She is as they are

The President sets the terms for proclaiming an end to her emergency status. However, NSA chief rejects call to withdraw PP 1017 citing “there are still platoons in the Army that are unaccounted for, and members of the New People’s Army (NPA), the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines inside Metro Manila”; the same paper, the Manila Standard-Today also reports a cinematic plot: red flags to signal support for the Marines.

Speaking of coup attempts, the Philippines Free Press blog republishes two articles dating back to past coups: The Friday coup: they Almost won! by Teodoro M. Locsin and The anatomy of loyalty, by Edward Kiunisala.

The Manila Times wonders if Sec. Raul Gonzalez is trying to get back at the Iloilo press. Malaya reports on Gonzalez’s various prescriptions for our ailing nation.

PCIJ reports the NUJP website was hacked, and why broadcasters are nervous about new government rules. Anyway, as the Inquirer reports, Media still have to follow guidelines even if 1017 lifted.

Funny feature article for the day: Cory in full bloom, Gloria visibly wilting.

On another note: I remember snorting during the Saturday sermon of Archbishop Gaudencio Rosales for many reasons, but one was the repeated reference to him as “Cardinal-elect,” which betrays an ignorance of how the Catholic Church does things. Whispers in the Loggia points out the manner in which Cardinals are announced, and how they should be referred to until they actually receive the red hat from the Pope. Such people are “cardinals-designate,” since becoming a Cardinal is a dignity, a title, not one of the three Holy Orders (deacon, priest, bishop) of the Church. The ignorant and repeated reference to Rosales as “Cardinal-elect” is a phyrase only suitable to bishops, as the Church retains the historical fiction that bishops, as in the early days of the Church, are elected. A Cardinal is created” in the same way a Duke is “created” by, say, Queen Elizabeth II and for the same reason: it is a title, a dignity, which is why you do not even have to be a bishop to be a Cardinal (and, until very recently, you did not even have to be a priest or even a deacon: Paul VI, for example, considered making Jacques Maritain, theologian but not priest, a Cardinal).

Serendipitously, my column for today, She is as they are, may answer Conrado de Quiros’s question as to why those who’d vowed “never again” to strongman rule are now embracing it.

Juan Mercado, who was locked up by Ferdinand Marcos at the onset of martial law, points to three truths about governments that attempt to control the press:

Lesson One: Suppressing the media is self-defeating.

Lesson Two: “In the long run of history, the censors and inquisitors always lost,” Cebu’s major newspapers said. “The only weapon against bad ideas is a better one.”

Lesson Three: Press muzzlers first seek out the weakest link.

The journalists that Marcos and Estrada tried to gag were there to report their downfall. That’s Lesson Four.

Manuel Buencamino lists down what government has done to incite sedition and rebellion against itself.

In MindaViews, Patricio P. Diaz discusses the targets of emergency rule, and discerns that while the proclamation was legal, the manner it’s being implemented is another story altogether.

Tony Abaya wonders if Communist infliltration of the anti-Arroyo efforts isn’t total.

Connie Veneracion dissects emergency rule and questions whether the wrongs the government seeks to right, can be righted with a possibly, if not wrong order, then the wrong methods of implementing orders. She concludes,

Sure, PP 1017 sucks. Big time. It is like seeking to right a wrong with another wrong because most of what it seeks to repress are wrong anyway–political power grabbing, military adventurism and even a licentious press. But the biggest mistake anyone can do right now is to get his attention deflected by everything that is wrong with PP 1017 and forget everything that is wrong beyond it.

While I tend to disagree with most everything Emil Jurado writes, I do agree that “Wowowee” shouldn’t be resurrected. But then, as I said before, I’d be happy to see all noontime variety shows taken off the air.

Larry Sipin says there’s always good news.

In the blogosphere, there’s a marvelously observant entry by Random Fandom on the government, media, and the participants in the Fort Bonifacio standoff. Read the whole thing.

Newsstand on the politics of cute and why policing the newsroom isn’t kosher. Speaking of the politics of cute, e-Mandirigma launches a Frappuccino for freedom campaign.

