Hoorah for the paper that pays my salary

The Philippine Daily Inquirer is twenty years old today.

The President trumpets a 5,000 peso bonus for employees (at dinenr last night, this comment from a frustrated supporter of the President: “Her problem is, even the run of the mill is turned political. She tries to get credit for something done every year, by every president.” The latest survey suggests the President’s unpopularity has marginally increased; what’s significant is the erosion of support in her bailiwick, the Visayas.

Government says the bomblets are the doing of the National Democrats. Carol Araullo and friends got detained in the Hong Kong airport by their comrades in the Hong Kong government. blurry brain thinks our officials headed for the WTO meeting are pretty good. (Normblog points to Nick Cohen, who is puzzled by the Left embracing regimes that wiped out Leftists.)

I was unable to devote any blogging time to yesterday’s events, but between the Sassy Lawyer’s fine eye for detail and the law, and Philippine Commentary’s tech and common sense-savvy entries, you’ll get the picture. Ellen Tordesillas thinks soldiers might be getting antsy. PCIJ sums up the Senate hearing. Uniffors says Garci has fulfilled its predictions. Dan Mariano asks if Garci’s merely a diversion.

Hacienda Luisita strike ends -both sides fearful of government stepping in?

Interesting entry in Go Figure, calling large remittances a kind of “Dutch disease.” This is related to the improving peso. The Business Mirror bats for recognizing the “People’s economy,” which is really fueling growth.

Additional heroes of the resistance to the dictatorship inscribed on a memorial.

Quezon City embarks on an official history, without, it seems, the benefit of Quezon City-based historians. How odd.

The Philippines Free Press reproduces a profile of Jose Yulo by Leon Ma. Guerrero.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

10 thoughts on “Hoorah for the paper that pays my salary

  1. The president’s low rating is not at all surprising. The prices are sky high.

    But those who can afford, it is business as usual.

    The foreign exchange rate is at the lowest this year at 53.8 to a dollar. Thanks to the OFWs who are sending their hard earned money so their families can feel better during the Christmas holidays. This will drive those in the sidelines to go abroad and will fuel further the Philippine economy in the future.

    Philippine taxes are used to pay the salaries and pork barrel of these congressmen who are conducting these moro-moro Garci hearing instead of passing priority pending bills.

    It would save money, if they send Garci to regular court for obstruction of justice and find him guilty to serve prison time. Garci’s conviction is the President’s conviction, at least.

  2. This Garci moro-moro hearing is bound to failure. It is so obvious, the committees are fishing for evidence which they could not substantiate through a fraudulent election returns.

  3. The President trumpets a 5,000 peso bonus for employees (at dinenr last night, this comment from a frustrated supporter of the President: “Her problem is, even the run of the mill is turned political. She tries to get credit for something done every year, by every president.”

    who is the PR person of GMA????

    another is being proud for the strong peso by hiding that the GDP is low the exports are low

    here is another copy paste of my two cents

    December 1st, 2005 13:11 2One thing economics teachers (at least mine) blame is our real estate over assessment….

    Since were into Thailand might as well make full use of the issue in relation to the topic…

    The Thais overttok us in rice..before they were just students in the UPLB and the PMA

    they even have good or better generals

    traffic..before I was glad that we have company in the traffic mess in our region ,but taking a look at their skyways..no comparison..

    before we were the Detroit (literally) of SEA
    now we lost that too

    They even have a better jeepney combined witgh tricycle called the TUKTUK were even Pierce”James Bond” was willing to have a visa commercial on…

    One similarity is they too target low inflation

    but they have high economic growth, they check their interest rates

    Us we ar satisfiered with low inflation even with smuggling,dumping of goods.food.agi,etc

    we check interest rates but only inreaction with the movement of the FED

    We misreport GDP by having a flawed Trade deficit data as awork inprogress reporting
    I know this because for six months I have been giving Inward Foreign manifest data of the South harbor to the NSO and after six months I learn that they cannot read the data because it wa in the ACOS format, they only know how to use the DBF files

    OUCH why did they not tell me I was with the IT departmentn of Asian Terminals…well at least we helped even one year late…

    what do we export elctronics…

    its time for ethanol and cocodiesel and agribusiness

    we should get our acts together in order to catch up with our apprentice….Darth Vader

  4. Apologies to the foreign audience aand the non tagalog speaking fil foreigners
    what I will paste is about the congested jails and my views on capital punishment and community service…. Its in Tagalog

    Karl Says:

    December 6th, 2005 at 8:22 pm

    dami batas di tupad dahil lapera

    modernization law di na inasikaso dahil wala naman daw gyera

    buti pa yung mga waiting shed at basketbol court me budget

    nirespeto mo prolife pero san napunta budget pambili ng lethal injection o dili kaya electric chair

    taops ang mga preso natin kahit san parang sardinas lahat
    ang dami bakante lote bat di gumawa bago preso
    o kaya yung away bata lang na pambaranggay wag na ikulong

    kung kelangan walisin ang buong edsa palinis ang lahat ng estero di linisin …pasig river lahat ng jay walker pwede makihalo dyan…ang dami paraan kung pagkakakitaan din lang ang nasa utak ng ating mga tagapamahala mabawasan lang laman ng preso…

  5. Before I thought this dwarf and minute creature we call president will take us out of the tar pits

    instead we continue to sink in the quick sand

    if we struggle we sink faster
    if we don’t struggle we still sink

    (credit trailer of Married to the Kellies)

  6. Re PDI:

    I never knew Soliven was part of PDI I must he not reading his column……………

    If I am a channel surfer in TV I read most of the online news

    but only one braodsheet in the house for those non internet users in the house… and that is the Philippine Daily Inquirer

  7. Was just kidding on the Soliven part

    I have been a PDI reader since the Balance news Fearless views time
    bout the only broadsheet in the house …It happened this year decicion de Padre de Familia

  8. If I may digress as if I have not before…..

    That Negroponte blog a few days back gave me the creeps….

    We might again have that senator who wants to have an AHIT POGI AHIT RUBY

    considering that it will take till next year for them to have their mexican gulf oil to stabilize expect them to create a world wide scenario again….

  9. This is a good example how hypocrites are the Filipinos. My friends in the government used to ridicule the President for not talking about giving bonus. Then afterward like Karl, my friends complained why the President should get the credit.

    These Filipinos could not see anything good in a person, not even their own President (of course, they just say they did not vote for her). So much about Filipino crabs.

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