Fascism in the Philippines?

Most unfortunately-phrased headline today: Hooded ex-NPA fingers Dinky (thanks to A Filipino Librarian for uh, fingering that headline).

Shades of things to come: PCIJ gears up for legal harassment; ABC-5 is experiencing it; mercifully, for now, scuttlebutt that Newsbreak is next, remains in the realm of speculation. Bryanton Post points to an article by Vergel Santos that everyone should read.

Revise laws on public assembly, sedition, law dean suggests -I agree. I’ve advocated similar amendments for some time.

Juan Mercado explains why people pulled back from the brink, at the thought of a junta.

The Nation of Thailand explains the Thai version of “Constitutional rescue.” Two other opinion pieces are eerily familiar: Thaksin simply can’t afford to relinquish grip on power and We can’t let Thaksin drag the country down with him.

But our topic for today is: the specter of fascism possibly becoming fashionable.

Two years ago, Torn & Frayed in Manila asked, “is the Philippines ripe for revolution?” The question was inspired by a column by Randy David, which, as Torn put it at the time, put forward “the possibility, even the likelihood, of a middle-class coup against the flailing president… He [David] starts from the assumption that the current situation ‘is not politically sustainable’ and goes on to argue that ‘sheer hunger will not spark a social revolution. For it is not hunger alone that grips the poor; they are also seized by a paralyzing helplessness that takes away the volatility from their anger.’ I agree.. [and]David reckons the greatest threat to Gloria will come from the middle class…” The essential question was, would the Philippines go right? Or, as Torn phrased it, “The Philippines is not going to take such a radical course as Germany in the 1920s, but many of the features that Bullock talks about (‘the crumbling of familiar landmarks and accepted values and … insecurity about its future’) are already among us, making some form of ‘right-wing radicalism’ attractive to a desperate middle class.”

On October 12, 1994, I disputed the idea that the country could turn right. I based it on four arguments; Torn & Frayed in Manila responded that perhaps I made a point, and then proceeded to probe the possibilities. Still, in the end, he concluded,

…if the trend of the last five years continues, security seems likely to deteriorate still further. If the Philippines continues to slide slowly and sedately towards anarchy, the feeling that “something must be done” – the same sentiment that propelled Mayor Duterte to power on a “law and order” platform in Davao and won Ping Lacson a prominent position in national politics despite his human rights record – will strengthen.

What neither Torn nor I ever expected was that the President would turn into a fire-breathing peddler of fascist notions; she wasn’t high on the list of aspiring dictators then. But since then, the Strong Republic has become the Fear Factor, as I pointed out in October last year; and if we are to be ruled by fear, then let us reject the argument that might makes right can be a substitute for the rule of law. We have no choice but to resist scorched earth governance. Still, I should have seen it coming, as I noted in 2004, even then, the middle was tiring of the democratic ideal: like me, they preferred competence to idealism. But a president should always be more than a bean counter. The poor, I also said in 2004, instinctively understand the hypocrisy of the middle and upper classes.

Carlos V. Jugo in a comment dissects Demosthenes’ Game’s utilitarian attitude towards democracy (my view: it is an ideal, and cannot be something merely “useful”). Anyway, here’s a good discussion of Fascism: and see just how many of the Palace and irate middle class arguments you can spot. But even if some in the middle class toy with the idea of examining (though not, quite yet, actively espousing) Fascism, is it really something for the middle class? An article examines if the middle class really embraced Fascism in Italy and Germany.

Anyway, as Big Mango suggests, change is necessary. What is up for debate is the extent and the speed -not the necessity. Also, fascinating discussion at stepping on poop. Micketymoc quotes St. Thomas More; but he became a martyr to defend a law higher than the laws of men.

And, you know, if there are those not in opposition who bewail the loss of civility, even rationality, and would like to put it on the doorstep of the opposition,they might consider taking a peek at this internet forum from 2005, which, incidentally, seems to have been an incubator for every argument and line being peddled in the pro-Palace literature at present.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

47 thoughts on “Fascism in the Philippines?

  1. Maybe it more of lines being drawn on the ground and people are asking where do you stand..

    Right – Center – Left

    We have some who in the last months that have been very obviously courting all three trying to get into power.

