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You know where I stand. Anti Arroyo. Edwin Lacierda gives a good summary of why we are where we are, as does Randy David in his column today. One thing is sure, as Ricky Carandang tartly puts it: Little Sister is watching. And yet, as Red’s Herring says, we still have to plead, shout, and demand that the nation wake up. In the darkness, people like Paeng are daring to light candles. But he remains a rare case of someone taking citizenship seriously. Philippine Commentary, who knows a thing or two of martial law, is beating the drums: but does it take former prisoners to warn of looming imprisonment of all? Must we rage, rage, against the dying of the light, as Vincula asks? Or are petitions, as The Public Thing proposes, one of the many acts of resistance that have begun?

Yesterday, Butch Abad said to us, “the democratic space is shrinking, and as it shrinks, the option for democratic, peaceful protest, resistance, and a resolution to this crisis is vanishing, too.” A Uniffors manifesto at the beginning of this most recent chapter in the Arroyo crisis calls for a common dedication to a democratic, post-Arroyo regime. Something Philippine Politics believes in, too. Can such a dedication hold, in the face of what is, in essence, already government by a junta? A junta composed of the President, her cabinet, and the Philippine National Police.

The President provoked this: let there be no uncertainty about this. Even loyal allies such as Max Soliven, as Hillblogger predicted, cannot stomach her attempting to rule with an iron hand.

Yet there are those whose families are divided: Pulsar has an extremely engaging account of how he and his parents prevented his sister from joining the Ayala rally. I understand where he and his parents are coming from; I admire the passion of his sister.

And there are those who disagree: who are Pro Arroyo.

Salamankiero has several posts, though this summarizes his views quite well.

Go Figure echoes Solita Monsod. Pro-Arroyo by default, or simply discerning?

AlterNation101 proposes a boycott of media he considers partisan.
There are those supremely indifferent: notes from the peanut gallery is a perfect example.

There are those trying to keep a neutral view on what’s going on: Torn & Frayed; Filipino journalist big mango; and the Sassy Lawyer: but neither are they serving as propagandists of the present dispensation or its enemies. They remain proudly independent without being cowardly.

Meanwhile, there’s news that something is going on at Marines Headquarters…

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

21 thoughts on “Pro, Anti, Indifferent

  1. I am undecided and in need of enlightenment. I suppose my questions are: (1) the people who are pro-Arroyo, what principles do they stand for? and (2) the people who are anti-Arroyo, what principles do they stand for?

  2. Prediction: opposition will support military group in fort boni. But Pres will have majority of mayors and military on her side. The minority opposition, hoping for people power will turn into a slow ebbing rally. But pres will have to compromise on who she arrests and make further amends. End result: Economy will rebound in 1.5 weeks. For those who care to notice: Someone, is making a killing in the Stock market tomorrow.

  3. “People should not be afraid of their governments,
    Governments should be afraid of their people.”

  4. This is certainly a way celebrating Edsa’s 20th year; by doing it all over again. (in some form or so).

    Sir MLQ3, I just saw you in tv with Bro. Armin Luistro, FSC and the nuns and the the other La Salle Brothers, I just wished we students were there to lend a hand. Then again, at the way things are going, it is no longer a remote possibility.

    Tuloy ang laban!

  5. MLQ3,

    Was just visiting DJB’s blogsite.

    He’s reported that Col Querubin’s plan apparently was to force his fellow officers to resign en masse.

    I posted the message below in DJB’s blog:


    Thank you for the blow by blow account. Can’t access Inq7 and I’m kinda surprised – either there’s a huge volume of traffic on the Inq7 or they haven’t changed the front page.

    Re: Col Querubin’s tack of ask fellow officers to resign en masse: VERY, VERY WRONG TACK.

    Col Querubin’s plan may be considered a good political move but, OVERALL, IT IS NOT a SOUND PLAN.

    What happens when officers resign? There will no longer be good men to lead the rest of the men. You need GOOD OFFICERS TO LEAD SOLDIERS; without good officers, who will lead the rest of the military?


    You see, it is unlikely that Querubin will be able to persuade 100% of the officers corps to resign with him – there will always be a loyalist or two with a multitude of the soldiers and men in the lower ranks – so what will surely happen if that resignation en masse scenario occurs is that Gloria will simply choose from the tawdy officer left behind to lead where Querubin will have left off! And where will that leave the military? In the hands of not so good or not as competent officers like Querubin.



