A restful weekend for all

The Frapp for Freedom went well, by all accounts.

RG Cruz isn’t alone in thoroughly enjoying a quiet weeked. Everyone’s been left quite haggard by recent events. He’s managed to take his first vacation in 5 years.

When I told a friend about Captain’s Log announcing Cebu Pacific had an ongoing 10 Peso a ticket promo, my friend immediately sought out his friends and they stampeded in the direction of the nearest airline ticket office. They were planning to get tickets to Boracay. I think they did, although my friend told me with some amusement, that the tickets were actually “Ten Pesos plus plus plus plus plus.” What’s the “plus plus plus plus plus?” I asked. “All together, it comes out to 850 Pesos,” my friend replied. Still, not bad -but then they discovered the promo tickets aren’t valid during Holy Week. Fine print strikes back! (Captain’s Log follows up with the P10 Ticket Effect).

Newsstand points out I made it to the cover of the Inquirer Compact. A friend informed me I definitely need a nose job.

An interesting entry in Buzz Machine on a concept called the “group veto,” and how it is slowly being resisted. An example is how a university student finally dared go against animal-rights activists and protested in defense of science. Read the entry and the links.

Red’s Herring dwells on media, and how it can be tyrannized and tyrannical.

Professional Heckler has Day One, then part 2, and another chapter, and more, plus decisions and then the voting, in his Pinoy Big Brother, Politics Edition. The saga continues….

In the fluffy department, The McVie Show Season 4 has a hilarious account of Rustom Padilla’s dramatic announcement -interrupted by Keanna Reeve’s having to pee (Jessica Zafra was stunned). And shockingly, I recognize most of the entries on his list of life-defining songs.

The Turntable poses a good question: is the inevitable decline of action stars really inevitable? And what horrors will it bring?

Carlos Celdran makes it to the BBC. As he says, whee!

Prudery on the march in Indonesia.

10 million page views per day, but no income from it!

The Pope has an iPod Nano.

And beautiful Petri dishes.

Global Voices Online says Indonesian bloggers are upset with a new anti-pornography law.

For WordPress users, Yuga points to a proudly Pinoy-made theme.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

14 thoughts on “A restful weekend for all

  1. re: 10 million page views per day, but no income from it!

    since this is your own domain, why not put in revenue generating ads like GOOGLE ADSENSE. they pay per click and per page impressions.

  2. finance, goggle adsense doesn’t seem to work for political blogs, anyway, i have an exclusivity deal with pajamas media.

  3. Now that the state of emergency has been lifted, it seems that everything will settle down and it will be business as usual for the country … for now.

    I wonder what those people who claimed that its was “Martial Law All Over Again” will say now? Or will they just remain silent and wish they never made such bold claims?

  4. Acda, SOE is lifted because GMA think that
    US have a hand on it …
    And anyway you see it, it’s ILLEGAL

    At the end FINAL JUDGEMENT and JUSTICE will
    prevail. We know the TRUTH, the minute

  5. It’s amazing how big corporations can get away with “false advertising”. It’s not really false, just misleading.

    If you want to come to Hong Kong, you can check out Cebu Pacific’s 5,000 peso (plus+plus+plus!) offer too!

  6. 5,000 bucks for HK? I haven’t seen that offer in the newspapers ah…Hahha….Maybe I should go to Hong Kong na lang ha ha ha….That’s so cheap.

  7. Inquire with Cebu Pacific! It started in January this year. (remember there are the plus+plus+plus!, and restrictions). See if you can avail of it.

    A funny experience with Cebu Pacific (HKG-MNL):
    Passenger1 : Wow!, okay sa Cebu Pacific may peanuts bago ang lunch!

    Passenger2 : First time mo dito ano? Iyan na ang lunch mo!

  8. The amount does not include:
    1. Travel Tax – 1,620
    2. Naia Airport Tax – 550
    3. Hong Kong Airport Tax – ?
    4. Fuel Surcharge – ?

    Still cheap though if you can avail of that promo.

  9. The Pinoy-made theme is awesome! I hope more themes from Pinoy designers will come.

    I wonder if theme based on People power will be made? 😉

  10. mark up plus plus

    In real estate the add on or other fees
    only ranges from 2.5 -4.5 %
    heck if you add parking additional 500 k(if you are buying a condo)plus the monthly fees……

    but a 10 peso promise turning into 8500

    if many will bite, then it is true there’s a sucker born every minute…..pero malay mo bonus talaga…
    No harm in trying nga naman

  11. Another, i would not call a trade secret..since its common knowledge….
    is the discounts

    they would advertise that a condo is 1 m
    pero 2.5 +- m pala
    di nila sinabi na me 26 % discount pag cash (kaliwaan)kasi

    that is creativity compromising truth in advertising

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