    And the images on TV of “Till Death do us be Enemies” siting hand in hand trying to pull down the government.

    So I don’t really see it as A RIGHT side move but more of a defining position people are taking..

    Yes Lacson ran on the Extreme Right but with a background of corruption (Estrada) and Executions.. So could not muster the full support he wanted, and the opposition did not want the Extreme Right in Power, It wants the Extreme Corruption (Estrada)

    But the further we go through this episode in Filipino history, the more we learn about the changing and backstabbing of the people in politics.

    Within the opposition no one has Stood and Stayed firm (Except maybe the CPP – NPA ) on their goals..

    And this makes people ask the question where do I stand when I see Cory with Imee?

    Thus the tendancy to see people leaning towards the Right, or the Left (It probably also depends where you live..)..

    MLQ3 (The headline well spotted. Whats on your mind?)

  2. sSabi ni Fence-sitting joker:

    The elite forces of the uniformed services have supplanted the political opposition as the real opposition group to Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

    Wrong joker. It is the critical media, not the military, that has supplanted the political opposition as the biggest threat to GMA.

  3. I am skeptical of a middle class driven coup.

    Middle Class people understand what a coup will do, set back the Philippino economy a couple of years. We all saw the Peso wobble with the Fort Bonafacio Brouhaha (FBB).

    The opposition claim to be united across the chasm separating left and right, but the only unity they have is in seeing PGMA ousted, the FBB demonstrates there is little unity.

  4. Perhaps not surprisingly (hey, this is the Philippines) I’ve abandoned this idea in the meantime. Fascism requires a willingness to plan for the long term and a fervent commitment to political principles. The scary thing about Hitler is that it was all there in Mein Kampf. Everything that he subsequently did was foretold in the book he wrote in 1925 — every single thing.

    Now when we look at the current political situation—even the national character—in the Philippines it is quite clear that these essential preconditions are entirely absent. The fluidity of ideas, the ease with which politicians glide across party lines, the national addiction to short term solutions and quick fixes, the absence of ideology in almost every facet of national life … this is not a country with the energy or the Nietzschian “will” to embrace fascism.

    And for that, perhaps, we should be quite grateful.

  5. Allow me to put the last paragraph of DJB’s blog dated March 13

    BEYOND MARTIAL LAW? If Senator Dick Gordon is right that Proclamation 1017 is merely a prelude to something bigger than the weakened form of martial law allowed in the 1987 Charter, and if Professor Gwen De Vera is right that Proclamation 1017 is already a virtual, undeclared form of martial law that even skirts Congressional and Judicial review, then the prediction is for more repressive measures from the Arroyo government and not less. The Palace has not gained much breathing space since the state of national emergency was declared and lifted. Instead it has reaped from the people a whirlwind of … well… Eternal Vigilance!”

    A whirlwind of eternal vigilance! Thatis waht the Proclamation’s declaration and lifting hast resulted to!

  6. Again, I displayed the art of typo…

    Fascism will only happen if we allow it to happen…..
    WE don’t have to look at history just the global news.
    Lets just look around us…Thailand,Yugoslavia,Kenya…etc..

  7. Fingers

    maybe the online thesaurus was activated

    or maybe the editor just wants to be Punny

    bak me magalit na naman dyan pag me techie terminology discussion

    The techie term ping actually means finger , which also means pointing to.

  8. Looking at our history, during the first few years of the martial law, there were actually many who said that they liked it better. Claims such as “crime has gone down” was heard. It’s no surprise really. A fascist nation with a “good” leader (how can I combine good and fascist?!) can actually bring a disciplined environment where everybody follow the rules. The problem is, there’s no one fascist person who can remain un-corrupted by power. And rules can become arbitrary dependent on the whims of the leader.

    So again it was no surprise to see Mr. Marcos abuse his powers. What followed were movements against his regime.

    If Ms. Arroyo attains Martial Law powers, she might use it well (to bring some good to the people, to protect herself and her family). I cringe on the thought though because as can be seen from what she has done so far, and the things she does to achieve her ends, she might just be worse than Mr. Marcos.

    For those willing to take a chance on her, only history will tell if you have chosen well.

