AFP’s Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

On March 17, 1957, President Ramon Magsaysay was killed in a plane crash, the third president to die in office.

The Philippines Free Press blog traces the trajectory of Magsaysay’s career with three articles:

Ramon Magsaysay, Man of the Year, 1951

The “dictatorship” of Ramon Magsaysay, 1955

Nestor Mata’s Story, 1957 (still active today, Nestor Mata was the lone survivor of the plane crash).

The papers report 65% of Filipinos want the President out: although the Palace ignores low survey rating of GMA. As is his wont, Newsstand dissects the survey. Significant findings, if one looks at the details: there is no consensus on how the President should go; her Visayas bailiwick is shrinking; but her upper and middle class support has grown (and those in favor of the President are more cohesive than those arrayed against her).

Remember 168, the shopping mall supposedly made possible by officially-protected smuggling? News is, Smugglers’ haven raided. After fat holiday profits have been made all around, of course.

Building owner slain in Ortigas: the fellow allegedly had a run-in with Luis “Chavit” Singson some time ago.

Newsbreak Magazine finally has its own site online. Read their cover story on the events of February 23-24: Failed rebellion, focusing on the soldiers; and the story of the administration’s response, Yes to Emergency; and that of other groups in Romancing the Military; and their report on the Sunday Standoff.

The other day, in a media forum, former National Telecommunications Commission head Josie Lichauco said she’s been trying to tell the public (in vain, it seems) that Executive Order 454, which placed the NTC directly under the supervision and control of the President of the Philippines, was dangerous. She said in the past, the NTC has been under the Office of the President only nominally, which is as it should be, since the NTC is meant to be independent.

In the same forum, I was struck by what one lady said. She was from one of our tribal minorities (Aeta, I believe). Her appeal: people in Metro Manila should hold firm about exercising their right to protest peacefully. She said that only in the National Capital Region can people expect to properly exercise their rights; the control of local officials and warlords in the provinces are so thorough that any kind of dissent there is a dangerous proposition. My own reaction was to think to myself, of course. In a provincial setting, a protester does not enjoy either safety in numbers or the relative anonymity afforded by protesting in a metropolis. (Read PinoyPress’s account of the forum, complete with recordings of some of the talks; listen in particular to Vergel Santos’ analysis -indeed, it’s brilliant.)

No wonder Fr. Romeo Intengan says Davao and Compostela Valley are danger zones for the administration: as are Batangas, Palawan, the Bicol region and the Cordilleras. So much for the claim that only Metro-Manila is hostile to the President.

In Thailand, the Nation proclaims A great victory for freedom of speech. A commentary in the same paper, Hanuman’s monkeys are coming for the PM’s heart, paints the battle against Thaksin in mythic terms:

Since February 4 the black flags of Hanuman, the Monkey God, have been flying everywhere among the troops of Sondhi Limthongkul. The media tycoon has fully assumed the role of Rama’s valiant soldier, with his supporters wearing black T-shirts sporting the picture of Hanuman. As one of the five leaders of the People’s Alliance for Democracy, Sondhi has launched his campaign under the slogan “We’ll Fight for the King”. He has been calling for a royally appointed prime minister to succeed Thaksin and preside over a second round of political reform.

Thaksin has been seen as the enemy of justice, virtue and democracy. He may not like it, but in this battle he has inevitably been painted as Dasakantha, the 10-headed, 10-faced and 20-handed demon. Dasakantha is a paradoxical character. In some eyes, he is bold, ruthless and fearsome. But at other times, he is a very elegant, gentle and romantic character with a sense of humour. He has flesh. He is full of life. He is very smart and very stupid at the same time.

In the punditocracy, Mindanews columnist Patricio Diaz makes what he calls disturbing observations, including what he suggests is a concentration camp being built, and the Supreme Court’s overly-relaxed attitude towards resolving crucial cases.

Amando Doronila says the country is getting closer to being a police state.

Dan Mariano explains why media has reason to be nervous:

Going by Gonzalez’s standards, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein and their Washington Post bosses, were guilty of inciting to sedition and other crimes when they ran a series of investigative pieces on the Watergate break-in. The expose eventually led to the resignation of US President Richard Nixon – a precedent that probably has got Gonzalez et al nervous.

JB Baylon says the point is, people are still searching for answers.