Big Mango tackles truth and justice; he says neither side can claim both:

Both camps want righteousness— the Anti-Arroyo camp Righteous Truth without Justice and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Righteous Justice without Truth. That is not Truth and Justice. Neither case is the right path no matter our collective intention: see economic prosperity. All we have is drama, all sound and fury and at the end of the day, signifying nothing.

Captain’s Log shows how technological unsophistication can add to the political noise.

Concerns of a Bystander on the different stands people take in times of trouble.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

57 thoughts on “She is as they are

  1. To answer the stupid questions i keep hearing…

    To not be able to see something does not mean it does not exist.. Take an electron we can not see it but we know it can push a train at high speed, it can light a room, or it can be happy spinning around its atom.. Just because we did not see destruction on the streets does not mean it was not going to happen, Just because ABS did not see the Ultra tragedy going to happen does not make it a fact that it did not happen it did.. Planning can stop things from happening

    Fear is a great mobilizer, see any motivational speaker or life change specialist, they allways include fear as one of the items which is used to make a better person out of you.

    The Media uses this to a great affect they use fear an not education as the motivator, If they make people fear one thing more than another then they get you to move in one direction.

    Look at the TV adverts they show you one way say with dandruff and the social implications then they show you using a new shampoo which is much better and your social standing improves.

    Even the Gin ads, have this drink you can have all the girls or you will be fat and ugly..

    Education always improves society, Fear of Gays, Fear of the Handicapped(Can i catch what caused them to be like that..)

    We should not push fear but education, What new powers did the president get.. Only one, one which allows the government to take over and run companies which provide the basic services to us all. Which before they were privatized were originally in the control of government, Why this is to make sure we have water to shower, Drink. Power to have lights, Airconditioning, Trains. Food at a reasonable price, No major price hikes due to FEAR.., Fuel if Petron doubled the prices due to FEAR they would step back in and bring the price back down.. These are functions which we all want government to do for us when needed. It is not good to allow the Fear to escalate and for these outcomes to occur, so the government stopped this from all occurring by announcing the emergency at the best time..

    Take an example, Someone is threatening you on the phone and says i am going to come around and kill you family the first thing you do is secure the house and “Declare and emergency” and remove the family if it is safe to do so, next you could call the police as it will take them a while to arrive, next you wait.. If the person knows you have taken these actions they do not arrive and the police look at you and ask you why you declared the emergency.. (But it was…)

    The Fact that something will occur and can be averted is better than to wait for the person to arrive to create an emergency, and defuse the situation as quickly as possible.. If the person does arrive the police are there to sit you both down and discuss the problems. They act as a barrier to the situations escalation..

    Yes nothing did happen, but i feel so much better than thinking that I would have to stay at home and not work because some people decided to throw a couple of hand grenades.. Think of also the News which would have been plastered over the news of the world.. People dead Civil war.. Even if it is not true we know how the news Org’s of the world will expand a problem for their own ratings.. Think of the Previous Coup attempt, how may months did it take for the economy to rebound, with any president, Months? Years?..

    Why destroy all the work the people have put in the last 20 Years go to NIL by another Coup Attempt.. Think the word Attempt vs Plan.. A Plan gets 2 Min’s max on the world stage Attempt gets 30Min’s.. Worldwide , then they will also have follow up articles..

    Lets try some education not FEAR Mongering.. FEAR gets us no where.. Fear of heights, We would all be in 1 Story houses.. Fear of Earthquakes we would not live here… A little educated fear is good like in earthquakes and Fire so we can plan and reduce the affects it will have.. Educate people about Mud slides.. Don’t get them so fearfull that no one lives near a mountain..

  2. Ms. Arroyo diverges severely from every mainstream conservative church & service going Filipino on one primary hallmark of conservatism.

    -And that is in her inability to act morally and responsibly either as an individual or as a leader.

    What need be done to break this sordid veneer of respectability?

    Your article today in PDI is excellent, Señor MLQ3.

  3. To: In a pigs EYE..

    Who is more Moral a man with out any mistresses,

    Or a Man who has Many Mistresses..

    Now take that and place it to you previous President who had the side of morality on their side..