  9. Come to think of it….
    That hooded star witness who happens to be unknown to the wife of the one he was supposedly guarding and vice versa

    Is the lowest despearte act the government has pulled to…

    It is very likely that a spouse or even the one who is guarded not to know their body guard,but having it the other way around is just plain STUPID!

  10. I don’t see how the left-right political spectrum applies to Philippine politics.

    Even the use of words is an indicia of political motivation or one’s political leaning. Using the left-right political spectrum, I think, benefits only the local communist movement as it evokes an image of the communist party standing for the people. Thus, they use the rhetoric of democracy and “power to the people” even when we all know what they mean is “power to the party”. They are to the extreme left of the traditional left (by traditional left, i mean harking back to the French Parliament during the time of the French Revolution where it was supposedly derived from). Makes sense? It doesn’t to me.

    In the United States and Europe, there are various opinions about what determines whether one sits on the left or on the right, but it is generally drawn along the following lines:
    – Equal outcomes (left) versus consistent processes (right). It is basically a process-based reasoning vs end-result principles dichotomy. Pre-EDSA II, Erap and his group are rightists invoking the “rule of law” (consistent processes) vs the left, the civil society’s insistence on People Power as a justified use of the people’s sovereignty (equal outcome). Presently, GMA is a rightist, invoking the “rule of law” to suppress dissent and Erap a leftist, rousing the people to oust GMA. Conclusion: In the Philippine setting, left-right politics is based on your location vis-a-vis the seat of power. You are a rightist if you, or someone you support, are in power and left if you are “out left in the cold”.

    – Redistribution of wealth and income (left), or acceptance of inequalities as a result of the free market (right). In this respect, everyone is a leftist based on what they say. Even the elites are leftist because they say they believe in the redistribution of wealth as a prerequisite for national development, its just that they believe in giving the wealth of the other elites and not theirs. No one is a rightist. I haven’t heard anyone stand up to say “let us accept the present poverty as this is a result of the free market. It’s the “invisible hand” of Adam Smith at work.”

    – Whether the government’s policy on the economy should be interventionist (left) or laissez-faire (right). Push. Well, maybe confused. Basically, floating in the middle. Politicians have basically fudged the difference (some do not even know there is a difference). They can basically hover above the issue by saying the government should intervene when it needs to and not when it doesn’t. That is probably why they sing and dance at political gatherings during election periods, no question and answer portion.

    – Support for widened lifestyle choices (left), or support for traditional values (right). Conservative vs Liberal. Again, push. It depends on who the politician is facing. If they are facing church groups, extol traditional values. Kapag mga yuppie, siyempre liberal tayo repapits. Pag nagkaipitan, kung saan mas maraming botante, hanggang eleksyon lang naman eh.

    – Whether the state should prioritize equality (left) or liberty (right). Parehong positive. No choice, extol both.

    – Whether the government should promote secularism (left) or religious morality (right). Same as widened lifestyle vs traditional lifestyle.

    – Colectivism (left) versus individualism (right). Yung para sa tama. Pag naelect na, collectivism yata pero yung pagkakaiintindi nila, para may collection. Colect and collect lang.

    – Support for internationalism (left), or national interest (right). Politiko: Again, yung para sa tama lang. Tamaan sana kayo ng kidlat.

    I think all politicians have moved to the center, at least, based on what they claim to stand for. Or maybe they have become politically ambidextrous. Either way, only the Left is left standing. So, for the sake of clarity, why don’t we just call them Communists?

  11. jon, i don’t think she will ever declare martial law.for the simple resaon that it’s to complicated.
    i think she will always be very surgical in solving the problems.
    since the military has already expressed time & again that they want to left alone & don’t want to be used by politicians.personaly, i think the military is moving in the right direction of pruging it’s ranks & i think the people should complement & support the military for it’s defending it’s institution.
    i think our concernes must be focued on making our institutions work & above all insulating them from politics.
    we should think professional insted of being so distructive & oppurtunistic.
    the problems we are having can be handeled by good police work.in a way, by making the systems work better
    you must remember that pgma’s focus is on the economy.she will obviosly have to balance & dose everything always very carefuly.
    what ruined martial law is when marcos had to keep his people happy & satisfied.
    it could have worked for the betterment of the nation.the problem was that absolute power corrupts.