Fel Maragay says the Big Push is on to “inform” the public on Constitutional changes the administration wants, and that there’s a schedule:

Based on its timetable, all the necessary Charter amendments should be approved before Congress adjourns in mid-June. The plebiscite will be held before the end of the year. The election of members of the unicameral parliamentary should be held in early 2007. And the officials of the new parliamentary government will be ready to assume office and function by the middle of 2007….

At the House of Representatives, De Venecia and company claim they have already solicited at least 150 signatures for the ChaCha resolution. But whether the required 195 signatures will be reached is uncertain because the minority bloc has launched its own signature campaign opposing ChaCha. De Venecia and his allies subscribe to the belief that once the 195 signatures are obtained for the resolution, the House can go it alone and it doesn’t matter anymore whether the senators will participate in the process. The senators, however, insist that the Senate and House should vote separately on the resolution as well as on every proposed amendment to the Constitution.

Clearly, the stalemate between the two chambers of Congress over ChaCha has become sharper. To put it more graphically, the administration is groping in the dark in pursuing this objective.

In the blogosphere, the Sassy Lawyer damns the media with faint praise, and proceeds to stuff everyone with a contrary opinion on the “Hello, Garci” tapes in four compartments:

Way I see it, every person who propagated those tapes by copying and disseminating is either 1) a part of the ploy; 2) a business opportunist who intended and/or actually made money from the tapes, directly or indirectly; 3) a political opportunist who sought visibility with the hope that with the downfall of one administration, he could hold a lucrative post in the next; or 4) simply and plainly gullible.

No exceptions, ladies and germs.

After All muses on Romulo Neri striking a discordant note with regards to the Palace Hallelujah Chorus on the strengthening peso.

New blog on the block: WWF Philippines joins the blogosphere. Bravo!

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

170 thoughts on “AFP’s Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib

  1. I think that Joselu is right in that the police and Gloria Arroyo made a mistake in apprehending Dinky and Enteng. They have given the BnW movement free publicity. I now expect more people to join the Friday actions just to spite the administration.

    If the purpose of the police and administration was to cow the underdog movement into silence, I believe that they made a tactical blunder.

    I have the feeling that in the next Friday action, we will see more people honking their horns or give a thumbs up to those who are wearing a black shirt as a sign of encouragement and approval. Let’s see next Friday if my theory will hold true.

  2. Baycas’ Comment #97:

    Baycas, with my apologies..

    -I think Tals Diaz gets the point entirely; about the need for individual personal transformation to effect deep and enduring social change.

    I can relate with the struggle to give up a frosty frappe. But self abnegation is the hallmark of pure intention. Ninoy came close to death while starving himself for nearly 40 days. But his singular act of bravery set Marcos into a panic to save the very person he persecuted.

    We do need to (radically) get out of our personal comfort zones to model the change that we mean to espouse. This is to exemplify -to those still living a charmed life- the authenticity of our desire for systemic change.

    Let’s all reread Tal’s words and get her meaning.

    What we fail to see, time and again, is the other, more important definition of “revolution.” And that is the next level, transformation. A transformation of values, a change of perspective. You want the upper middle class to mobilize? Then you don’t let them drink coffee — you suspend their coffee drinking privileges (gasp!) or at least paint a picture that pretty much the rest of the country can’t even afford to buy a hundred peso cup of coffee.

    I’d say the conspiracy worth instigating here is sensibility and sensitivity. The act of real change constitutes a certain degree of discomfort. Gandhi went on a hunger strike for God’s sake, and here, some people are concerned about having a venue where it’s comfy and where they can have a frappuccino to go. You don’t just tell people to “fight,” you educate them, you make them think just what exactly it is we are fighting for. I’d say we could fight against idiocy, for starters.

    Transforming ourselves first, now there’s a real wake up call. “Be the change you wish to see,” said Gandhi the great revolutionary.

  3. Thanks for the link, Baycas. Interesting, he mentions Gandhi, the father of non-violent protest. Yes, Gandhi went on a hunger strike, but there are other non-violent ways to protest just as noble. Yes, he doesn’t get the point, but he strikes me as one of those folks that no matter how you try to reason with them, their minds are so closed, you won’t get anywhere. Be the change you wish to see in the world, indeed.

  4. MLQ3,

    With your permission, am re-posting my comment in DJB’s blog re “Ex-Army commander Lim to face court martial, says Esperon


    The court martial of Lim should be a good watch.

