Martial law babies can’t cut it

The papers lead with 4 GIs charged with rape: Prosecutor demands custody of accused.

Other stories are:

AFP vows to file more raps against Faeldon: Renegade’s Web site flooded by visitors; Yes Arms supports call

Ermita: Volatile 2006 for GMA; Imee: Expect people’s ‘uprising’

Cabinet men face performance audit

Slate Magazine looks into pundit payola; while Atlas Shrugs pans reportorial boo-boos.

What is a blog zombie? A blog that exists only to generate Adsense income, and which use content from other blogs. BuzzMachine explains the issues surrounding this latest racket, and what bloggers should do about it.

In the punditocracy, my Arab News column for this week is Marcos Heirs Prove Incapable of Leadership. This was inspired by a talk with Pinky Webb on her show, when she asked me what 2005 was all about. I said, it’s about the passing of one generation, and exposing how utterly warped the successor generation’s been by growing up under martial law.

The Inquirer editorial calls for Sacrifice. The Washington Post  editorial says the USA shouldn’t overreact to crowd-pleasing anti-American rhetoric from the new president of Bolivia.

Mike Tan writes on the pesky practice of demanding holiday gratuities. It’s a science. The post office people, for example, print “Merry Christmas” envelopes and slip it into your P.O. Box, for the convenient solicitation and delivery of the “Christmas tip.”

Belinda Aquino on the centennial of Filipino (mainly Ilocano) migration to Hawaii.

(Manila Times photo)

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

11 thoughts on “Martial law babies can’t cut it

  1. GMA is really fearless. Not a lot of Filipino women (at her age) would dare try mount that board!

    Her PR guys did a good job on this pic.

  2. Wow, this is a great photo. It looks like a few seconds short of her falling off the board. Too bad they didn’t publish the next shot, which would have blood all over the water, thanks to Dominique’s Great White.

    Oh, and late Christmas greetings, Mr. Quezon. Thanks for making me a bit more interested in current events.

  3. On the article “Marcos Heirs..”, for the sake of accuracy it must be pointed out that Raul Roco was firmly and conveniently ensconced in the ACCRA Law Offices during most of the Marcos years. It would be correct to say that he opposed Marcos, although perhaps he did so in his heart. Raul Roco was once Ninoy Aquino’s personal secretary, but was “orphaned” when Ninoy was jailed. He was taken in by Ed Angara as a junior partner in ACCRA and saw his fortunes improve when Danding Cojuangco personally requested for him to be assigned to several of his companies. As a matter of fact, Raul Roco and Franklin Drilon were the incorporators of several Danding Cojuangco companies during the Marcos era. They were dutiful lawyers at the service of Danding, who only happened to be Ferdinand Marcos’ favorite crony and heir-apparent.

    As for the Marcos heirs, perhaps all those who survived through the Marcos period are his heirs. Marcos’ fingerprints are still all over the place and it will still take some time before his legacy is completely erased. In the meantime, many of those who served Marcos in government and the Armed Forces are still around and exerting influence. In business, his cronies are still lording it over the economy. And the OFW industry that was formally created in Marcos’ time is now the backbone of the country’s economy.

  4. ” I said, it’s about the passing of one generation, and exposing how utterly warped the successor generation’s been by growing up under martial law.”

    being born 1971 only a year ahead of the martial law babies
    and witth a military man as a father living in Camp aguinaldo….
    only the ninoy assasintation in 83
    made me change my views about Marcos

    then I hear about JPE his fake assasination….
    the rumour about his relative having to do with the passing of the ex of Dina Bonnevie…

    and JPE until now maybe in his 80s I still can’t read and understand

    about the Marcosses they only look smart..but do they act smart?

    I am not suicidally indifferent (three types of people per mLQ)

    just don’t believe ENTIRELY in both admin and opposition..

    opportunist? going with the flow?pragmatic?Fine

    Escapism?No Way!

    I want to see what will happen to this year’s impeachment
    Almonte’s six month suggested deadline for chacha(he does not want to call it deadline)
    the so called coup rumours
    the move of the SC justice
    the move of the senate
    the BWM’s moves
    and the whole nine yards!

    let us not let jan 25 pass and completely forget about garci
    people are now talking about his irrelevance
    just look at the US scenario about evesdropping

  5. Karl has a point. “Indifferent” may not be an apt description of what some people take to be apathy. Pragmatic may be a closer description, but I think that recently-overused word, “discerning” is even more apt. People are now more discerning. They will not allow themselves to be herded like sheep at the say-so of so-called “leaders” whose credentials are spotty at best and whose moral ascendancy can be questioned. According to the Nobel Prize-winning game theory, events will only happen when conditions are ripe for them. Despite the excessive eagerness of some people to change and take over government, it is obvious that the majority still do not see conditions as being ripe.

  6. MLQ3: yes I would agree w/ K & C. In a way it seems the people are getting smarter to see who the noise makers are & what agendas they are pushing. To me it seems that it boils down to a pure & simple “power play”.’06 is in our doorsteps and it seems to me that democracy can be used better for building this country to really something better.
    Now that Time mag. has included PGMA in the list of people who count.I can imagine the PGMA “best friends” getting more desperate.But the point is what those charcters do is more of an act of cruelty to each of us.

  7. Karl, if there is anybody to impeach.why not impeach the comelec commisioners?their impeachiable anyway.If we really care about putting our electoral system in order.Impeaching PGMA again will just be an act of desperation.Normaly desperate people end up losers.
    The BWM, they must be thinking how to make themselves relevant again.If they where not convincing the first time.So how seriosly should they be taken the second time?
    The SC will be very interesting.
    The Senate under Drilon will be more of the extension of the NBI or CIDG.The only thing is political investigations are about agendas & has nothing to do w/ the law.
    Coups are about this point erap is fighting for his life & has the money too.i’m not making conclussions.but coups boil down to motives & money.
    I think that in the military there will always be more cool heads.

  8. MLQ3,

    Jon said that GMA is fearless and that not many women her age would do what she did – step on that board.


    There are many women older (and younger) than GMA who fearlessly ride the surf board of poverty, misery and exploitation in the Philippines today on the beaches, in the mountains, in thrash boondocks, in the slum dwellings, in the streets of the country’s metropolis, in prisons, in equipment-deprived hospitals, in every nook and cranny of the Philippines and elsewhere who are braving everything and anything to make ends meet…

    Nothing admirable in a cheap shot which took less than 10 seconds to film (and a bunch of SWAG or NAVY SEAL guys beneath the board most likely to carry the heavyweight but morally deprived midget).

    However, I must admit that this woman of lilupatan morals has gargantuan-sized fearlesness particularly when it comes to power and greed. Gloria is indeed a fearless giant in that score!

    Now if that capacity to be fearless could be translated into being brave when it comes to admitting that she cheated in the elections, I would be first to express unavowed admiration!

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