  12. It’s too bad Abante did not write that headline. It would have been hilarious in the vernacular – Dating NPA Pininger si Dinky

  13. An Inquirer front page pic shows Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the inveterate and pathological liar and creeping fascist hands over a 1-million peso check (as “balato” or alms) to Army chief Esperon, one of the Gloria generals involved in the 2004 election campaign for Gloria, for a housing project in Fort Magsaysay.

    Nothing wrong with making “balato” but it is all morally wrong to make a “balato” as a form of charity or alms to Army troops as if they were mere beggars and scavengers.

    Although we all know that the ordinary troops are impoverished, Gloria’s act is despicable – she treats Army soldiers as mere beggars to be given “balato” and alms. That’s how the Liberian president would treat his Army.

    A nation’s army must be treated with respect – Esperon’s Army doesn’t want a “balato”. What the Army wants and needs is for the law to provide for automatic troop housing and health care.

    Gloria is all wrong for the country; she continues to bring the level of governance to the level of the despicable.

  14. MLQ3,

    In response to the creeping fascism in the Philippines:

    Statement of the Hong Kong Campaign for the Advancement of
    Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines (HKCAHRPP)

    The Hong Kong Campaign for the Advancement of Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines, a coalition of composed of grassroots organizations of workers, women, students, human rights advocates, civil libertarians, church people, NGOs, journalists and migrant workers in Hong Kong, vehemently condemn the continued detention of Rep. Crispin Beltran of Anakpawis (Toiling Masses) Party.

    His illegal arrest and detention since February 24 by elements of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Groups (CIDG) of the national police gravely violates his fundamental human and political rights. His continued detention despite his critical health condition exposes the government‚s lack of respect for human rights specially those who are critical of the government‚s policies.

    Moreso, other members of the Parliament belonging to progressive partylists like Reps. Satur Ocampo, Joel Virador and Teodoro Casino of Bayan Muna (People First) Party; Rep. Rafael Mariano of Anakpawis Party and Rep. Liza Maza of Gabriela Women‚s Party are under the threat of warrant-less arrest.

    On Feb. 28, the entire House of Representatives, recognizing that probable cause has yet to be established in their case, unanimously approved House Resolution 1169, a bipartisan resolution that reaffirmed the right of Rep. Beltran and the rest of the progressive parliamentarians to due process and gave them „protective custody‰ absent any judicially issued warrant of arrest resulting from a preliminary investigation or indictment.

    However, despite the Lower House‚s protective custody, the Arroyo government, specifically its National Police, has disregarded this very basic right and insists that once they get out of their offices, they will be arrested even without warrant in clear violation of their rights under the Constitution and various laws.

    Even after the so-called lifting of the “State of National Emergency”, the government continues to threaten political opponents, activists and progressive legislators with warrantless arrest. Peaceful protest actions and assemblies are met with violent dispersals by the police while strict government monitoring in the media is still in place.

    Meanwhile, political killings in the provinces targeting leaders of peasants and workers organizations, human rights advocates, church people, lawyers, journalists and progressive local government officials are escalating. Since 2001, more than 80 party members of Bayan Muna, at least 24 mebers of Anakpawis and Gabriela were killed by suspected military operatives. Santiago Teodoro, chair of the Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (New Patriotic Alliance or BAYAN) in Bulacan province, was gunned down as he was driving in Barihan town on March 9. He was the 20th militant leader killed in the province since 2005 and the 47th in Central Luzon.

    These and the President’s consistent announcement of government and military crackdown on “enemies of the state”, or should we say enemies of the President, only show that the Philippines is again under martial rule.

    We join the Filipino people in their quest for genuine democracy, social justice and respect for human rights. As we pledge our continuous solidarity, we urgently demand the following:

    1. Immediate and unconditional release of Rep. Crispin Beltran and other political detainees;
    2. Stop political intimidation and police harassment to progressive parliamentarians;
    3. Respect freedom of speech, peaceful assembly and of the press; and
    4. Uphold and respect the civil, political and basic human rights of the Filipino people;

    12 March 2006
    Hong Kong Campaign for the Advancement of
    Human Rights and Peace in the Philippines
    c/o ASA, No. 2 Jordan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR
    Tel. (852) 98105070, 97409406 Fax. (852) 25262894
    E-mail: [email protected]

  15. That’s a good comment by jaius. The whole left—right thing is increasingly irrelevant everywhere.

    What I originally meant was a kind of right-wing radicalism attractive to a middle class “threatened by the crumbling of familiar landmarks and accepted values and by insecurity about its future” (Alan Bullock on pre-Nazi Germany).

