugustuhin ng mga rallyista eh.

    I hope I satisfied your curiousity somehow with this CVJ.

    BTW I am also curious on yours thoughts about the two most recent columns of Ms Monsod. She was saying that while the recent survey shows that 65 percent of Filipinos think that ousting President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is the best thing that can happen to the country, exactly the same survey reveals that 81 percent of Filipinos think that ousting Ms Arroyo is the worst thing that can happen to us.

    I totally agree with her!

    57. d0d0ng wrote on March 25th, 2006 at 8:44 am

    #54 re: Rego
    “Sad to say, there is something wrong with the GMA but the opposition is not doing any better too. So why waste my time for the opposition cause. Id rather focus on my own personal problems.”

    Ate Glue is in the driver seat of the executive government and not the opposition. You knew something is wrong with Ate Glue. You have to begin to look at Ate Glue who freely dispenses your EVAT taxes the way she wanted it (largely political payback). And to understand that, is not an opposition cause. Certainly it is not wasting your time on opposition like Estrada who is on court trial.

  30. Dear everyone,

    Everyone is smart and intelligent that’s the reason we are humans and not chimps. We all know we can make the difference and be all rich and merry and have a country to be proud of, if only our society can provide the opportunity to be all we can be…

    The bicutan siege was unfortunate, I only sided on the human right advocate that they should have extended the negotiation for a little bit more since the police have the upper hand and there are a thousand more ways to siege it.

    The life of policemen that died on that eposide was irreplaceble even if we kill all the terrorist in the world.

  31. Rego, thanks for the explanation. I see that our main point of departure is on how to handle GMA’s past election cheating. This is different from the matter of preventing future cheating, where concrete solutions are already on the table. In fact, if the past weblog discussions are a benchmark, there seems to be a consensus that cleaning up Comelec and some form of election computerization is the way forward, but this is not the main issue. We have a sitting president who, we have good reason to believe, has conspired with a Comelec official to cheat in the last Presidential elections that made her president. This action has to have consequences for her, both in the interest of justice and in the interest of influencing the behavior of future presidential candidates.

    I also agree with Monsod’s analysis although she is being a bit disingenuous with her phrasing as she is lumping those who absolutely want GMA to stay with those who fear coups and foreign intervention. What i would not do is to take Monsod’s articles as a call for inaction as it does not change the underlying issue of GMA’s illegitimacy. What GMA has so far succeeded in doing is to hide the fact that she is the greatest threat to our democracy since Marcos. In this, her closest allies so far are the fears and prejudices of our middle class.

    Francis, if only more people had the same values as yours.

  32. Oh yes cvj, that there is a very big gap between us on how to handle the allegations that Mrs Arroyo cheated during the last election and even with the rest of the issues being hurled at her. And unless we come up with a very acceptable compromise then we will never move on as a nation. Personally I have learned to accept that various grousp of people have different ideas on how to handle it. I will leave it at that and move on on my personal capacity. I just wish that we should start doing something towards putting a concrete solutions to prevent cheating even when we cannot agree on how to handle the sins of Mrs Arroyo.

    I will agree with you that the analysis of Ms Monsod shoudl never be taken towards inaction. As amamtter of fact, I believe that Ms Monsod would not want that either. She closes the first column suggesting that those who wanted to oust Mrs Arroyo should focus on the impeachment. And on the second column she suggested that teh opposition shoudl just stop courting the military because a big chunk of teh peopel are very much against it.

  33. The sad thing is I can’t compel my neighbors not to accept bribes in any form to sign in on the charter change initiative of the GMA regime, I don’t have the financial capability to counter their offensive.

    If someone’s doing a signature campaign to counter the GMA regimes’ offensive I am more than willing to affix my signature on it.

    Alas I know of no group that launched such a campaign…

  34. Rego, with that, i think we are in agreement of what Monsod was driving at.

    From where the survey results stand today (which could of course change depending on future revelations), the outlines of a compromise among the anti-GMA segments may revolve around the role of the VP in a post-Arroyo situation. Extreme calls for a caretaker council that governs however briefly should also be dropped as it is a nonstarter.

    Military involvement should, for the moment, be confined to an honest account of the cheating that they have witnessed. There are men of courage and honor who have stories to tell. We should let them speak. There has been some suggestions on how a ‘soldier-citizen’ can handle his/her moral dilemma. (You can refer to DJB’s weblog on this one.)

    Meanwhile, GMA’s regime is not staying in place as they are moving to consolidate their hold via their version of Charter Change. This should be opposed. Francis, you bring up a practical course of action worth exploring. mlq3, anyone, do you know of any plans for a counter signature drive? Rego, will you also lend your signature to such a document if it exists?

  35. cjv,

    i’ve actually been proposing such a signature drive but no one will buy into it, so to speak, because everyone claims they lack the resources. i’ll post it later, and maybe non-politicians can explore it.

  36. cvj/mlq3,

    definitely, i will affix my signature on it. I m not for charter because i firmly believe that it is not the solution. personally i believe that we havent optimized the present constution yet. believe there is enough provision in the constitution that can address the progress of the nation. If there is some defective provision, then amend it through the committe on constitutional ammendments.

    I believe in the prioritazion of our priorities. Three things come to mind. The economy, the election system and the graft and corruption. I wish Mrs Aroyo would just focus on this three as the centerpiece of his administration. And the opposition vigilance should also focus on them.

    mlq3, why not start with something in your blog? Maybe an email brigade where people can affix their email address instead of signature. im sure people with great conviction that will sign their email can be prodded later to start the signature campaign on their own personall capacity. And we can all comunicate through email as to hows and whats. Lets go around monetary problem. I think the key is not to put any political color on it. make it as non partisan as possible so we can attract peoeple from all side. (dont mention anything about mrs arroyo.)

  37. cvj/mlq3

    i was thinking, bong austero seem to personifies the neutral ground. i happened to know him way way back when i was still a college student and he recognized me when i sent him a privat mail. i will try to communicate with him on what is his stand on the charter change. if he is against it then i will convince him to start with something.

  38. rego, thanks imho that would be very helpful. i posted a comment on his weblog asking him if he would sign the initiative proposed by mlq3 as described in the succeeding thread (‘Institutionalizing People Power’). If he is not amenable to this, maybe it would be worth exploring what he would be willing to agree on as it would be useful input as well.

  39. Someone here said GMA is taking advantage of the people’s lack of interest on Charter Change. Eh di ba, nag-improve ang figures ng mga taong pumapabor na dito dahil sa nagkakaroon na sila ng kaalaman tungkol sa mas maraming advantages na idudulot nito sa bayan?

    The mere attendance of the people at baranggay assemblies is a clear indication of their interest of the said matter. And their signatures is a clear proof of their support. They won’t settle on agreeing to it in silence. They want their support to be known in black and white.

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