    Who lets their family keep the land of the Farmers while telling others to give it Up (CORY..)

    Of course morality must be looked at in the whole once all is over.

    That is what god is for he at our time of death will decide and only him if we were more good than bad..

    Like a Father Christmas but for your entire life.. And if you are a Hindu what do you become is based on all your acts previous.. If you were really good you can become a cow..

    Let god decide.. Going to Church does not make you good.. Confession does not make you good.. Your intention and ability to do good makes you good.. Everyone makes mistakes in their lives..

    Come on even the POPE was a Nazi..

  4. Sleeping,
    You see “fear” is what caused media to react against PP 1017

    If the government just educated us that as to why it is necessary to proclaim such a proclamation and

    not build tall tales as they come along…(pp to be lifted asap..basta wala lang)

    You blame media too much…..

    First it was the (schindler’s) the fear factor

  5. S w tw,

    If you mean media is spreading the fear instead of education or infromation…
    They have something to be afraid of kasi…anong akala mo

    sa media manhid..tapos takutin at bigyan ng”chilling” effect
    di na lang kikibo at gusto mo yata e spread the educational aspect of the proclamation na sa totoo lang e di ko alm kung para saan

    What’s the value added to the PP, sleeping ,kindly educate me.

  6. Sleeping

    sorry , we used to agree to disgree but today I just can’t agree with anything you said..

    You ask what is moral a man w or wo mistress

    Talk about a man as in FG
    is he with or without…

    Educate me….

  7. Yes the government should have done a better thing of educating the people of why and what was going on?

    But at a time like this is it not better to go and ask the questions and not assume that they have a blanket arrest list. Give them time to explain, As in the case with the police at your house, When you are busy at work dealing with something like a bust pipe you dont want to be explaining each detail why you want the electricty turned off. It just should be done, Later you can explain why it was dangerous at the time..

    At the time children are running about a pool we all say dont run.. And Scream it at times why.. Is is better to get each one individually first explain it and let the others keep running?

    Explainations and education comes when the people are available. Children playing with sharp items, They Break a glass and we yell Stop dont move… Then we move them out of the way and protect them.. After we have removed them from the danger we explain the glass fragments are dangerous and sharp..

    As a Parent or Manager we have all been in this situation at some time.. Why should we expect the government explain first before the act.. We don’t with out kids..

    That is why an act of Martial Law has 48 Hours. For congress to look at it.. Time to first Say Stop then Explain and with Martial Law it should only be used in a case of WAR..

    While they were still trying to gather all the information and protect the Country people allready said it was Martial Law.. Take the example of Randy David and his Friends..

  8. At least I would have the courtsesy of acknowledging you

    Thanks for the answer.

  9. Media is to inform

    whether it educates one or not is not up to them

    an info is an info if its useful; if not then its just data

    media is the plural of medium(tama ba?) it is just a channel

    you want education… if a channel is not useful to you then switch to another medium

    we are not sponges nor automaton

    we know what to absorb and not to absorb

    if media is no good to you…stick to books (sorry another form of media)

  10. Karl Sorry.. Speed typing at times…

    Yes to Karl again it does have a chilling affect..

    Is that not the purpose to deal with hot heads.. Freeze the situation, and then let cooler heads prevail..

    If in the case of a Major Earthquake.. Declare an emergency in the location to stop riots, stealing. and other things which could cause major disruption to the actual task of helping the people affected. Just like in Hurricane Katrina they sent in the military Armed and ready to use if need be..

    Then once the Populace is able to be helped help them. I am Proud to see when devastation has occur ed here they have never needed to do what they needed to do in America. Here the people help each other, there may be a small number of incidents but in the most the people are out to help each other, Not the ME ME instinct which took over in America..

    The military are only there to provide assistance not protection or riot functions, which in most other countries they are sent to do..

    Look at France to our froggy friend.. They had major problems to deal with a problem with the under-privileged riots and had to declare States of emergencies all over France to stop it..