    Talk to many middle-class Filipinos and you get a sense of a desperate yearning for someone to take control, someone to reverse the seemingly inexorable drift downwards that saps all hope and energy. One of mlq’s newspaper columns in 2004 pointed out the haggling dentists and doctors have put up with today and the financial difficulties they face. Doctors! If doctors are reduced to scraping the bottom of the barrel the bourgeoisie is really down on its luck – which makes some form of radical alternative very tempting.

    Still, as I said earlier, I’ve kind of given up on that theory. It’s much more likely that the country will continue to bumble along behind its (increasingly tatty) quasi-democratic façade with the same hopeless shower playing musical chairs. Either that or salvation will come from an evangelical source – I have a strong feeling that Brother Eddie’s candidacy will not be the last of that type.

    Nice comment from A. de Brux too.

  16. Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

    Is that not where the red light district is in Hong Kong where the Filipina’s are working in all the bars there.. Not allowed to leave the premises…

    Human Rights?

  17. Now, YOU tell us Sleeping…you seem to know the place very well.

    Were you one of those Filipinas sequestered and got to escape from your red light district to become Gloria’s mouthpiece?

  18. De Brux..

    You can be so mean at times to people..

    IF i was a person who worked there do you think i deserve that type of an insult..

    Next i don’t think the military deserve the insults you place on them either..

    I will let you sleep that one off and think about it..

    Think before jumping to conclusions..

  19. Torn,

    I agree with you. Jaius raised valid points.

    Reminded me of France’s presidential elections in 2002 pitting extreme right candidate Jean Marie Le Pen and Gaullist candidate Jacques Chirac.

    The run off between those two happened because Lionel Jospin of the Socialist Party was defeated in the first of the run offs.

    In a massive show of force by the French electorate, the Socialist voters including the liberals went to the voting polls to prevent Jean-Marie from getting a “respectable” election voters’ return. It was unprecedented in the history of France – the Socialists who despised Chirac teamed with the conservatives and the liberals to give Chirac a resounding 81% of total votes.

    The 2002 presidential elections voters’ turnout was unprecedented in the history of France. As opposed to previous average turnout of 40 to 50% max, the entire French population was galvanized into an 80% voters’ turnout because they refused to give Le Pen a dose of respectability for his fascist platform.

  20. Sleeping,

    You had it coming.

    But don’t worry!

    I sleep very soundly because I’m not a Gloria mouthpiece and I ain’t a Gloria Arroyo lying toad either who’s haunted by coup d’état, mutiny dreams and her 2001 coup d’état past.

  21. Fascism is good! GMA is already training the Filipinos… 10 more years of this BS and GMA might switch to monarchy so Macapagal/Arroyo clan will rule forever!

    We still, as a society, have a lot of learning to do… That’s why I feel hopeless. Police acts like their God’s hand and GMA’s officials speak like their prophets (know everything).
    GMA have a smile that resembles Bart Simpson… doing evil pranks…

    hay naku sana ang apo ko will benefit from all this ADVENTURISM.

  22. To say that ABC5 is experiencing legal harassment, based on Mr. Francisco’s link, does not seem accurate.

  23. MLQ3,

    Inquirer reports that Defensor claims Palace was also offered tapes on presumably Gloria related-rigged election returns.

    Defensor is turning out to ba real tactician eh? He turns around without batting an eyelash to train Palace guns at those that accuse them of manipulating people’s will.

    Anyway, this is not the point of my post. What I’d like to know is Defensor’s number to be able text him too just like half of the nation’s population who seem to know his personal number. I will offer him tapes, cds, dvds too but nothing to do with his boss’s involvement with Garci but will offer him – they are CDs that are used in high schools here dealing on civic rights and duties and most importantly on good governance.

    That fella’s got a lot to learn about what good governance is all about. At the rate he is going any high school teacher here will give him -F. I mean, he can’t go any lower than minus F for utter FAILURE!