    Based on Gloria’s proclamation of the SOE, the government unequivocally pronounced that there was a coup d’état conspiracy, plot between Lim and NPA-CPP elements to overthrow the government; the charge of whether the act is rebellion or insubordination makes it irrelevant now… Esperon’s formal recommendation for a court martial means that the government is already prepared, paperwork and all to proceed with the court martial without delay; what is relevant today is that under articles of war, the government will technically NOT need a lot of time to conclude the court martical. In other words, Lim’s court martial could be between 30 and 60 days at most.

    If they cannot do this during this time, then the government is not serious; either that or they have no concrete evidence to back up their charges. If the charge is act of insubordination, it should make it very easy for both government and accused to debate the issue because government’s case is clear cut in an act of military insubordination.

    I’m interested in Lim’s case because it should be a test case… he can even call retired generals as his witnesses, etc which will inevitably open a can of worms. Besides, even if government has upper hand in a charge involving an act of insubordination, it will be the word of Senga against Lim.

  5. It’s a good case to watch. On one hand, Gloria’s administration will try to project a tough stand on “erring” officers. On the other hand, they’re going to spite supporters of these “erring” officers.

  6. i’d say tals could study flash mobs, for starters.

    be one with the mobbers when one will get the chance to encounter them…then one will fully understand.

    how about a “flesh” mob, joey? to protest the thick hides of the ones wielding power…a la peta fur protests…

    of course, i’m just kidding, helga…you’re most welcome.

  7. Yes, Jon.

    If government is serious indeed:

    1. the Office of JAG AFP should convene a court martial very soon.

    2. we can safely assume that since/because government has publicly declared that certain officers committed an act of mutiny, military prosecutors are therefore prepared to ask for the DEATH penalty which is the punishment meted on proven mutineers under the Articles of War.

    But since this government is NOT serious at all and may be considered amateurish at best in handling our military institution, we can only expect a monkey trial of the “accused” officers who are far more professional than Gloria and her government could ever be. Remember, UNTIL TODAY, this STUPID government has not concluded its case against the OAKWOOD so called “mutineers”.

    Technically those OAKWOOD so called mutineers committed rebellion and under rebellion and attempted a violent coup d’état for which they should face military execution but because Gloria and her dumb, coward GOVERNMENT know they have NO MORAL leg to stand on, they cannot do anything.

    I say to our brave officers and men (but not to those conniving, collaborating, immoral Gloria generals who have forfeited their right to time-honored military courage and honor):

    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. You have the moral and physical courage of your convictions. You will inevitably defeat this illegitimate, immoral, corrupt government.

  8. MLQ3,

    Re Defence of the accused military officers and men:

    The accused must be defended by a lawyer not only of irreproachable legal repute but also one who is very familiar with military history and culture.

    An excellent knowledge of military history and culture will play a great role in maintaining professionalism in what I expect would be a Gloria & Esperon monkey trials of our professional, honorable and courageous officers and men.

  9. Tactially speaking, a proper court martial will enable the accused officers to bring their counter accusations/charges
    against this government to light for the whole world to see.

  10. Based on what we’ve heard and read so far (and based also on many accusatory declarations made by both Gloria and military spokesman against Danny Lim in public), the act committed by BGen Lim could only be qualified as an act of Insubordination. Besides, HE DID NOT LEAVE MILITARY HQS to make good his alleged MUTINY.

    Caveat: Technically, if BGen Lim refuses to apologize to his direct superior and to his Commander In Chief, it is appropriate that he should be tried by a Court Martial and depending on other supporting charges against him, court martial may conclude that he should be immediately dishonorably discharged and/or forfeit all military pensions.

    Unless there are strong physical evidences to support government/AFP case against him, BGen Lim cannot be charged with MUTINY based on Articles of War. Act of MUTINY involves 3 or more officers who invoke implicitly a THREAT of violence against a superior officer.

    A mutiny CANNOT be committed by only ONE person. This was why I had earlier on posed several questions on the physical content and the word exchange during the “meeting” between Senga and Lim. I also said we must ascertain that Lim was accompanied by equally threatening officers or men to make the charge of mutiny stick.