    Querubin must not allow Gloria to further corrupt the military – he must fight her all the way by not resigning so that he can lead his men!

  6. MLQ3,

    I received this in my e-mail following my reaction on the SOE: “As much as I detest Arroyo myself, I beg to disagree. I think she’s the greatest single catalyst for freedom and democracy in the homeland. I welcome her declaration of a state of emergency. It will separate the men from the boys. Hopefully.”

  7. It’s really frustrating that most Filipinos remain apathetic towards the political crisis that our country is facing. Perhaps they don’t know enough. But I suspect that they choose not to know and to not care.

    I hope that every Filipino makes his/her voice heard before it becomes dangerous for us to do so.

    It’s a no-brainer really, either you’re for democracy or you’re not.


  8. I too am for democracy!

    I want it Philippine style nit like what i see in the US where the congress is evne more praning than this government in their port issues…

    Going back to our beloved Philippines1
    What the heck is going on!

    The recent posts of middle forces disintegrating…The repeated post post on apathy and indifference…

    certain commenters from certain blogs claiming they are from the masa and we need a president from the masa

    I would just want to echo THE CALL FOR SOLIDARITY
    no more middle no more masa and no more ELITE just SOLID UNITY!

  9. “It’s really frustrating that most Filipinos remain apathetic towards the political crisis that our country is facing. Perhaps they don’t know enough. But I suspect that they choose not to know and to not care.”

    Let’s just say that we havent arrived at the critical mass yet. Besides, seeing your idealism fall right before your eyes after being there during Edsa Dos simply makes you think whether youre doing the right thing or not.

    Aside from that, we dont have a unifier yet. You have to understand that there’s always a single person who unifies all. So far there is none, and until there’s no one who could stand up to unite everyone, then GMA could rest warily and see her support falling even further down with her own eyes.

  10. Maria Jose,
    Did you write that piece in Alleba Politics, “I Pick Democracy”. It is a great essay!

  11. MLQ3,

    Re Pulsar’s question

    I can nominate one right now but would rather leave the nominating to the public for now.

  12. “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.” Winston Churchill

  13. i was disgusted to what i have read… to some of the articles written .. it made me sick upon reading to some of it… i think the best way to solve our economic and political cisis are to .. unite every Filipino.. Gloria is not the reason why we are suffering from this crisis.. We also blamed ourselves not only to Gloria.. but of course she has done wrong also.. why i think declaring state of emergency is not an appropriate time… She should give priority to the filipino especially to those who are underemployed and unemployed.

  14. SHAME! i agree wholeheartedly with alex magno’s column 2day, why do u want the military to take over & thats how desperate u pipol that u r burning our democracy with ur relentless assault to bring down this gov’t. She may not be perfect but pls. lets help her improve the lives of our poor filipinos by pursuing doable economic programs.The strange alliances speak for themselves, u cannot take-over with those kind of people with vested interestS & distorted loyalties.I was at EDSA1 willing to die to dismantle the dictatorship but u cannot force the critical mass coz most of ur leaders are despicable pretenders. LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY !

  15. Raiding a newspaper, restricting media, arresting lawmakers do not make for a healthy democracy…

  16. To address the political crisis and collapsing democracy, the shift to a federal-parliamentary system is the key to change the unpopular presidency.

    It will be necessary for Pres Arroyo to heed the call of the citizens and cooperate with the opposition (for political opposition also to engage seriously the administration) in a broad and meaningful citizens participated charter reform and referendum.

    A National Citizen Consultative Assembly (NCCCA) composed of representatives of major sectoral groups directly engaged in the political intramurals now in the streets, schools, chamber of commerces, faith-based formations should hammer a draft amendments to the 1986 constitution and propose a federal-parliamentary system of government with provisions for political party funding and mass membership.

    The BICAM or Bicamiral Committee should convene and Malacañan to push the proposed amendments of the NCCCA.

    Then, a Constituent Assembly will be convened with House of Representatives and Senate voting separately on the NCCCA proposal. This stage will almost be procedural only- after the review of NCCCA’s work is done by the BICAM.

    At this point, a referendum will be conducted for the final adoption of a federal-parliamentary system and for the head of state and head of government to assume office after the Parliament is constituted.

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