  24. The “hysteria” twins:

    Philstar reports that Bunye accuses opposition of trying to stir ‘hysteria’ while Associate Press reports Arroyo rallies regional leaders against terrorism and communism…no doubt hysterically.

  25. Inquirer banner: We hold nation together – military spokesman

    According to the Inqurer report, THE ARMED Forces of the Philippines through its spokesman, Col Kison, yesterday “acknowledged its crucial role in keeping President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in power, warning that the nation would fall apart if it gave in to pressure from various power blocs seeking the President’s ouster.”

    We agree that in a democracy, the military is the guarantor of a Republic’s independence, the protector of its citizens and the guardian of its Constitution but Kison’s statement will reverberate down the line to the younger officers. Kison has just issued an implicit threat to Gloria!

    In spite of the many coup attempts against Cory Aquino, she was able to DEFEAT the military because she was coming from a higher moral ground. During the time of FVR, the military went back to its institutional role, fighting rebels and the enemies of the Republic instead of fighting the ordinary citizens of the nation. But Gloria has none of that moral high ground.

    Our military is far from being perfect – it is highly politicized, many of its elements are corrupt, it has no real esprit de corps. Like it’s civilian counterpart, the military is disunited and dispirited.

    Having said that, the military had hopes of single-handedly destroyed the last fiber of professionalism in the military institution.

    Not content with having urged and organized a mutiny after which she led a coup d’état in 2001 to topple a duly Constitutional government, she decided to further corrupt the military – am not speaking of money here – to the bone by treating it like a band of merceneries.

    Because of this, Gloria will find that she has created a monster which she will not be able to control pretty soon; that in order for her to curb some ambitious folks in the military, she will have to corrupt the rest some more.

    But sooner or later, she will lose because a president must remember that she cannot continue play or toy with the military and wield it as the sword of damocles over the nation’s 80 million heads if she CANNOT DISCIPLINE them. To discipline them, she must be prepared to SHOOT. She must be prepared to take on the military and SHOOT those that err but if she does’nt want to shoot them, she’s got to bribe the others who know she WILL NOT SHOOT. So the cycle goes – it really is going to be a catch 22 issue.

    Unless she shows force and proves that she can deal with erring military in fire for fire fashion, Gloria is a goner. The rest of the military will have her head sooner or later!

    Our only hope is to have a snap election and re-establish a Constitutional government through a valid democratic exercise. If that happens, the military will go back to barracks and assume their proper role.

    A truly democratic government with a valid unquestionable mandate is our only defence against military adventurism.

    In a true democracy, the military is the last component of a Republic to go wayward when everything else seems to be lost. But when that democracy is wobbly, the military is the first to break from the Republic.

    Beware Gloria, you shall reap what you sow!

  26. Correction:

    Having said that, the military had hopes of becoming professional but Gloria single-handedly destroyed the last fiber of professionalism in the military institution.

  27. The word according to Sleeping…
    “Yes Lacson ran on the Extreme Right but with a background of corruption (Estrada) and Executions.. So could not muster the full support he wanted, and the opposition did not want the Extreme Right in Power, It wants the Extreme Corruption (Estrada)”
    Won’t debate on what is true and what is not.

    but by continuing to say that Gloria is what people wanted…with your reasoning of the exit polls SWS, the opposition accepted her inauguaration..why did the pictures only appear now after so long a time…

    1) You said that exit polls in the philippines are accurate:Bull Shit!
    2) Opposition statements keep on changing …another :Bull Shit!The ultimate mind changer is GMA herself(self explanatory)
    3)Opposition wants extreme corruption thru ERAP

    WOW, you are really sleeping with whom!

    Well you may be right GLORIA exceeded extreme Corruption!

  28. Before I said I will concentrate on sleeping and I leave Joselu to Jon…

    Joselu…you are correct in saying that GMA is surgical with her decisions


    Isang mali lang permanent nerve damage na!

  29. Hello. From what I’ve been reading here in MLQ3’s blog, there are many people out there who think, like I do, that GMA sucks and does not deserve to be president. I was wondering if you guys have any plans of consolidating our forces and making our voices heard.. because Malacanan seems to think they can get away with IT because people JUST DON’t CARE anymore.

