Everything is hunky-dory

Thanks for the concern expressed by readers and friends. There’s a logical explanation for the whacked appearance of this blog for the past few hours. According to Tech Supremo Yuga, we ran out of disk space. He had to upgrade the whatchamacallit thinggummy doohickey that does whatever. All systems normal, now. And no, this blog was not hacked.

We now resume our regular programming.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

30 thoughts on “Everything is hunky-dory

  1. welcome back…thanks to your Tech Supremo. if comment #57 on the previous post can be made visible, so much the better.

  2. I dunno. My conspiracy prone mind was even thought that maybe Malacanang sent you some freaky virus or something. Kinda like the cyber version of slipping a horse’s head in your bed while you slept. Crazy no?

  3. I dunno. My conspiracy prone mind even thought that maybe Malacanang sent you some freaky virus or something. Kinda like the cyber version of slipping a horse’s head in your bed while you slept. Crazy no?

  4. i really thought that the server was compromised. There is a “1=1” string in the SQL statement, which was displayed when the site was still hunky-dory. That particular string usually indicates an incidence of an SQL injection.

  5. So ya back on line with nothing to say today?

    Good to see you online.. Funny though the front page did not work but the back editions did?

  6. Just for your info your Blacklist database file is missing he still has to run a few more scripts on the MYSQL server..

  7. hi manolo,

    do you think american pressure had anything to do with the lifting of the state of natl emergency?

  8. thanks, everyone. carlos, i don’t suppose they’d bother.

    good to see you back, too, sleeping.

    thelma, speaker de venecia on TV said, the president had decided to lift it before meeting the Americans. others say American pressure helped.

  9. Maybe it was American information.. The CIA is active and maybe they have the person who they talked to in the US about the coup plot?

    We will see in the next few months what really happened and who was involved..

  10. Good to see your site back and working again Sir MLQ3. For a moment there I thought you’d be the last one to get the sharp end of Proc. 1017 before it gets lifted.

    Welcome back sir!

  11. Manolo your blog is so famous kasi kaya nataranta the technology.
    I don’t know of a blog who has so many comments & so much interaction.congrats!

  12. nga pala, 1017 can be done only to the tribune so as to give it some importance & hopefully pump up it’s small circulation.
    not on mlq’s blog that you can compare to a phil. star or inq.

  13. Did you read the time Asia article on the 20 Year Anniversary..

    Not only did they witness the Coup plot but they also state that the MEDIA here is “unrestrained, gleefully irresponsible”..

    It is not what i would like to be called Gleefully irresponsible..

    The media really does need to look at its self does it not?

    Really an article which all of us should read..

  14. Manolo,yes Cory does have so much virtue.
    My point is, virtue alone is not enough to bring about change.
    She had the same virtues way back in ’86.
    Cory’s down-side is while she is tough & strong & full of virtue she is not able to translate all of these into concrete action.In a way explaining her falling short of making radical changes then when she was in the best position to do so.
    I don’t no w/ you Manolo.But, since July last year she was not taken seriosly & last Friday she utters the same words again.It seems she is being over simplistic about the whole esituation.
    IIn a way Cory has remaind stuck in the glory that was edsa 1.
    She seems to see marcos in everything & pretend that if she did it once she can do it again.
    Times change, context change, people change, but Cory has remaind in the past & is not adpating to the changing times.

    Today there is such a thing as “political nambness”.There seems to be a new way of rejecting all the partisan & dirty politics.
    If we look at the stock market & the peso exchange they seem to be moving indipendently from the political scene.
    It can also be that the markets are showing more confidence on how the administration is handeling matters.In a way the credit goes to PGMA.
    It seems to me, be it the markets or the people give more value to PGMA who is working to lead us all out of our perpetual rut.
    Where will a Cory figure out in the entire picture?
    If she is not prudent she can risk loosing all she has.
    The Bonifacio incident & she going there was not a good move especialy when the military has been saying it wants to be left alone.
    She can only be perceived as fanning the flames or supporting good military men to break the chain of command.

    It seems certain past presidents act as if they are still presidents.
    I remember in ’86 when when Cory wanted to run for president in the place of Doy L. & other where interfering & Cory refered to those people as being mga “lagnaw”,flies na nang gugulo.

  15. Hello,

    Ako tulad ni Carlos ay isa sa mga mapraning…

    Ngayon lang ulit ako naka dalaw

    been trying to blog after a few weeks(first for the year); i have been posting 2001 Manila Times articles of my dad regarding Military affairs

    For those interested click on the links



    To Mlq3
    saw a 3-4 month old comment in one of the blogs for the first time

    belated thank you ..well appreciated …ngayon lang ako nakapag moderate ng comment..dami kasi splog sa bloggger kaya finilter ko

    magtatanong sana ako ke djb pano maimprove pero nag stop naman ako mag blog bigla…

  16. i agree with joselu. it’s really sad that cory has turned into a politician. not in the buwaya sense, but it seems she’ll get into bed with just about anyone, even jinggoy estrada! one of these days she’ll be hugging imee as if she were her own daughter. really sad.

  17. normal blogging again…a welcome relief…

    same feeling on the lifting of 1017…normal government-bashing again.

  18. von, just to be fair, the senate reporters tell me jinggoy is actually working very hard and even studying, in the senate, which not only amazes the reporters, but jinggoy himself. in contrast to the absolute futility of covering say, admin stalwart lito lapid.

  19. Welcome back…

    The last post #57 is like this:

    Civilization 4 is is available u can buy it at DataBlitz for 2,400 and was developed by 2K and distributed by Firaxis.

    I made a mistake in typing an html code dat’s why it’s broken (the post) The blog is still vulnerable to attacks and the reason (in my opinion) it was broken because MLQ3 lost disk space his host has to upgrade space… too many posters..

  20. simon, fair is as fair does. the tragedy of this situation is it’s making jinggoy et al. look not so bad compared to what’s followed them. though that’s not saying much.

  21. I play both games, did not like mythology because of simple technology three and I play C&C generals professionally.. meaning i play with wagers, not much gamers now though.. 🙂

  22. yes i agree w/ mlq, fair is fair, although i have my reservations.
    yah nga lapid is just busy directing his son’s movie, really crazy!

  23. Jinggoys really is improving I noticed that HE still hates GMA but he seems to be more professional in conveying his messages and he is restraining from his attitude of ala big boss.

    I hope he’s not doing to it to get even with some of his peers some day.

    If he would hire a good couturier so he won’t look like a penguin being strangled by his tie he would really look like a GREAT senator…

    Lito Lapid will always be Leon Gerrero (d ko alam spell) I am a big fan of him when I was a kid, always dreaming of those stunts and never ending punches…
    I do not feel obliged to believe that the same god who has endowed us with sense, reason and intellect has inteded us to forgo their use.

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