    The case of mutiny, as in other cases of purely military offences, can be pretty clear cut under Articles of War.
    On Esperon’s or his subaltern’s declaration that Lim will be charged with FAILING TO STOP MUTINY – that’s stupid. They must prove that a mutiny was committed by an Army division, brigade, battalion or a Scout Ranger unit UNDER Lim’s direct command. AND I DON’T BELIEVE there was mutiny committed by any SCOUT RANGERS otherwise we would have seen them and heard them given this government’s penchant for publicly declaring every unusual bit of military movement or restiveness.

  11. If I were Lim, I would call ex CSAFP/DND Chief Angie Reyes to testify on the aspects of MUTINY and coup d’état and if his lawyer were extremely bold, he could ask Sen Biazon, Volt Gazmin and even FVR to come to the witness stand … hehehe!

    Seriously, Lim’ lawyer must have the courage to call Angie Reyes to the stand; he should find something in military jurisprudence (worldwide if necessary) to force Reyes to get on that witness stand because I suspect Reyes will basically REFUSE – heheheh!.

  12. In Britain where capital punishment is now outlawed, UK military law has NOT done away with the DEATH penalty for MUTINEERS. Same is true in the French military. If Lim is found guilty of MUTINY, technically under the Articles of War, he should be meted the DEATH penalty.

    But from all accounts, the AFP and by extension, Gloria and her government, HAVE absolutely poor, ver poor and wobbly, wobbly case against BrigGeneral Danilo Lim

  13. MLQ3,

    With your permission, re-posting:

    Capital of Repression
    The Statement –

    “The Black & White Movement denounces the paranoid and heavy-handed treatment of citizens in the City of Manila, including the arrest of Enteng Romano and Dinky Soliman for daring to cross Roxas Boulevard at a Ped Xing. Apparently, Baywalk is only for the privileged few. Manila is the capital of repression”.

    That text, sent out to media within minutes of the arrest of Enteng and Dinky perfectly described the scene as it was. Last night’s experience brought a whole new meaning to the lyric “namamasyal sa Luneta”. So much for the hospitality of the City of Manila.

    The Story – posted by Helga at 8:26 PM

  14. I don’t get it. Why didn’t Ms. Soliman and Mr. Romano say they were indeed protesting the repressive acts of the Arroyo administration and were indeed calling for Arroyo’s resignation instead of saying they were merely strolling? Wouldn’t it have made a bigger impact?

  15. Confused,

    I think it – strolling following a dinner – was not only true but also could be a last-minute “legal tack.”

    But let’s ask Helga…and MLQ3, he went the police station and must have first-hand account.

  16. Meanwhile, an Inquirer March 19 report quoted Sen Rodolfo Biazon, former CS AFP: “Do you know why Gloria is fighting tooth and nail? When she steps down, she loses her immunity,” the senator said.

    Biazon says it’s time to remind soldiers that “anyone who violates the Constitution is your enemy.”

    He also said “There will be a day of reckoning. That is what she is afraid of. Like what she did to [Estrada]. What will be filed against her? You can think of many things,” he said.

    The report further stated that Biazon said the possible charges against Ms Arroyo included cheating in the 2004 election and probably plunder for the P728-million fertilizer fund scam, the NorthRail project and the illegal use of at least P100 million in recovered Marcos wealth.

    I believe Sen Pong Biazon is one of the few honorable people in Congress (Upper and Lower Houses) with a distinguish and stirling military record who could actually throw the right military legaleses/questions without mincing his words in the direction of the commander in chief illegitimus and be absolutely be credible.

  17. GMA have displayed her great knowledge of the system and knows how to play the game strategically and tactically…

    I don’t see anyone in the opposition who can match her in this game right now…

  18. “I don’t see anyone in the opposition who can match her in this game right now…”

    I agree 100%. That’s why the opposition has become a non-factor. It’s for the citizenry to rise up.

  19. Anna, thank you for the link to our Baywalk Brouhaha. You’re right, a “stroll following dinner” on Baywalk was our intention, wearing our tee shirts, of course. That our action was to be done without chanting is precisely why it’s called a silent protest. We also didn’t carry a megaphone, placards, or banners. We even had a cute, handsome young man of 3 years old as our angel. We were supposed to be done walking in 15 minutes max. But, alas, we didn’t even get to Baywalk.

    Confused, it’s impossible for TV or radio news to contain all the details of an event, they have about a minute in which to tell a story, so a lot of info is lost. During negotiations with Col. Pedrozo, Enteng and Dinky explained that the slogan “patalsikin na! now na!” was meant for “all corrupt government officials” and they didn’t deny that GMA was top crook on our list. It’s also public knowledge that BnW is calling for GMA’s (and Noli’s) resignation, impeachment and non-violent ouster to make way for special elections.