  30. Torn, it says a lot about our current condition that we ought to be quite grateful should your assessment in #6 and #19 prove correct. My hope is that we are able to hold things together until the electoral revolutions currently sweeping Latin America reach our shores…

  31. The election returns are counted by Namfrel and Congress checks the COC’s to determine who is the President..

    They say that the COC’s where altered and that the ER’s were changed during the election at some time, Now the opposition are saying that the ER’s where changed after the election which would mean they would not tally with Namfrel.

    Namfrel counts ER’s and Comelec counts COC’s and Congress counts COC’s..

    And SWS counts people after they have voted an exit poll..

    So i am not sure how all this could be done after the election was over..

    Can someone explain that to me?

  32. ‘We hold these truths to be self-evident, that All men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to insitute new government laying its foundation on such principles and otganizing its powers in such form, as to them shall most likely to effect their safety and happiness… All experience hath shown, that mankind are more disposed to suffer (governments), while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right , it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their security….”(Democracy’s Declaration of Independence)

    Let’s get organize. Maybe MLQ can suggest where when for a start and maybe there we can identify credible names who can lead the group. Let’s agree on fundamental agreeable principles and avoid divisive non-bearing matters? Thanks.

  33. Saglit lang po..
    Off topic:

    Sa mga Pilipinong tapat magmahal sa demokrasya at kalayaan:

    Freedom Concert !
    15 March 06
    Mamayang 5:30pm
    Sunken Garden, U.P. Diliman

    Fight the forces of untruth!
    Sing and dance for freedom and democrasy!

    Sa mga pwersang mapanipsip at mapanira sa demokrasya: wala kayong pahintulot makilahok saming pagdiwang ng kalayaan.

    So stay out!

    Salamat po..
    -Carry on dudes/dudettes..

  34. Angara in 2004

    And Angara also claimed that if those COCs had reflected the true vote counts in their ERs, President Arroyo’s winning margin of 1.1 million votes would be reduced by about 600,000. (I can’t recall Angara’s exact figures, and print media showed its bias by not reporting his data.) Angara was not even claiming that correcting those 14 COCs would make FPJ the real presidential winner.


    Also further in this it states that Central Luzon had a huge Difference in results Favouring the FPJ camp, (Cheating by the Opposition).

  35. Erratum!
    Sorry po!
    Bukas pa pala!

    Freedom Concert !
    Thursday !!!
    16 March 06
    Sunken Garden, U.P. Diliman

  36. Sleeping,
    Kung totoong nanalo si GMA, paki-explain nga:
    Why the need to stonewall on the investigations when these investigations would have precisely shown inevitably and indisputably, if your thinking is correct, the certainty of “truth” that she won fair and square. In fact, she should have argued through his lawyers, for the continuation of the recount by the PET, if only to SHAME the opposition and all doubters for their irresponsible behavior and put this controversy to final rest.

    If indeed she won and she honestly believes so,(and I am willing to assume you are correct) her actions are at best counterintuitive, even in comical disconnect. Are you saying she is enjoying all these unrest?

  37. The controversy on the 2004 elections is now centered on military involvement in the alleged cheating that happened. These are new issues which provides additional context to the “Hello Garci” tape controversy. The “Hello Garci” controversy is not dead, and the way the government is cracking down on the military shows how seriously GMA will deal with any opposition that raises this issue.

    In the light of what happened, the disposition of these military personnel who apparently intended to participate in People Power 2006 celebrations is the most serious issue that we are confronting today.

  38. karl, is there a division of task here is it a best out of 4 match then change court, heheheh or is this some sort of tennis match?

  39. karl, pgma’s best friends want her to declare martial law, that is why they are continously pressureing her.
    but it seem to me that when there are rats in the house you don’t burn down the house to get rid of them.you use pest control means, readily availabe.
    medical science is so modern now a days, it’s amazing what medicine can do.

  40. Fascism? For GMA it is just warming up, flexing some muscles, or preliminary bombardment before an assault or a blitzkrieg. GMA and her operators are moving according to plan. Please read on.

    GMA’s Constitutional Coup
    Viewpoints on GMA’s coup with hopes for creative proactive responses while the narrowing window of opportunity for peaceful resolutions of conflicts is still open.