  11. ABS is still negoziating w/ a new set of host to “resurect” wowwoee.Balita ko their talking to FPJ, Nida Blanca & Rico Yan.major sponsors will be Manila Memoral Park & Funinaria Paz. It will really give a new meaning to noontime shows!!!
    Prizes will range from memorial plans to hospital insurance.
    Manolo, I don’t think you are being real buy wanting noontime shows to go.
    Or maybe your just being partisan. maybe it’s the pinoy way that if I go down I will bring others w/ me.
    I think wiser people who think out of the box would consider more fine tunning, working on positive sides, working on ways to up the standards.
    Your style is so communist revolution style.Things that have been done & failed.
    I have been blogging RG that if ABS is really serious & means what they say.They should have cancelled the show a long time ago.
    But if they do what they want.Then there is nothing new under the sun where power & influence decides things.

  12. Karl, I think when media uses words like “crackdown”, “raiding media outfit”, “arrest w/o warrent” & at the same time do not do not give equal space to goverment explaining it’s position.Personaly I think that is not being fair.
    It’s easy to play w/ human emotions.
    First impressions say a lot.
    The writed highlighted word in a way has a hypnotic effect on the subconcious.
    Why do you think writers, lawyers are very carefull about words they use.
    Head Lines are ment to attract, but at the same time it is not nesseserely the truth.
    Media has the power of illusion.
    A perfect exsample of illusion was the wowowee stampede.

    Fear is for the guilty.
    I don’t see the majority of the people screaming & complaining.
    Honestly, I fill 1017 protecting me from recklesnes of others.
    The problems w/ media is that they act w/o thinking of long term effects. sometimes there is no line between true or false, right & wrong.
    Everything is bundeled-up under one title – freedom.
    It’s like when you need something but your files are all so disordered.You start to panic.

  13. Again to Karl..

    Yes i agree we have the right to filter the information that if fed to us, and we can change channel, but you know the saying garbage in – garbage out..

    That can be take two ways if we are fed garbage then we will just throw it out. but others are fed and develop on garbage..

    So if i watch ANC and Ignore their blatent one sided view it is up to me just like you sometimes (Maybe most times) ignore what i say.. That is your right to decide..

    But as we know having a section of population who see a Mayor as a great man because he gives out a shirt each election year, supplying them fear, Like the ANC trip to Tondo to find out if they had had a Police crack down and then telling the people are you worried about the police with their new powers..

    This is proposing that that they were not worried before hand. Many in slum areas are worried about the police all the time as the justice system has never worked for them as they really cannot afford it..

    They fear that they will be moved on even if they have a land title, someone can say it is fake and take it to court, but while it is in court they are moved on.

    Maybe they only hear one side of the conversation that the police are like martial law and then the rumour spreads.

    We have to watch what we say when we say it and to who and where.. You dont ask your kuya in a crowd as a joke is that a bomb in your bag.. It will cause Panic. Not the question but just the word..

    Airports, schools, Government buildings have all been affected in the world with just that statement.. They have fines in countries about jokes.. I think it is $5000 Plus jail if you do it in an Australian Airport..

    Here we have freedom of press,but with freedom comes responsibility.

    Just like going back to the drivers licence it gives you the freedom to drive but not to forget that near a school when the children are coming out you don’t speed past at the speed limit.. Yes that may be the Law the speed limit but using your responsibility and knowing what an affect it can have you slow down.. But here as the driver you can be held personally liable what about if someone says something that causes another to kill or hurt another.. Do you have the right to do this..

    In a large crowd of people certain words can kill..

  14. “I am not well versed in history, but I will submit to your recollection, whether liberty has been destroyed most often by the licentiousness of the people, or by the tyranny of rulers? I imagine, Sir, you will find the balance on the side of tyranny: Happy will you be if you miss the fate of those nations, who, omitting to resist their oppressors, or negligently suffering their liberty to be wrested from them, have groaned under intolerable despotism. Most of the human race are now in this deplorable condition…”
    —Patrick Henry, June 5, 1788

  15. Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words. If PP1017 was issued to prevent a disaster, how come Randy David was held? Why post policemen in the Tribune’s office? Why dig up the age old case against Beltran?

