Correction `points out that I was under the wrong impression in thinking I’d coined the term “Pinoy Big Blogger.” Yuga has suitably corrected his blog entry, and this entry is to acknowledge the error of my assertion, based on the facts. Well done, as always, Retzwerkx.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. (sorry to re-issue this)

    It has always been the argument by Arroyo’s supporters to reserve judgment and avoid hasty conclusion on the basic premise that the facts are absent.

    People can discern factual events. People are not that ignorant.

    Fact#1: On June 27, 2005 Monday evening, President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo admitted in the national television that it was her voice on the recording talking to an election official to protect her votes. (An election official is tasked to be impartial to all candidates). The President apologized for her lapse of judgment (guilt), promised TO TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY (big question mark, when and how) at the same time telling the nation to move on (as if to forget it happens).

    Fact#2: The Justice Department and NTC with instruction from the President, threatened to close media and prosecute persons engage in the distribution of the illegal material. Most important, there was no prosecution or court martial of the military personnel involved in the wiretapping of the commander in-chief which is a serious offense of treason and punishable by death. (Prosecution or court martial will open up the can of worms in the use of military by the President during the election).

    Fact#3: On September 3, 2005, President Arroyo gave out in the dead of the night P45 billion in pork barrel funds to her allies in Congress. In return on September 6, 2005, the House of Representative dominated by the President’s party, killed the impeachment complaint 158-51.

    Fact#4: On September 30, 2005, President Arroyo invoked her executive privilege on EO464 directing all senior government officials to secure her approval on sensitive public information. (She prevented National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales to disclose information on Venable contract at the same time provided basis for the court martial of Brig Gen Francisco Gudani and Lt Col Alexander Balutan who were giving information on Palace sanctioned electoral fraud in Mindanao).

    All the factual events from Fact#1 through Fact#4 was meant to suppress public information regarding the president and her use of office specifically on electoral fraud.

    The 1987 constitution provided the right remedy to ACCOUNTABILITY OF PUBLIC OFFICER, specifically the PRESIDENT by going through the impeachment complaint and have the Senate sit as court TO CONVICT OR EXONERATE the President. That is fair justice to all. PRESIDENT ARROYO PROMISED TO TAKE FULL ACCOUNTABILITY AND YET KILLED THE ONLY ACCOUNTABILITY PROVIDED FOR IN THE CONSTITUTION.

  2. Mlq,
    I e-mailed yugz that the issue was not who coined and who popularized the term because retz has already pointed it out ti me after your November entry. He did not bother to make the correction.No big deal.

    It is just one nasty remark in yuga’s blog that made me decide to do the correction not in the privacy of e-mail but in the comment box.

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