    With apologies to Manolo, here is the link to Edwin Lacierda’s account of what happened in legalese (it’s a 2 parter):

  20. I have been blog hopping to really understand what is going in our country until I found this one from our very own yahoo group coming from [email protected]

    walang himala!

    economy grew at least 5.0% last year. population growth was still around 2.4%.


    1. the average filipino grew richer by roughly 2.6%. if he earned P10,000 a month in 2004, he earned P10,260 a month in 2005.

    2. if the economy grew at china’s pace, around 9%, which no other country comes close to, minus china’s population growth rate, let’s say 1% lol, the average filipino would have grown richer by 8%. or P10,000 in 2004 would have become P10,800 in 2005.

    3. my point being, that if the average filipino earned P10,000 a month in 2004, he cannot expect to earn more than P10,800 a month in 2005 even in the fastest growing economy in the world!

    4. but i think the average filipino is expecting his P10,000 a month in 2004 to become P1,000,000 in 2005 ala wowowee. maybe if gma was impeached. 🙂 (i’m being facetious.)


    daily minimum wage was increased by P50 from P275 to P325, or around 18%, in metro manila sometime july 2005. while inflation rate for the year was at most 8%.


    1. if you at least earned the daily minimum wage in manila, P325 a day or P9,750 a month in 2005, compared to P275 a day or P8,250 a month prior to july, then you would have earned P1,500 more a month.

    2. if your expenses grew in pace with the inflation rate (as pulled up by increases in oil prices, electricity rates, and the VAT) and not faster hehe, and let’s say all your previous monthly income,P8,250, went all to expenses, an 8% increase (the inflation rate) in your expenses would translate to P660 more in monthly expenses.

    3. P1,500 increase in monthly income minus P660 increase in expenses equals P840 net increase in monthly income. P840 net increase in income over previous income of P8,250 is still a 10% increase in income. more than how much the income of an average chinese would have grown (go back up, only 8%)! but again, maybe P840 is still too small a net monthly increase for the daily minimum wage earner.
    prefer china to the philippines? 🙂


    comparative percentage growths of the economy under our current and past 3 presidents, and average inflation rates are as follows:

    economy – cory 4.0%, ramos 3.8%, erap 2.9%, gloria 4.2%

    inflation rate – cory 10.6%, ramos 7.6%, erap 6.0%, gloria 5.8%

    figures don’t matter? you wonder why the middle class (classes A, B, and C) who are earning at least the daily minimum wage are not all for government change? is it really because she is one of us? aren’t all our past presidents and all the viable alternatives – from the
    vice-president to the senate president, to every retired general putschist, militant congressman, and communist and islamist rebel leader – from the middle class? is anyone really thinking of classes D and E, those who sometimes eat only 1 meal a day and those who always eat only 1 meal a day, and not just of himself and his kids?

    let’s all be cynical since it seems to be the in-thing.

    he further wrote in his second posting…..

    noli, erap, fpj, gma are all middle class to me. even militant, military, and communist leaders are all middle class in this country. ang middle class lang ang naglalaban-laban sa bansang ito.

    the rest live near or below the poverty threshold. $1 per person per day. classes D ($1) and E (below $1). together, they make up 1/3 of the population. around 27 million filipinos.

    everyone who has the luxury of grabbing media spotlight and his 5 minutes of fame (shame) and the national attention belongs to the middle class.

    on the contrary, i think galit ang middle class dahil sila ang tinatamaan ng VAT, oil prices, electricity rates, and corporate tax hikes. kaya ang iingay.

    the good thing is, real per capita income per decile (or tenth) of the population is increasing most for the poorest deciles and least -even decreasing – for the richest deciles.

    see the senate economic planning office data on ‘philippine poverty at a glance’ that compares 2000 and 2003 figures (wala pang 2006).url below. the trend is very clear:

    38% increase in per capita income from 2000 to 2003 for the poorest 10% of the population. 33% increase for the 2nd poorest 10%. 28% increase for the 3rd poorest 10%. 22% increase for the 4th poorest 10%. 17% increase for the 5th poorest 10%. 12% increase for the 6th poorest 10%. 5% increase for the 7th poorest 10%. 2% increase for the 8th poorest or 3rd richest 10%. 2% decrease for the 9th poorest
    or 2nd richest 10%. and 9% decrease for the 10th poorest or richest 10% of the population.

    ito ang pinakamaiingay. hindi ba nakakahiya?