    Preemptive Strike
    GMA preemptively strikes at pre-determined targets via pre-meditated deliberate execution and while the primary targets and collaterally hit sectors are reacting – protesting, rallying, petitioning- the next strike is underway.

    Coup d’état-
    Military coup, political coup, constitutional coup, we’re in the midst of a confluence of coups. But which coup is the most treacherous and most damaging of them all? While GMA’s psy-ops teams are propagandizing against anti-administration military-cum-political coup plotters, her political allies had been maneuvering for a “constitutional coup” by forcing the issue of charter change, by hook or by crook, against any and all oppositions.

    Constitutional Coup
    GMA’s central agenda since the “let’s start the great debate” SONA, changing the present charter with her “ultimate solution” constitution will accomplish two objectives: escape from accountability and entrench her and her allies in power. GMA allies will dominate a unicameral Parliament that has the sole power to impeach her. With some of the limitations on her powers today removed, the power to dissolve the Parliament and a “Supreme Court stripped of the power to determine whether she has gravely abused her discretion”, GMA will have the vast powers exercised by President Marcos. Crucially, GMA’s constitutional coup would effectively undercut any legal and constitutional challenge to her legitimacy and let her stay in power, constitutionally more secure, from the transitory period to 2010 and beyond. Without true mandate, GMA bribes, entices, corrupts and cons to remain in power. Each day that she stays in Malacanang, our patrimony is being plundered, our treasury pillaged, our institutions damaged, our future pawned, our land served as collateral until our sovereignty is virtually surrendered.

    GMA’s generals, in and out of uniform, are strategically positioned, her political operators are tactically poised, her technocrats and beaurocrats control the logistics, her tradpols run the political machinery and her business partners influence the market. On the other side, the opposition is a weak coalition but the obstinate senate presents the challenging obstacle. On the mid-ground, her media critics are a manageable nuisance while the restive military is co-opted through bribery and red scare propaganda. On the sideline, the silent majority is neutralized by apathy and the masa is shackled by extreme poverty – ruthless dictator of priorities. (Protest is a luxury “para sa masa na isang kahig, isang tuka”.)

    Constitutional Gambit
    GMA can proclaim martial law to trigger a constitutional process that will bait or force the senate to join the lower house as a body or as a constituent assembly to address jointly the matter of the proclamation with the executive. GMA allies’ lower house majority will force its interpretation of “voting jointly” that give them a clear majority against the opposition in both chambers. Charter change is easily railroaded – coup-de-grace. This “window of opportunity” is very tempting for GMA and allies. Gambits, either accepted or declined, are risky, complicated and, for either side, potentially fatal. A crucial miscalculation could trigger a very violent scenario. But GMA’s operators are confident. “Everything is under control”.

    Clear and Imminent Danger
    Calibrating (CPR), calculating (P1017), maneuvering (coup in LP, Pirma), GMA’s operators and agents are ready to “confront fire with fire” (Special Operations Forces), careful but not afraid of “triggering a violent scenario”. The people must “swallow the bitter pill”, “pay the price”, “be ready to sacrifice more”, “for a better economy that’s on the verge of a takeoff”. GMA had made a commitment, her minions are committed. GMA will take the risks; the people will pay the price.

    Which coup is the worst coup of them all? Worse coup? Bad? Good coup? Remedial, restorative coup? Rescue? From GMA’s coup? Counter coup? CBCP’s moral coup? Civil Disobedience? AFP/PNP mass leave/resignation? (Our answers to the questions of today define our nation’s future.)

    Note: A Judicial Coup is if the Supreme Court rules that the two chambers of congress vote jointly, not separately, in a constituent assembly! (as it could rule that nothing’s wrong with P1017).


  41. Great post POLSJS!

    You dissected the Gloria political and martial concepts in one go!


  42. polsjs, your taxonomy of coups provides a clear and concise picture of the dangers facing our democracy. GMA’s position indeed looks strong and only people’s revulsion at the means by which she carries out her agenda can act as a break. So far, it’s not there, because a significant chunk of the middle class/middle forces believe that Charter Change is in their best interest.

  43. I always have terrible trouble with comment-related plugins that require me to put some line in the comment loop; I can never seem to find the right spot. Can anyone tell me where I should put the php line in my comments loop? I haven not modified anything much, and I would be very grateful. Thanks!

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