    Looking at those actions, and other telegraphed punches (like issuing a memo to monitor publications), how did it prevent a disaster?

    Slightly off tangent: How do you behave like a dictator? By considering truthful questions as stupid…

  16. Randy David must be greatfull to goverment for giving him importantce.Now his stock is up.
    If it’s an old case that has not been resolved, is it not in Beltran’s interest to put it to rest once & for all?
    If you are reading the Tribune maybe you will notice that their tone has not changed anyway.The only difference is they just have added security & it’s not out of their pocket.They are still doing their jobs.So what’s the fuzz?
    1017 is protecting peace loving citizens from the abuses of others who think they no it all.
    Life goes ahead anyway for those who have nothing to hide.
    1017 or not media have guide lines always anyway.

  17. If there is some one ignoring you sleeping…it is not me..remember we use to cover 18 comment threads just the two of us…
    But one veteran blogger (grand daddy of philippine blogs) told me thru e-mail that people would listen and enjoy me if I said less..

    i don’t ignore you, I just don’t get affected as easily now.

  18. Abayas article was an intersting read. At first when I herd of Pepping & Saycon as being involved, I was not convinced at first.
    Although, in a political society like ours.It’s not an impossibility that people play “double kara”.
    When I was dealing w/ goverment in the Ramos years.I remember also being stubed in the back by the very person I had reason to trust who FVR entrusted to our group.
    I also should have seen it comming.Since my group tried to play it stright & was not responding to indirect request for “grease money”
    It’s obvious the “other” group was worlds more generous so therefore they won the contract.
    It appears that PGMA is stepping on a lot of people & people are desperate to get rid of her.
    All possible alliances are being made.
    PGMA must be doing something right that her desperate enimies are ready to go to bed w/ anybody.
    It’s also all the more reason that they are doomed to fail.

  19. Obviously we are in a great position today not the same can be said of Kenya…

    Karl.. I know you read the items, and re-read them, it is the ability for us to decide if we agree with the comments or not.. You and Me are different but will allways agree on one thing.. We are different, and agree that we have a right to our views…

    Media like this blog allow for a fair exchange of ideas, which is a the basis for the country, but a Media which will not allow for a fair exchange is not fair..

    Saying less is fine if you can protray your ideas in a single line,, Like before I dont agree.. But that is better than the way some act and get three panelist against one to protray their views..

    When we talk of strictly politics – Nothing Personal .. Why do they get personal?
    Poluted by the ideas of a network who’s ulitmate goal is to raise Electricty Prices?
    A Guy who is the Lawer for PIATCO who entered an illegal contract heads the MBC also heads the Anti-Corruption site?

    Makes you thing that joselu may be right in his assumption that stepping on some toes to clean up some things has caused others to become strange bed fellows..

    BOC has hit its target again — Cleaning up the Ports at last?

    I think in the coming months will will hear of more stranger occurances, Come on who would have ever thought that Imee Marcos and Cory would sit next to each other, Marines and NPA..

    But what do they get when they succeed have we seen how they will split the spoils of the overthrow.. Marines get the South, NPA get the north??

    Cory keeps her land a Imee gets a Burial?

    Piatco keeps the Airport?

    What have they decided for us? Why dont they tell us what they have planned if it works..

    Maybe we will be so disgusted with the ideas that they dare not tell the public..

  20. Maybe there’s no other agenda but seeking the truth? And because the truth was shaded, they want who was responsible to be replaced?

  21. Joselu or Joey

    look at Rg’s blog i have been looking for you…

    Although I have the feeling that it is you since the names left in the shout out portion is all Joey and no Joselu and you said you just recently commented on the blog…

  22. “Maybe there’s no other agenda but seeking the truth? And because the truth was shaded, they want who was responsible to be replaced?”

    Very LOTResque, if I may add.

  23. To Jon..

    Politics and the Truth.. HA HA HA…

    No one ever whats to hear the truth, they would like to, but look when they make promises.. What do we all hear…

    When they break them, and we all know all around the world..

    What was that famous american Line.. READ MY LIPS No new Taxes…

    We know the truth all sides cheated somewhere some how..