  21. jon you really sound like a great revolutionary.
    the only thing is that the citizenry thing your wishing for won’t happen because of many objective reasons.
    if the people are not happy w/ the present administration.
    neither are they happy about of all “the attention seeking gangs” too.
    like it or not.the majority will still gamble or give the administration the shadow of the trust yet.
    because dinky & the gang are getting annoying already.

  22. Joselu…..
    Is this you?????(from blog of rg cruz)

    joey : when i was working for goverment projects & wanted to do stright business by not bribing etc… i was short, doing things the corrupt way is the way things go in this god forsaken country.maybe it’s because we have some many “cowards”.but just the same i’m still confident that things will work out.will be very dificult cuz lots of values are distorted, but we will make it
    joey : karen, in some blogs that i write when i try to focus in solutions i get branded as a luli spy.when i try to reason i get branded really so starnge that in this country when one trys to do the right thing, you are fronwed on & looked at as someone strange.


    Doing things the corrupt way is the only way..blablabla

    So you admit that corruption persists,but we will some how make it………

    then you wonder why you are looked at as someone strange?

    which hurts more..the truth or the branding?

  23. Rego, thanks for sharing the interesting e-groups posts and the senate links. Taking your figures above, the real impact of the 8% (China) vs. 2.6% (Philippines) per capita growth is that, if sustained, the average chinese will double his/her income in 9 years compared to the average filipino who will experience such doubling in 32 years, or about a generation. The upward trend, however anemic, may at least be of some consolation, but not to those who live below subsistence who are expected to endure a lifetime in this condition. Concentrating development efforts on those who live on less than US$1 a day should be top priority for a just society. The objective of doubling their income in 16 years, instead of 32 years would go a long way. Of course, the trick is to do this without distorting incentive structures too much and fostering a culture of dependency.

    All the above presidents you mentioned are part of the Upper Class. It’s their ‘branding’ that sets them apart from each other.

  24. sorry karl, i guess you knew that was not the correct word for the line of thought.
    karl, it does not surprise me to be looked at as strange.i know that in this country if you do things differently just as my short experience working in goverment, you will always be strange and i don’t mean it’s about the typo errors.
    i guess you must do some proof reading too, hehehe, will try to be more careful so as not to make you work to much.

  25. Rego, I don’t think that your statistics are right. The squatter areas in my locality are eating “noodles” as ulam, where before they can afford meat. People who live across my street still find it hard to find jobs. A “tambay” in my area spoke of having to get a college degree to get a waiter job in Makati. And my sister, who works as a community doctor in the provinces, now speak of poor people having “nilagang mani” as ulam.

    One of my co-workers, who live in a squatter area beside railroad tracks, recently experienced having to support more destitute family members who doesn’t have enough to eat.

    Where I live, just about the only people who have experienced better times are tricycle drivers, and those with relatives working abroad. Apparently, it’s not that hard to get financing for motorcycles these days, though they’re starting to bellyache about too many new tricyle drivers coming out.

  26. Karl, we have exposed Joselu/Joey for what he is. He’s just a heckler (pang-gulo lang). His principles are that of someone who just goes with the flow.

    Me? I’m just an ordinary person who wants to see the Filipino live by the rules.

  27. Sorry if this is off-topic. I had to do a double take on that Inquirer photo. I almost confused Dinky Soliman with the policewoman beside her. How odd!

  28. Rego’s Comment #123:

    Pareng Rego, ayon sa CIA factbook;
    (, ang revenues ng Pilipinas ay $45.13Billion.

    Ayon naman sa BSP, ang remittances ng ating mga magigiting na OFWs for 2005 ay US$12B.

    You’re saying that the relative GDP performances of each president relative to the economy is as follows: – Cory 4.0%, Ramos 3.8%, Erap 2.9%, Gloria 4.2%

    Pero kung tutuusin, hindi naman natin gusto yung napakarami sa mga kababayan natin ang naghahanap pa ng trabaho sa labas ng Pilipinas, diba? (-Because of all the attendant undesirable consequences resulting from families being torn apart such as; the lack of direct paternal/maternal guidance, drug addiction, social alienation, ennui, distrust of authority figures, etc..)

