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The greatness of a ruler lies in his ability to exercise restraint in the use of tremendous power. The essence of a democrat consists of the patience to secure his wishes through the complex machinery of the system of checks and balances which is the indispensable life-blood of the democratic system and not through the expediency of crushing all opposition. The essential trait of a democracy is not power but responsibility, not authority but duty.
Diosdado Macapagal

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. Macapagal’s words prove even a rotten stomach can
    produce an occasional sweet fart.

  2. The older Macapagal failed to raise Gloria properly! The opposite of her father’s quote is what she’s doing. Or Gloria is just simply hardheaded?

  3. The greatness of a ruler lies in his ability to exercise restraint in the use of tremendous power. The essence of a democrat consists of the patience to secure his wishes …..

    I admire the late president, he must have said this when he was talking to himself in trying to restrain himself and be patient with the young Gloria…..Who was said to be a rebel and preferred to be exiled away from parents…..

  4. The Liberals in the USA try to force Bush into this way of government, while they support Saddam and Osama and every other “rebel” and “insurgent” (but not in front of TV cameras!).

    The “complex system of checks and balances” fails when it becomes your suicide pact in the hands of those who would totally destroy you.

  5. In the case of PGMA, is it not a greater responsibility to fight for the rule of law then cave-in to moob rule or open the flood gate to a future that is more uncertain.
    In the case of crushing opposition.How can it be possible when we all very well know that there nothing to be proud of the the kind of opposition we have.There is really nothing to crush cuz they are all individual egos more concerned for their political survival.
    I think when Macapagal said those words things where in a way different from today.Today we have a divided nation.Not even the opposing parties can agree among themselves.
    I think it’s useful to know what past leaders have said.
    But it is wiser if we open our minds & try to understand our present situation
    A wise man is also someone who can make the best of a bad situation.

  6. gus, the USA has had that ‘complex system of checks and balances’ (aka ‘democracy’) for two centuries. Isn’t that what Bush and the neocons claim to be trying to spread across the Middle East? You’ve set up a strawman. It’s not about supporting Saddam nor Osama. What sensible people (liberals and libertarians) object to is the Orwellian notion of undermining civil liberties in order to protect it. This is the favored approach by would be dictators. During his time, Marcos cited the communist threat as justification for suspending civil liberties in the Philippines. In the end, the communist threat ended up bigger and on the way a lot of innocents became victims of state violence. You have to go beyond Bush talking points to clearly identify who is trying to destroy whom and what is being destroyed in the process.

  7. all leaders have their own definition of greatness and it must always serve to justify what they do. Only history can tell at what point in his leadership the old Macapagal could have said those and why?

  8. Was he alluding to himself then as a great leader? That he was able to restrain himself? Etc.? Or this was something he believed in, or quoted from somebody else? Whatever it is, the quote sounds and looks very democratic and respectful of the system. Something so unlike the daughter.

  9. The principle of checks and balances works only when the administration and the ruling party subscribe to it.

    The time of reckoning will soon come …

    We can only pray that those in the opposition will be guided by it when they assume leadership. It’s difficult to judge our leaders by what they speak.

    We should rely on our democratic institutions, that is, Congress, the Judiciary, and the Constitutional Commissions — Comelec, COA, the Ombudsman and the Sandiganbayan, and the Human Rights Commission.

    But in the end, it will still boil down to personal commitment, dedication and leadership — for it is the people who run these institutions that give life to their respective mandates.

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