    But what was the outcome… If we didnt like it we said they cheated.. if we liked it we said it was fair..

    Maybe both were true?? AH No we dont want the truth to be that way because it does not suit my goal to put up prices, get the next contract?

    As you said shaded.. Maybe not a cover up but not all there..

    Maybe it was the MBC guy was he not involved in the counting Namfrel?

  24. Sleeping, you’re bubbling the palace line of ‘lahat naman nagnakaw’ …, kaya okay lang na magpatuloy si Gloria. Kasi ang papalit sa kanya ay magnanakaw din.


    Hacienda Luisita is a sprawling 6,000-hectare property of the Cojuangco clan. It is owned and managed by HLI which was incorporated on Aug. 23, 1988 . HLI incorporators are Pedro Cojuangco, Josephine Reyes, Jose Cojuangco Jr., Teresita A. Lopa and Paz Teopaco – all brothers and sisters of former Pres. Aquino. HLI had 5,067 farm workers and 487 employees in 2002. Based on submitted documents at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company posted a net income of P14 million in 2002 and had total assets of P1.59 billion in the same year.

    Not doing too bad.. Maybee the farmers are happy?.. Why would he be in a plot against the government?

  26. Jon,

    Remember the Luli Macapagal Internet Brigade is working very hard at the moment! Won’t be surprised if they are here. But nothing to worry about – great!

  27. yah nga karl, maybe will change it na lang to joselu cuz i noticed there are other joeys but my signitur misspelling will always give me away no matter what name i use.

    Anyway, I don’t know if you people noticed something disturbing.
    I’m refering to Teddy C. using his almost infant son for propaganda
    Strickly speaking making his son perform infront of the cameras & utter makibaka wag matakot can be a bases for child abuse.
    The life of that poor child is over.
    I think parents must not exploit their children as a means of propaganda when they are not in in the legal age yet.
    It’s just an exsample of the left using anyone including innocent children to push their garbage.
    Soon probably Teddy C. will give his son a gun to hold also!

  28. MLQ3,

    Sassy is right to ask you.

    People don’t have to be interested in political office to be persuaded to lead. If joining politics is one efficient was of leading, why not?

    You will be a very, very USEFUL and QUALIFIED leader in that morally depraved political arena that is our nation’s – your moral stand and persuasions are your legitimate political backbone! We need moral leaders in our country. YOU WILL WIN!

    I would be honored to be able to join your campaign team (well, even if I only have to put up posters and bring glasses of water around, lick stamps on envelopes, if you wish) SHOULD YOU ONE DAY DECIDE TO TAKE A CRACK at actually LEADING the nation outside of print.

  29. “LOTR-Lord Of The Rings? If you wish, yes. Just dump the ring on the fire and all will be well.”

    Naahh. Remember that to conquer Sauron, the Elves and Dwarfs (who were always fighting), as well as the Wizards and Hobbits who all see Men as a weak race had to rise above their differences.

  30. a de brux, that’s very kind, i’ve worked for a president, but one of the many reasons i stopped is that it kept me from earning a decent living. besides which, we do what we can where we’re best suited -and writing’s what i do best. thanks, but i don’t think i’ll be changing my mind anytime soon.

  31. How shall freedom be defended? By arms when it is attacked by arms; by truth when it is attacked by lies; by democratic faith when it is attacked by authoritarian dogma. Always and in the final act, by determination and faith.