    So relative to this manifest exodus of our labor force, why are you giving gluemac plus points for something that should be taken against her? The exodus of our workers, is in fact, another glaring negative feature of her administration!

    As OFWs have been contributing some 30% of our GDP, factoring this portion of their contribution to the GDP out of the statistical picture, you have left a GDP of 30.8% for Gluemac. -Well behind Cory, Ramos, and Erap..

    Ano ba ang pinagmamalaki ng presidente mo?

  29. MLQ3,

    With your permission, plugging: SOME SOLUTIONS TO SOME PROBLEMS OF REGISTERING BIRTHS (Speech of Philippine Senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr., in the 4th Asia and Pacific Regional Conference on Universal Birth Registration, Bangkok, March 16, 2006)

    ‘Birth registration’ is the official recording of the birth of a child by an administrative process of the state and is coordinated by a particular branch of government. It is a permanent and official record of a child’s existence.

    Convention on the Rights of the Child
    Article 7(1): “The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality and, as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.”

    You can access this file at the URL:

  30. Observer, re Dinky and the woman cop

    Yeah, I did too.

    I think Dinky has put on a couple of pounds. She was slimmer a couple of years back when I met her.

  31. can the template design of the tshirt dinking et al were wearing be posted for download (ppt, with size/dimension specs) here in your blog? we want to start our own protest statements in mindanao.

  32. Hello, I Want Dinky’s Shirt – Thank you for your request! Enteng will have the artwork and specs made, then downloadable versions of our collaterals will be posted on our blogs for easy, free access. That way, you and other folks interested in starting non-violent, silent, Black Friday Protests won’t have to wait. With Manolo’s permission, our blog addresses are:

    We hope to get this done in a couple of days at most. In the event we can’t post the downloads before Friday, please proceed with your protest by just wearing black shirts and assembling peacefully. Once again, many thanks for your interest and request. Here’s wishing you safety. Don’t forget to send us pictures via blackfriday email addie, it’s in the blog. 😀

    Thanks for the heads up, Manolo!

  33. cvj, jccastro, and pigs eye,

    I feel I am not in the position to rebutt all of you. i have to invite my freind ( he is an ateneo professor) wrote that in our yahoo group if he is willing to discuss that posting with you an dteh rest of the blogger here.

    actually that post came out from a discussion about middle class in our group. Personally, it somehow changed my perception on the current political sitiuation. That everything is actually a handiwork of the middle and upper class while lower class were just being used as pawns….

    JC, just I still coudl not understand why we have denigrated the noodles and mani….Is it becuase all they have is noodles or mani the whole week or the whole month or the whole year? Im here in New York City, and I eat noodles and mani too as ulam. Yet I dont feel so poor….
    During my childhood in the province, people look down to other who eat corn grits as kanin. But then I learned later that, Cebu preferred corn over rice…I have a very strong feeling that this noodles and mani kind of argument (Cory’s time galunggong) at pakana na naman ng upper and middle class. You you judge people by what they ate.

    I work in a diner or restaurant when I was just starting here in NYC. And people just dont have problem with ordering corn grits to go with his or her egg for breakfast. Nobody looks down to peoepl who woudl just order a $1 chicken noodle soup.

  34. Here’s an interesting interpretation of the law, patterned surely after Goebbel’s and the Nazi party propaganda law…

    The Inquirer reported on March 19 that Raul Gonzalez, Gloria Mandaraya’s Dept of Justice ass-licking chief pronounced recently that Dinky Soliman’s after dinner walk, stroll, prominading with a group of friends in the park violated 3 laws, one of which could get her 12 years of jail term.

    How extraordinary that this man is allowed to circulate at all within the halls of justice is beyond me!

    Now we do realize that Gonzales is mad, barking mad, bugger all kind of ass-licking friggin frogshit of a pseudo-justice secretary. However, when he’s finally put on trial for the ultimate inanities that he’s been pronouncing, etc., there mustn’t be any misunderstanding: HIS INSANITY PLEA MUST NOT BE CONSIDERED WHATSOEVER to save him from capital punishment.

    Gonzales, the pseudo justice secretary who likes to dress up like the ultimate mafioso that he is and who is usually seen wearing a gold bangle, a couple of huge rings (gold and diamond), a huge obnoxious golden watch and a necklace must not be pardoned.

    When the time comes, Gonzales should be sentenced to the electric chair.