    — Archibald MacLeish

  32. She is as they are, Manolo naman,
    I hope you don’t go blaming always the “others” Filippinos as “stubborn or indifferent or about not wanting to reject themselves”.
    It’s so typical pinoy.
    You always have to blame somebody.
    You always have to look for so many excuses for things you can’t deal w/.
    If this is the Youth of today then the future of this country continous to be threatened.
    I noticed you found a way around the Luista issue by presenting the Arroyo hasiendas.
    I don’t know if you realize it or just want to avoid it as another truth.
    But since last year, you have been always the same number of people protesting.
    Your much wished for “tipping point” has never come.
    I don’t know if it ever occured to you, but it can also happen that the majority of the people can also reach the point of getting so sick & tired of all the noise your making cause your group can be perceived as just another source of the problem.
    How is it possibel?
    since you project yourself to be on the side of rightiousness & justice.
    The only thing is that the people you identify w/ are questionable w/ their intensions too.
    And you are not capable to convince the majority of people.
    Insted you brand them w/ names of “indifferent, stubborn etc….
    Manolo, you really must be desperate.
    I can only hope that you don’t forget to give the minimum of respect to people who do not share your idealissims for the moment.
    In my past entries I have always mentioned of looking at the “big picture”.
    I’m sure that the majority that you are not capable to convince in your sort of reckless way have more considerations then you think.
    maybe it’s hard for you to accept that the majority of people just wanna have a life.
    They too want their rights to be respected.
    Certainly people don’t appreciate being called “names’
    maybe most people have more reponsibilities then you.
    Parents have to work to feed their families.
    Businesmen have to work hard to generate jobs.
    In general, the majority have to deal w/ “real life” & don’t have time to be protesting or looking for faults to pick on.
    I hope we do not bring the debate to “personalan”.
    If PGMA’s policies are lousy then attack her for her policies & be ready to have better ones.
    Let’s face it Manolo.Santa Cory had her chance in history.Other then restoring the “status quo” of the pre marcos years.What else has she really done?
    I understand your respect & admiration for her.But I don’t think she has the muscle to face these challeging times.

  33. One of Tony Abaya’s successes was in helping to (intellectually) slay the communist dragon back in the 80’s. Back then, I thoroughly enjoyed his ‘A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Commuism’. If only he can convince himself that what he fears will not survive the light of day, then he can move on and help slay one more dragon.

  34. MLQ3,

    Was in a hurry – on my way to Philippine Commentary but couldn’t help but take not of Joselu’s last line about Cory not having the muscle or something stupid like that.

    So, here’s one fof the road:


    I am not a great fan of Cory (well sort of lost admiration for her a bit before the end of her term) but let’s put matters right: Cory is one of the leaders in this country that had the muscle to do things. She had the courage to get up there and face the enemy. She, with her background and the widow of a murdered husband, had the guts to lead the nation through to democratic transition. That she may have failed is another matter but when it comes to COURAGE, MORALS and MUSCLE, Cory can stare anyone leader alive today!

  35. Arroyo orders anti-graft body to probe fertilizer fund scam
    “De Guzman(PAGC chairman) however said it could not investigate former undersecretary Jocelyn Bolante because he had resigned.”

    ??? That’s how our government work, that’s why most of us are making noise. That’s the same reason why most just don’t care, because they know that in the end of the day the powerful get more powerful and the rich, if they don’t make mistakes, get richer.

    That’s the same reason why I am VERY ASHAMED to be a Filipino. We just don’t care for the future of our civilization.

  36. francis, you are the new Filipino, don’t see anything you should be ashamed about. if you care to, maybe you can use ‘Civilization 4’ to model how to get rid of these relics (short of genocide, that would be cheating).

  37. I agree francis, This government will use all

    means to HIDE all their CORRUPT practices

    SiRAULo Gonzales wants to investigate Private Funds

    from Erap Foundation while HE CANNOT EVEN LIFT A









    IS NOT ?
















  40. cvj,

    LOL, i tried my best… it’s really a pitty I gave up. But I still pay taxes and help the others though. but I can’t see a nice future for our country in my life time.

    When Erap was elected my Boss the owner of the company BET that a woman will be the president in two years time. Lo and behold he was correct. He supported De venecia at that time and they lost big time in campaign funds.

    My plan was to kill all persons 5yrs. and above, that way Filipinos will be rid of all this relics.. and the new Filipinos will be rid of corruption once and for all.

    In civilization when you feel you can’t win the time race or the space race you are left with raging war with the other country to try and bring their scores down… that’s what our society is in right now.. can’t win, drag them with you.

  41. Each one has to pave his own road. If you give up, you’re letting others pave it for you. If it happens, the road you’re treading most probably will be not to your liking.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald said, “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat”.

    Some crooks may find success today, but the truth always prevail.

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