  35. Rego, I eat at squatter areas once in a while, and I talk with them on a semi-regular basis. Here where squatters are right next to our house, I’m a good neighbor by choice and necessity. Laundry get stolen once in a while if you don’t get along with your neighbors, squatters or otherwise. Most of the time, it’s some petty thief from a far-off neighborhood, so part of the street rules here is that you look out for each other. Baka naman ang tagal mo nang nawala sa Pilipinas at hindi mo na alam ang mga patakaran sa lansangan dito?

    Not all middle class live in gated communities or condominiums here, and maybe we do have something interesting to say about squatter concerns.

  36. Mr. Rego,

    Tell your professor that in China, even the poorest of the poor can afford to save, thus their high savings rate.

    Dito pano pa tayo makakasave puro panggastos na lang ang natitira, we live by deficit spending….

  37. a de brux – with a mouth like that, you really think anybody’s been taking you seriously over the past few months?! I’ve been reading your posts over time. what it tells me is the writer of these posts is slowly descending into madness.

    Do us all a favor and remember to take your anti-psychosis pills.

  38. sorry jon to be a pang gulo in your “samahan”.
    i guess you are not man enough to face all sides of realities.
    i guess your just another who can’t compit, can’t adjust & wants the world to wait for you.
    i guess you just want to be left alone in you misery.
    btw, what’s the name of this “fraternity”?
    i guess a blog is not made for free debate but is for the “kampihan” system.
    strange that you want to sound better then the rest but maybe deep down your not any different.
    i think blogging should not be abused to become a sort of “samahan” or a “fraternity” or a “kampihan”!

  39. Excuse me while I rant..

    What the F* have we Filipinos done to merit suffering the indignities being inflicted on us as a people by this traitor, -this gutless, spineless, coward; Raul Gonzalez?

    Why is he so eager to get these American rapist white trash off the hook without so much as even insisting that these soldiers be put in a proper Philippine jail?

    Why is he so quick to condemn and jail our own on the flimsiest of pretexts?

    -Yet show no compunction to swiftly dispatch these foreign baboons who humiliate and debase our women?

    Hayop ka, Gonzalez.
    You don’t deserve to be Filipino.
    May your betrayals catch up with you.

    You are an absolute disgrace to the Filipino race.

  40. Sorry Joselu, but you sound like an unprincipled man. You don’t make a clear stand on issues. You deliberately muddle issues by going around in circles and deliberately misspelling words.

    If you don’t deliberately misspell words and they happen naturally to you. It’s time for you see a shrink as it is a sign of sickness.

  41. It’s not kampihan, but I agree with Jon. Joselu, you deliberately muddle issues by going around in circles. At obvious naman eh, you’re gma’s ‘mouthpiece’!

  42. Let the mouth pieces stay!

    kahit ilan beses natin ulitin yan tanggap na nila yan!

    Pag laht nga naman tayo nag aagree aabot ba sa comment 146

    ang thread na ito.

  43. I heard Raul Gonzalez say(anc program 10 pm) that as long as the supreme court does not make a ruling everything remains at status quo.

    And talk shows should not even discus this….

    what a n A Hole!

  44. I only delete if there are death threats and so far that’s only been one commenter. But please lay off sleeping with who and joselu, we all get cranky here, but no reason to treat them badly. so please, people, be nicer.

  45. It’s just tough love. You see somebody you think is sleepwalking, you would like to wake him up before he injures himself. We’ve tried reasoning with Joselu, but he still continues to be the same.

    I would like to see Joselu improve on his spelling, and the way he presents his ideas…

    Replying to his comments is a sign of respect. Respect for somebody else’s opinion.

  46. Jon,
    ako naman kaya di ko pinanapansin ang spelling dahil for obvious reasons pwede nya ibalik sa akin ito.

    At biro mo nga naman inadvise nya akong…

    “i guess you must do some proof reading too, hehehe,”

    Ok Joselu, I will even if you don’t.

    Me isa pa kong Geo

    Hey Geo, are you still in Florida?

  47. Karl, it’s normal to misspell sometimes. But it’s abnormal when you misspell the same word in many different ways. That is why I say that Joselu/Joey is really doing it in purpose.

    I woul like to see more of Joselu’s comments, to add spice to this blog. It would also make me feel good to see somebody metamorphose from a spelling barok to something like sassy lawyer who made a jump from blogging to writing for the mainstream media.

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